Facebook Changes Up The App Dashboard

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Facebook has been on a roll lately with their Operation Developer Love updates. There have been weeks where nothing of note has happened, but now Facebook is just pushing out update after update. Developers must be feeling the love or something equivalent, like bacon.

The big change this week is that Facebook is moving some components of the app dashboard around. For instance, the Sandbox Mode check is being moved from the advanced section into the basic section. Perhaps not enough developers were taking advantage of the feature and they want more people to test their apps in the Sandbox before launching. They are also moving the canvas height and width fields into the basic section.

The other big update this week is a change to Open Graph object titles. Facebook found that people were using arbitrary object titles when dealing with how an Open Graph story appears on Facebook. It led to some apps posting rather uncreative status updates. With title-less objects, Open Graph stories will now reference objects by title or object type. It saves you time and effort and your stories will actually look acceptable. Check out for the documentation for all the details.

Finally, Facebook is updating their recent change of age-gating Likes. If you recall, Facebook made it so that underage Facebook users would not be able to like pages for beer companies or other content that's illegal for their age group. The social network has now made it so that companies with Admin pages can now turn it into a brand page without losing any of their Likes. To find out how, peruse the documentation.

We'll find out next week if Facebook can keep up their winning streak of substantial Operation Developer Love posts. For now, just know that Facebook was able to fix 28 bugs in the platform over the last week as they investigate 40 more.

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