Apple Music Just Launched in China and Wow It's Cheap

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Apple Music is now available in China, a very important market for Apple, and it's pretty damn cheap.

How cheap? 10 RMB per month, which is about $1.50. Plus, they're getting the same three-month free trial as everyone else.

In the US, Apple Music is $9.99 per month, or $14.99 for a family plan. In the UK, it's similar.

The cheap price makes sense – there's no way Apple could have charged equivalent to $10 in China. But getting it down to $1.50 is pretty crazy.

“Customers in China love the App Store and have made it our largest market in the world for app downloads,” said Eddy Cue. “One of the top requests has been more great content and we’re thrilled to bring music, movies and books to China, curated by a local team of experts.”

"Launching with millions of songs in its catalog, Apple Music in China features music from artists including Eason Chan, Li Ronghao, JJ Lin and G.E.M., as well as a wide range of international artists including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and many more."

But for $1.50, Taylor Swift might wonder how she's going to get paid.

Apple Music isn't the only thing coming (cheaply) to China today. The country is getting iTunes Movies and iBooks as well. Movies on iTunes will start at 5 RMB HD rental and 18 RMB for HD purchase. Paid iBooks start at 0.5 RMB.

Speaking of Apple Music, if you were early to sign up for a free trial when it first hit the States – your free trial is probably ending soon. Maybe today.

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