YouTube Comments Are Finally Getting Better

    September 24, 2013
    Zach Walton
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YouTube comments are about the worst thing on the Internet. Sure, you could probably dig up some awful subreddit or visit 4chan to see the worst the Internet has to offer, but YouTube comments remain everybody’s reminder that humanity is awful. Now, there’s nothing you can do about humans being awful, but YouTube can do something about its commenting system.

YouTube announced today that it’s finally revamping the way people see comments under videos. As you would expect, Google+ is going to play a large role in the revamp effort. That means that you’ll see more comments from user’s Google+ profiles with links to said profiles.

Now, YouTube comments wouldn’t be that improved by just integrating Google+ into the comments. Thankfully, YouTube is taking it a step further by adding discussion threads. No more will you see a random comment that was made in response to another. You’ll see the original comments and all replies will file in after it.

Another big change is how themselves are presented. Currently, comments are separated by Top Comments, Author Comments and everything else. As the new commenting system improves, users will start to see the kind of comments they care about rise to the top. In other words, you’ll start to see more comments from friends, subscribers and creators instead of the comments that make you want to give up on life.

All the above apply mostly to users, but creators will be getting their own set pf tools with the new commenting system. These new tools will allow creators to moderate comments before they’re posted, block comments that contain certain words and auto-approve comments from certain fans. In short, creators can make sure that the undesirables are never heard from again.

A change to the way we comment on YouTube has been a long time coming, and most of the change is positive. Some will no doubt be skeptical about Google+ further encroaching on YouTube, but it was going to happen sooner or later. At least users and creators still aren’t being forced to merge their YouTube accounts with their Google+ account.

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    if your like me and hate the new comment system or can’t comment because of it sign this petition here https://www.change.org/petitions/youtube-get-rid-of-google-comments and if i get enough signatures I’ll send it to google/youtube

  • Robert

    Google is pushing Google+ down people’s throat with Youtube. I rarely log in to youtube because of that. I logged in today to reply to a news video and all my comments now are now shown on that useless piece of crap and ghost town called Google+. Had to go there and deal with it. There are tons of privacy issues. You can’t force people to like a product they don’t like or want. Google + will never beat Facebook for that reason alone.

    I’m sure most of you know this but I’m sure you are in the minority. If you value your privacy, never use a google product, especially gmail. People I have sent emails to and that I have received emails from were contacted by gmail and asked if they knew me and placed a link in the email to my Youtube account which shows my comments on that account and my Google + account profile (which NOW includes youtube comments). This is a major violation of privacy. All people I have communicated through gmail for business, craigslist, family, etc. know all about my life because Gmail sent them a link. The ex-wife even found me and is creating trouble for me. Had to delete my gmail and one of my youtube accounts due to that.