Fandango Takes Over MSN Movie Ticketing


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Fandango, the online and mobile movie ticketing platform, announced today a new deal with MSN to become the official online and mobile ticketer for MSN Movies and MSN Entertainment. Fandango is already the official ticketer for Yahoo.

"This strategic relationship with MSN delivers Fandango's expansive ticketing capabilities and mobile innovations to millions of additional movie fans across the country," said Rick Butler, executive vice president and general manager of Fandango. "The deal reflects the company's ongoing strategy to provide access to Fandango's broad network of screens and movie content for fans on every platform."

Fandango is quickly becoming the movie-ticketing back-end for what seems to be the entire internet. Earlier this year it was announced that Fandango had reached an agreement with Yahoo to become its online and mobile ticketer, similar to MSN. Another agreement was made in May with AOL to partner with its rival Moviefone ticketing service. It's clear that Fandango is becoming the company to beat in this space, and its sales numbers are only looking up.

Along with the MSN announcement, Fandango took the opportunity to brag about its recent milestones. This May was Fandango's best-selling in history with a 47% increase from last year's ticket sales and34 million more monthly site visitors than last year. While it's true that the wild success of "The Avengers" and the overall poor quality of 2011's movie lineup may have combined to slightly inflate these numbers, there is no doubt that Fandango has carved out a successful niche for movie ticket sales.