Concept Video Shows How A Wearable iPhone Could Look

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If Google is to be believed, wearable devices are the future of mobile technology. Their Project Glass has caused quite a stir in recent months. While Apple doesn't have anything like that themselves at present (apart from the iPod Nano), there's a decent chance they're working on it. Whether it's their own version of Project Glass, or a wrist-mounted iPhone, Apple probably has something wearable in the works.

While a wrist-mounted iPhone may seem unlikely (and probably is), concept artist Federico Ciccarese has published some concept images that show what it might look like if it were real. It looks pretty cool, for all that it also looks uncomfortable and bears a slightly disturbing resemblance to a head crab.

iPhone, or Head Crab?

But resemblance to evil zombie-making alien parasites aside, this is a pretty neat concept. You can check out the full set of images at Ciccarese's website. Ciccarese has also put together a video showing the wearable iPhone from multiple angles. It's embedded below for your viewing pleasure:

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