Dominos Rolls Out Facebook Ordering App in New Zealand and Australia

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Got a hankering for a large extra cheese pizza but you can't be bothered to navigate away from your Facebook newsfeed? Dominos is currently working on a solution to this distressing problem. The company recently rolled out an application in New Zealand and Australia that will allow social networking junkies to order food through the Dominos Facebook page. In addition to coming with the famous Dominos Tracker -- a handy little feature that allows you to track the pizza-making process -- the app also connects with Open Graph, allowing you to share your purchase with all of yours friends.

Presently, the service is only available to residents of New Zealand and Australia. Dominos has yet to confirm whether or not the application will be integrated into the American edition of their Facebook page. However, given that nearly 6.6 million people are fans of the restaurant, I'd say it's only a matter of time before the service is repackaged for consumption here in the States.

Dominos isn't the only pizza joint to try their hand at allowing users to order food through Facebook. Pizza Hut debuted their own app a while back, though it wasn't exactly well received. Dominos' online ordering system is very clean, well-designed, and incredibly easy to use, so unless something goes haywire in the porting process, it should translate very well into an app. Unfortunately, this service isn't available to those who are using Facebook on their smartphones.

"Our Facebook ordering gives pizza lovers the chance to order from their local store quickly, ‘like’ their favourite pizzas and share both experiences with their friends on Facebook easily – all without leaving the social media environment," Domino’s Online Marketing Director Michael Gillespie explained.

Considering you can order a Dominos pizza using the company's website or -- heaven forbid -- over the phone, is this a waste of everyone's time and energy? Would you use the Facebook app to order food? Let us know what you think of this service in our comments section.