Apple Store Robbed in Scottsdale: Three Arrested

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In Scottsdale, Arizona, an Apple store was broken into by a group of six suspects, all in their teens. A security officer called 911 at 2 AM on the 3rd of January, alarming authorities after discovering the smashed glass, stolen goods, and the thieves running out down the street.

The merchandise totaled with the damage is estimated to be over $70,000.

According to Fox 10 in Phoenix, 18-year-old Daniella Sierra and 19-year-old James Combs are now in custody, as well as a 17-year-old whose name is protected, due to his status as a juvenile. One of the arresting officers is quoted to have asked, "All this over a couple of Ipods?".

Apparently, a cab driver followed the suspects only to have shots fired at him. Number of people harmed: 0. Number of shots fired: 2. Number of arrests: 3. Number of dollars lost: $70,000+.

Image courtesy of Fox.

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