Bing Maps SDK Now Available For Windows Store Apps

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Let's say your building a Windows Store app. You want to be on Windows 8 as soon as it launches later this month. Your app features a lot of map interactivity, or it just pulls info from one of the various map programs out there. What are you going to use? The simple answer is Google Maps, but Microsoft thinks you'll want to use Bing Maps now that they have released an SDK.

Microsoft announced today that the Bing Maps SDK is now available for Windows Store apps. Those building Windows Store apps will now be able to leverage the power of Bing Maps for their own applications. The possibilities are endless unless you're wanting to create an app about Area 51. It unfortunately doesn't show up in Bing Maps.

It should be noted that Microsoft has released two versions of the Bing Maps SDK. The first is Bing Maps for JavaScript. Those who already have a Web-based Bing Maps app should be able to easily port to the Windows Store. Microsoft says the process should be familiar to those who use their AJAX Web control.

For those who want to build native apps, Microsoft has also released the Bing Maps SDK for C#, C++ and Visual Basic. The first release will only provide basic functionality to get Bing Maps inside your app. That basic functionality includes pushpins, polylines, polygons, landmarks, venue maps, traffic, and Synth view map style. The SDK has been designed to take advantage of x86, x64 and ARM platforms.

Those interested in building a Bing Maps app will need a new key called "Windows Store app." You'll be able to grab one over at the Bing Maps Account Center. Those who already created a Bing Maps app using a Metro style app trial key will have their key expire on January 15. Those who created a non-trial Metro style app will have their key automatically converted.

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