Yahoo Mail Gets Another Redesign (Already)

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Yahoo has launched another major redesign of Yahoo Mail. This isn’t incredibly surprising, given that the last one didn’t go over all that well with users.

Yahoo Mail user? What do you think of the new design? Let us know in the comments.

It would seem like a refresh is just what Yahoo Mail needed after all the backlash over the past several months, but judging on the reaction so far from the new design, this wasn’t the answer users were looking for. This is an updated version of this article, and you can see all the comments that have flooded in below.

With the new design, Yahoo is throwing in a free 1 TB of storage. You would think that would help ease the pain, but people seem to just want the old Yahoo Mail back.

The new Yahoo Mail follows Gmail’s lead, and offers users conversations view and themes (including curated Flickr photos). This is across the desktop version and the mobile apps.

Yahoo  Mail

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail on Mobile

Yahoo Mail on Mobile

If you select a theme on one device, it will update across all your devices.

Yahoo has turned functions like searching, starring and deleting emails into “one-click” actions, which appear when the user hovers over an email. The left-hand toolbar is also now able to be collapsed.

In addition to the new free storage, users are also getting some other free features that used to only be available for paying Mail Plus customers. These include disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding. You can use up to 200 filters, which is twice as many as before. It also now includes offline access with POP, so you can download your messages using a desktop email app.

Mail Plus is no longer being offered to new users, but you can still use it for the same price if you already have been. You can also request a refund if you like. Yahoo now has another premium service called Yahoo Ad Free Email. This costs $49.99 a year for an account.

To start out, the new design is available for the desktop in English in the US, Canada, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. More countries and languages will come later. The mobile apps are available globally immediately on iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Meanwhile, we’ve been seeing some complaints that Yahoo has been deleting contacts from people’s accounts due to its email address recycling program. In some cases, however, they’re deleting valid addresses.

Share your thoughts about the new Yahoo Mail in the comments.

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Yahoo Mail Gets Another Redesign (Already)
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  • Jeff T

    Will Mail Plus expire at the end of my subscription period, or renew automatically. If it will expire, I need to pull off all my old mail from Yahoo Plus and get my own mail service at GoDaddy for less money per year or just use gmail.

    Not everything is better because it’s different. Look at Obamacare, it’s different, and it costs too much, isn’t affordable, is about insurance not health care, and it’s bankrupting the country. And it doesn’t improve on health care.

    • wookie

      “or just use gmail”

      Do you realize that the new Yahoo looks and works almost like gmail? So, why would you want to use gmail after abandoning YahooMail.

      I actually like the changes, but I think there should be some option to allow people who don’t like the new format to revert back to the old format. And vice versa.

      • M. Fogarty

        Absolutely confusing and overloaded with too-cute gimmicks. First, turning emails into dramatic scripts is a loser. Second, what is it with Me???? I am not a kid. Third, I don’t want my sents blended into my inbox. FINALLY, ditch the first line of emails on the same page as the subject. The page is overloaded. Ever hearof simplicity?

        • JS

          Hi, you can disable conversations in settings/viewing emails to halt the “me” and the grouping of emails. Also, If you want to go back to the pre-this week version of Yahoo mail, do this:

          1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

          2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

          I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

          • char

            thats bs. if you click back button you are of course brought back wherever you were before you clicked back button. what in the world do you mean?

          • rvo

            Brilliant! Thank you for this elegant solution!

          • Reggie Jackson

            Re item 2: I’m going to go out on a limb and say you left something out.

          • kvander

            This worked for me. The only thing left out was to click “Accept” after clicking the Back button. Thank you!!! (Char, maybe before you make disparaging remarks, just try the solution. IT WORKS!)

          • Karl

            Thank you very much! This is a great relief because the new version of yahoo mail is more than confusing and not suitable for working seriously.

          • gordon booker

            You are a Hero !
            The new yahoo mail had been getting me more and more wound up.
            10+years of being perfectly happy with it and then they completely messed it up. I had thought there was no way back – but JOY ! this works. Thank You.

          • imam aditya effendi

            Thank you!

          • TK

            Thank you, thank you, thank you!

          • Deanna

            I’d found that fix and have really appreciated getting most of the functions and look of the old version back including tabs. Today however, it’s not working. Anyone else finding that it did work but doesn’t seem to now?

            If they’ve cut us off from being able to do this, I’m going back to looking for a new email program.

            Has anyone heard if there’s been any response at all from Yahoo in regards to ALL the complaints and requests that they let people choose to go back to the old version?

          • Wharton

            Went back to basic mail, but all the font features were missing. So were the emoticons and other features I had grown accustomed to using.
            Nevertheless, thanks for your advice on how to get around the latest unwanted “improvement” from Yahoo.
            Cheers – Wharton

          • Starfish

            JS, this no longer works. What do we do?

          • WR

            Hate the so called new version and grateful I found directions here to undo it. If I wanted gmail I would have signed up for gmail! I am really getting tired of being told what is better for me and I appears I have no choice in the decision. Thanks again.

          • David

            It is not true that you can revert to the old Tab version of Yahoo. The Basic setting returns to a version that is so useless and old that I don’t even remember ever seeing such a primitive version of any email…and I’ve been on the internet since 1998. I usually welcome new versions and am no opposed to intelligent change, but this new version is complete garbage. The tab version was the best thing they’d ever done to yahoo and the most short lived. How stupid is that?!

          • Bernice

            Very very sad this and the other work around to switch back and forth between basic and new a few times isn’t working anymore.

            Anyone have other ideas how to get the old one back?

          • Mac Keogh

            This didn’t work for me? advise?

          • maria

            This worked a treat for almost a month, but is now just going back to the previous page in the non basic layout. In any browser. Alas! Any other solutions out there? I am now spending hours dealing with mail & dreading opening Yahoo…

          • susan

            The new Yahoo feature called “Conversations” should be called “Interventions” instead, because Yahoo is intervening and deciding we should ALL be part of the conversation.
            I disabled the conversation feature (under Settings, Viewing Email) after discovering that apparently, whenever I forward an email, the person whose email I forwarded is then included in the “conversation”!

          • Jasmin

            Reggie, This worked for me BUT you’re right that something is missing from Step 2. You have to click on SAVE on the lower right for it to do go through.

          • Anna

            Regrettably the change is not persistent. I haven’t figured out how many logout/login sequences it takes, but every x number of logouts, I’ll log in and find the ‘NEW Yahoo Mail’ replacing my selection of ‘classic mail’

          • Sheri

            BLESS YOU for putting the instructions for returning to the Basic view in Yahoo mail! I was ready to scream with the new version!


          • Cheryl

            Hi js, i did that snd yahoo is punishing us by going back to what it was in 1996, the basic msil instead of the classic mail, which was eorking fine till MAYER LOUSED IT UP.
            The BASIC VERSION is unacceptablr, no font, no highlight, no way to add emsil addresses except opening the address book. I was firced to go back to this annoying
            New version. We should protest, gmsil is a pos, im using aol now, i still use yahoo over gmsil coz its more secure, google admitted freely they read yr mail.

          • sonshyne

            Thanks it worked for me and I am a computer novice!

          • Bill

            It is not working for me. I get the same thing, no change. The back button belongs to the browser, Firefox that is. For me Yahoo7 is playing up, I cannot download attachments it sent my legitimate messages to spam folder, etc. You cannot contact them for support and the information they provide you get lost in it all. Waste of time.

          • http://www.oeclassic.com Roger

            You can still use the Tabbed version but only with Internet Explorer. This is the only workaround that still works as of Dec 2013.

            This doesn’t work with other browsers Only IE.

            First, disable Conversations in Mail View Settings if you haven’t already.

            Then go to Compatibility View Settings in Internet Explorer Tools Menu, [press (Alt + T) then press B], and add Yahoo.com to Compatibility View Settings.

            Now you can enjoy the old Tab mail version again.

        • Jasmin

          You hit the nail right on the head! These are my complaints about the new Yahoo Mail exactly.

        • EAKS

          Completely agree – my exact problem – Ya hellll !

        • deedeemao

          WHY in the @%#!!! can’t yahoo just offer Yahoo Classic as an option???

          Yahoo mail was NOT BROKE until they tried to fix it.

        • Mamapolepole

          I can’t find out in the new, awful version of e-mail where to attach a photo. There is no place to click on attach. Also, the bold, underline, emoticons, etc., are missing completely. I’m gong to have to find another e-mail service although I don’t want to. Please put to old version back. This one is not usable.

        • Macman

          I totally agree. Way too much fluff overshadowing substance. Just think if someone else is reading my email, it wouldn’t be ME. lol Yahoo should consider READER and SENDER. What a mess.

      • carol

        absolutely, I am 81 yrs.old and I don’t adapt to things
        to easy,just let me keep the one I have been useing for
        the last 5 yrs.

      • carol

        absolutely, I am 81 yrs.old and I don’t adapt to things
        to easy,just let me keep the one I have been useing for
        the last 5 yrs.

    • Aida Crusan

      I am 77 years old. I help my Toastmasters Club. One of the biggest problem I have is when I try to forward something with an attachment, I just want to forward the attachment, and I have tried for days to erase the history of the email. It iis nice to have an email with all the replies to the email, but it is a headache trying to erase the history!! Can you explain?

    • deedeemao

      Yahoo mail was not broke until they tried to fix it.

      Bring back Yahoo Classic as an option.

    • anne

      I hate the new format. Wish I could change it back.

  • http://Yahoomail ann

    This new site is HORRIBLE!!! Give me the old one back!!!

  • J.H.

    ARGH!!! I hate this layout! I want my e-mails where they were, all lined up and not grouped together, and the folders where they were! Just leave things alone! >:\

    • J.H.

      Ok, I fixed the one stupid thing, by unclicking “enable conversations” in settings…Why would they make it more difficult to see what new e-mails one has by hiding the folders I’ve made? It’s so annoying to have to click on yet another thing. >:\

    • JS

      If you want to go back to the pre-this week version, do this:

      1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

      2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

      I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

      • Joanne Kelly

        Thanks for the info. Changed the settings back. Bloody awful it was but So much better the old way. Cheers

  • murray

    Agreed. The new site is horrible! Where have my folders gone?

    • yahoo user since 1998

      I had the same question. Just click on “Folders”, under “Trash”.

      • Chris

        I can’t get in to view the emails in any folders – the folder list is there under Trash – But how do I actually open the folder and view its contents ??

        • Chris

          Opening/viewing folders problem – this looks like it may be a compatibility problem with Firefox. Other browsers seem ok. Any solutions to make it work on Firefox anyone?!

          • DJW133

            I had the same problem, using IE10. I solved it by going into Settings; Viewing emails; un-tick box Enable Conversations.

            My first solution had been to by using Settings; Viewing emails; Mail Version – Basic.

  • Brian Hannon

    I don’t need it to tell me that “Me” was in the email thread – just tell me who the email is from!!

    How does Yahoo consider it an improvement that I have to re-learn the whole mail page and spend time searching around for things that were there an hour ago?

    Worst. Design. Ever.

  • yahoo user since 1998

    I fully agree that the new lay out if very far from any real improvement. It is a pity because just before the new big change I was about to ungrade to Yahoo Plus. Now, I am really hesitant to do it to Yahoo Ad Free.

    I don’t need to read “Me” in every message, I don’t need to see the “Conversations” (I don’t use e-mail to chat!), it also requires more concentration from the user to filter or read e-mails when opeining a session. I honestly see zero improvement.

    Until now, I have been one of yahoo users trying to keep loyal to what had worked for me. I don’t think that I will keep it as my main account any more. Is yahoo interested to keep older customers, or trying to only get new ones, and I wonder where from?

    Many have kept yahoo because we liked it better than gmail.

    I also find it annoying that the change has been introduced without notice.

  • Paul Griffin

    Does this even work in Chrome? I’ve had to download Safari just to check my emails!

  • Chris

    How do I compose more than one email at once with this horrendous new redesign? With the previous layout, I could be working on a number of emails at the same time and switch between the tabs at the top of the window. Whilst composing an email previously, I could also go back into my inbox or sent folder to check certain information and then go back to my email to carry on writing. WHY IS THIS NOW NOT POSSIBLE? I’m fed up with Yahoo changing their layout without any prior warning and with no instructions as to how you can make their new monstrosity workable. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    • Dean Donnelly

      Echo’ing Everyones Frustration,
      Loyal Yahoo User since Mid 90’s
      TABS were essential in a home business scenario…
      Always composing multiple emails at once with this redesign…NADA
      Forced to ABORT YAHOO and Forward all mail to a Tab/Business focused mail Client
      YAHOO Fail without any prior warning
      options to return to what we’ve had for ages
      Email Disaster in progress!

      • JS

        If you want to go back to the pre-this week version of Yahoo mail, do this:

        1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

        2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

        I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

        • Mary

          I tried this in Chrome. It looks more like the old days. Now, I can see the Contacts tab, and a second tab. But I can’t compose an email and see my inbox at the same time. So, not really able to have 4-5 emails going at once…tabs basically don’t work. Also, can’t see preview pane from inbox. Any suggestions?

      • dva

        what are you using with Tabs? I, like you, am desperate for that function.

    • dva

      I couldn’t agree more with all your points. I mean, browsers allow for multiple tabs for multiple websites…we can also have multiple programs/apps open at once without having to close one to open another. Absolutely the worst design ever.

  • R Hoffman

    The new version of Yahoo email is so hard to use it sucks.

    • Kathy

      This new format that Yahoo has decided is an improvement has me searching for another e-mail provider. I can type an entire paragraph and it will take close to 3 minutes to show up on the page. My computer slows down when I have Yahoo mail open. I know they are seeing these comments but do not even have the courtesy to address them, fix the, or change it back.

  • corinne Milton

    If you don’t go back to the old format I will look for another server. This is unacceptable and clumsy and I am angry that we were not given any choice. I can no loner able to reply to emails as I used to, within the text of what the other person was asking.


    • JS

      If you want to go back to the pre-this week version of Yahoo email, do this:

      1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

      2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

      I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

      • Sally

        Thanks – this enabled me to print out my flight e-ticket without all the associated chat written in later emails after I forwarded it to the people I am going to visit! Saved me a headache, thanks.

      • Starfish

        JS, this no longer works… :(

  • choice

    they dont know what to do to recapture the market share theyve been loosing and every decision under the new regime is more disastrous than the last

    the new email is absurdly disfunctional; worse even, they moved unnanounced and preempted millions of their users with their new indecipherable format

    does yahoo think the majority of their users are teenagers playing with their smartphones?

    what is this me all over the page crap?

    if i owned stock i’d dump it because they’re going down
    but for now i am abandoning both my yahoo accts n moving to hotmail


  • Urugua

    Does anyone know how do you print a message from the e-mail function?
    There use to be a Print function in the old system but now is gone.
    Also, what happened to the Draft option. When you were writing an e-mail you had the option to Send or Save Draft.

    • pat

      The ‘changes’ in functionality (i hesitate to use the word ‘improvement’) MAY suit some users and i don’t even mind (well, actually i do) that some features have been removed and others added that no serious (ie anyone over the age of 14) user would find beneficial.
      But what really sucks, as always with Yahoo (don’t they EVER learn) is 1) the way in which major ‘upgrades’ are just thrown at us without any prior warning and 2) end-user testing and quality control is virtually non-existent.

  • Carlos

    Very, very disapointed at yahoo. I can’t handle this new version. It is very confusing. I liked it better before. Please get us back the old version. I am a loyal user of yahoo since 1998.

  • Stephanie G

    I would love to give a review of the new design, but I cannot access it. I’m guessing it’s not compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer? I don’t have admin rights to upgrade from IE 8 or to download a new browser on my work machine, where I spend 40-50 hours per week and need access to my personal e-mail. It’s been weeks since it functioned properly on this machine. I may have to switch to Hotmail just to gain reliable access via IE. FRUSTRATING.

  • Ann

    I just hate the new version. No more tabs, the “conversations” make reading e-mails difficult, when you write a message and want to save as draft, there is no button to do it (I discovered that when you close the message, you are offered the option of saving as draft, but it took me a long time to decide to close the message, without knowing that this was going to happen – I just thought I would lose it), also, the auto-complete for the addresses is gone. I really didn’t need the synchronized themes – black text on white background is more than enough.

    • JS

      You can disable conversatons in the settings which should help.. But, if you want to go back to the pre-this week version of Yahoo email, do this:

      1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

      2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

      I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

      • Cath

        Dear JS : thanks for the tip, but the “basic” version is not like it used to be (at least tonight), for instance impossible to add a link or to use bold or italic or colours etc for the text.

        So I’m using 2 windows in the same time, one to find my mails as they used to be and the other to copy what I have typed and get the links in blue etc – very frustrating and if nothing is adjusted I’ll definitely leave Yahoo mail and use Hotmail, but I hate to have to change my email address…

        It was the same with Flickr (owned by Yahoo), sudden drastic changes some months ago, it looks horrible and I’m no longer active there – they decide a new look and no matter how unhappy we are, no chance that they would listen to us.

  • March

    So aggravating! Why are the emails I send in reply to someone showing up in in Inbox? I need my ‘sent’ emails in the ‘sent’ folder, and only incoming emails in the Inbox …. like every other email program in the history of email.

    I’ve had to click through emails all day thinking the person had replied to me, only to see that it was just the email I had sent in reply to someone their email.

  • Margaret

    I am unable to compose any email when I am in a folder. The compose is gone and only reappears when I go to In Box. I NEED TO COMPOSE FROM THE FOLDERS!!!!!!

  • Johnny G

    What a rude awakening to discover this “New Design”. It’s a confusing mess to me. YES, give us a choice to GO BACK like you did with Yahoo Classic some years back, that is until you Forced us to the one BEFORE This! To mes, it’s the worst. Someone let us know if we can somehow return PLEASE.

    • Deanna

      I have been frustrated all day with this! I can’t forward a message successfully and have had to copy and paste info. into a new email in order to forward it. How is that an improvement??? I am also having trouble with the reply function. There is so many functions all over the place that I don’t need and will never use, and the basic functions I use all the time are screwed up! How can I revert back to the previous version so I can get some work done???!!!!

    • JS

      Here is how to go back:

      1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

      2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

      I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

      • Jim

        When changing back to basic I can find a way to print with out the ads

  • Johnny G

    I should have dumped Yahoo when they introduced their new “Terms of Service” back in June or July. I think it’s time to say goodbye to Yahoo!

    • Starfish

      What are the new terms of service? I can’t even read and remember the entire thing, it’s too long. In what way did the ToS change?

  • Ron

    OMFG! :() I can’t understand this at all! I’ve been using Yahoo Mail exclusively for the past 10 years and have a premium account, but I can’t figure out what’s going on with it.

    This “history” thing is more than confusing. It’s putting together a history for emails that have nothing in common.

    I could see if I had replied to someone, but these histories have no connection to the current email. They came from another address with a completely different Subject.

    What is that!?!?!

    I’ve had to switch to Hotmail until this is fixed.

    • JS

      Ron, the new interface is terrible, agreed! One help is if you go to settings, writing emails, and uncheck the box “enable conversations” it will stop grouping emails together into a thread which might solve that problem for you. Also, if you want to go back to the pre-this week version, do this:

      1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

      2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

      I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

      • Spinifers

        TY soooo much JS for the tip about turning off conversations. That was driving me crazy more than anything.

      • Ryan

        Yes!!!! Thanks to you as well.

        I too was going crazy from that (really dumb) grouping problem.

        WTF Yahoo? Was that supposed to be helpful? 15 years of emailing and nobody seemed to need that ‘service’. Why now?

        (guess it’s my fault for my brand loyalty; I mean really? why?)

        ((answer – I find gmail worse))

        .what a world.

  • beverly

    I need the old version back this version is not user friendly

    • Deb Bailey

      I found a way to get the regular tabbed yahoo mail back, very easy to do, so IF you want yours back, here’s what you do:

      OH, IT IS SO NICE TO BE HOME AGAIN *:D big grin *~^o^~ cheer Hello, my lovely tabs, I’ve missed you sooooo much!!! *>:D< big hug

      1. Go to SETTINGS
      3. click/CHECK the "BASIC" circle
      4. Then, when the really (sarcastically 1998) old style Basic Yahoo comes up
      5. Click the back arrow <- on your browser
      This should take you to the familiar yahoo style mail

      • http://www.morwennacatt.co.uk Morwenna

        It works! Thanks! I’m so relieved to get rid of the new format – I hated it

  • Johnny G

    This is too much trouble for me! Finally, I have made the choice! GOODBYE YAHOO For Good!

    • Lori dorf

      what did you change to? The originals yahoo was fine with me–I hat both new ones, especially this latest version from heck.

  • E

    Absolute pain in the arse. I couldn’t get the font color to change back after I copied a red link, so had to write the rest of my email in red. This does not go down well in Asia.

  • GC

    Yahoo has destroyed me. I had a lot of attachments of irreplaceable pictures in my e-mail that are now just gone, with a string of characters in brackets that are useless to replace them.

    I am done with Yahoo for good. What a pain it will be now to transfer everything to a different e-mail address, I had a lot of important stuff coming to that address.

    It goes to show you just cannot trust any of these moron internet e-mail services. It is always CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE for the sake of CHANGE, and destroy people’s lives in the process.

    • Deb Bailey

      I found a way to get the regular tabbed yahoo mail back, very easy to do, so IF you want yours back, here’s what you do:

      OH, IT IS SO NICE TO BE HOME AGAIN *:D big grin *~^o^~ cheer Hello, my lovely tabs, I’ve missed you sooooo much!!! *>:D< big hug

      1. Go to SETTINGS
      3. click/CHECK the "BASIC" circle
      4. Then, when the really (sarcastically 1998) old style Basic Yahoo comes up
      5. Click the back arrow <- on your browser
      This should take you to the familiar yahoo style mail

      • em

        Thank you so much! Everyone else is telling you to keep switching back and forth between the old version and this new version. I must have done that 100 times last night with no success. Tried your fix and Voila! My TABS are back!

      • http://N/a Mark

        When I click on Settings I get the following message:
        “Sorry, an unknown error has occurred. Please try again. If the issue persists, please contact customer care.”
        And I’ve used up all my “votes” complaining about this “improved” (?!) Y!Mail so now I’m stuck!
        Well done to Y! for leaving a vacuum for some competition email platform! I would invest! :-)

      • Starfish

        Do lost attachments come back when you do this?

  • Mark

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Yahoo have done this deliberately to prune their users. Maybe they just don’t need to hand out so many free email accounts. I for one am now looking around for a stable and user friendly email infrastructure. Gmail?

    • Starfish

      If you find one, let me know!

  • P:Brent

    Like most of the responders here, I am a grownup. I use my account mainly for work and have two work accounts flowing into this. User since 98. Not having tabs is a dealbreaker for me. Any email options? someone suggested mail.com on another site.

    • Vistor_enjoying

      You can go back to basic if u want the tabs..that’s what i had to do to keep my tab option open….i use email quite often but not to the extent some IT personel may, so it may help some..if not..it was just a suggestion for the people it would help

  • Rita

    Suggestion for the YAHOO MANAGEMENT. Please revert back to the OLD format and let users decided on whether they wish to use the NEW format. Alternatively give us the option of going back to the old format. There was a lot of merit in your old format, and having themes is not necessarily enhancing communication, when it is not logically putting it together.

  • Pam Fritzler

    I am so upset I can not even speak! The new Yahoo email is a complete and utter disaster. The format is ugly and the functions are dysfunctional. This morning I checked my “sent” folder to find an email I send yesterday, to which the recipient replied to today (so I know he received it). The email was gone! It wasn’t in my “sent” folder. Yahoo calls this a SERVICE?!? While Yahoo management is busy conjuring up new and silly ways to chew your food for you, it may want to consider the basic meal being offered. It is indigestible. Bad, bad, bad. I can not believe this company is still in business.

  • Pete Ooms

    Basically it is unusable so I switched it back to the ‘Basic’ mail version which kind of looks like the old layout but isn’t….
    At least all your folders are visible.
    I’ll try that for a while but may end up looking for an alternative.

    A big fuss about changing their log which is hardly visible and this just gets dumped on users. Unbelievable!

    • Gardener

      Please tell me how to go back to Basic. I haven’t been able to do anything for three days. Willing to go back to GMail

      • Vistor_enjoying

        Click on your gear wheel next to your name on the top right hand corner, then click on viewing email……at the bottom of that page u will see where u can switch from “Full” to basic.

      • Deb Bailey

        I found a way to get the regular tabbed yahoo mail back, very easy to do, so IF you want yours back, here’s what you do:

        OH, IT IS SO NICE TO BE HOME AGAIN *:D big grin *~^o^~ cheer Hello, my lovely tabs, I’ve missed you sooooo much!!! *>:D< big hug

        1. Go to SETTINGS
        3. click/CHECK the "BASIC" circle
        4. Then, when the really (sarcastically 1998) old style Basic Yahoo comes up
        5. Click the back arrow <- on your browser
        This should take you to the familiar yahoo style mail

        • Katherine

          Thank you! It worked!

        • Starfish

          does not work for me

        • Starfish

          oh! it does! I don’t know whether I am still under the new terms of service… but at least it looks normal!! Thank you!

  • Michael

    What are the boxes filled with numbers all over the yahoo mail. All the facilities are unmarked so to find out how to do something I have to pass the pointer over each box to find out what it is. I cant believe that this is the new email system. Is it my browser or settings causing this?

  • http://StepOffTheCliff.com David Hetherington

    About to be “Former Yahoo Mail User”

    I design software for a living and the stupidity of this “improvement” is breath taking.
    – You can’t sort the mail by topic or sender anymore
    – No tabs so you can view a few different messages at once
    – The printer-friendly view was removed
    – Sometimes folders will appear when you mouse over them, sometimes they won’t

    This is a classic example of gratuitous “Non-Value Add” software updates. No new benefits for the users and a bunch of bread-and-butter mandatory functionality removed.

    • sharon

      What the hell happened, why was there no warning, it just suddenly changed and like everyone else here I think its a disaster. I have only ever used Yahoo for emails since I started email about 17 years ago. I too work in IT, and I understand about system testing, user acceptance testing and regression testing. Apparently the folks at Yahoo dont.
      It will be a pain as I probably have my Yahoo address as my ID for over a hundred web sites, but I am going to have to change every one of them

      • Ann S

        I, too, am very familiar with system/acceptance/regression testing, focus groups, and change management – all of which Yahoo apparently did not do, or did not have successful results if they did. What a shame. I just don’t understand how Yahoo can continue to push updates in this manner with so much negative feedback on each one. You would think they would learn to listen to their customers. They must think they have a monopoly for email service. I have been a Yahoo user for many, many years. Looks like that relationship will be coming to an end.

  • Jerry

    Yahoo’s new CEO thinks she is taking this company on a path of renewal to stop the bleeding of users leaving. LOL…is now like the blind leading the blind over the cliff!!! Well let me tell you Yahoo management team you’ve sorrily missed the mark hear. Having read the comments in here from 10 year + users like myself, you are have soooo dropped the ball!

    I too entrusted Yahoo to be my primary email carrier and had thousands of saved emails and attachments that are now gone!! Shame me for not buying an email program sooner so that my messages and attachments were secure on my own hard drive.

    This is the last Yahoo “improvement” I am going to endure and have now purchased an Outlook and am in the process of moving over the data and messages that are left in my Yahoo account.

  • Gardener

    This is an absolute nightmare. The least Yahoo could do is send out a blanket email to its users. I can’t do anything — can’t send emails or reply. Just the basics can’t be done. Thought it was my pc; it’s awful.

    • JS

      If you want to go back to the pre-this week version of Yahoo email, do this:

      1.) Click the little wheel on top right corner of yahoo mail then click “Settings”, then “Viewing Email” then click on the box at the bottom that says “Basic” and your screen will immediately update to a more basic version of Yahoo mail

      2.) Click the “Back” button on your browser, and you will be returned to the original Mail Plus version of Yahoo with the TABS.

      I have done this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari & it works every time. Bad news is if you refresh your browser or close mail & reopen, you will have to repeat these steps to get mail back to this version every time, but it’s better than using the new Yahoo interface!!!

      • NickiC

        It works!!! Thank you so much for this tip.

  • Don

    I challenge anyone to try and find a venue that Yahoo has made available for users to respond to the recent changes they made to their mail site. After much searching I did find one Yahoo site that offers space to air your concerns concerning any of their services, including Yahoo mail.

    As I began typing I noted that I had exceeded the allowable number of characters before I had even completed my FIRST sentence! A message pops up that states “Yahoo will contact you if we need more information” Really!?!? They are really interested to hear from their users – as long as it’s in 9 words or under! What a joke!!!!!! I’ve hing in there since 1998 Yahoo but no more….I’m outta here!!!

    • J.

      I do know of one place if you want to air your concerns: http://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/215446-yahoo-mail-themes-and-conversations

    • Vistor_enjoying

      It did that to me without the message from yahoo but i think that is for the title heading of ur subject….yahoo doesn’t want that part of it too lengthy, underneath where you typed (nine words or less) there is a description box…u can enter a lengthy description there..

      • Nicole Nguyen

        Vistor_enjoying, it seems that your experiences have always been different from the rest of us. You claimed that with Basic Mail, we can have tabs again but that’s NOT true. Now you claimed that we can enter a lengthy description in the description box but that’s NOT true either. We can’t. I agree with Don. I couldn’t even complete my first sentence.

  • G Sjoberg

    Have you noticed that “Mail Options” has gone missing? A few months ago I started forwarding all my Yahoo Mail to a Gmail account. Yesterday, I gave up on the experiment. But under this New Look, there is no way to turn forwarding off! In fact, there are NO Mail Options!! Thus, Yahoo Mail is now useless to me. AHH, do you remember when software went through regression testing before being released?

    • G Sjoberg

      Mail Options is available by switching back to Basic.

  • AJ

    Agreed. Yahoo is a damned mess. I stayed faithful for many years while many friends and co-workers mocked me for not moving on to Hotmail and Gmail. I stayed, though, because, not only am I loyal, but because I like to be able to do things easily, and understandably. I don’t need bells and whistles. I don’t need improvements. If it works, it works. Only when it ceases to work, do I move on to something newer. And then I get used to the more superior product, and I don’t look back.

    Yahoo mail no longer works. So it’s goodbye, and on to something I will soon discover makes a hell of a lot more sense, I’m sure. Just a shame. I’ve been rolling with this thing and defending it for years against it’s detractors. All it took was one day of a giant mess, and Yahoo has actually turned me into one. Nice job, Yahoo! Looks like you screwed us, and yourself, on this one.

  • J.

    I have mixed opinions on the new email design, mostly good but some dissatisfaction (tabs?). But I do want to correct you on the ‘free storage’. It’s not bonus free storage – it used to be unlimited.

    • Vistor_enjoying

      So u think by going back to basic before the one Terabyte option that it will revert back to unlimited..i would think so..what’s ur intake on this? Thank u in advance

      • Vistor_enjoying

        I went back to basic and now have the tabs..i can do with basic just to keep tabs

        • Nicole Nguyen

          I am very surprised to read that you went back to Basic Mail to have the tabs and you were successful. That’s what I did too, switching back to Basic Mail in hopes to have tabs so I could open multiple emails at the same time to reply and refer to but the tabs are not in Basic Mail for me (???). Any help on getting the tabs back would be deeply grateful.

          • Galina

            This works in IE, in Chrome and Firefox you need additionally to hit Back, I found it accidentally…

        • fran

          how to go back to old yahoo mail; this new one is horrible; i want to be able to open several messages at the same time

        • Angela

          When I click on basics nothing happens.
          What can I do?

  • R Payne

    Hi, Chris. In short, the new Yahoo! Mail will make users less efficient and give them carpal tunnel syndrome. Shile Yahoo claims it may run faster (which I personally have not experienced), the redesign makes our workflow with it slower and more tedious. I will be leaving Yahoo as a result.

    In reading the Yahoo Mail feedback area, it seems current Yahoo mail users (including myself) are even more bewildered and disenchanted with Yahoo about this redesign than earlier this year. There are no longer tabs that allowed multiple email messages open simultaneously – that was a key feature that set Yahoo apart from Gmail for business and power users, referring to messages while typing new ones.

    There are also MORE (not less) clicks to accomplish simple tasks, such as filing away an InBox message into a folder, which now requires an added click. And for every sent message, there appears a silly blank white screen saying “your message was sent successfully” and you have to click again to get back to the mail page. So for the hundreds of messages I scan a day, I will unfortunately get carpal tunnel unless I switch to another provider.

    Message threads are also astoundingly confusing to follow. Instead of the most current message starting at the top and the thread continuing chronologically on down, Yahoo reversed it, so you had to scroll to the bottom of the thread to review the most recent message that you are replying to. (again, more carpal tunnel to scroll) And, when you hit reply, your visual is not immediately taken to the bottom of the screen where your cursor is (probably a glitch, but they shouldn’t have forced the changed upon us until fixing silly glitches like this).

    There are countless other strange choices Yahoo made. Some of these anomalies may get corrected, but the entire effort to be more like Gmail is a major mistake and underscores Yahoo’s lack of understanding of its customers. If Yahoo IS like Gmail, then I would rather be with Gmail. In truth, I will probably pay for a service that allows multiple email tabs open simultaneously. But, if Yahoo is just like Google, I will always choose Google. I trust Google will consider the user’s needs more and never force conversion to a “Beta” of a new mail set-up as Yahoo just did. I lost hours to this trying to figure out what happened, read feedback rooms, disable Java on my three computers and revert to an older yahoo model to find out I still cannot have multiple tabs open.

    Hey! This may be an opportunity for Google to attract Yahoo Mail users if they simply allow features Yahoo used to.

    I wasn’t aware of the Yahoo switch in June because I think I just kept choosing “No” when asked to upgrade. But, given the mountain of negative feedback by Yahoo users to the change in June and given the fact that Yahoo continues to change and disrupt our workflow, I don’t trust them with my business and my life. It is very clear Yahoo is not listening to its customers, not during the product development phase, nor after product launch.

    Consumer confidence counts for everything in this global market….

    • Nicole Nguyen

      BRAVO! I cannot agree with you more on every point you posted. My account was switched to Yahoo newest version without any warning (right in the middle of my reading an email) and BOOM, ALL my beloved tabs to allow me to simultaneously open multiple emails was gone. Basic Mail does not have this feature either so how can this be an improvement? Marisa Mayer came from Google and the only thing she could do is to COPY her former employer? How SHAMEFUL!

      • Phong

        No more multi-tasking. No more tabs. Damn you Yahoo. You have the right to be stupid but don’t abuse such privilege. You don’t have to be stupid like Microsoft.

    • john

      I don’t need any of that.

      All I want to do is cut and paste from a word processor. I can’t do that without switching to basic.

      Call me an idiot, but I would have thought the compose screen was a kinda essential function of an email programme !

      I’m old enough to remember when you had to merge from a text file you had to “export” from the word processor (no cut and paste) – it doesn’t even have that !

  • Paula

    This is the worst upgrade Yahoo has ever imposed. I’ve had a Yahoo account since 1998 and while I’m reluctant to leave, I’m furious enough that I’m seriously considering it. This new layout is very clumsy to use and the color schemes are deplorable. I’ve read many posts from other users who are very, very unhappy and am surprised that no one has mentioned that the stationery feature is no longer available. I guess I’m one of very few who enjoyed that perk and I miss it! I agree that Yahoo probably did this to prune it’s users and to compete with gmail. I’m not impressed with gmail at all which is why I’ve stayed with Yahoo for so many years. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

  • http://www.simonsdiary.com simon smith

    Make your feelings known to Yahoo for what it’s worth :-)


  • DD

    This is the worst “upgrade” I have ever seen. I’ve been a Yahoo mail user for many, many years and I’m ready to leave. I used the tools to change it to basic but even that is a mess. I used to be able to type a couple letters of someone’s name and it would pop in, but now I have to go to my contact list and search for them, only to find some of them missing. What were they thinking when they did this?????? I hope all of us leave them until they revert it back to the way it was!!!

  • Cindy

    This upgrade is the worst I’ve seen more than 15 years of using yahoo mail. It’s time to move on. I highly recommend trying the Mozilla ThunderBird mail client – it’s free, installs fast, has tabs for multiple messages, and using IMAP, you can continue to access and read messages in your yahoo account. You can continue to send e-mail messages from your yahoo e-mail address. Well worth the minimal amount of time it took to do this! (I wish I had done this years ago.)

  • http://yahooemailpage trisha dunn

    This is the worst upgrade. I really hate it. Why two options for attachments? Instead of clicking on attachment icon you get a choice instead of going to attachment – time consuming. Why is font so large when sending a reply to an email and why is the page so small? Where is the colour background to help with differentiation? Where is the arrow to show you have sent a reply? Why is the page so small, that you have to continually scroll up and down? Why change it, when the last page was preferred by so many users. Why? Why? Why? Working out how to leave…..

  • Rob

    Absolutely horrible changes. I’m almost speechless that yahoo thinks this is good. It’s gmail with a different name. Hate the “conversations”, no tabs. And I just did a reply to an email and after it was sent I’m a screen that says “email sent” or some such thing and I have to navigate back to my inbox.

    And what’s with the drafts? I typed half a message, saved it as a draft, came back an hour later, finished it, sent it, and there’s still a draft in my draft folder which I then had to go in and delete.

    I don’t get it. Maybe these things are for people who don’t know how to use email? And gmail users just need their email like this? But for yahoo to take so many steps backwards is absolutey ridiculous.

    Done with yahoo now and I’ve been using them for all 16 years. It’s such a POS now.

  • w w

    Yahoo website as a whole has been hijacked by devotion to Kris Jenner and her spawn. Time to migrate from this juvenile mindset to Grown-up communication.
    New YMail is HORRIBLE! Condescending messages when you empty folders is bullying and makes me think Y really doesn’t want you to use it at all.
    As a genealogist, I found 212 messages over the course of 24 months about an individual with a unique last name lumped together. I had to spend all day just separating out messages *by Sender and date*. No option choice on any of this and no response to forums clamoring for revise.
    Can no longer select multiple BCC’s or direct click on folders. Epic Fail!
    Nope. A new logo and making backgrounds of pretty pictures doesn’t cut it for EFFICIENT e-mail use. Done with Y!

  • Andy

    Sorry but this new redesign sucks too

    • John

      What the !@#@!!!!! I just got back from a short vacation and found out that Yahoo switched to the new version. I absolutely HATE what I see. I was already irritated by the constant Captcha popups, inability to attach multiple images easily, and constant error messages with the previous “new version” that came out last year. Now I can’t even figure out who is sending who what and where. What a mess Yahoo Mail is.

      I will find another way to use e-mail. Goodbye Yahoo.

  • Rick

    Unbelievable how terrible this change is. What on earth is going on with these people? Ok my needs are simple. I need to see the email first, easily…not so with the new change. When I write an email I want to have the font size option…now I have small, medium, large…..blah blah…what is that?? I went on line to find a way to change back. No way to do that, after reading these comments. One thing, I am glad I am not alone on this one. Yahoo gets worse and worse all the time. It is a pain in the ars. I will search for an alternative email platform but not sure if there is anything better.

  • rob

    WOW! this is totally a big “F UP!” no tabs? cant organize emails in “unread order” and lots of other things i just can not be bothered mentioning. i click back to “basic” yahoo but changes to something like it but not exactly like the previous one, but found if i change to new version then back to basic version and keep doing this, eventually it gives me the exact old basic version. but once i log out and log in again, its back to the new version, so have to spend 10 mins changing from new to basic until it actually gives me the correct basic version again………what a complete mess! i run a business using this heap of sh!t and now its practically impossible to do this,especially without the TABS…..time to switch for me, i cant wait for them to pull their finger out

    • Galina

      Change to Basic and then hit Back

      • Jeff in Naples

        Where do you change to Basic?

        • Jeff in Naples

          I figured out how to go back to basic, but this basic is sick…NO formating options at all, and I’ve lost all the formating I spent hours creating (going back to new brought back the formating).
          What a POS…
          I was really loving the old Yahoo, this Yahoo, however, sucks BIG TIME…I live and breath formatting and multi-tasking not they are both gone in one F’ed Up downgrade.

    • Jeff in Naples

      Hate the new mail.
      Now instead of accidentally searching on a name I can accidentally now delete the whole message…WTF?!?!?
      Restricted formating (where’s the highlight text icon?)
      No Tabs…can no longer switch between inbox, sent, compose when I need to reference back while writing an email…that was one of the greatest things to be writing multiple emails checking drafts (that’s where I keep some of my notes), checking in and sent boxes to reference previous orders that I might be writing an email about…

      • http://swimmingpoolslides.net Steve Cee

        I have been fed up with Ymail for several years & it keeps
        getting worse instead of better ! I also have Gmail &
        Outlook accounts. None are perfect, but Yahoo is the worst.

        I would quit my Yahoo mail in a second if it weren’t for the
        fact that after more than 10 years use I have many FOLDERS
        containing important contact and reference information and
        have not been able to find a way to export them to another system.
        If anyone knows of a way to do this please advise !

      • http://N/a Mark

        I have Gmail and Hotmail but always defaulted to Yahoo and always gave my Yahoo! address to people (I used to only cc my Gmail account as a backup). My wife always insisted on using Gmail despite me trying to convince her to give Yahoo a try – I’m glad she didn’t listen to me and start using Yahoo! What a disappointment!

  • Shaun

    WORST redesign ever. I already was disgusted with the fee for storage, now I finally have a real excuse to leave them.

  • TF N—-

    A Tirade:

    To Whomever at Yahoo! Mail Reads This:

    My name is TF N—-. I have been using Yahoo! mail since 1998 between two different email accounts. And I have never been so angry at Yahoo! as I am at this moment. Let me explain why.

    In recent years, Yahoo has changed its formatting and feel of its mail system multiple times without ever sending a courtesy message that considerately addresses the rationale behind the change or competently explains the new features. Of course, with a few minutes probing via internet search engines, I usually quickly find an article in a tech media publication or perhaps even direct answers via a Yahoo! site.

    Fine – mystery solved. No harm done.

    Except it’s rude. It’s disorienting. It’s inconsiderate.

    And after the new formatting changes that occurred suddenly and without warning this week (sometime between Oct 8th and 9th, 2013), I have had enough. First, signing into my account and immediately encountering an alien mail interface highly reminiscent of Gmail that then took me several minutes to puzzle through in order to turn off the various enhancements Yahoo deemed effective for me to use was infuriating. I am 35 years old and moderately competent in digital navigation. It took me several minutes to fully figure out how to turn off features I neither asked for nor wanted. I cannot imagine what someone like my grandmother would do when brusquely confronted with a significantly different interface with neither instruction nor guide to assist her. Oh, and for the record – if I had wanted an email system like Gmail, I would have migrated over to Gmail many years ago. I opened up an account with Google in 2005. Two months experimentation was all that was necessary to know their network held little appeal to my own personal quirks and preferences. I have stayed with Yahoo because it is not Gmail, not in spite of the fact. I am uncertain as to how many of your users share my proclivity, but I highly doubt I am the only one by a long shot.

    Next, Yahoo’s new interface has been problematic the past 24 hours, shortly after its new incarnation. Partially completed drafts of sent emails have stayed frozen in my Drafts folder since last night without the ability to delete them. Yes, I signed out of Yahoo and resigned in again. No change. I closed by browser and reopened it. The frozen drafts remained. Then, this evening after I spent just over an hour composing a letter to one of my colleagues, I sent the completed email to him without any discernable hitch. Afterwards, I again clicked on the Drafts folder to see if I might finally find some success in erasing those frozen messages. Within several seconds, I noted that the email I had just spent so much time in drafting had not been added to the Drafts folder. I thought this might be a sign of success, and quickly tried deleting the others that were unnecessary.

    No luck.

    A moment of disquiet then fell over me.

    I clicked on my Sent folder. The email was not there. I refreshed. I searched. I futilely hit backspace. Because of a terrible glitch, one never before experienced with Yahoo, I had lost a valuable letter that I had worked hard in creating, and one I would be unable to replicate. As you may have already noticed, I enjoy using words. I am not a capital ‘W’ writer, but I am a writer in the sense that my emails to friends and colleagues are carefully thought-out and crafted. And I just lost record of a several paragraphs that formulated an important argument I had been working on for days. I am, understandably, not merely pissed-off, but thoroughly enraged.

    Now, before you dismiss this complaint, let me offer a few concessions.

    I am not an important man. My words carry little weight. My influence is small, limited, and ultimately inconsequential. I am under no illusions as to that. And the letter now lost is doubtless void of meaning to anyone but myself and perhaps the colleague it was intended for.

    I should have been a more responsible man. I rarely trust my most important emailed correspondence to the whims of fate on the Yahoo server. I know better than that. Typically, I compose my thoughts and letters on a word processing document in which I can safely save the draft without fear of loss. This evening was one of those moments however in which what was meant to be merely a short note took on a life of its own and became a small essay. It felt inspired. Whether it actually was or not matters little now. It is gone.

    I want you to know I am not an injudicious man. I am well aware that Yahoo! Mail may not even have been at fault this evening for the loss of this valued letter. It might have been a browser issue (I was using Safari for the record). It may have been a MacBook issue (I haven’t restarted the computer in the past 4-5 days). The loss coupled with Yahoo’s interface change may be the result of unfortunate timing and coincidence.

    Regardless, I now hold Yahoo in such utter disdain that I am seeking out alternative email providers and planning on leaving Yahoo after 15 years of use. This is not an easy decision nor is it a convenient one. It may even sound like an irrational one. But Yahoo – I have faithfully used your services, made use of your search engine, read and recommended Yahoo! News (until you made it less user and search friendly several months ago that is) and even upgraded one of my two accounts to Premium for an annual charge, and you have repaid me in recent years with your ill-mannered lack of communication and unasked for and irritating system changes. In the Yahoo Mail interface I was using only days ago, I could have multiple tabs open for various messages and compositions, switching back and forth with ease. It also reminded me near the top of a composition what time the message had recently been auto-saved. With the new interface, I lost the convenience of tabs and I the auto-save reminder is now in a different and unfamiliar place.

    Had I, Yahoo, been composing this letter this evening on your old interface, it is highly likely I would have noticed auto-save wasn’t working and therefore copied and pasted my email on another document. How do I know this would have happened? Because I have done that very thing several times before when auto-save was not functioning for unknown reasons. The internet is not always reliable. Yahoo’s website is not always reliable. Such is life, but these are realities I can readily accept and deal with. Except when tossed into an unfamiliar system without warning.

    You screwed up Yahoo. Your urge to market, to innovate, to heighten your appeal and brand in order to ensnare new users has failed at least one of your old, loyal ones. This one. Coincidence or no, your enormous breach of etiquette and thoughtless tact has broken the relationship between this consumer and your corporation. Always a fine balance, I unfortunately took the plunge today as it ruptured.

    I don’t ask for much in an email provider, but you no longer meet those basic needs. So goodbye and good luck as you embark on your business’ future. I, for my part, will recommend alternatives to your service for anyone I know still using Yahoo. I don’t expect many to follow, but I will not quietly leave and allow what I perceive as your transgressions to fade from memory. That wouldn’t be fair to those users who remain with your service despite the massive hassles you have caused.

    In displeasure,
    TF N—-

    –incidentally, I was finally able to delete the frozen draft messages tonight – no rhyme or reason why. In doing so, I’ve also unfrozen my loyalty to you, Yahoo.

    • jo

      I couldn’t haven’t written about my concerns/complaints any better. It is as if I mirrored most every issue you have. Please let me know who you decide on. I do not like gmail (like yourself) and am shopping around for something that works for me.

      • bandaches

        Set Yahoo to autoforward to your new account. After a period of time when people get aquainted with your new account, LEAVE YAHOO altogether. Not only did they screw up their mail services, I won’t use yahoo for sports either, finding standings and scores is total nightmare now. Buh buy yahoo, your advertising income just went down the toilet and hence your share value and your company. It is truly a shame you allowed someone control to sabatoge this company.

        • archie

          As far as i can tell, autoforward is no longer available in the ‘new’ yahoo, unless you pay for service.
          You CAN put an autorespond message saying- write to me at: xyz, since yahoo is non-functional

      • Lillian

        Why can I not longer delete my msgs….No option for that……..I am in danger of having no computer at all as the disk space is being taken up by msgs and spam I need to get rid of…WTF???

    • M

      TF N– –

      You summarized my feelings at this point PERFECTLY — I’m so upset with Yahoo I too want to leave them but can’t bear the thought of changing my email address with so many contacts; especially ones like doctors offices, school, etc.

      THANK you for taking the time to put our collective frustrations into words.

    • Lori

      I appreciated your comments and I could not have said it better. Please let me know what alternative email you will be using. I do not like gmail.

    • Dave Kay

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I am 70 years old and have been using computers (both macs and PCs) since the mid-80s. I consider myself very competent with computer interfaces, but this latest SURPRISE incarnation of Yahoo!Mail has dumbfounded me — what was truly wrong that needed such an amazingly unfriendly fix??!!?? I, too, am now (after many years of faithful use of Yahoo mail) looking for a more user-friendly mail interface. Sorry Yahoo. You blew it, big time.

    • Sandra

      Thank you for your email. My sentiments exactly. In my opinion, yahoo is now volatile. Even if they change back, I’m still gone. I will spend the next 3-6 months converting everything to my new address.

      • Starfish

        Sandra, which e-mail provider have you used for your new address? Yahoo has been my primary provider since 1997. I am not familiar with what else is out there (except hotmail/outlook, which is not my favo(u)rite).

    • Kevin

      I was about to write an epic flame throw at Yahoo for forcing me into these changes which neither work for me, but actually take away a lot of the beneficial tools it used to have. You wrote basically everything I wanted to so you saved me a bunch of time. What team of programmers got paid way too much money to come up with this new format?? And there’s no option available to keep my mail the way it was. I’m not averse to change. I’ve been programming for 20 years – I’ve been using the internet since the Mosaic days – I get software evolution. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Or at least give me the option to keep it simple instead of this clunkly convoluted new format!! Please someone in management PLEASE listen to us!!!

    • TN boywonder

      TF, Your story is so well written that it could be my story. This thing is a disaster, I have had a yahoo email over 10 years, I hate everything about Gmail, and I spent today seeking alternative email platforms.

      Thing is, it’s hard to learn a new way of doing things “on the fly” and I just can’t dedicate the time in the middle of the week to learn a new system.

    • tootechnical

      I thought it was just me. I have been in the IT Guru world since 1986 and never have I been as annoyed as I was over the past few days. I left feedback to the change somewhere on yahoo, but they deleted me because I was probably being too much of a boss to them. Yes I have managed many people (up to 700 at once) in my life and all I am seeing these past few years during my semi-retirment is a “point and shoot” approach to running a business by not just one company but many. I’m going to risk it once more. I am trying to push R.A.T. (Revolution Against Technology). Unfortunately, we need technology to push the message. I cannot begin to say how efficient businesses were before all of these “APPS” came along. Now it just seems we fight all day long the tools that are available to us. So really did “Jobs (Apple)”, really change the world for the better? Just take a look around. I am glad to see this feedback. At least now I know it’s not just me. Oh and while we’re on the subject of making changes that are presumably better, why should I have to pay $70 per month for a mobile phone that has an App that takes a picture of a check I need to deposit? You already read my opinion about “Jobs *Apple) and no – I refuse to buy an iPad or even another App driven devise. Why can’t I use the equipment I spent thousands on over the decades to scan the check and deposit it? Why do I need to throw out what already works. UGH – just fed up with all of this nonsense. Good luck to all of you Millenials.

    • Joseph DelPico

      Agree that whoever in yahoo responsible for “Breaking what was not Broken” SHOULD BE FIRED !!!

    • Patrick

      I fully agree: I was surprised, and unpleasantly with the new Yahoo Mail, and the dissatisfaction is not only on aesthetic grounds–this new version definitely has serious glitches; the one that happens to me is after composing a reply to an email, clicking the send button does nothing at all, even after refreshing the page; what I am forced to do is copy the text in the frozen email, go back to the in box, click on the email I was replying to, paste in the text I had written—-and then send it immediately.

      I believe that Yahoo overall is consistently getting worse–the news is junkier and junkier, there are more and more ads, the ads are themselves very intrusive, and the news sources–such as the ‘Fool’ financial articles of a such a low caliber (and so laced with heavy-handed marketing)that I don’t even read financial news on Yahoo anymore.

      I’m thinking of going to MSN perhaps, but regardless of where I go (after more than 15 years with Yahoo), I am leaving because these guys just don’t clearly don’t give a damn about their users.

      • Eva

        Lately, some of the yahoo ‘News’ stories are nothing more than paid advertisements by snake oil salesmen. Except they are put in the news section instead of the sponsor section. I am amazed at how low Yahoo has sunk. Do they really need advertising revenue so bad that they would throw what reputation they had left out the window? And yeah, I hate the latest redesign as well. If I wanted gmail, I would have gone to gmail.

    • Dottie

      TF N I am probably older than your Grandmother (over 75) and yesterday without warning got the “new,improved” Yahoo???? I too rely on draft status very often. I also use the BCC feature. I spent a great deal of time last night trying to figure out how to bring up my contact list to send blind copies to multiple addressees. So far I have not figured out the draft part but I am working on it. I played around with the themes and don’t particularly care for that option. Now Ineed to find out how to get rid of the theme I have. THIS NEW YAHOO MAIL IS SO BAD, I MAY HAVE TO RETURN TO AO HELL!

    • Poosh99

      I did a search on Yahoo! mail issues as I have just gone through the exact same thing. Wrote a long email, sent it, then went looking for it in Drafts/Sent folders and it no longer exists. VERY FRUSTRATED.

      Well said above. I’ve had an account since Yahoo! started (mid 1990s?) and am in the high tech industry. I know that if I am having issues with the interface I will soon be fielding questions from ALL my family and friends who usually turn to me to figure out their computer problems. Not looking forward to that.

      Unfortunaltely, I’m not sure if I’m prepared to leave Yahoo! but as a long time customer I hope that they take these complaints seriously as an unhappy customer is as bad as one that they don’t have.


    • Andrew

      My comment is very similar to the well written letter above. It is impossible to keep a draft of an e-mail open while switching to other folders. I often must e-mail large groups of people and I need to have several drafts open at once, and copy and paste text between the messages. Now I need to use another application to do this. Yahoo, you suck. Stop trying to play catch up to Google. You need to innovate, and then not screw over your dedicated customers. Stop playing to the 13 year olds because guess what assholes, they don’t buy anything!!

    • Mark

      Agree! After 10 years I too am left with no choice but to find a more user friendly internet mailer. The previous Yahoo version was exponentially better.

      Looks like someone or workgroup trying to justify their position needlessly came up with this new and very unwanted, flawed version.

    • SH

      I was beginning to feel incompetent regarding my frustrations in deciphering the new yahoo. Now I realize that I am not alone in hating this new Yahoo. I just composed a thank you email to a colleague and when I clicked sent, it just spins and spins. How do I know if it was actually sent?? I see it in my “sent” box, but I also see it in my “draft box”?? So would you know if it was actually sent??
      I also am ready to switch, but where to go???
      Thank you.

    • Nadine

      Yeah!!! What he said!

      Well Done TF N. Clearly there are many Yahoo MAil users who wanted to complain with absolute OUTRAGE, and your long TIRADE has hit so many of the problems that the rest of us simply need to agree.
      Yes, the rude lack of courtesy and etiquette at just thrusting it upon us with NO NOTICE is certainly a strong point.
      But destroying something that worked and replacing it with a gmail replica is just unforgiveable.
      I’ve used Yahoo MAil since the early to mid ’90s and I’m no fool around computers.
      I too have a gmail address (since I am an Android user). Initially I persevered with gmail for about 6 months, running it simultaneously with my Yahoo account. Then one day I just cracked it and said “What the HELL am I doing, I love Yahoo Mail and I passionately HATE gmail!”
      I forward my gmail account and 3 other email adresses (including an Academic Institution and my company email addresses) to my Yahoo account and use Yahoo Mail to run everything.
      And now this.
      The multiple Tabs at the top of the old interface were brilliant: An Inbox or Folder and multiple emails – such an efficient system – now it’s gone!
      I hadn’t yet noticed the autosave/draft function had gone, now I’m even more pissed off

      I simply want the old interface back!!!

      • kate

        I want the old yahoo back–I absolutely hate this one
        and am still looking for a place to move my groups.
        This new one is a pain in the a_ _. I agree with all


    • riz

      thanks TF N— (Tata For Now?) so much for taking the time to express the disappointment and frustration of us long term and premium paid yahoo mail users

      i hadnt nticed the lack of autosave notification because i just simply havent been able to use the new look mail
      i have been using the hack to get the regular tabbed yahoo mail back:
      go to settings
      viewing options
      click basic
      then when the really (sarcastically 1998) old style basic yahoo comes up
      click back <- on your browser
      and it should take you to the familiar yahoo style mail

      anyhow my complaints are threefold:

      no tabbed emails: I just dont know where to start with this – i remember when search engines werent tabbed – what if firefox or IE suddenly decided the next upgrade they were gonna surprise the user and get rid of tabbed browsing as a new 'feature filled' upgrade – this is why we all have to leave yahoo mail because if it happened to firefox then i would leave them simply because my workflow would suffer
      but this seems a daft analogy cos NO SENSIBLE TECH COMPANY WOULD REMOVE FUNCTIONALITY IN THIS WAY – and yet yahoo – you have! and we are just gobsmacked!

      hidden folders: yes ive been using yahoo mail for 15+ yrs so ive got lots of filters and a dozen folders – part of my workflow is glancing and seeing how many msg have popped into some of those – i cant do that with the 'improved' yahoo mail

      unread msgs clearly marked: ok from looking around it seemed some ppl didnt like unread messages in bold – i did, and kinda relied on it – how about it as an option then if its so contentious

      now the autsave seems to be another problem – as the OP suggests – when you lose a mail (and yes we have to accept it happens) theres usually at least an autosave draft that hopefully has saved a good portion, if not all of the message – if we havent got that to rely on, then its knackered

      i think what has annoyed us most is that we liked yahoo mail – i always recommended it and even jeered at my gmail/hotmail user friends who didnt have tabbed emails wondering how they got any useful work done
      so go on yahoo – do a 'coca cola classic' and apologise to the users and bring the old one back
      youll get tons of media coverage for it im sure and will draw in more new users than this lame new interface will

      • RW Twain

        +1’d your cooment

        Spot on criticism. As for tabs – never knew I loved them until they were gone. Used your tip to switch back to old version of mail, and then literally sighed in relief. Thanks.

      • http://Yahoo Diane

        I to have had issues, in that emails have been sent but no record in the sent file.

        The biggest issue has to be the linking of all the emails and turning them into so called ‘conversations’. I was responding to emails to specific people and others ‘looked’ like they were being included which I didn’t want.

        Thanks Riz, I took your advise by going into the settings and reverting to Basic. I also un ticked the ‘conversation’ option (which I never had before). I now seem to have reverted to some kind of normality!!!

        • Angela

          Just tried to follow suit & switch to ‘basics’ –
          disallowed! Where is the ‘conversation’ option – although no doubt by the time you reply to this, it will also be disallowed!

          • Karen

            Mail Options
            Then unclick “Enable Conversations” under the “Behavior” section

            I was just recently (2 minutes ago) able to switch back to Basic following the instructions given in the earlier post. Not sure why it was disallowed for you, but maybe you can at least disable the conversation option.

      • Karen

        Thank you, thank you, for your instructions on how to get back to the old version!

      • Starfish

        Dear Riz, I tried your suggestion, but while switching in the background to something that looked similar to the old format, a window popped up in front of it asking me to accept the new and efficient yahoo. I simply closed the tab.

      • Jan

        THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I got it back thanks to your directions:
        “i have been using the hack to get the regular tabbed yahoo mail back:
        go to settings
        viewing options
        click basic
        then when the really (sarcastically 1998) old style basic yahoo comes up
        click back <- on your browser
        and it should take you to the familiar yahoo style mail
        YES! IT WORKED! NO TABS OR AUTO SAVED BUT A FUNCTIONING EMAIL. Thank you so much. Job hunting, this New=non-functioning Yahoo has been a disaster.

      • lgg1537

        Thank you so much for that hack. For some reason on my home computer I still have the old version, but on my work computer it changed to this very frustrating new version. I am so pleased to have a way to get the old one back. Have you all noticed that you can no longer search on your contacts? They took the search box away. Just one more thing to add to the functionality removed.

    • http://yahoo Mike Henry

      A new and horrid version of Yahoo mail has just been trotted out without warning and it is a mess.
      Bugs all over the place and almost no reasonable features.
      Really and truly crap. This is likely the end of my use of yahoo.
      It is like a giant leap backwards.

      What was the point????

    • Jess

      TF N—-,

      I agree with you 100%, those are my thoughts exactly.

      In the last 13 years that I have been using Yahoo mail (I disliked the user interface in Hotmail at the time I created my first Yahoo account) and of all the changes and updates in that time I can only recall once having a change forewarned and being given the chance to “opt-in” for the YahooMail Beta system early. The very points that I liked about Yahoo mail over Hotmail and Gmail are the points that have been removed or tampered with in this most recent update. I rarely use my Hotmail and Gmail accounts simply out of dislike for their user interfaces. Now I’ll reinvestigate these services or perhaps search for a new one altogether.

      Yahoo – please let us know if you ever see sense and go back to distinguishing yourself from your competitors, rather than just trying to reincarnate yourself as a Gmail wannabe. Ick.

    • stick

      My sentiments exactly. What in the world could Yahoo have been thinking of when they took it upon themselves to change something that was pleasing and working into a big mess of garbage. I for one do not like this NEW format. They don’t seem to be able to grasp an old adage if it is not broke then don’t try to fix it.

    • Deb Bailey

      Here’s an easy fix:

      I found a way to get the regular tabbed yahoo mail back, very easy to do, so IF you want yours back, here’s what you do:

      *****OH, IT IS SO NICE TO BE IN FAMILIAR TERRITORY AGAIN :-) Hello, my lovely tabs, I’ve missed you sooooo much!!! :-) ****

      1. Go to SETTINGS
      3. click/CHECK the “BASIC” circle
      4. Then, when the really (sarcastically 1998) old style Basic Yahoo comes up
      5. Click the back arrow <- on your browser
      This should take you to the familiar yahoo style mail

      • b wiseman

        where do I find settings for yayoo mail to change and where are my contacts

      • http://webpronews Eileen

        I tried changing it in settings, viewing options and selecting the basic circle and clicking the back arrow. now it won’t let me log into my email. It stays locked when I click on the sign in part. :(

      • T

        Thanks Deb, this does work until you log out, then you’ll need to redo after logging back in. Still better than what they currently offer!

      • Chuck

        It doesn’t work correctly……… I was using it until I received a reply from a friend that I had forwarded a message to. She said that the message appeared with 2 or 3 words per line. I forwarded the same message to myself and same result. There are other issues also. It is not the previous version. It appears to be a hodge-podge of previous version/S!
        After many years with the same email address…………… I’m outta here!

      • Jim

        Problem is how to print with out all the ads. No printer version page on the basic

    • CA

      I resent the lack of control. I do not want conversation view. Marissa Mayer you have totally screwed up my ability to manage my own communication.

      • Stephen

        Conversations can be disabled. Just go to Settings (popdown menu from that weird circular thing to the right of your username in upper right corner) and uncheck the box “Enable Conversations”. Then Save settings and you should be good. It worked for me anyway.

    • Greg

      Like the others I really appreciate your complete reply – especially the comment that this is simply “RUDE” – not to mention the hours of wasted time. Why on earth did they throw in all these bells and whistles while not attempting to fix the current problems that plague Yahoo mail is beyond me. I had to go back to basic mode which is painful but at least it works.

      I never did like the google mail interface and thus was loyal to yahoo .. but they are forcing me to look around – shame because I think the staff are great and very supportive … when you can actually get through to them.

      It is time to blast CEO’s who follow the absurd Google advice that is fueling a new round of arrogant CEO’s who feel that acting like a jerk is a badge of honour and everyone else is a fool for not following – excuse me but crap is crap – ignoring QA is not good and you are just lucky that your software is free.

      Hmmm opportunity for some smart company to come along and just give consumers a system that works, has ads, but does not suck all resources when you use any of the options, does not change settings without your asking, does not spy on you, does not freely give information to American Gov without a fight, does not back slimy US Political bullies who think they own the Internet, and provides internet storage away from USA prying eyes, including the skype calls, and free calls — there are a few companies out there who could combine —- Quoting “yes Minister” – “This is the thin edge of the wedge”… YEH!!!! maybe the move will finally start.

    • http://www.nwspringers.com Susan woody

      I feel as the person above does. I have used Yahoo for over 12 yrs and it’s linked to everything I do with my website. I breed Springer Spaniels. the night you changed Yahoo with no notice, I was frantically trying to get messages out to my many customers concerning their new pups. I also have a domain name thru Yahoo, etc.
      I was already running behind due to an unexpected surgery so these emails were important and time sensitive. I was so frustrated with the new changes being so much like gmail, but also because I didn’t understand the new changes, contacts were missing, I couldn’t attach pics that night, etc and had already told my customers I promised they’d get an email that night. they didn’t get it because I needed to get acquainted with the changes and was already exhausted. perhaps had I known id be forced into the changes that night, I wouldn’t have made the promise and I wouldn’t have let them down again after I had problems with pics on my website. it was embarrassing. I think what I’m unhappy with the most is the similarity with Gmail. I have a Gmail account in order to use Google services and many require that you have a Gmail account but I don’t particularly like the way emails are all linked from same contact in what you call “communications”. it is this reason I don’t prefer gmail. now I feel I am using gmail with Yahoo’s name on it. if I’m to be forced to use Yahoo like gmail, I may as well just use Gmail since I need it for Google apps anyway. I preferred Yahoo. I’ve been using it for so long. I use Yahoo because it’s easier for me than gmail.
      why did you feel the need to make Yahoo just like gmail? I’m very unhappy and doubt I will get used to it so you will most likely lose me and I will need to find a email program that doesn’t link my conversations. bad move Yahoo. we use Yahoo for its user friendly emails.
      I may as well just use Gmail and get rid of Yahoo once I make changes to all my user name and passwords all over the web. then I will get rid of Yahoo, unless you allow us to change it back if we prefer. very rude. very disappointing. it’s going to be a huge job to get rid of it and it’s going to be heartbreaking after so many years but I am THAT unhappy.
      what were you thinking? why did you take the decision away from us to continue using it the way we liked it?
      bad, bad move. if people wanted Yahoo to work like gmail, they’d use Gmail since it works with Google and most apps require it.
      I’ve been a faithful Yahoo user for a very long time, I think I deserved Ann option or at least a warning of the changes prior to then being in effect. I’m very unhappy. I just don’t get it. I am very unhappy.

    • Gary

      You took the words right out of my mouth. After I think its about 15 years using yahoo mail, I’ve got to go. This last update was just too much. See ya yahoo mail.

    • Catherine

      I agree 100% – except that – so far at least – I have not suffered from frozen drafts. I have been with Yahoo for over 10 years, and have put up with the sudden, unannounced, unexplained, unjustified format changes – but this is by far the worst. The very worst aspects are the loss of multiple tabs, the “conversation” nonsense which makes it look as though, in the course of email exchanges on the same subject you have included someone you deliberately excluded from a a message. No point in continuing: you have said it all!

    • Naeem

      TF N—

      You put my thoughts and problems with Yahoo Mail at the moment down to the letter, You could not of put it any better

      I don’t like Gmail so looking around for a email client that works for me – hopefully something similar to good old Yahoo Classic

    • karen albert

      I would be curious to see what email you find to replace the new yahoo mail. I hate it. Messages I’ve sent took up to 7 hours to be delivered. I miss messages since nothing is obvious without all that extra clicking and I am unable to delete unwanted contacts. I was never a seeker of sleek as opposed to obvious.

    • p

      My wife has gmail. I have Yahoo. If I wanted gmail I would have asked my wife to set it up for me. With the change at Yahoo I am forced to use a partially working buggy painful working gmail wannabe. Guess I’ll switch and have a working version instead of this pitiful copy.

    • Eileen Kerrigan

      You can’t hear it, but I’m over cheering wildly at the top of my lungs :-) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TF N–, for saying to eloquently what (nearly) all Yahoo Mail users have been saying for the past week.

      To put it in not-so-eloquent terms … Yahoo sucks. Big time.

    • riz

      this beautifully crafted and heartfelt message has had 113 thumbs up

      ….and one thumbs down
      so that proves youre all wrong, M Mayer really does read and respond to these feedbacks!

    • Scott

      Well articulated. These unannounced changes are in and of themselves annoying. Give us a heads up as to change. But worse than that, the functionality is less. My e-mails freeze up, I’ve lost content, and am so frustrated with Yahoo’s lack of customer service ethic that I am dumping them this weekend after having the same same Yahoo e-mail address since the 1990s. They are really terrible at customer service and empathizing with their users. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

    • DB

      Excellent summary of the nightmare I stumbled into with their supposed enhancements. I don’t like GMAIL – and YAHOO took everything I HATE about GMAIL and made it exponentially worse. I cannot even find new emails and figure out how to reply. This is my first email account from the 80’s. Never have I loved OUTLOOK more. Yahoo is following the model of “If it’s note broken, BREAK IT.” Right now Hotmail has the best Interface of them all. Good bye Yahoo. You deserve your failures.

    • Sue Sonke

      Couldn’t agree more with above writer! I’m totally lost with this new format, takes more time, couldn’t see where/how to send when first appeared, don’t like history of messages, seems to get stuck, and on and on. I’ll be interested in switching too.

    • PG


      Very well said! Switching email providers is inconvenient, but its’ something I’m prepared to do if Yahoo! doesn’t improve their site … and soon. Its current state is beyond ridiculous.


    • pat

      Hate the new yahoo mail. Loved classic and have used it for years. It was user friendly. New one is NOT. I may as well me on gmail or some other chatroom style format. I chose yahoo because it was easy and made sense. I lovd wtf?

    • YN

      Thank you TF N, it’s just impossible to say any better.
      I’m 52 yo, but I’m a web developer/soft engineer and with all that I’m also very disappointed… So your “I am … moderately competent in digital navigation” does not work here.
      The new Yahoo email can be used as a useful object-lesson how web email should NOT be.

      For Yahoo — welcome to Google/Microsot 365 club.

    • RJ

      I feel the same way. I’ve had two emails just disappear once they were sent – and I was paying attention to the second one.
      I’m not a gmail fan either and I don’t enjoy having my yahoo mail look like gmail.
      When I logged on the other day I thought my account had been hacked. Could they not have sent an email or at least some sort of warning??
      Writing this from my new outlook account. Hope I learn to like it.
      We are often told it’s the change we don’t like, rather than the actual changes. But I don’t want the changes if it involves losing emails and using an interface I don’t like. Boo on this one.

    • http://N/a Mark

      TF N—- you’re a legend! Thank you for putting down all this; I am totally in agreement!

      Is there another free email platform that uses the old Yahoo! platform? I’ll go there now and start a new email address!

    • BKH

      I agree with everything stated. I too am a long-term Yahoo mail user (15 years or more) and am EXTREMELY UNHAPPY with the new changes. I consider myself quick to catch on with technology and find this new mail interface and system very, very difficult. I would like to find a new mail system to use as well. I would prefer to go back to the obsolete basic Yahoo mail of 15 years ago than have to deal with this. I use my Yahoo email in my work/business a lot and have to go to my Iphone or Ipad to read messages/filter through my mail because this the new Yahoo mail is so confusing. PLEASE YAHOO—LISTEN TO YOUR USERS AND CHANGE BACK TO THE OLD SYSTEM.

    • http://www.uratsyaraf.com Beng

      I like it !!!, its an amazing feature

    • http://www.uratsyaraf.com Beng

      its good, like it

    • craig wickham

      I agree with you 100 % I did find that workaround to get back to the old yahoo actually does work.

      Also one other problem I found was other feature of the “new and improved version” (that was a deal breaker) was that the auto-fill on simple addressing of an e-mail did not work and I was forced to fill in each address manually. Not going to do that.

      Some people might just figure well you get what you pay for but don’t be naive, you pay for yahoo by having to look at all the advertizements they bombard you with.

    • BETTY

      I hate the new yahoo. How difficult it was waking up on the day of a major event for my business (10/10) and finding that my mail had been completely overhauled. Simple tasks took way too much of my limited time. My tech skills rank pretty high, but I am not sure if I’ve lost a ton of functionality in this transition or if I just don’t know where to look. Either way yahoo sucks! What ever happened to KISS?

      NO THANKS Yahoo!

    • marykirk

      TF N- Thanks so much for describing so many of the problems. I agree with all you say and some more! I’m feeling bereft after just 7 years with Yahoo. It’s done some silly things in the past but this is suicidal!

      • Jan

        Thank you for telling what has become our story. Your eloquence states what we are all feeling! Dismay, white hot anger and the knowledge that I will have to move away too after numerous years with the company, I too will have to leave.
        -I have drafts, sent and new mails all coming into my new e-mail list like a tossed salad.
        -I have messages that are empty! I am contacting people to find out what they said. (They are for a job interviews.)
        -I have messages so combined to the previous ones as a trailers, sent with new, that I don’t know which one I am sending when I reply. I’ve had to compose entirely new ones, several times.
        -I have reply messages changed so that I can’t change the subject line and can’t know to which sender to whom I am replying and am hoping that it is not going to a Yahoo group instead of the one person.
        – I have not been able get my older emails unless I scroll like Facebook.
        Disaster doesn’t adequately capture the chaos going on.

        • ka

          Yes – i don’t understand what i sent at all! Panicked that i had sent a DRAFT by mistake but can’t tell if i have?? I don’t understand this new format AT ALL and I use gmail at work already. Can anyone reassure me?

    • Reuel Sherwood

      A well considered, literate, accurate and actually overly-kind response to the arrogance of Yahoo.

    • http://newyahoomailplus finchere2carole@yahoo.com

      this is the crummiest email ever. I have been searching an hour on how to find message actions so I can forward an email and not have all the messages with it. There has to be something better than either yahoo or gmail. I am looking.

      • Mtle

        Was you able to find out how to forward an email with out all the trail of emails?

    • Stephan

      Beautifully put and written.
      I cannot agree more.

    • JDD


    • Kris

      EPIC, TF N—, my feelings EXACTLY. I am absolutely infuriated that they would make such a change to what I consider (correctly or not) to be my most personal space without asking my permission. I sent something last night and suddenly this disorienting and ridiculously blue page appeared! Great point about your grandma…I thought the same thing. If I, a 53 year old woman, could suddenly be sent into a tailspin by this, what of my parents? In any case, TF N—, if you decide to take over the world, I’m with you!!! Fuck Yahoo!

    • Anna

      Dear TF N

      I applaud you for standing up for all users who were were hurt and inconvenienced by Yahoo’s brutal redesign. I feel, however, you’re inadvertently(I hope!)letting Yahoo off the hook by suggesting their botched redesign confuses people like your grandmother.

      1. Folks who used computers BCE (Before Chrome Emerged) aren’t digital dummies. Even hinting that folks who dislike Yahoo’s dysfunctional redesign are doddering septuagenarians wrongly points a fingers at blameless & not-so-stupid grannies and grampas, many of whom who launched the digital age less than 40 years ago (Most of whom still use computers, too).
      2. It’s apparent from the vernacular & abbreviations used in many Yahoo flames, people considerably younger than grandparents or even parents have complained and been dissed. Yahoo’s ill-designed, ill launched and visibly untested redesign is as vexing to 20 somethings as to folks in their 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s and beyond.

      Put the blame firmly where it belongs: Yahoo’s GMail caricature is squarely the fault of arrogant. bulying 20- and 30- something programmers (and CEOs) who’ve never descended from their ivory towers (more accurately, slithered out of Silicon Valley) in order to engage in adult discourse with people different from themselves.

      Like you, I lost e-mails, I lost contacts, I lost records of billable hours. Thank you for speaking your mind so eloquently that you have spoken for many other disenchanted users as well


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