Facebook Makes App Testing Easier

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Since the whole "ban bot" fiasco, Facebook has been trying to save face with developers. A couple weeks ago, they announced the removal of the app directory in favor of making it easier to get apps into the Facebook search index. This followed the launch of additional Insights for developers and the introduction of new enforcement systems to provide more user feedback directly to developers.

Today, the company announced some additional changes, including the ability to create and add test users to apps from the developer site.

"Test Users are invisible user accounts associated with an app created for the purpose of testing the functionality of that app," explains Facebook's Chris Dentel. "Test Users are not visible by others on Facebook; They can only be friends with other Test Users, but can still experience your app as a regular user. The programmatic interface to create a Test User has been available since November, but we have now built a simple user interface within the Developer App."

Developers can set this up by going to the Roles page on the developer app. There's a new role called "Test Users".

Facebook Test Users

"In the 'Add New Test Users' dialog, specify the number of Test Users to add," he continues. "You can also authorize the Test Users for your app so that they are ready to begin using your app immediately. Otherwise, your Test Users will have to go through the standard permission dialog."

Once they've been added, you'll be taken to the "Manage Test Users Page," where you can edit names, make them friends, add them to other apps you own, or remove them.

Additionally, you can use the "Switch To" link to use the app as a Test User. Doing so will keep you logged out of your own account.

Test users can later be deleted or kept around for future testing.

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