AOL and MyPoints Offer Users Rewards for Using their Service

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They say it's the pioneer and leader of online shopping rewards. AOL is introducing a new program they started with MyPoints. Essentially, they want to reward you for using AOL to shop and purchase merchandise. Kind of like a rewards credit card.

It's pretty simple, they have worked out a deal with hundreds of various online merchants and every time you buy, you earn rewards that can be cashed in at the same stores. The rewards come in the form of a gift card, travel miles, and can even redeemed for cash. I like that.

What you have to do to qualify is set the AOL/MyPoints reward page as your default browser homepage, then you must visit the site on a regular basis and make purchases. The good news is, there are other ways to earn points without spending money. AOL will send you emails about certain videos and articles they are promoting. If you read the articles and view the videos, you could earn some extra pints.

So you have to do two things. You have to sign up for an account, which you do by clicking here. You also need to set the AOL/MyPoints page as your default browser homgepage. It also says you could earn ten bucks just for signing up, but I'll bet there's some limitations on that.

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