The Direct Sourcing Advantage To Revolutionizing Recruitment

Learn more about how direct sourcing is a distinct advantage to revolutionizing recruitment in the article below....
The Direct Sourcing Advantage To Revolutionizing Recruitment
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Direct Sourcing, dubbed “the future of work”, culminates both new and existing talent for companies to scout their next hires. These talent pools are continuously monitored so that companies are getting the most up-to-date and relevant employee candidates. Atriums’ Direct Sourcing program goes beyond simple convenience, it serves as a robust and dynamic solution to face the challenges of tomorrow. 

    In 2023, 50% of staffing firms labeled labor shortages as the biggest challenge they encountered, not to mention the increase in new hire pay by 9%. With the continuous challenges of the labor force, experts estimate by 2030 nearly $8.5 billion in revenue will be lost due to 85 million unfilled job positions. Because of these current market conditions, the need for a faster and more sustainable hiring process is necessary. 

    Direct Sourcing acts as a perfect balancing point for these issues, by effectively increasing company-to-candidate accessibility and creating a smoother hiring process. Leading organizations that partner with Atrium have noticed outstanding service results and evidence of a deep understanding for recruitment and talent matching. This specialized division of Atrium has the ability to curate specialized talent pools for companies with forever-thinking Direct Sourcing strategies and a unique technological ecosystem. They are able to achieve such results through a reliable 5-step method: sourcing the talent, curating it to the company’s needs, engaging/matching the two parties, and ultimately sealing the deal on the hire. 

    This system has been proven to put candidates to work 3 to 5 times faster than competitors, sealing their claim as the “future of work”. 98% of businesses that use Direct Sourcing have experienced cost savings as a result. 83% preached the increased quality of the selection group. 81% report quicker hiring cycles, with 75% of candidates reporting a smoother hiring process. These statistics speak undeniable volumes on the advantages of using such software. 

    In the modern day, for companies to remain competitive they must be able to adapt to the ever-changing workforce demands. 60% of major companies have or are planning on taking the system and implementing it into the operating cycle, showing how powerful of a tool it can be when implemented correctly. Christopher J. Dwyer, Managing Director of the Future of Work Exchange sheds his opinion on the system by saying, “As the future continues to unfold, with external factors influencing business operations, direct sourcing will demonstrate its enduring value as a foundational talent acquisition strategy that also serves as a talent sustainability engin, solidifying its role in the workforce management landscape of tomorrow.”

    Ultimately, these types of recruiting systems unlock a world of possibilities regarding hiring new talent. It provides companies with a simplified version of finding future employees through the use of advanced technology. Building a solid team is the backbone of any operational company. Without a strong talent group, the company has no means of sustainability. As companies continue to prioritize innovation, Direct Sourcing stands as a testament to the incredible power of technology-based solutions in shaping the future of recruitment.  

    Why Direct Sourcing Matters for the Future of Work
    Source: Atrium Global

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