BlackBerry 10 Camera Lets Users Turn Back Time

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Instead of being excited for the most advanced BlackBerry phone ever revealed, the tech press greeted the BlackBerry 10 with a collective "meh," and proceeded to speculate as to whether the phone was enough to save the company from death or becoming a full-time patent troll. But among the many announcements in the BlackBerry World 2012 keynote presentation was the demonstration of a remarkable camera feature RIM has been developing for its latest smartphone.

The feature, demonstrated in the video below, allows users to detect where faces in photos are. Users can then select each face and skip back or forward in time, frame-by-frame, to get the perfect expression for the picture. Each face can be individually adjusted. That this type of "magic moment" software, as RIM has referred to it, hasn't been seen before is interesting, as the cameras on phones have been able to record video for years now.

I can't help but think of it as cheating, though. Photographs are meant to capture a moment in time, and this warps that concept. I know that software such as Adobe's Photoshop has been able to do similar things for some time, but being able to easily combine several seconds worth of time into one "best" image, and do it without video editing software, is a big change for the average smartphone user. I suppose this is the future of picture taking, though I think we may need a new name for it other than photography. Any suggestions? Leave a comment below and let me know.