YouTube Gives Creators Access to a Bunch of Royalty-Free Music

By: Josh Wolford - September 25, 2013

If you’re a YouTube power creator (meaning you make and upload a lot of videos), then you know that finding the right music to feature in your videos is a struggle. Finding the right royalty-free music for your video? That’s even tougher.

To help its vast network of creators, YouTube has just launched the all-new YouTube Audio Library – a resource that features over 150 royalty-free instrumental tracks that creators can use in their videos. Free music, people.

You can download any of the track as 320 kbps MP3 files.

When you access the new Audio Library, you’ll find that all of the music is sortable by genre, mood, and featured instrument. You can also star certain tracks to add them to your favorites for quicker use.

“[T]his project was a whole lot of fun. We searched far and wide for musicians to create tracks for us and ended up finding co-conspirators in multiple places: an acquaintance down in LA, music houses across the country and a well-known music producer in Brooklyn. And it turns out the latter produced albums for Phish and Sean Lennon. So, we’re basically rock stars now (or we felt like them for awhile),” says YouTube.

YouTube provides a link for artists to check out if they’re interested in contributing to the new library. That means you can expect the selection to grow over time.

Image via YouTube

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