Cloud Technology Is Embraced By UK Mainstream

IT Management

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Intellect, the IT trade association of the UK has announced their release of a series of reports that suggest cloud technology has become a staple in business to business environments despite previous unpopularity when first introduced. A prominent case study of Really Simple Systems(RSS) reveals that the popularity of cloud technology has really gained most of its momentum in the last 18 months, but the case studies cover a very wide spectrum of applications.

John Paterson, CEO of online CRM, web CRM and small business CRM provider Really Simple Systems, explains their success:

"We launched a Free Edition of our small business CRM offering back in October 2010 and had a target of achieving 10,000 sign-ups inside 12 months. That figure has now been exceeded and we have just hit 20,000 sign-ups."

"Cloud Computing is replacing expensive and complex enterprise software systems with easy to use products, such as online CRM, web CRM and small business CRM, at consumer prices."

Here's a list of all the products covered by Intellect in their case study collection; Asset Management from Dell, CRM and Contact Management from online CRM, web CRM and small business CRM provider Really Simple Systems, Experian QAS and HTK, Accounting from Twinfield, and Supply Chain Management from ediTrack.

All of the studies add weight to the notion that cloud technologies have been embraced by the UK business mainstream. It is an evolution in technology, organizations obviously find it to be more convenient to interact and share with cloud than employing costly, maintenance heavy software that isn't necessarily compatible with what your clients and collaborators are using.

David Terrar, Chairman of Intellect's Software as a Service (SaaS) group, comments on the results of the studies:

"Two years ago, cloud-based applications were seen as a novel technology with a bright future. This report shows that the future is now here and these systems now form an integral part of business operations."

Cloud technology is where the World is heading and I think you'll find most organizations adopting it in the UK and beyond.