Flickr Updates Uploadr

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Image and video hosting site Flikr, currently home to over 7 billion photos, has just updated its uploader interface, aptly called Uploadr. The changes come of the heels of Flickr's partnership with social networking portal, to better connect its users.

Flickr says that the new interface will make it easier and faster to upload content - below is a screen of Uploadr:

flickr uploadr

Uploadr incorporates HTML5 to enhance the efficiency of content uploading, and users can now merely drag photos into their browser. Thumbnails appear, adding to the intuitiveness of the platform, and photos can be zoomed, repositioned, rotated and sorted. Titles, descriptions, tags and copyright information can also be more easily added.

Also, Flickr now supports the upload of larger files - 30MB for free accounts and 50MB for users of Flickr Pro. And the uploads have been sped up as well, between 20-30% faster, and some international users might notice a 50-60% increase.

Flickr encourages users to report any bugs with the new interface, and to check back for updates often at its Flickr code blog. Now we all have a place for those super-ultra hi-definition vacation pics shot on Nokia's upcoming 38-megapixel 808 Pureview smartphone.