Amazon Competes With Google On A Bunch Of gTLDs

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Google applied for 101 gTLDs, according to the big list ICANN revealed this week. Amazon, didn't apply for quite that many, but still made a very significant showing on the list with 76 applications of its own.

You can see Google's full list here, and Amazon's below.

First, it's worth pointing out that the two Internet giants applied for more than a few of the same domains. These include: .app, .book, .buy, .cloud, .dev, .drive, .game, .map, .movie, .music, .play, .search, .shop, .show, .store, and .talk.

Some of these would be obvious choices for either company, but some stand out for various reasons. Drive, for example, is actually the name of a Google product. Amazon does have Cloud Drive, however. Google has Google Play, formerly known as Android Market (and the Google eBookstore and Google Music). The closest thing Amazon has to that name, as far as I can tell, is Amazon Cloud Player. Google has a product called Google Talk. Amazon has no product with that name, to my knowledge.

The one that really stands out on this list, of course, is Search. While this is an obvious choice for Google, it is quite interesting that Amazon would apply for it. Amazon has its own search feature, of course, but what would Amazon do with a .search TLD? Also worth noting is the fact that neither Yahoo or Microsoft applied for it. There were a couple other applicants: dot Now Limited and Bitter McCook, which comes with a email address. Donuts, Inc. applied for a bunch, and has a partnership with Demand Media, which could enable Demand Media to acquire the rights to some of them. You can view Demand's own list of applied-for gTLDs here.

It's a little surprising that Google didn't apply for some of the others on Amazon's list. That includes things like: .circle, .group, .mobile, .news, and .video.

It's also interesting that Facebook apparently didn't apply for any of the gTLDs, while Amazon did apply for .like, and is the only company that did so, according to the list.

Now, on to Amazon's full list:

- .amazon
- .app
- .audible
- .author
- .aws
- .book
- .bot
- .box
- .buy
- .call
- .circle
- .cloud
- .coupon
- .deal
- .dev
- .drive
- .fast
- .fire
- .free
- .game
- .got
- .group
- .hot
- .imdb
- .jot
- .joy
- .kids
- .kindle
- .like
- .mail
- .map
- .mobile
- .moi
- .movie
- .music
- .news
- .now
- .pay
- .pin
- .play
- .prime
- .read
- .room
- .safe
- .save
- .search
- .secure
- .shop
- .show
- .silk
- .smile
- .song
- .spot
- .store
- .talk
- .tunes
- .tushu
- .video
- .wanggou
- .wow
- .yamaxun
- .you
- .yun
- .zappos
- .zero
- . アマゾン
- .クラウド
- .ストア
- .セール
- .ファッション
- .ポイント
- .亚马逊
- .家電
- .書籍
- .通販
- .食品

You can see ICANN's full list of gTLDs applied for (and their applicants) here.

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