Facebook Wants You to Buy Premium Ads Via Power Editor, API

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Can you recall back to February when Facebook was still a private company but was planning to flip into the public realm in a few months? Remember back then at the company's marketing conference when COO Sheryl Sandberg and friends pitched Facebook to businesses and announced a new series of advertising options on the website, such as premium ads? This was the first leg of Facebook's attempt to start making money off of its mobile platform.

You could be forgiven for having let that day slip from your mind given how all of the news these days about Facebook's struggling Nasdaq performance, but Facebook doesn't want you to forget about those premium ads. Especially now of all times.

That may be why Facebook is attempting to jog the memory of advertisers by introducing a new tool to ease the purchase of premium ads. Facebook may soon add the capability to purchase premium ads through the use of the the site's power editor, a tool that lets advertisers mass edit ads as well as monitor how those ads are faring out in the wild. The company is said to be collaborating with developers and advertisers in order to come up with more ways for businesses to buy ads - features that may be rolling out in a matter of weeks.

In addition to adding the ability to purchase ads within power editor, look out for a second ad-purchasing tool through Facebook's API.

Regardless of whether the ads actually do anything for advertisers, Facebook is really trying to expedite the management of the premium ads lately. In March, the company launched a handy-dandy demo tool for premium ads so that businesses could get a clearer glimpse of what their ads were going to look like once they were officially deployed.

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