YouTube Hits 12,000 Harlem Shake Videos

    February 13, 2013
    Chris Crum
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According to YouTube, “Harlem Shake” is the biggest video trend of the month. As of Tuesday, YouTube had seen 12,000 Harlem Shake videos with 44 million views.

As YouTube’s Kevin Allocca points out, the meme first started gaining traction last week, thanks to a video from Filthy Frank, but it was SunnyCoastSkate, who established the form most are familiar with.

“From there, the spin-offs spread very quickly,” he says. “As of the 11th, around 12,000 ‘Harlem Shake’ videos had been posted since the start of the month and they’d already been watched upwards of 44 million times. As you can see in the chart below, over 4,000 of these videos are being uploaded per day and that number is still likely on the rise.”

Harlem Shake videos

YouTube has created a playlist with some of the most popular versions. Prepare to feel dumber.