Yahoo Patents May Cover Google Instant

Yahoo exec hints at infringement, new product plans

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No one’s launched a product or sent in the lawyers just yet, but it looks like Yahoo is on Google’s tail in terms of instant search and might trip up its rival with a legal objection.  Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President of Yahoo Search Products, has indicated that Google Instant infringes on perhaps five patents Yahoo holds.

Let’s start with the legal issue.  Cade Metz recently interviewed Seth and reported this afternoon, "Seth reiterated that Yahoo! had introduced a Google Instant-like service five years before its rival, and he said that Yahoo! owns ‘about five . . . broad’ patents that cover Google’s technology."

Yahoo could use those patents to seek an injunction or pursue a settlement, although the company hasn’t committed to that course of action.

YahooAs for what sort of instant search product it’s developing, Metz wrote, "Yahoo! is working on a system that will better predict what netizens are searching for – without continuously updating search results . . . .  If Yahoo! determines that you’re looking for Martin Luther King’s birthday . . . it should simply show you his birthday – not an entire search result page filled mostly with information you’re not interested in."

That sounds like a smart approach.  Unfortunately, a release date wasn’t discussed.

We’ll of course be sure to report if Yahoo files any lawsuits or updates its search engine in a significant way.

Yahoo Patents May Cover Google Instant
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  • Guest

    Oh boy… Please Yahoo, sue! Anything so Google gets rid of that thing please. I have ADD already!

  • http://www.seobythesea.com Bill Slawski

    Google does have a patent filed in 2004 on showing predictive search suggestions, and notes that their search interface may be updated as searchers continue to type their queries.

    That Google patent application is mentioned in correspondence between the USPTO and Yahoo in at least one of the non-final rejections of the original claims from Yahoo’s patent on Speculative Search Results, which describes a version of Instant search that sounds similar to what you’re describing with your quote about results on a search for Martin Luther King’s birthday.

  • http://searchasyoutype.wordpress.com/about Pal Sahota

    My name is Pal Sahota and the company name is Pal Systems Ltd. This is the same technology I invented it in 1989 and I called it search-as-you-type. Google are calling it under a few names including Search-as-you-Type (SayT) see below links.
    And their demo video on
    The name of search-as-you-type was coined by me and used as our branded product and this can be clearly seen in the newspaper articles in my blog.
    There are also two videos made in 1991 which can also be seen from this blog.
    Watching these videos it can be clearly seen that the data is accessed in the same way as shown in the above Google demo!

    My product Autodispens used search-as-you-type everywhere and not just for accessing data. I believe that every type of

  • http://searchasyoutype.wordpress.com/about Pal Sahota

    My name is Pal Sahota and I think that USPTO should be more accountable if they have made a mistake in issuing a patent because they have not done enough research especially in cases of

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