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Digg Users Sure Dig Digg Competitor Reddit

Update: Digg Founder Kevin Rose has made the following statements on Twitter: We're working hard to fix the sourc...
Digg Users Sure Dig Digg Competitor Reddit
Written by Chris Crum
  • Update: Digg Founder Kevin Rose has made the following statements on Twitter:

    We’re working hard to fix the source diversity part of the digg algorithm, more news soon…

    We want to ensure diversity of sources, and we’re working on that now…

    Original Article:
    Digg recently launched its long-awaited redesign, making the site much more appealing to publishers, as it is now easier to push content out to Digg users. Some Digg users apparently aren’t as thrilled about it.

    There does seem to be some issues with the new Digg, as currently Reddit, a Digg competitor, is taking up the majority of Digg’s Top News (Hat Tip: Robin Wauters). It appears to be a backlash from Digg powers users against the new incarnation of Digg which lessens their influence.

    Reddit Dominates Digg

    Reddit has its Digg account set up to auto-publish any Reddit stories from its RSS feeds (a luxury afforded to any publisher). Publishers who are getting their content shared on Reddit are benefiting doubly.

    The other day, Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network publicly offered to buy Reddit from Condé Nast, saying, "I believe that Reddit is one of the best communities I have seen on the Internet." There seem to be enough people that agree with Huh to keep Reddit link flowing on Digg’s Top News homepage.

    Clearly, Digg is going to have to do something about the situation. It’s very doubtful that they’re going to let Reddit dominate the entire Top News section for long, particularly as the site is trying to reinvent itself, and spark a renewed interest.

     Currently, there is no mention of Reddit on Digg’s Known Issues page.

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