Facebook Updating Their Location API

Developer & Design

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As is the case each week, Facebook updates developers on the changes coming to the platform in "Operation Developer Love." Sometimes the updates are scarce, but sometimes there is some big news to be had in this update. This week is somewhere in the middle.

The big update this week is that a 'place' field is now available on the Photo and Status graph API. There is also a 'place_id' field on the Photo and Status FQL tables. Check out the update for the proper code to implement this feature.

Facebook always uses the weekly update to announce breaking changes. These are the changes that developers should be aware of in case any of their apps rely on these outdated programs and options. The breaking changes are the same from last week, since the changes are happening on April 4. Facebook did, however, announce a new schedule for breaking changes announcements.

The list of new breaking changes will go out on the first Wednesday of each month now. It used to be that breaking changes were announced on the first of each month, which sometimes fell on the weekend. With this change, all breaking changes will be announced during the work week.

The bug report is fascinating as always and gives us a look into how hard the guys at Facebook are working to make the platform stable. Over the past week, 200 bugs were reported. Out of those 200 bugs, 39 were accepted, nine were by design, 21 bugs were fixed and 88 bugs were duplicates. Check out the page for the full list of bug fixes.

Check back next week for more Operation Developer Love to keep up with the development platform on Facebook.