Strengthening Business Cybersecurity With CASB

A lot is at stake to your business when it comes to cybersecurity. Learn how cybersecurity through CASB can help....
Strengthening Business Cybersecurity With CASB
Written by Staff
  • The development of cloud computing technology has revolutionized business operations worldwide. Companies use cloud computing to process and store data so employees can access them anywhere. Unfortunately, this convenience is accompanied by security challenges companies should address to keep sensitive information and intellectual property safe.

    A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a reliable solution to this problem. Cloud Access Security Brokers can provide protection, visibility, and control to cloud-based data and applications. 

    These features are essential to business cybersecurity because it prevents unwanted parties from accessing vital company data. This reduces the risk of sensitive information leaking to the public or being stolen and sold to a competitor.

    Features of a Cloud Access Security Broker

    A Cloud Access Security Broker is an intermediary between an organization’s IT infrastructure and its cloud-based applications and services. By using CASB, companies will have visibility into their cloud usage. They will also be able to prevent security incidents like DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks, and data breaches. Here is a complete list of features businesses will benefit from integrating CASB into their cloud security framework.

    • Visibility and Control

    Company executives will have oversight into the usage of their cloud-based applications so they can track employee activities on these applications. This oversight helps management teams identify security risks and take prompt actions to curb them before they get out of hand. 

    CASBs can detect, block, and report unauthorized entry and data exfiltration attempts to a company’s cybersecurity team so they can take other precautionary measures if necessary. A CASB will also give an organization control over the usage of its cloud servers so it can enforce its cybersecurity policies. Controlling employee cloud server access will prevent data loss and help them adhere to government data regulations.

    • Threat Protection

    Cloud Access Security Brokers offer protection against cyber attacks. They use machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect suspicious activity and discover signs that indicate the presence of cyber threats. CASBs also scan traffic moving in and out of cloud servers for malware and other harmful content, so they can be blocked and quarantined before reaching their destination.

    • Regulatory Compliance

    Governments require companies to protect consumer data. Using a CASB to prevent data breaches and unwanted data access ensures an organization complies with the regulations. This will help them avoid hefty fines and sanctions and preserve their reputation in the public eye.

    • Scalability

    As companies expand their operations, it might become challenging to maintain oversight and control of their cloud servers. Fortunately, CASBs allow for scalability so businesses of all sizes can get the cloud protection they need. They can be integrated with other security tools and service providers to create a more robust cybersecurity system. 


    Many businesses use cloud-based services and applications to streamline their operations and make it easy for employees to access files needed for their jobs. However, this can lead to data leaks and exposure to malware which will endanger the system. Using a security tool like CASB will provide threat protection and protect companies from unauthorized entries to their cloud servers.

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