19 Kids and Counting: Jill and Jana Duggar's Bizarre Meal

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Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick of 19 Kids and Counting are pregnant. For a while, that interfered with what Jill could do around the house.

"I couldn't cook at all during my first trimester," Jill said on a recent episode of the TLC show. "The smells were too much."

But she is doing much better now. She says that she is not suffering from morning sickness in her second trimester. So Jill enlisted the help of her eldest sister Jana to cook a Nepalese dish for her husband Derick.

Derick and Jill met in Nepal. Well, technically, they met on Skype when Derick was in Nepal. Jill father Jim Bob introduces them via Skype because he thought Derick would be a good husband for his daughter. Derick and Jom Bob had been prayer partners. With Derick in Nepal doing humanitarian work, Jim Bob stepped up and made the introduction.

As a nod to their Nepal connection, Jill and Jana set about making the meal. But it was how they ate the meal that was even more interesting. In Nepal, you are only allowed to eat with your right hand, and you use no utensils.

The logic behind this is that people in Nepal use their left hand to wash their backside after going to the bathroom. They do wash their hands, but they reserve that left hand for "personal business," not offering to someone to shake or eating with it.

Jill and Derick ate right-handed, without utensils. But Nepalese people also recognize cultural differences and allow guests to use utensils. So Jana Duggar did not eat bare-handed.

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