Young, Female, Democratic Voters Wanted to Share It on Facebook

    November 16, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If you logged onto Facebook on election day, you probably remember that the social network did their part to get out the vote by displaying a big voting reminder above U.S. voters’ news feeds. “It’s election day, VOTE!” it said. From there, users could either find their voting place via Facebook polling place locator, or they could click the “I’m a voter” button and add to the tally of Facebook users who did their civic duty on November 6th.

Today, Facebook has released a bunch of data from election day, including a demographic breakdown of who clicked that “I’m a voter” button.

First off, the big number – over 9 million users said they voted on Facebook.

Next, Facebook’s data decisively shows that women were much more likely to share the fact that they voted with the Facebook community – almost twice as likely, in fact. Facebook makes a point to say that it shouldn’t surprise us, considering women are twice as likely to share on Facebook in general (comments, likes, status updates).

They also looked at the Facebook voting in relation to political affiliation. Users with democratic beliefs were more likely to click “I’m voting.” In fact, users that labelled themselves as affiliated with Barack Obama, Democratic, Liberal Democratic, Very Liberal, Liberal, and Green were all the most likely to say they voted on Facebook.

And as you would expect, the younger the user, the more likely they were to click “I voted” – no matter the political affiliation.

Some more interesting aspects from the study show that users that liked “Binders full of women” and “Big Bird” were the most likely to share their voting status on the network.

You can read the full report here.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/westrajc John Westra

    The Social Media demographics are interesting. However, this story perpetuates the political misnomer and lazy language that continues to subvert our political landscape. What is this error? The use of the term “Democratic” to describe the Democrat Party.

    The United States is a Democratic Republic. The term “democratic” comes from the French Revolution, where it was used to contrast the rule of the people, from the aristocratic rule of those like Marie Antoinette.

    We do not call Republicans republicanistic or republicanic. With the Democrat party, like their Republican counterparts, controlled by an elite aristocracy, the use of the term Democratic Party should be abandoned, as both grammatically and descriptively in error.

  • Richard

    The bleeding heart liberals are going to suffer right along with the rest of us as a result of Obama’s re-election.