Facebook Used to Arrest Vandals

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Bryan College-Station couple Gina Noel Wilfong, 21, and Joseph Woods Smith, 20, were arrested on Valentine's Day after boasting about vandalizing the Jeep Wrangler of the lady's ex-boyfriend, according to local publication The Eagle.

The couple was charged with criminal mischief involving over $1,500 in damages, a felony in Texas. The initial vandalism occurred at roughly 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 30, when police responded to the 2800 block of Oakside Drive, where a witness told police she saw a female throw a rock at a Jeep Wrangler, breaking its window. The owner of the Jeep told police that the witness's description of the perpetrator sounded like his ex-girlfriend. Two days later, the Jeep's owner saw Wilfong fleeing his driveway, after hearing some tire squeals. This time, the back window and a seat were damaged on his vehicle.

The couple came by again to add more damage to the Jeep on Feb. 13th, and the owner told police that Wilfong and Smith had been bragging about their exploits on Facebook. Police located the Facebook conversation in question, where Wilfong, a.k.a Lily Anderson (?), wrote that she was mad that the owner of the Jeep had been trash-talking her, and then explained how she "enjoys the broken glass," and that "breaking glass is an awesome stress reliever," according to the police report.

Wilfong went on to tell authorities that she and the owner of the Jeep had been recently divorced, after she was forced to marry him. The Jeep's owner, in actuality, was divorced in October from a different woman, and dated Wilfong for 2 weeks before throwing her out of his house, according to police.

As of Wednesday, both Wilfong and Smith are being held in Brazos County Jail, both without bail.

Lately it would appear that Facebook is not helping the less savvy criminal members of it's social network. Recently, a different Facebook idiot admitted to a hockey-related assault, which drew police attention. And then there was the fugitive user who'd taunted police about his whereabouts on his Facebook profile, only to be promptly arrested. And then was the user who'd punched his wife in the face after she'd failed to "like" his Facebook status.

Images courtesy of The Eagle.

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