Facebook Might Add Video Embed Codes

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Facebook Inc., the new owner of photo sharing platform Instagram, might be adding a new media functionality to its social network - embed codes to allow users to post videos uploaded to their profiles onto other sites. At present, Facebook doesn't offer this sort of embedding like Youtube and Vimeo does, but now the folks at Reqvu, a Facebook video status update platform, have submitted some intel regarding the possible new feature.

Apparently, for a short time Facebook had flashed an “embed this video” dialogue on its site, and showed a sample embed code. This has all since been taken offline, but the screen shot below hints that the functionality in question might be in a testing phase - and I might add that the image grabbed by Reqvu is beyond um... let's just say that not much by way of verifiable proof of any new features is afforded:

fb embed

Still, someone apparently saw something, and a potential video embedding feature is not exactly scandalous Facebook intrigue worthy of fabrication. And, with the aforementioned addition of Instagram, it makes sense that Facebook realizes that there's a future in legitimate photo/video content hosting. The site recently added a hi-resolution, full-screen photo feature, and perhaps will update its video standards. The social network would definitely benefit from offering a more adequate video hosting option, which is a bit lacking at present - especially for brands.

Hat tip to Ubergizmo.

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