Amazon Makes It Easier To Integrate Its APIs Into Android Apps

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So, you're building an Android app, and you want to make it available on the Amazon Appstore. You're going to have to integrate all the necessary Amazon APIs into your app, and that could take a long time. Rather, it used to as Amazon has just introduced a new tool that makes it easier to develop apps for its appstore.

Amazon announced today the availability of its Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin. The software is currently in beta, but it should "increase your productivity in developing apps and games for distribution on Amazon." It works by generating the "appropriate config entries for the APIs you select," and then "copies over the relevant API jar files." Amazon says you can also use the tool to quickly undo API integration without affecting the original Eclipse project.

Amazon Makes It Easier To Integrate its APis Into Android Apps

Here's some more additional details about Amazon's new Eclipse plugin:

  • Free to use: As with other resources we make available, the plugin is free for developers distributing their apps on Amazon.
  • Easy to use: Developers have indicated that it is surprisingly fast to deploy and use the plugin. The deployment of this tool follows the typical Eclipse plugin download and installation experience and does not require a new usage paradigm.
  • Gives you control of APIs and versions: The plugin allows you to use the latest version of the APIs in the Amazon Mobile App SDK that you have on your system and will alert you if your project is using an older version of the APIs.
  • Works for all apps and games: The plugin helps you to quickly develop any Android app that you plan to offer via the Amazon marketplace, including Kindle Fire tablets and Android smartphones.
  • If you need help in obtaining the Eclipse plugin, hit up Amazon's help site. It has all the information you need. If you're feeling especially helpful, you can also fill out this survey on what you think of the product in its current beta form.