Chromecast Updated With 10 More Apps Just In Time For The Holidays

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Over the holidays, many gifts will be exchanged between friends and loved ones. Google obviously hopes one of those gifts is a Chromecast and is updating its TV streaming device with all new apps just in time for the festivus season.

Google announced that 10 new apps are being added to Chromecast today. These apps represent the very best that the worlds of video and audio have to offer with additions like VEVO, Revision 3 and RealPlayer Cloud.

Here's the full list of apps coming to Chromecast today:

Red Bull TV
Revision 3
RealPlayer Cloud

Those last three apps are especially exciting as Chromecast can finally stream local content from a PC or other device. Local streaming was unofficially added a few months ago, but Google killed the functionality while telling owners to wait for official support. While users have to go through a paid app, it's still better than nothing. Once the Google Cast API is open to the public, we'll undoubtedly see more local streaming apps.

With these latest additions, there are now 17 apps available for Chromecast. The number will surely increase as more people gain access to the Google Cast API. The device will also gain new functionality as more people experiment with what it can do, like the simple TicTacToe game that was released for the platform earlier this month.

[Image: Google Chrome/YouTube]

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