5 Budget-Draining Facebook Ad Mistakes (And How to Resolve Them)

There’s no denying that Facebook ads can be a potent marketing tool when done correctly. The social media giant offers numerous options for reaching a wide range of consumers and marketers are t...
5 Budget-Draining Facebook Ad Mistakes (And How to Resolve Them)
Written by Staff
  • There’s no denying that Facebook ads can be a potent marketing tool when done correctly. The social media giant offers numerous options for reaching a wide range of consumers and marketers are taking notice. As a matter of fact, 92% of marketers are now using the platform for their ad campaigns. But like any marketing strategy, Facebook ads can be disastrous financially if they’re not planned properly, a fact that countless businesses have discovered.

    Luckily, there are a number of best practices and tips that can help you get the most from Facebook ads. Read on to learn about the usual mistakes to watch out for when posting ads on Facebook and how to resolve them.

    1. Focusing on the Wrong Demographic

    Facebook has arguably developed one of the best ad targeting capacities in the digital realm, which is why the social media site is so effective in reaching various demographics. Unfortunately, many businesses are not taking advantage of this feature. This is a dire situation as focusing on the right demographic can mean a 1,000% difference in cost per click rates. There are two things you can do to ensure you’re targeting the right people – administer a customer survey and make use of Audience Insights.

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    A customer survey will give you valuable insight on your basic target, like age, gender, location, job function, lifestyle, and purchasing habits. This will provide you with a clearer picture of who your clients are and give you information on what you can filter via the Facebook Ad Manager. Meanwhile, Audience Insights can assist your campaign by showing you other groups that share the same interests as your target audience, giving you a wider demographic.

    1. Forgetting to Exclude Conversions

    One mistake that can drain your advertising budget is forgetting to exclude conversions. Businesses who have launched multiple Facebook campaigns often commit this error, and it’s a costly one considering that not only are they sending messages to those already converted, they’re also running the risk of irritating said converts.

    You can resolve this problem by setting up the custom audience feature. With this feature, you can develop a list of people who have already visited particular pages on your site and exclude those that are already a client.

    1. Not Paying Proper Attention to Images

    An ad’s effectiveness depends largely on the images used. One study showed that images are the key to 75% to 90% of a Facebook ad’s performance. There’s also the fact that consumers tend to view and absorb images first before reading any text. So if you want a good return on your marketing investment, it’s time to pay close attention to your visuals.

    Facebook has different ad formats and most provide users the option to add at least one image. The site even offers a slideshow or carousel format so that several images can be used, thereby boosting the odds of a conversion or click-through. To ensure that your ad is making the most of the images used, think about the purpose or goal of your ad campaign. Choose an image that can be clearly associated with the product, service, or offer that you’re promoting. You should also check that any text included is minimal and won’t distract from the image.

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    1. Using Headlines Without a Hook

    Contrary to what most people think, a headline can sink an ad campaign. You can’t just simply mention your offer and leave it like that. Your headline should hook your audience right off the bat. It should explain the benefits your product or service provides and it should do so in a concise manner. One study revealed that short headlines, like those comprised of 40 characters or less, actually get 86% more engagement.

    1. Posting Ads During Dead Hours

    No matter how consistent you are in posting ads on Facebook, it won’t have any impact if it’s posted during dead hours.

    To make sure you’re not posting ads during low traffic times, go to Audience Insights and check the times when there are a lot of users online. Once you know when there’s a significant amount of traffic, go to the Ad Scheduling section, select “Run Ads on a Schedule” and choose the specific times or days you want your Facebook ad to be delivered. This will ensure that your ad is seen by the right people at the proper time.

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    Facebook ads are designed to deliver lucrative results, but its robust nature and intricacy also mean that there’s a lot of room for error. Learn from the mistakes made by other businesses or marketers in order to come up with a successful Facebook ad campaign.  

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