Cloud Storage: Microsoft Offers 1TB To Every OneDrive For Business User

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Cloud storage isn't quite as expensive as it used to be. It used to cost hundreds of dollars just to store a terabyte via cloud solutions. Now Microsoft is joining others in lowering the cost barrier to record lows.

Microsoft announced this week that it will be offering one terabyte of cloud storage to every OneDrive for Business user. What makes this particularly exciting news is that this offer isn't just one terabyte for the company as a whole. Microsoft will be giving every user within the company one terabyte of storage to use as they see fit. The company says this latest move will help companies unleash their employee's potential as they will no longer be restricted to where they work.

OneDrive for Business is just one part of Microsoft's cloud storage strategy going forward. Microsoft is also catering to businesses who use Office 365 ProPlus. The subscription service already gives businesses plenty of perks, including OneDrive storage. Now every employee or user in the organization or business will have access to 1TB of storage.

With this news, Microsoft's cloud storage solution is looking like a mighty fine deal. After all, employees can do quite a bit with 1TB of cloud storage. If a business is thinking of transitioning over, Microsoft says that it will help those businesses migrate their data to OneDrive.

If you're still on the fence, Microsoft has one more ace up its sleeve. The company says that it will be introducing some special introductory pricing for those who aren't already OneDrive for Business subscribers. Normally, the service would cost companies $5 per user, but Microsoft will drop that price to $2.50 per user until September 2014. If you were already an Office 365 ProPlus subscriber, the cost is further reduced to $1.50 per user.

If you need any more info, be sure to check out the OneDrive for Business page.

Image via OneDrive Blog