What You Need to Know About Cloud Monitoring

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What You Need to Know About Cloud Monitoring
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  • Cloud computing has become a crucial part of modern business operations, with 94% of enterprises using the cloud in some capacity. However, despite its popularity, 79% of organizations report widening visibility gaps in their cloud infrastructure. This limited visibility has led to reduced functionality and an increasing number of serious blind spots, including delays in troubleshooting application performance, network performance issues and outages, and an inability to defend against security attacks.

    What’s Lacking in Most Cloud Monitoring Solutions

    Modern cloud tools don’t deliver an end-to-end picture, and most cloud monitoring tools focus on one specific service. This has forced data teams to gather, prep, and analyze across silos, resulting in limited visibility with what’s happening on cloud-based platforms. The lack of packet-based monitoring tools has also made it difficult for IT professionals to achieve the required network and application performance. 

    The native cloud tools that do exist are often focused on developers and cloud engineers, leaving network engineers with very little useful information to understand connection or performance problems. This makes it harder to track internal users, remote users, VPN users, cloud applications, and more. Plus, most cloud monitoring tools are focused on cloud security rather than the big picture, making it harder to get a holistic picture across an entire network, from on-premises to cloud. This results in tool sprawl as companies need to purchase more than one to see everything. 

    Why Cloud Monitoring is on the Rise

    80% of organizations are looking to increase their investments in cloud monitoring and cloud visibility to reduce the amount of blind spots. To address these issues, advanced monitoring solutions that provide end-to-end visibility across an entire network, including on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud, are essential. These solutions can reduce security risks by 50%, lower mean time to resolution, increase business value, and help stop overspending.

    LiveAction is one such solution that extends visibility into the cloud. It provides NetOps with a familiar interface, empowering them to monitor and troubleshoot cloud performance issues without having to learn new tools for cloud visibility and troubleshooting. The interactive web GUI with workflows to alerts, reports, path analysis, packets, and more captures flow and packet data for cloud operations. It also provides everything needed to keep tabs on cloud operations, from monitoring public cloud traffic to reporting application performance, troubleshooting issues, watching for security breaches, and understanding costs and consumption rates.

    LiveAction’s intelligent packet capture (PCAP) delivers application performance metrics and packet-level forensics, enriching cloud flow data to better understand traffic flows. It also offers targeted and proactive alerting on network and application latency and jitter, and allows IT professionals to definitively answer the question, “Is it the application or the network?”

    In Conclusion

    Cloud monitoring is essential for any business that relies on cloud tools, but it is also challenging. Limited visibility and the use of piecemeal apps stand in place of centralized tools, making it difficult to get a holistic picture across an entire network, on-premises to cloud. However, advanced monitoring solutions like LiveAction provide end-to-end visibility across an entire network, reducing security risks, lowering mean time to resolution, increasing business value, and helping to stop overspending.

    The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
    Source: Live Action

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