Amazon to Use Drones for Delivery

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The question of if drone use is ethical has been a hot topic this year. Although they have initially been deployed to fire missiles across seas, Amazon wishes to use them in a more peaceful manner-- to get items to a purchaser fast.

How fast?

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, recently told 60 Minutes that more than 80% of ordered packages can be delivered by drones, and that these packages could reach us at an average time of 30 minutes.

The drones Amazon will use are mini-drones called "octocopters." The octocopters are estimated to being able to hold up to five pounds, and are powered by electric motors. These motors can power the drones up to a 10-mile radius from their home base centers, which means that they can cover most urban areas.

While the reviews are somewhat mixed so far,

It'll be a while before we actually see winged packages in our skies. According to amazon, it'll take at least a year or more for the service called Prime Air to pass safety and federal tests, and the Federal Aviation Administration still hasn't finalized their own secular rules on drones.

An advantage to this form of delivery, beyond the speed, is that it saves on fuel costs and toxic emissions. A disadvantage of drones is a decreased workload for human delivery drivers.

Just think, soon we might have real-life mechanical Santa Clauses flying through our neighborhoods. Are you comfortable with that or not?

[image: Youtube]