A Lot Of People Seem To Have A Problem With The New Yahoo Mail

    June 9, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo Mail Classic is now dead. Yahoo Mail users, as of Monday, no longer have the option of using the old version, and must instead use the new version, which Yahoo reminds them, serves ads based on the content of their emails, much like Google’s Gmail has always done. As one might imagine, a lot of users are less than thrilled about this.

What do you think of the new Yahoo Mail? Let us know in the comments.

“Beginning the week of June 3, 2013, older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including Yahoo! Mail Classic) will no longer be available,” wrote Yahoo in its help center fairwell (via TechCrunch). “After that, you can access your Yahoo! Mail only if you upgrade to the new version. You should have received an email from Yahoo! letting you know that your account required an upgrade.”

Yahoo noted that when you upgrade, you are accepting its Communications Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which includes the acceptance of “automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content, which Yahoo! uses to deliver product features, relevant advertising, and abuse protection.”

“If you prefer to opt out of interest-based and contextual-based advertising resulting from your scanned and analyzed communications content, you can change your settings at any time using our Ad Interest Manager,” Yahoo said.

So, it’s even letting you opt out of ads, but that doesn’t mean they won’t scan your mail. You still have to accept Yahoo’s terms.

Those who don’t want to use the new Yahoo Mail were directed to download their mail using IMAP or close their account.

Yahoo’s mention of scanning email to serve ads comes as search partner Microsoft has been campaigning against Google for doing just that, despite the fact that Google has always done this, and has always been quite clear about it.

To many people this really isn’t a big deal. Gmail hasn’t had any shortage of users, and it’s not as though humans are reading users’ email to try and determine which ads to show. It’s all automated. Those who are concerned about this practice, however, could play right into Microsoft’s hands.

Suddenly the timing of Microsoft’s campaign seems a lot better from a marketing standpoint. It seemed odd that Microsoft would attack Google suddenly for something it had been doing for nearly a decade and made not efforts to hide. But now we have the previously announced Yahoo Mail redesign, which engages in similar practices as Google, being forced on users. Could Microsoft users have made enough Yahoo users uneasy about this practice in general to get some of them to switch over to its own Outlook.com (the focal point of that particular “Scroogled” campaign)?

As Declan McCullagh at CNET points out, Yahoo actually adopted the policy that lets it scan emails and serve ads back in 2011. He writes:

It’s not clear why Yahoo felt the need to remind existing users of language in its 2011 terms of service. One possibility, though, is an effort to head off privacy lawsuits brought by class action lawyers hoping for a million-dollar jackpot. (If there’s ever any litigation, defense counsel would surely prefer to rely on informed consent rather than implied consent.)

It’s not merely a theoretical possibility: Google was sued in 2011 by a Massachusetts AOL user who sent e-mail to a Gmail account and then claimed her privacy was invaded. Near-identical lawsuits were filed in Marin County, Calif., (PDF) in June 2012, British Columbia (PDF) in October 2012, and Florida (PDF) in November 2012. On April 29, two college students filed yet another suit (PDF) seeking class action status in San Jose, Calif.

The shuttering of Yahoo Mail Classic also comes on the heels of a separate Yahoo Mail privacy-related story. Last week, a BT made some headlines when it said it would no longer make Yahoo Mail the default email service for its six million customers because of concerns that accounts are vulnerable to getting hacked.

Gerry Smith at The Huffington Post writes, “The shift of BT’s 6 million customers to another email service represents just a small fraction of Yahoo’s overall email customer base of about 280 million people worldwide. But the loss of clients could be a troubling sign for a company that relies heavily on maintaining its email users to generate advertising revenue. Yahoo is now the third-largest email provider after Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook.com.”

Meanwhile, the top dog, Gmail, continues to make efforts to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Last week, Google announced the launch of the new inbox for Gmail, which introduces a new tabbed organization interface.

Privacy concerns aren’t the only thing bothering users, however. Business Insider conducted a survey, finding that 57% of users are unhappy with the new Yahoo Mail. Nicholas Carlson lists a few of the specific complaints users shared:

“The mail message frame is not fixed. If you read a new message, and scroll down to the bottom and decide you don’t want to keep it, you can no longer access the delete button. Yes, obviously you can just close the email and then choose it again and delete, but that is a total waste of time and key strokes.”

“Yahoo disappears emails sent between legitimate and active Yahoo accounts.”

“I used Yahoo mail as a central box for most of my domain emails. After switching a couple of weeks ago and sending 30 test mails over three days to make sure it was all working, 6 never arrived. I even have specific filters set-up within Yahoo mail to make sure certain mails do not get put in the trash or spam by mistake.”

“It’s very laggy, and that pause of a second or two between commands makes it extremely frustrating.”

“The new version of Yahoo mail makes all my messages older than a week or so unreadable. I get “Error 45″ and the messages fail to load. There are numerous reports about this on the net; so far Yahoo hasn’t managed to fix it. So, I have to launch the classic version of Yahoo mail just to read old messages. Fail.”

“Right after the switch I was hacked and my contacts all 500 plus were gone without a trace.”

We’ve seen further complaints in the comments of our own coverage.

Users have had since December to get accustomed to the new Yahoo Mail. More on the redesign here.

Yahoo has been engaging in a lot of redesigns across its various properties. This week, Yahoo also rolled out a new look for its search results pages to go with its recently redesigned homepage. A big Flickr redesign was also recently launched.

Is Yahoo moving in the right direction with Mail? How about as a company in general? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Julie Ortiz

    I am going to swith to another e-mail. I hate being marketed in the privacy of my home.

    • TC

      Does that mean you quit your snail mail too? Because they send you marketing (junk mail) in the privacy of your home also. Funny how we deal with offline marketing but online marketing is a monster.

      • Robin

        Ehm, I don’t know about you. But at my home they are not knocking on my door and asking what I’m doing, eating, talking about, etc…

    • Ronald Massey

      Go to the menu bar and click on tools. On the drop down screen go down to compatibility version and click on it so that it has a check beside it ! You now have the old yahoo email back ! When you go to check your mail a screen pops up just click on Continue ! It’s a small price to pay for getting the old tried and true yahoo email back !

      • annie

        I cannot seem to find the menu bar in my yahoo mail. where is it?

        • Meri Tan

          I found it!! I’m not sure if you can do it from your email page, but I went to the Yahoo homepage, click ‘Tools’ on your web browser (I’m using Internet Explorer) then ‘Compatibility view’. Refresh your inbox page to see the changes! ^o^

      • Logan

        Worked like a charm on both my PC’s! Many thanks!

      • Barbara Wheeler

        I would like to know were I can find compatibility in tools. When I drop down my tools. it does not give me the option to check compatibility. I do not like this yahoo mail and want the old version back. Please help

        • chris

          I hate it too

    • chris

      It sucks as usual

    • G Michael Leonard

      Now that’s funny. “The internet exists within the privacy of your home.” No wonder you’re a Yahoo user.

    • Bill Rogers

      I also am about ready to drop Yahoo FOR MY eMAIL. Maybe they need the space to run more adds.

    • http://yahoomail pamela eavenson

      I have never been so mad at a company. As i am at yahoo and when i asked for help on there one of their links i wash told if mind you “if” they fixed the problem would i be willing to pay i not paying for something i pay on my phone for. I tried remove account and in less than a hour it was back on my phone. So yahoo can take their new yahoo mail. And shove it up there yahoo

  • Gen Butterworth

    I did not get a message about upgrading on my email. I have tried for over two hours to use other info. The upgrade page does not have the let’s go button to move forward, nor the agreement. Help

    • shari Brown

      I didn’t receive a personal notice until today.

    • Ronald Massey

      Go to the menu bar and click on tools. On the drop down screen go down to compatibility version and click on it so that it has a check beside it ! You now have the old yahoo email back ! When you go to check your mail a screen pops up just click on Continue ! It’s a small price to pay for getting the old tried and true yahoo email back !

  • Lawrence Keen

    Eorewarned, is forearmed! Change for changesake is not a good policy!

  • http://yahoomail gregory watts

    did not receive a notice,,,how do I upgrade,,,this is a load of crap

    • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

      You just keep trying

    • Ronald Massey

      Go to the menu bar and click on tools. On the drop down screen go down to compatibility version and click on it so that it has a check beside it ! You now have the old yahoo email back ! When you go to check your mail a screen pops up just click on Continue ! It’s a small price to pay for getting the old tried and true yahoo email back !

  • Alex

    I received no notice I don’t have any idea how to upgrade

  • http://yahoo Jade Walker

    I think this is ridiculous! There are enough problems with Yahoo mail without you adding to the frustration. Just 2 weeks ago, I had the hassle of having to go in and change my password because someone was apparently trying to get into my account. Why make the experience worse? I personally wish you would leave well enough alone and give us all one less thing to worry about. Stop already!

    • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

      You just keep trying

  • T. Hannaher

    My location is Fargo, North Dakota/
    \yahoo news shows other locations..
    never the same..
    but unable to change to Fargo.
    What can I do?
    Thank you.

  • Ierkwagh Fanen

    Yahoo why is it difficult for you to Inbox your users so that as they log in their inbox then,they can upgrade using the link which you will provide as other provider often do as to make things easy for their users.

  • Ierkwagh Fanen

    How can I upgrade since I cant log into my box?

    • jean M. Derengoski

      Don’t know what to do since I can’t get into my e-mail. Please tell me what to do.

  • Jay

    Yahoo makes me sick…F**K yahoo mail!! I can’t access it for 1 week and have no way to upgrade. Time to ditch the b****

    • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

      Hey how do I go into my email to check my mail and send emails

  • http://www.autoankaufdortmund.com Autoankauf Dortmund

    Thumbs up, great articel!

  • Aaron A. Aycox

    The new mail is ok, but I have quite a few problems with it.I’ll start this way. I have a eye deffeicentcy, which blowing up my screen so I can see things better works much better for me. Let’s start with I can’t send SMS messages to another yahoo friend which uses her phone to receive. I was sending messages fine on classic, but once I changed over, 1st it went thru fine & now it doesn’t! I can’t send to her or receiver from her!!! The Screen resolution has to be a certain way. In classic, I didn’t have these problems. In classic, I was quite use to how & where thigs were, not things are slightly different & I just prefere them as they were!
    Thank you.

    • Jackie

      I agree, Classic mail was much better, I HATE, the new mail. guess I’ll have to change to my server mail or G mail. How sad as I’ve been with ymail and yahoo for years. Why fix something that isn’t broken????? They should have left it alone!!

  • Bluebonnet

    I loathe and despise the new Yahoo e-mail. It is so cluttered with intrusive, flashing, wiggling ads that it interferes with my efficient use of the e-mail functions. I was already having to hold a piece of paper up over the right side of the screen to block the huge annoying flashing ads (which forced me to type with one hand). Today Yahoo started sticking a text ad on the bottom of the screen in the exact same font as the email message subject lines, so of course you accidentally click on that and a %$#^&*& advertisement screen comes up! I HATE that kind of stealth ad! They also reduced the size of the window where I can see my message while typing it — I can only see a few lines at a time now, resulting in my having to do a lot of up-and-down scrolling. Yahoo email is worse than useless now! I am looking for another e-mail provider. Yahoo can take their horrid ads and go pound sand.

  • Thomas Collins

    “If ain`t broke don’t fix it”. PLEASE Return CLASSIC YAHOO E-MAIL, PLEASE! Beyond the hyper ad content , and having to opt out of the market data mining; the new format is so very counter intuitive compared to the Classic… How many have to change to another E Mail provider to get Yahoo`s attention ???

    • http://bing Anna

      I hate the new email yahoo page…….

      • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

        Can u help me

  • Greg

    If I have to “upgrade” from Yahoo Mail Classic, I will “upgrade” to Reagan.com. I have already once had to figure out how to go back to Classic when I inadvertently “upgraded” to a newer version a year ago, and could not stand the sight of that version, either. Apparently Yahoo isn’t making enough money advertising the old fashioned way. The new versions are all about Yahoo and nothing at all about users.

  • http://yahoo cat

    The new website is the worst. I am lucky if I can write, open or even delete an email. My computer just freezes. The website is so loaded with colors, banners and content my computer is bogged down. The CEO has issues – definitely does not understand quality over quantity – I know they need funds from advertising, but she will lose viewers because of the over burdening of the website. I am going to go to gmail.

    • Dallas

      I have been a yahoo person , since they started. But now i am ready to go else where. this is crap.

  • Nancy Jaderen

    I absolutely HATE the new email. It’s frustrating to use,the screen is too small so I have to keep scrolling.I am seriously thinking of changing my email provider.

  • Paul

    … includes the acceptance of “automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content … etc. This clause in the new agreement is obviously necessary to protect Yahoo when it allows the government of the USA to access user data (including the scanning and analyzing of content) under the recently-revealed secret PRISM program. Sad that the purveyors of communication media will help America’s slow slide into the world’s most locked-down surveillance society.

  • http://www.greenteethmm.com/ Ian R Thorpe

    The more they try to get in our faces, the more ad blind we should become. I’ve developed the skill to such an extend i am not even aware of adverts on Yahoo Mail.

  • http://www.thecollectorshub.com The Collectors Hub

    I’m still able to use Classic email and will continue to do so as long as possible. What up with this new style of UX design. Everything is monochromatic and the text all blends in together. Everything all blends in together. To me, it’s just a GUI version of Green Screen.

    • Susieq

      Try a different size by pressing and hold CTRL and + or – repeating while holding CTRL. makes larger or smaller but also will make the difference show up better on a certain size.
      When we finally do have to go to the NEW email we will be able to easily change the color of your email page. pretty pinks, blues, greens and prints. Then it will look more like our old email or even better hopefully.
      Hope this helps.
      I sure do hope some people are wrong about not being able to check mark and delete several emails or check mark all. Just hoping. Surely there is a way. That would be going backward in progress. Surely yahoo would not do that. When I am forced to change I will find out.
      Also I think I read that the spell check is on the right side while writing an email. abc

  • countrygirl1968

    I have never had so many problems since I upgraded yahoo. Even my explores don’t know what to do. Having crash after crash in which that never happened before the upgrade. I wish we could all get back what we had or either just remove yahoo because of so many problems. I like others don’t mind changing my email address to gmail.

    • http://storybookland.net/ B.D. Knight

      I’m changing things slowly to Gmail but keeping this for anything I missed. I can’t even send attachments anymore. I left Classic awhile back figuring it was going to happen anyway sooner or later so already know it’s not for me.

  • http://www.paydaymjsacco.com mjsacco

    yahoo runs very slow for me now take a lot of time loading up the ads
    sucking for me

  • Ron

    CRAP! Nothing more to say.

  • Steven Darr

    Not only is it screwed up but it is a total waste of my time. I can not reply to emails or delete them like I use too. But there are so many ads on my email page that I can not read the email, the pop ups drive me nuts. It takes about 3 to 4 times longer just to read and delete my emails. Just like all the other up grades on all other web sites. They never get it right and should have never missed with it. If it aint broke don’t fix it. There was nothing wrong with the way it was in the first place. Give me back my classic yahoo mail

  • dolores

    I hate being obliged to choose something I dont like or want.
    The new yahoo is heavy.. takes time to tick emails to delete or just read…
    it doesnt show the important news before u open the inbox…
    as it used to when u opened your yahoo mail..
    AT LEAST it is not worse than the new hotmail/outlook which is a pain in the neck

  • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com Karras Bommer

    Remember ? It was irritating and trashy 15 years ago and most were taught not to use it. Now Yahoo mail has blinking, flashing adds going every second. I find it insulting and irritating and fear it will become a norm on the net. A bunch of blinking, flashing, talking adds on every “free” domain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SteveMramorAndFriends Vicki

    I find the new yahoo mail an invasion of my privacy!
    I tried opting out of the ads, but they’re still there. I find it very distracting. I don’t appreciate having this forced upon me!

    • Susieq

      while using Classic mail I have found that if I get tired of an ad I can search and visit other sites that are not annoying. Purina dog chow, jitterbug phone, at&t. Then I will get dog food ads or etc.
      I hope this helps.

  • http://webtelemedia.com Omar Yul Montes

    I’ve been having problems with my Yahoo e-mail ever since I switched over from classic. The biggest problem is that the e-mails don’t load correctly when I click on them, leaving a blank screen, and requiring me to close the message, and click on it again, and again, and again; in order to get the message to load. Often, after multiple attempts, I have to refresh the whole page and start over just to finally get the message to load.

    Also, though there is a supposed procedure available for users to opt-out of receiving ads; when I tried to opt-out of all advertising, it did not work correctly, and gave me a message something like:

    “You have successfully opted out of receiving ads from 84 providers, but the process failed with these 16 companies”

    The same thing happened with the Ad Partners opt-out… And so, even though I took the time to opt-out, I am still bombarded with annoying ads; and further, I don’t know what content in my e-mails they are scanning, but the ads are totally irrelevant to me, dating services (I’m married), credit scores (not interested), criminal background checks (I’m not hiring at this time), English lessons (LOL), the list of irrelevant ads goes on and on.

    Yet even though I receive literally hundreds of e-mails per day from my horse racing website (clockerscorner.com), I have not seen one single horse racing related ad, EVER; which leads me to believe that in fact, Yahoo isn’t attempting to send me ads which are relevant to me (although it sounds good), but instead, Yahoo is just bombarding me with ads from whichever advertisers they have available at the time.

    For all of the above reasons, I think the time has come to abandon my Yahoo account. The problem is that I have been using it for about nine years, and I have messages being forwarded to that account from other accounts, so let’s just say it won’t be easy to migrate away from Yahoo, which I suspect is what they are counting on, that they have 280 million users’ proverbial “nuts” in a vise.


    Omar Yul Montes
    omarymontes@yahoo.com (LOL)

    • Susieq

      In the classic and there must be a button on the new as it should be improved with more little gadgets.
      I would check mark any never wanted emails and mark as SPAM. then they will no longer come to your inbox. weekly glance into the SPAM folder to make sure something good did not go in there. You can open it and click NOT SPAM.
      Hope this helps

    • Susieq

      If you are talking about the ads posted on top or beside your email.
      I have found I can make the ads change by searching and visiting sites with search not by clicking an ad. google or yahoo search.

      Try doing a search for Purina dog food or Gitterbug phone service go to the site then after that you will get ads that do not drive you crazy if these will not. Also net10, and at&t ads are not bad or flashy. Hope this helps.

    • jennifer de casterle

      Same here. I keep having to open a new Yahoo page to get the mail to send or delete one. I absolutely loathe the new Yahoo, having my Sent and Inbox on the same page with these stupid numbers in parentheses – it’s totally confusing. And forwarding is a total nightmare. Plus my screen keeps freezing and I had to change my password because someone else logged in in my name. Bring the old Yahoo back!

  • Banatu

    Well, like so many others here I dislike the new mail. I’ve been using the ‘upgraded’ version for a couple months now, and though I don’t really notice any more ads than before, it has been horrifically slow, laggy and often completely unresponsive. I was shocked to hear they were forcing the changeover already, it’s soooo not ready for that.

    Several times a day I have to go into the trash to undelete mails accidentally deleted due to laggy responses, and several times a day I have to close the window and reopen just to get the mail to respond at all. And there’s the occasional missing message, but that has always been an issue. I used to enjoy checking my email; it has become a chore now, sometimes even a battle.

    Of course I’m not pleased about the blatant invasion of privacy either, but it’s pretty safe to assume they all do that, and always have, as have the alphabet agencies.

    It’s sad, I’ve been using Yahoo as my main email account for 10 years now. For the first time I’m getting frustrated enough to seriously consider changing providers.

    • Frank Ritter

      I agree wholeheartedly. I am switching to hushmal. Good bye yahoo!

  • http://psa188.blogspot.com Bill Hough

    This is another case of fixing what’s not broken. I wish they’d let us keep “mail classic” since it sounds like the new version is both buggy and intrusive.

  • http://www.information-entertainment.com Judi Copeland

    So far, my Yahoo mail has managed to keep the classic format. I tried the upgrade a month ago, but since my computer is set for large type for visual aids, Yahoo had to downgrade to the classic.

    • LadyG0726

      You are correct. Formally, you could simply change your visual settings on your pc to its lowest possible resolution. At which time, Yahoo would automatically revert to the old mail version. Never more, Eleanor. It doesn’t play so nice anymore.

  • http://www.chinterest.com Chinterest

    Yahoo Mail is important to me,so I can not agree it when Yahoo closed this service.

  • http://cgbarbeau.blogspot.com Caroline Gerardo

    I cannot reply to messages without signing out. Yahoo now leaves all the messages I read open and makes it difficult to close and delete.
    The new update also requests my password and captcha numerous times.
    I assume this security is to slow down the many times they have been hacked.
    I am going to use my gmail more often. Going forward to free up time, I intend to unsubscribe to as many “buy my stuff” emails as possible.
    Caroline Gerardo


  • Sly

    Ditching yahoo mail because I refuse to do business with an entity that I cannot trust. Going to reagan.com for my email.

  • maryanne

    *To get your old yahoo box back* – turn off Javascript in your browser. Login to your yahoo email box. Click continue to your yahoo box. Then you see the old version. (then turn on javascript again). I did this and see my old version since then.

    • Hache

      I’ll give that a try. Nothing else has worked, including calling Tech Support.

    • LadyG0726

      Thank you so much for sharing this, but it didn’t work. I have never been so upset in forever. The older version of the products allowed me to search my e-mail by respective folders, date, sender, recipient, etc. Now there is two simple, inefficient solutions, “Search Mail” or “Search Web”. I’m sure that you can understand. Well, it was nice while it lasted, but G-Mail stinks even worse. I only use to have access to YouTube. I contacted tech support. They asked for permission to access my computer remotely. Sorry, but no cigar. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for the old college try.

      • maryanne

        I did this with Firefox browser, maybe that made a difference – or log out first. You have to make sure you continue on – I forget what the link said, something like “continue on to yahoo” or “ignore and continue..” something like that :)
        I couldn’t search yahoo mails either – then it kept opening all these tabs – hated it now I see the old one again since turning off javascript while logging in.

    • ann

      Tried this and it didnt work, tried changing the screen resolution as some suggested but that didnt work either, they have just changed me to the new version without any notice and I hate it!! Trying to find a new e-mail provider but have been with yahoo so long its hard to be forced to change.

    • Tony

      yes worked for me. Top bar is still purple but everything runs way faster. Thanks

    • BLahey

      The latest “upgrade” of Firefox (v23) has the “disable Javascript” button missing from the Tools->Options menu.

    • Toby

      will this work on a mac also?, if so, please let me know

    • jan

      i tried all the steps u suggested, but it didn’t work. any other suggestions? thnx.

  • GVD

    I got hacked and the change was done. I could not go back to classic. The new yahoo sucks out loud on a large scale. It seems as if they have no clue or don’t care how this affects users. The ad revenue is the only concern.

    I attempted to opt out of ads and it did not work, you are sent in several circles to rid your email of ads to no avail. The fact they want you to pay to not have any ads is totally unacceptable. Many of the ads are not of interest to ms so their monitoring system is way out of sync.

    Why did they mess with something that was functioning in a good manner, now people are having nightmare experiences with email. I do hate that it is far more time consuming and extremely less efficient than it was to answer, read and delete emails. Whoever thought this was a good idea should lose their job.

    The new yahoo sucks.

  • http://yahoo Morgan Margraf

    Thoroughly disgusted with new Yahoo mail. Bottom of screen is blocked with ads, thus cannot scroll left and right. Right hand side has large ads reducing screen size. Looking for alternate mail site, any suggestions.

  • http://www.masterresellrights.com/ Connor

    I switched to GMail some time ago, and glad I did as I’ve heard nothing but negativity about this Yahoo upgrade!

  • Art Davis

    “fairwell” ? You need a proofreader.

  • dvd

    Got hacked jun 5th sending rouge links to all my contacts f-u yahoo your dead as far as I’m concerned I hear startpage is beta testing a way more secure email..and with the recent news about nsa.irs.ndaa, etc .etc. and this admins constant lies; I truly believe a coup d’etat is currently or has already happened to our govt..Has the enemy taken over the white house? Seems so…Time for action to end all this madness I feel is just around the corner.

    • Susieq

      If you still are using yahoo mail when you get the new email you can go put mouse on GEAR and options mail. look close to the bottom 2nd up from the bottom item. and there is a box [SSL] to checkmark that will make yahoo SECURE but a bit slower others have said. https:
      go to help and find out how to create a more secure password. caps, symbols, lower case letters and at least one number.
      If you have been hacked CHANGE your password NOW.

  • SpamExterminator

    I haven’t had any Issues with it Been using it since it first showed its face. And sounds like everyone got hacked it wasn’t the mail switching over that caused that I think Yahoo itself was hacked and they just neglected to tell everyone. as for the adds I use FireFox and the AdBlock Plus addon and I see no adds anywhere but yeah I don’t like the fact they put adds into your in box a great way to steal Private Information. But as I said I have the Adblock Plus they no longer pose a threat I also got the Eliment Blocker Plugin for AdBlock Plus Incase a ad does get through I will just block the box it downloads in effectivly blocking all Ads on that part of the page on that site. Also Recomend WOT and DrWeb addons.

  • SpamExterminator

    lol like that annoying popover in the corner of this site Bye Bye.

  • http://www.computershowto.pro ComputersHowtoPro

    I’m in Romania, Eastern Europe, and almost all things work fine in the “newer, better, and improved” yahoo mail, except the lags. Have you good folks heard of the Adblock plus extensions, that are available both for Mozilla-based browsers, and Google-based browsers (firefox, seamonkey, and chrome or chromium )

    For those of you guys who are only bothered by the ads… use adblock plus
    For those that have a problem with the screen size… come on, let’s talk about it, what resolution are you guys using, what performance do your computers have, I mean, CPU frequency, RAM, HDD, when was the last time you guys cleaned your cache and temporary…
    There are so many things that can slow down an interface’s response…
    Anyone up to talk about it ?

    • Julian Alien

      The only thing I want to talk about is how to get classic back. I hate purple, I like blue, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and give us a clue.

      • karen

        I am still using classic and was checking to see if it was any better.
        I do have another account I changed to NEW and you can choose the color you prefer and make your new email a beautiful blue among other choices. You will love it.

        • ayres

          Who are you, some kind of Yahoo ‘plant’? Who gives a crap about colors when function is the ONLY priority? Yours is a ridiculous comment to post here, when obviously everyone HATES the new version!

    • norm

      you must be on very cheep drugs…it sucks….like a communist system..they tell you what is the best for you..Yahoo…you are looser just like the rest of them…Hotmail and G mail.The only difference is…that you the last one to change it and even more screwed up than the other two….Oohay…baxck wards..just like the email site..it sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • no way

      Really, well you must only use the internet in the “export” or tourist areas in Romania because I have been to Romania and internet speed do not support the new yahoo. I have both new and classic yahoo emails and new is nearly UN-usable on wifi in internet cafes in Romania. The same is true for Lebanon, much of Italy, some of USA, Tunisia, Morocco, etc…
      The classic had more functionality then the classic no question about it.

    • Carra

      I am from Romania too and you can figure I was shocked to see the new interface that somehow got to me only today. I couldn’t care less about ads. But where is the ‘sort by sender’ thing? The email tab opening? Now I mark like 100 Facebook junk emails, I must be careful to not delete my Fanfiction ones because, heck, the senders look very alike, accidentally miss the marking slot and it automatically erases all the marks I did in the last 5 minutes. Just WTF? I cannot make a clear difference between read and unread mail anymore. I delete the precious Fanfiction alerts accidentally. It’s a mess.

      Yahoo, I lost the trust I had in you. You suck. Really bad.

  • http://www.jobsinch.com/ Jobs In Switzerland

    Yes, Older version of yahoo mail is good. But new versions looks more attractive.

    • Eve

      I hate it. Click backspace and the font changes to italic. Font size changes to what was used previously. The annoying message asking you to stay on the page, cannot be moved. You have to ctrl/alt/delete to get rid of it.
      There was nothing wrong with Classic, worked well for me.
      Using the old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

    • norm

      you must be on cheep drugs

  • Rob

    I have the paid version of yahoo and have not been forced to upgrade, i don’t know if that’s the case with paid subscribers ‘cos if it is, i don’t mind paying the $20 to keep classic instead of that dreadful new yahoo mess they got going there.

    • Matt

      All of it is going to the new (Hotmail-like) format. I’d love to still pay to keep Classic. I’ve been a Plus subscriber for years.

    • EmA

      I also have the paid version, the upgrade message started to annoy me on Jun 13. Now I am upset to see that my disposable emails messages all look the same as regular emails. No more colors that distinguish them. If they keep everything purple-grey-black, I should stop paying them.

      More annoying features:
      – new classic version “compose”: no format bar at all
      – newest version “compose”: boring format bar, missing one icon for creating a line
      – showing unread mails as 999+ if they are more than 1000, you cannot just glance and know there are new incoming emails
      – acting like a browser by opening so many tabs

    • Maria Geenzier

      I am a paying customer (and have been for many years) and they switched me without any letter to let me know and they have not responded to my 3 messages! Be wary . . . they could change you at any time. I am a disabled customer with mobility impairments and would struggle with the new system even if it actually worked (there are many stylistic changes that are not user friendly). But, the really big problem is that the system does not even work – I have had the same problems as many here have stated: computer crashing, having to re-boot my computer, EXTREMELY SLOW opening of the inbox (waited over 5 minutes this morning before I gave up). My e-mail account is the hub of my life – I pay everything online and get messages from my lenders, I get messages from my bank, I get messages for savings from companies I deal with, messages from my FB account, contact from family and friends . . . and so on. I don’t have the energy or ability to sit in front of my computer for long periods of time – even if I wanted to. I hope your account stays with Yahoo Classic – but I wouldn’t count on it!

    • Hidders

      I would have gladly paid to keep Classic and the features they had given us for free over a decade ago.

      July 9th and the change is final for everyone now.

      • M

        After ignoring several switch screens; I’ve just found about how ugly and awful it really is today… And in an instant I miss Classic simple usefulness too ;(

  • elizabeth

    well I am now hearing about the change and it sucks. I have not read my emails in a while so have not upgraded now cannot access my account. real nice change

  • http://attyahoo shirley may

    It STINKS!!!! There is no way to check spelling!!!!!

    • J.R.

      Just to find the send button is also hard. I agree with you and as previousley stated: I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change.it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.

  • Bill

    All my old mail was more or less put in trash folder. Took for ever to recover and then some was lost. New format is a gross disappointment and I’m currently paying for it but evaluating my options!!!

  • Hache

    I think the new Yahoo webmail is atrocious, it’s a crime to force people to use such a piece of junk. It’s slow, ignores clicks, seems to repeat clicks and delete items you were expecting to delete.

    In terms of design, it’s awful. The size of emails is no longer on the main list, so you can’t defer opening large emails until later. You cannot adjust the size of columns. The folder list rolls off when you scroll the email list. You cannot easily delete multiple emails from the main list at once — you have to go one by one.

    There is no way to back level one step — some people are lucky and can go back to classic, but I haven’t been able to make that stick. It keeps sending me back to the new June 2013 version, which sucks!!!! Big time, it sucks!!!! It’s awful, it’s garbage, it is an arrogant insult from those clowns at Yahoo! Stay away from it. tell your friends and family, and save them the aggravation.

    • m


    • http://yahoo ian.campbell39@yahoo.ie

      100 per cent agree with above comments

      • J.R.

        I hope so way Yahoo exec’s read all these comments on how bad it is now since the middle of June. The people that forced this change need to be fired. I have trouble going through the whole line of people I e mailed if it was one mail to all and then to reply or send I find it hard to do that and no spell check no bold etc. Great JOb Yahoo you really are losing people and maybe that is what you want.

    • LMinAppleton

      I also agree 100%. It is unbelievably slow. Pull-down menus take up to 30 seconds to display, characters often take several seconds to appear after being typed, I lose my internet connection 5 – 10 times a day (this started immediately after I switched to the new email–I rarely had this problem before so I don’t think it’s being caused by something else) and often have to re-boot the entire system to get it back (which, of course, means I have to log off any other sites, such as my brokerage account, and close or lose all my other windows). Clicking on buttons and folders often takes more than one attempt.

      But the worst is that I just wrote an email accusing a law firm of fraud and now, having sent the email, I am unable to read the text because it will not display (luckily, I am able to see it if I try to print it).

      I could go on and on but I don’t have the time and I doubt they would provide me the space.

      Someone, please, let me know when the class-action lawsuit if filed!

    • J.R.

      I did not opt to change anything so I guess I was on the latest version till now but I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change. I guess because it is free one cannot complain so my next step is to move on. I hope Yahoo gets the message. AOL seems to be the best next default mail. Also it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.

    • anthony

      I’m done with Yahoo. There are LOTS of alternatives. I already have a domain that I just use for email via HTTP or Outlook. Costs me $20 a year and I’ve setup several friends on the space for free. No Adds, using squirrel mail, horde, or Roundcube. All free… No Ads, No more “You have now choice, we changed your email!”, “It’s much better and now we can sell your information too!”.

      Still, what a shame… See 1984…

      • shifra

        what are you using now?
        is it like old yahoo classic?
        i need an alternative quickly.

      • Gloria Gregory

        I, too, am disgusted with Yahoo, changing constantly and not for the better. Maybe they feel people will look at ads while trying to figure out how to work their (constantly changing) Yahoo email. Could you readers offer a list of email services that you’re happy with, those that don’t bring in these constant aggravations? I had to give up sending an email today with the “New-Newer-Newest Yahoo”. It would not work, and it was difficult to get back to those sent and even to the Inbox. I actually had to type in “Sent” and “Inbox”. I definitely would switch in a minute. I think they’re doing a psychological study to see how much aggravation a person will put up with before they seek to quit and move on. People would move on if they were clear on where to go for good email service.

    • http://nick.com nick

      That isn’t what a crime is. The new client does suck, though.

  • MLR

    Is there a way to get your old email without agreeing to the new conditions? I don’t know why, but I expected a ‘next time you log in you will have to agree’ type of warning, but while IN my email, just checking my mailbox, it shifted on me.

    I am sure they’ve read all my email, but I am absolutely opposed to ‘consenting’ to it.

    • http://yahoomail michae

      Your site used to be great…NOW IT SUCKS…DID I MENTION IT SUCKS????

      • http://yahoo marlene

        Hate it… what used to be great is now a bunch of ads interfering with normal functions that so not usually work, it truly dies suck!!!!1

        • Porcophile

          Me, too. I don’t care if they read my email, but the new format was designed by an idiot. Someone needs to fnd a new line of work. Meanwhile, we’ve got the email version of New Coke.

      • Jay

        I like this change as much as I like obamacare. it has been forced upon those who dont want it.

        • teqakwitha

          agreed. the new yahoo is atrocious. the last two
          changes to yahoo mail were frustrating and mundane. for
          all those out there who want a decent mail source, look
          at yandex mail.com. eye have been using if for a few
          months and couldn’t be more pleased. it is succinct,
          easy to navigate, and ad free. it is also providing
          itself in better standing with the stock market ……

          • Jerpal

            Just checked out Yandex mail. Upon finding that it is a Russian company, I chose to pass on it.

        • SLM

          OH STFU – can’t you IDIOTS stop making EVERYTHING about obama?

      • Jerry

        Why does some hotshot jerk always have to screw up things that works just fine?
        Its even worst than gmail.
        I don’t want to be retained and Now the forward doesn’t work half the time so I just have to delete the messages.

        • http://mozilla ilana

          l have the new email…when l try to forward something, l sometimes need to delete stuff, and it wont delete, unless l do one line at a time, or backspace one letter at a time1!!

        • http://yahoo Gloria

          I despise this format. I agree with you. If I don’t get the original format back, I will be finding another mail provider.

          • http://yahoo Jerilynn

            I also despise the new format. I am making preparations to change to another email unless the “good” Yahoo is returned. This new format is more on the mundane level of text messaging.

          • Hannelore

            I am shocked. This new System is not working right. If you want to open email letters, there is no reaction. You have to try again and again, finally by Chance a letter will open. Please do something about it. I better find another Provider. You will lose customers!!!!

      • Trevor

        It’s broken. Now when I navigate to Yahoo, it says that I have anywhere from 7 to 15 new emails waiting. When I get into Yahoo mail, there is one or two (sometimes none). If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

      • Bob

        Something is wrong with the whole software industry. It not getting better. its getting worse. Its turned Gay. Not the same sex gay. Computer gay. They think it is so great what they have done. And your going to love it because they say so. I don’t matter what people think Im the boss and you are going to like these changes because I do. Just say no stop buying computers and software. The computer fascist can keep there junk.

    • Maria Geenzier

      The same thing happened to me. They tried to automatically change me last year – claiming then that there was nothing they could do about it. When I let them know my personal situation – disabled with mobility impairments and older donated, refurbished computer – they changed me back (last year). This time around I cannot get any help at all – I’ve sent 3 messages that have been ignored and I was on hold one day to the extension for billing for 20 minutes before I hung up (I have a paid account). I selected billing ’cause if you select technical problems it tells you to go online . . . where you get absolutely no help!!

    • J.R.

      I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change. I guess because it is free one cannot complain so my next step is to move on. I hope Yahoo gets the message. AOL seems to be the best next default mail. Also it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.

      • shifra

        I do PAY for it, because I use it for business.
        And I HATE IT!
        I will not pay for it any more, that’s for sure. And no customer service at all. Yahoo now totally sucks.
        Is there anything even remotely similar to old Yahoo Classic by anyone anywhere? I AM willing to pay to have my old email format back.
        I miss being able to alphabetize my spam folder to find the mail that went there by accident.
        I miss being able to delete a message after I reply.
        I miss the clean uncluttered format.
        I hate themes.
        I hate everything about this.
        I hate that they also deleted my signature when they shifted me over.

        I want my Classic Yahoo Mail!
        Any developers out there?? I’m sure I’m not the only one willing to pay.

        • prabha

          I HATE THE THEMES!

          • pmac

            You can turn off whole conversation history by going to the options (top right corner looks like a wheel), select “settings”, select “viewing email” on left menu bar, uncheck “enable conversations”. Hope that helps, I hate the new Yahoo format too.

          • Linda

            Thanks to pmac, it worked for me :)

        • Maureen Tinsley

          I miss the Classic Mail and understand that Yahoo does not believe in giving us a choice of keeping what suits its customers. Very reluctantly I accepted the change of format and had just become used to it to find they have changed it yet again only this time they have made it much more complicated. I get the impression that Yahoo just does not care about its customers. Their attitude is “Take it or leave it”.

      • http://mozilla ilana

        i totally agree..it is so frustrating…trying to forward something, and wanting to delete unnecessary or personal info, and the whole conversation history appears…!!

        • pmac

          You can turn off whole conversation history by going to the options (top right corner looks like a wheel), select “settings”, select “viewing email” on left menu bar, uncheck “enable conversations”. Hope that helps, I hate the new Yahoo format too. :-(

          • Barbara

            I did as you suggested and unchecked the “enable conversations”, that was a big help. Thanks! Now if Yahoo would only give us a choice between classic and this new monster that we are forced to use would be nice. Still cannot retrieve saved emails from my some of my folders.

          • lar

            heyyyy thanks.. that was one of the things i hated about new yahoo. way too much clutter. I dont want to spend double my time on emails. If you want to waste time go for it.. Nice that Yahoo started theyre own language. Guess id never think of calling emails “conversations” .. Hmm maybe they could of incluted a tutorial.. Ha.. Still thinking of going to outlook.com..

    • Nancy


      There is no way anymore to get out of it, my PC has slowed to a CRAWWWL.

      And to top it off they re-enabled Yahoo messenger which I do not want, messages coming in every 2 seconds.


      If I didn’t have 100s of saved mails in there, I would drop them right now.


    • Ray Rasmussen

      I have lost some contacts It does not forward some mail. I like the classic the best.

      • Barbara

        have lost saved emails from some of my folders and need them. Is there any way to get them back? I really dislike this new yahoo, not computer friendly. Please give us a choice of classic or this new monster.

        • Rosaline Weatherill

          Like Barbara’s comment on 20th October I, too, have lost saved emails from a folder and would like to get them back. I also dislike the new yahoo.

    • Marie France

      1. Dislike the fact that the options to use are at bottom instead of up.
      2. Was not able to respond in the text yesterday a real mess since I am in the middle of a course.
      3. Today for some reason writing in the text to answer works but yahoo won’t let me use colors so our texts are less easy to distinguish.
      4. It also did not stay where it was supposed to on my IPad. It is no longer available under mail.
      5. It does not always get sent rapidly. It was ok before. I receive messages of ‘Try again,’
      A pain when before it was ok. I am thinking of moving to another mail even with the pain to advise everyone.

    • vmk

      One way to show your discontent with this cr**py new Yahoo mail is to never ever click on the ads that appear on their e-mail or elsewhere on their site! Spread the word.

      • HMK

        Or, you could download Adblock Plus. Then ads don’t show up anywhere, unless you enable them for a specific site.

    • Al

      I am an IT man and I know its a new interface but I am finding it progressively frustrating to use the interface. In fact I am thinking of migrating to another email operator.

      • nomad

        Being in I.T.,you can appreciate the issue with a single point of failure.Don’t want to put all your personal mail options into one basket so to speak.Marissa Mayer know programmers messed up the mail?According to PCMag in August 29, 2012 ,Outlook.com surpasses both Yahoo,and gmail.

    • Roger Davies

      Beats me why Yahoo just cant leave well enough ALONE. Chances are some programmers are justifying their existence by constant fiddling. I’m sick of it and I’m off to another mail service.

    • Ine vandelaar

      You can get back to the old yahoo mail by downloading the Puffin browser. This also allows you to watch
      videos that require flash app.

    • tom

      The last thing people want is change especially older people like me. I despise the new yahoo email

  • DaveW

    I was forced to switch to the new ATT/Yahoo email service yesterday 6/10/13 and cannot read most of my email due to whatever and get this message “There appears to be a problem loading the email “……”. Retry’ and when the Retry button is optioned ” Temporary Error – Syntax error – Response parse failed.OK ” message appears. I set up mail forwarding to my AOL email account and can read my unreadable ATT/Yahoo email there ok.

  • http://www.howtoselloncraigslistebook.com/2013/01/how-to-switch-back-to-yahoo-mail-classic/ Nick

    I hate the new version. I switched to it a long time ago because I thought it would be an improvement, and I hated the way it worked. When you click an email title, the email opens in a new tab? Really? The classic version is so much better and user friendly. I am still using Yahoo Mail Classic, too. There is a way to still switch it back to classic from the new version.

    • Srinath

      utter flop yahoo ! just hate the newer yahoo mail. very unfriendly.

  • Stephanie

    The new version of Yahoo Mail has gone backwards instead of advancing. The sort functions and pretty much all previous functions are not as user friendly. When scrolling down an email the headers to not freeze in place so you must scroll back up to delete, forward, etc. The whole concept is ridiculous! I hate it and will more than likely seek another email carrier.

  • Sami Wilberforce

    Why stay where we are not needed! Time to switch to another mail provider

    • issaas

      I concur··it is time to get prepared to s witch to anoter free email server. With yahoo mailbox crashing every time you open it on Andoid tablet, it is time to change another free mail provider!

  • marti cox

    I agree with most of the comments complaining. I do not like the header not freezing. I don’t like that there is no spell check and I am sure that I will find many additional things I do not like as I use it more.

  • DWL

    Well, so much for Yahoo email which I’ve used for well over 10 years.
    The Yahoo brass decided to simply ignore the fact that many of its users can NOT upgrade to its “newer” version due to system limitations.
    There are many thousands of users who are still using so-called “ancient” software because they can’t afford to purchase a new machine with the latest operating system and browsers.

    One would think that the Yahoo brass would want to KEEP those users, and thereby retain the “Classic” version as an option. But obviously they have no intention of doing that.

    Since I have an “old” PC, I’ll have to say “Goodbye” to Yahoo and switch over to one of the many other services which, while they also have upgraded their systems, maintained backward compatibility for us folks who can’t afford a “new” PC.

  • Bobby

    I just keep yelling at Yahoo! Mail in the feedback that I want to be able to center click on my mouse on the subject line of my inbox and quickly open emails into new tabs. I have another email address on the “new” design and it’s slow, I can’t get done what I want to do, and it just fights me every way possible. I told them I use the “classic” version of Yahoo Mail because it’s fast. I can’t center click and open emails into tabs in Hotmail – it’s the reason why I still have a Yahoo! email account after all these years.

    Just keep telling Yahoo Mail in feedback that the Classic version is the only version they should have!!

  • Lois Anderson

    yahoo alert webmaster> please fix containers to fit space

    and also warp text to containers all.

    Maybe you don’t see this on your screen, but with the ads

    on the right, they force the text in the email to form a

    scrolling container when I see it. It cuts off and have to scroll

    horizontal to read every line back and forth.

    I use a 20 inch screen.

    Also having the box you check next to email-list, should be

    to the left of the subject title, so you can delete it or move it

    more easily and faster.

  • Rita

    Dear Sir or Madam,I find the new Yahoo mail very confusing,the worst part is that after logging on just have a small part to read mail as the righthand side is filled with adverts,can`t even find a spot to `HIDE` them.where I realise you are paid handsomely to put in these adverts,you will lose customers.I have been a long time with Yahoo but now will switch, I have an account with G/mail anyway but don`t use it that much.(having second thoughts now)The old saying is `if it aint broke`!!!!There are downloads to help but I don`t use downloads unless neccessary…regards R. Fraser..

  • Constance

    You went back in time not forward with this new email….can’t even use a color in the body of my email now….you call that progress?….bring back the old version….it has more options and is much more user friendly.

  • Karen

    In the previous version, I could perform a keyword search on all emails in my inbox, then choose the “Select All” action to tag them for deletion or to move them to a folder. It is a basic email management tool that I can not find in the new version. Am I missing something or did this feature disappear in the new version?

  • http://apple-afficianado.weebly.com/ Apple Afficianado

    I was just checking my Yahoo mail account that I made recently to separate things from my Gmail account that I primarily use, and I was thinking the exact same thing. Then I saw this article and I just had to throw in my two cents: Gmail hasn’t changed much since it’s inception, but maybe that is a good thing. Yahoo is constantly changing things trying to get a leg up on the competition but they just can’t seem to ever get it right. And then the few rare times that I like something that Yahoo does, they change it so fast I barely got a chance to enjoy it. Sorry Yahoo but there’s a reason that you’re being left behind.

  • http://yahoomail tex77007

    I’ve also had this email address for quite a while but I am going to switch to google. I hate the new format it acts like it’s working and then nothing at all.

  • Brandy

    This new mail just appeared for me today.
    I thought there was supposed to be a warning or something?
    Thank you for the tip to remove most ads with “Ad Interest Manager”.
    I have now opted out of all.
    I used to be able to open emails in other tabs with classic, now it looks like I can’t do that anymore. :(

  • Tami

    It’s horrible! Time to change.

  • Thomas

    I don’t like the new Yahho mail it STINKS ! And I even hate & am extremely angry that I’m being forced to us the new Yahoo. I like the Yahoo Mail Classic better & I like freedom of choice. I don’t like someone else to decide for me force me to do anything. They say Yahoo Mail Classic is dead too bad becasue I thought Socialism & Communism are dead !!!!! STINKS !!!!!

  • Norman

    There are alternatives to Yahoo Mail. I downloaded and installed Eudora 7.1 from http://www.eudora.com/download/ yesterday and transferred all my Yahoo Mail since 1999 to this program. It has the same interface as Yahoo Classic Mail with no advertisements and it is Open Source. I will experiment with the program to verify that it is stable on my Windows Xp Sp3 before I delete all my messages on Yahoo as well as my Yahoo address book. Perhaps Yahoo was forced to introduce this new mail program because they could not control the hackers from attacking the old program. All I know is, is that hackers will find it difficult attacking 1 billion individual computer email accounts rather than one big company like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft. Of course the advertising revenue will be zilch for the Big 3 since they will not be able to mine your data.

  • Dave

    I’ve been using the classic since the late 90’s, since it worked just fine for my purposes, and still does. Was just forced to “upgrade” today. My address book is un-usable, so I can’t even contact my friends to tell them to use the gmail account from here on out since I absolutely HATE the usability of the “new and improved” yahoo mail. I’ll just have to download all my mail and move on.

  • CallMeBC

    I was changed over recently, and to me honest, this is likely to finally cause me drop my Yahoo mail account after all these years, or at the least have a Gmail account pull from it. While I have other mail accounts, my Yahoo account was my default because I’ve had it longer than my other accounts. The new interface is so poorly designed and shows such poor thinking that it’s practically embarrassing to even use. I found a posted link that takes you to the old interface, but if you do a search or such, you end up popping back into the new interface.

  • Sandy Belvedere


  • Donnie

    i hate when companies update things there is nothing wrong with a plain classic layout i don’t need huge fancy skins or gadgets or shortcut buttons or a bunch of drop down menu’s all that is is unneeded extras !

  • Carol Gabbert

    I have the upgraded ‘pay-for’ type of Yahoo mail. The day my account was switched, someone hacked into my contacts and sent out emails to everyone on the list.

    We have 2 PC’s at home, one of which uses Windows XP. Since the switch, I cannot view/use my yahoo mail on the older PC. I can log in, and log-out, nothing else is visible on-screen. To actually view my messages, I use another PC with Windows 7. This occurs in both I.E. and Chrome.

    As for the “new” version, I don’t like it. I use more than one Yahoo mail user-id, in part, to separate out mail from different sources.
    In the old version, the recipients were clearly visible in the in-box.

    This is gone in the new version. In order to differentiate the addressee, you must access each message, and use the “show full header” command to see which user id the message was sent to! Very time-consuming.

    Not a happy camper.

  • Kelly

    I HATE the new yahoo mail. I have kept the old until today. I opened it, & had no choice. I was NOT warned that it would change at all!!!!
    I don’t know why, but I can’t get it to print out any emails, & I NEED to do that. I have to prove that I have applied to jobs for unemployment. “What now?!” I HATE it!!! I can’t even get it to print out the calendar! I know it’s not my printer, because anything outside of mail, it will print!!

  • yvette

    this is awful!!! why did they take such a good thing and ruined it? this format and the inconvenience that coes with it may seriously make me consider switching over to someone els. sucks!

  • Debi

    I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT. The worse piece of crap I’ve ever seen. I lost all of my folders with thousands of important documents in them.

  • terri

    I know my Mother said to never say the word “Hate” about something, but this new yahoo mail is ridiculous! How can you force someone to use a product that they may not want to download on their computer. It’s like an “OR ELSE”, type of move. Way to bully someone YAHOO!!!!! and it doesn’t even work properly.

  • Rick

    Yes it sucks big time… Draft letters disappear in BASIC MAIL even doing a shift/send (which is normal) In the NEW YAHOO MAIL draft letters sent remain with the email address placed in them. So now they stay in the draft folder yet with and email address. DUH. Laptops under screen resolution of 1024×768 are out of luck for using NEW YAHOO MAIL won’t display mail. If you laptop of netbook is maxed out at 1024×768 your shet out of luck. You would think that they would test anything new put out for they YAHOO community.. One more step closer to GMAIL…

  • Rick

    Why would anyone in business put out something they haven’t tested. Yahoo in my book today. YOU SUCK BIG TIME.. If you were a decision maker in my company it’s simple I would say YOU’RE FIRED…..

  • Felisa

    I’m going to transfer all my Yahoo accounts to another mail server. I hate the new interface and politics yahoo has adopted.

  • gsv

    This is easy-I hate it. Undo it please.

  • Judy J

    The ads that keep popping up and “wiggling” on the page are horrible. They have changed from the right side of the page which I seemed better able to ignore to the bottom left-hand side of the page. Thinking seriously about deleting my yahoo account and using another service. Need to get rid of the ads on the page – but most importantly the ones that keep wiggling around and distracting. Ugh!

  • ronyo9


    What happened to “OPTIONS” ???

    How can I change the glaring colours to something more soothing and less invasive to the senses????

    How Can I block SPAM or other nuisance mail domains?????

    Do I NEED this aggravation????

    Will Yahoo give users the option of going back to mail Classic? Probably not. But there’s other oprions, Like transferring everything from yahoo to a different email account.

    At this point it would b a lot of work but better than having Yahoo jerk me around every couple of years.


    The new version of YAHOO MAIL is terrible. I’ve lost my faith in your company. Take Care. RZR

  • Fred Aldridge

    Please return back to the old version or fix the new..The old sucks!!!

  • Paula

    I accidently clicked on the “switch to new version” I hate it! How ridiculous is it when I start typing a person’s name in the “to” line of a new email the OLD version would pop up with email addresses that start with those letter that I could then select who I want to send my email to. The NEW version doesn’t do that!!!! I have to go in to my address book to search for the person’s name and then click on select and insert. What a waste of time!!!! I want to switch back to the classic yahoo mail. PLease help!

  • Aurel Tofan

    New email is nothing but a junk compared with old classic yahoo mail.
    What I se is that Yahoo disregard what their customers want, it is what Yahoo wants. Probably, yahoo does not care if the customers do not want their new version of yahoo mail. They probably , forgot that customers are the most important asset they have. Yahoo can not survive without customers, but customers can survive without yahoo, they simply move to another internet provider. It is too bad when a company does not care what its customers want. Sooner or later it is going to reflect on their bottom line.

  • jen


  • ed

    i am very unhappy with the new yahoo mail. 1 . i resent being “forced” to make the switch , 2. there was nothing wrong with the old yahoo mail . 3 . if they are going to force you to change , they should at least make available SOME of the old traits of the yahoo classic . and 4 . if enough people (and i feel there are many ) are unhappy , doesn’t that tell you something ?? 😉

  • Donna Slice

    I hate it. It is so much LESS functional. I cannot group by unread mail. I cannot select all on a page. Yahoo, you screwed us by forcing this upgrade down our throats. Bad yahoo, BAD.

  • Fabian

    I cant read my new mail why?i cant agree with your new version

  • Antonio Posada

    This change was not good for me

  • keith williams

    I am puzzled why Classic was takedn away. I HATE the new crap. I can’t even bring up in private browsing It even looks like crap. Nobody will read this It is just letting us vent to get it out of our systems. I am going to give gmail a go to see if it is any better. At least I can do in private on Firefox. The browser options suck like in chrome. IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT !

  • Guy

    I think the new yahoo sucks. I will change and hope everyone does the same. @yahoo – who do you think you are fooling? Going backwards! Some dumb geek telling me I will use the new yahoo – NO WAYS DUDE – YOU CAN STICK IT

    • ken

      I with ya, I think that this will cost Yahoo big bucks for doing a way with Classic Mail, I am on my way back to Hotmail or Gmail, up yours Yahoo….

  • http://www.josiekatstrunk.com Maria Merklin

    Has anyone used the new Yahoo email on a tablet…kack! Even with my reading glasses its awful, glitchy and I can’t read anything. They are also truncating my emails without asking so I am missing data. Why force people to upgrade and yes, I am a paying Yahoo subscriber.

  • Gerry

    The new yahoo email is horrible…what “were” they thinking???? Please bring back the classic yahoo email. From what I’m experiencing, it’s like it’s in “beta”…they haven’t worked out the numerous “bugs” in it! Very disgusted & that’s putting it mildly.

  • K

    OMG- this is horrible and SO SLOW – can’t they do something about it? I lose SO much time everyday just sitting and waiting for the cursor. It’s an unbelievable step backwards! Classic was just fine!!!

  • TPope

    Yahoo – Too big to fail? – just watch!

    My wife has used Yahoo mail for years, and after being “bullied” away from Yahoo Classic and forced to use the “new” Yahoo mail she finds so many problems with it she’s considering moving to another mail sever, as obviously 57% of Yahoo mail users are about to do on their own.

    One of the biggest issues we found was that every email she sends converts all extended characters (such a quote marks, the ampersand character, apostrophes, and any other ASCII characters which use code conversion in HTML, to the HTML code version itself – so an apostrophe looks like: ' instead of just ‘ .

    Very frustrating, not to mention all the other debacles crammed into the half-baked release that they never took the time to Beta test correctly – Yahoo – “On their way out!” And, yes – you can quote me.

    • TPope

      Let me try that again since this site converts extended ASCII character codes to the actual character – an apostrophe in Yahoo mail when received looks like: (and you will have to remove the underscores: &_#_39_; – Hope that works.

  • Sam

    I cannot send an email to a contact list? Why is that?

  • Dottie

    Based on my initial experience with the new Yahoo, I won’t be a user ever again. Can’t access my old account and it won’t let me create a new account. Goodbye forever.

  • TK

    Messages forwarded to me full of carriage return icons and lots of extra spaces between the lines; 5 lines message covers two pages. Even a clean message…when forwarded…gets reformatted with tons of extra spaces and carriage return icons.

  • L. Lambert

    I hate it, It use to be so easy save, delete… I want the old one back. I like yahoo, but I do not like this new mail they forced on everyone. I don’t like change. The old one was perfect. Yahoo Just put it back Please.

    • Mark

      Sorry dude. Please notice, you also can no longer export yahoo calendar to outlook. That makes it harder to switch. Jump or drown, now.

  • Daris Hensley

    I hate the new yahoo mail. Definitely will be looking for an alternate provider. Try selecting all the spam with a single click to delete. NOT!



  • mike

    I don’t know what you want in the website window.
    I can’t backspace to correct a spelling mistake everything disappears.
    you can’t print email messages as before.
    is there a video tutorial I can learn from?
    It may be great to the developer of it but I don’t understand how to make it work.

  • Troy

    Hate it….no other way for me to say what I think of the new yahoo mail.

  • Ann Beno

    It’s about as bad as it can be. After I was “forced” into the new Yahoo Mail I immediately saw that I had neither a send or compose button. I was told by support that it was my browser. Of course it was not my bloody browser it was YOU Yahoo – you and your fabulous new mail. I eventually got it sorted out – then found I could not open any links in my emails – still haven’t fixed that one (I mean what’s the point of contacting support as every issue is caused by my browser – the SAME browser I used all these years by the way) But that isn’t even the worst of it. I awoke this morning to find my Yahoo Mail account had sent out HUNDREDS of spam emails to all my contacts !! (hey YAHOO -blame that one on the browser) So I changed passwords etc. but do I feel confident about that ? no – of course I don’t. YAHOO you have forced us into using a piece of dangerous crap, you’ve taken away my nice reliable Subaru Outback and you’ve given me an exploding Pinto.

  • Jules

    I loathe the new BT Mail. Cannot delete contacts (something unexpected just happened…); slow, laggy; cannot turn off spell check… everything is underlined red and words are changed without prompting. As I write in two languages interchangeably this is the MOST frustrating thing. I rang for BT Help and the guy said he didn’t know! If they don’t know then how on earth can we? As I type everything is red. Why do they fix what doesn’t need fixing and force us to accept it?

  • Rupesh

    New yahoo mail is slower, it hangs frequently.
    Think it is downgraded than earlier old version.

  • Vonn

    It seems that every other day .. Yahoo tries to add “stuff” to make themselves into a “me too” facebook with tons of advertising. One problem is that they have allowed advertisers to use ads that jump and flash and even on fast computers, it loads down the CPU resources to the point that typing an email will stall for a few seconds and typing characters can be lost and one has to back up and correct. Also, as of late, I have been constantly getting “Network Errors” when selecting an email and have to back out of it. ALL my other emails work just fine from AOL, Google, Comcast, etc. etc. Also, they keep sticking me with their “PROFILE” setup page with no way to “not thank you” …. if you click off, it just come back with the next selection. Oh my, what are we gona do with Yahoo. ???

  • Mark

    The new Yahoo email system is worst than the last one, at least for

    A,T&T users. Just got off the phone with A,T&T tech support, level one, with good call taker. Neither one of us could figure out how to get calendar from yahoo to export to outlook, because that IMPORTANT FEATURE IS NO LONGER THERE, or at least can’t be found.

    A,T&T now is saying, “you have to call Yahoo; calendar support is not in our agreements.” That’s how bad it is.

    It looks like Yahoo is taking away sync capability to raise ‘switching cots’ of users even higher. It’s harder to switch when they hold all the data.

    I’m know trying to get all the way to fat client outlook so I can shop for local ISP.

    I paid A,T&T $30 per month, but now get treated like a hotmail customer due to Yahoo.

  • Otto Wipfel

    Since having been forced to use the new Yahoo Mail everything it does happens a lot slower than before, showing what is in the Inbox and message letters being typed taking their time to appear in the text.

    Altogether incompetent programming.

    • http://www.sellmycar.biz K

      Why is Yahoo abandoning Yahoo? What the hell is firefox…. That’s like me moving Yahoo mailbox at the end of the road… Google took the trash out and yahoo paid for it.

  • shyam

    With yahoo new email, I am unable to select email, unable to open,unable to move it to different folders,unable to delete etc.Tried with all browsers(IE,Firefox,Chrome etc).
    So yahoomail is not working for me earlier it used to work
    Thanks for any suggestion other than using gmail :-)

  • Joy

    I agree, new Yahoo mail “sucks.” I probably will drop it, and go to a different email server.

  • Henrietta

    I am a senior citizen and having trouble. The SPAM messages are showing up in my Inbox and I have to transfer them to the Spam folder. Don’t know what has happened and if this because of some change in your format

  • mike

    not any better no date days can’t keep track of anything
    bail out boys, we’re going down

  • George Tirebiter

    There is no mistake that a years-old post to an online support group was just yesterday sent to my MOTHER by Yahoo.

  • LaVerne Williams

    The “new and improved” Yahoo is atrocious!! It is slow, you have to repeatedly click on the Inbox to get back to it and the screen seems to freeze, then loads. Difficult to empty Spam file, hesitates until you just give up. Makes no sense why Yahoo changed everything when things were working efficiently in the previous version. May we please have a choice of which to use? If not, many are jumping to GMail since it is much more user friendly.

  • antje

    I couldn’t believe my ears when I called AT&T/Yahoo to inquire about half my contact information and “sent” e-mails from those addresses, which have been missing since the yahoo mail change over.
    The tech explained that it was a “glitch” and those things happen when e-mail is upgraded!!
    I run a medical support group and this is a very upsetting “glitch”!!
    He apologized, big help that is!

  • darlene bohannon

    ya the new email sucks !

  • Pat Diaz-Verson

    Since Yahoo “UPGRADED” my email, I cannot scroll down to the read the text in an email I am composing once I add an attachment. If I attach something, the attachment is at the top of the email, rather than the bottom.
    In other words, if I add an attachment to an email, I cannot see the text below it to make any additions or revisions. WHT?!?! Am I stupid, or is Yahoo?

  • Lee

    Not even able to login now, the security question not the one I set

  • a.thynne

    since I switched to the new Yahoo mail I’ve been having multiple problems
    what used to take 1 click now take 2-3 to get where I need to go

    also there is no “Keep signed in box” to check so must sign in each time to mail and get no help from Yahoo

    why did they change something that worked perfectly!!!!!!

  • MARK

    The new Yahoo mail is HORRIBLE!!!
    Log in process sucks big time.
    Never works right.
    And the second day of using it, my account was hacked and emails were sent to all my contacts containing links with viruses. Those emails looked like i sent them!
    I wish I could have the old email back. Had never had any problems with it.

    Now I say:
    Screw yahoo

    I’m moving over to http://www.inbox.com

    Thanx for reading and good luck to you if u stay with yahoo.

  • Schalti

    The changes Yahoo made to their email is intolerable… my main gripes; very slow in moving through folders with large aountof emails, filters can no longer be accessed nor are they working adequately to do the job they were intended to do, and the worst (for me) of all – cannot find a select button that would allow simple moving or deleting of large numbers of incoming mail… do they really want their users to select 300 or more emails one by one for deleting purposes?

  • Albert

    My wife and I have both noticed problems with Yahoo mail since about June 8, around the time we were forced to switch to the new version. At least 8 messaged have been lost, either messages sent from Yahoo mail or sent to Yahoo mail. Once there was an error message that arrived 3 days late, but in the rest of the cases there is no error message. So we have no idea which important messages may have been lost.

    As a result, Yahoo mail, which I always preferred for more personal and more important messages, has turned into a worthless piece of junk, and all our communications have switched to gmail, where as a result my in-box is overcrowded.

    Congratulations, Yahoo, you screwed us and yourselves, for no apparent reason at all- the new interface in any case is more cumbersome, slower, and in general much worse, but the lack of reliability makes it totally unusable.

  • Albert

    Suggestion to Yahoo: throw it out and put back the old one. This one is hopeless, and you will lose all your users.

  • betty Jeane Murphy

    all day today and yesterday, everytme I move back and forth between mail and FB(or anything else), I have to sign in again…keep getting the window asking me to verify my password…….the page is nothoing but that and one huge advertisement~!!!!!….anyone else having this issue???????

  • majb

    Is anyone having problems with yahoo search? I am currently outside of the UK – but only had the problems in the last few days.

  • Janet

    New Yahoo mail is horrible, and I will switch!

  • KP

    I think it stinks!!!!! Do we live in America? looks like we are being told what we HAVE to use, and we having this crammed down our throat.

  • http://StroudIroning Christine

    Well….. Im done for as far as keeping in touch with family and friends etc because all I want to do is scream becasue the email is soooo sloooow and just will not do as you ask it do. NOTHing WORKS, I feel violated having this system salmmed upon me with asking me 1st.
    We all know that ‘IF IT AINT BROKE then DONT FIX IT…. Email was fine before.. I was fine before … we were all fine before IT CHANGED.

  • http://StroudIroning Christine

    100% Agree with all that has been said…

  • jg

    I was forcibly moved to Yahoo’s new email “system”. It is, above all,
    SLOW TO RESPOND to your clicks–if in fact it takes any notice at all.
    And it no longer has the useful “loading” indication which would (as in Classic) tell you that it is at least trying to respond.

    Among its other faults, in my experience:
    a) When you call up an incoming message, it doesn’t automatically tell you the address it came from–as Mail Classic did.
    b)Write a message and send it, it doesn’t (unlike Classic)automatically tell you that the message has indeed gone–which at times it hasn’t but you don’t discover this until you go to the ‘sent’ list and find it not there.
    c)Select ten arrived messages (say) for deletion by clicking on the small square to its left in the list, and if you change your mind about one of the ten, before clicking on DELETE, you can’t (unlike in Classic) deselect that one it by repeating that operation.
    d) It doesn’t (unlike Classic) conveniently divide your list of past (say)arrived messages into ‘pages’ eg 100 messages long. And if you command it to by the means which Yahoo still offers you, it takes no notice whatever.
    e)much much more which i won’t go into….

    …..except to remark on its latest absurdity. It has just listed an incoming message as having come from someone with an umlauted u in their name. But when I replied, it listed my sent message as having gone to someone who, in place of the umlauted u, has a mysterious Chinese character !! (Possibly the Mandarin for “Yahoo couldn’t care less” ?). No great worry for me, but thank god I don’t have lots of correspondence with Germans. Or Mandarin.

    I wonder if anyone from Yahoo has even noticed the by now thousands of user complaints about this piece of junk. And of course Yahoo’s “help” pages are as useless as they always were.

  • jg

    Having now read countless other people’s complaints, on this and other websites, I ask myself. Is there ANYBODY–except Yahoo and its genuis designers–content with this new system? And does Yahoo actually care? Perhaps some Yahoo genius would like to respond–but I still haven’t met any serious attempt by them to do so.

  • Alice

    Not being able to go back to classic is horrible. I hate the ipad version of email. It is difficult to clear old emails and you can’t sort them and the “search” doesn’t work either. Very disappointing, not to mention frustrating.

  • Teri B.

    I am *begging* you to return Yahoo Classic mail. The new version does not work well on Ipads-which is what I use 95 percent of the time. I cannot use the app because Ipad 1 does not support it. I hate to even consider this, but I’ve just opened a Gmail account and if Yahoo Classic is truly gone for good, so am I.

  • Val

    The new version stinks. I get an error message and the email won’t display about 55% of the time. Doesn’t matter what browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) nor what operating system (Mac, PC, both older and newer units). It even does it on my paid business email account. If I didn’t dislike gmail so much, I’d switch. As it is, I’m looking at paid options to move my email service to. Yahoo really screwed up with this one. What were they thinking? Does no one in Yahoo Corporate use their own service, to be able to see what’s happening?

  • http://Yahooemail Martha

    Boooo!!! To the new version of Yahoo email! Booooo!!!

  • KRB

    The new Yahoo sucks. Every time I click on an email, the page shifts back to the home position. Have to click about 3x to finally get to view. NO delete button at the bottom of the page…really? I thought we had perfected this once already! After viewing email, you have to scroll back tot he top to delete it! Ridiculous! Also, my emails do not show up necessarily after the new email indicator shows. I check emails once, refresh the page, no new emails. Log on an hour later, and I have emails that are 2-3 hours old…doesn’t make sense… PLEASE give me the old yahoo back!

  • Patrick

    I have spent two weeks complaining to Yahoo customer support about various problems with the new Mail. 1. Messages will not load. 2 Blank inbox where all messages have disappeared. 3. Unable to reply to a message as the original message refuses to load. 4 Long delays between clicking Send and the email getting sent.That is just for starters. The latest email from Yahoo customer support dismissed all my issues as being the fault of my browser or computer even though I sent them about 15 differing screenshots of problems. They posted a message to my draft folder and decided that becuase they could do that my mail was working perfectly. I had already told them I had used several computers in 3 different countries, some mine and some in the airline business lounge. They refuse to acknowledge they have a problem and until they do, there is no hope for any solutions.

  • Werbe

    The new mail is not working well. Impossible sometimes, very slow other times to switch between folders.

  • Steve

    I added comments earlier today. Anyone know why they didn’t post?

    • Steve

      OK, so this one showed up. Guess I’ll have to try to remember what I had said. Shame on me for not making a copy!

      • Steve

        OK, so I tried again to post my comments and they won’t post. Anyone have an answer or suggestion?

  • Debby Ledbetter

    I do not understand how to use this new e mail, I cannot seem to delete all the mail that I want to delete;I don’t know what those dots are for…I just don’t like it! If someone whould tell me HOW to use it maybe I would like it!

  • Jennifer

    I can’t stand the new yahoo… I WANT YAHOO CLASSIC BACK.. whoever made the new yahoo mail is completely a moron.. it sucks. You would think yahoo would want people to continue using their mail but now they have gone and made alot of yahoo loyal mail clients really upset over losing classic version. I know I will be changing mine Google here I come.. Yahoo can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce

    And the irony is that no one at Yahoo will pay any attention to any of these comments or what their customers really want. They think they know better than us, what we should want. My big problem is that all my friends and associates have my yahoo email account and changing over to a new address with a different mail provider will be a huge hassle. Some one said Yahoo has “our nuts in a vise” and that is true. I really have to say I HATE the management of Yahoo at this point. I am going to gmail. Yahoo, you loose my $20.00 per year.

  • ginch farbotnik

    I am now searching for an alternative. I don’t like CRAP put in front of me, let alone being forced to use it.
    It is slower than any previous forms of yahoo mail, locks up, tries to search rather than click the link half the time, right clicking for tabs in Firefox doesn’t work with it.
    Interface is just a badly designed Gmail on a budget.
    Hate em both.

  • Amy

    I use gmail for my personal e-mail but use yahoo for business and have been incredibly disappointed with the upgrade. Overall I enjoyed the organization that yahoo offered vs. gmail but now the lag of moving e-mails around is horrible. Also it will complete actions that I tried to complete minutes earlier, deleting non-selected e-mails, and sending e-mails to folders that I didn’t select. It is time consuming to pick through folders trying to find a mis-placed e-mail when the search filter doesn’t pull anything up. Another ‘dislike’ is all of the spam messages that I get. I’ve set up filters containing exact e-mail addresses, and then exact contents (I get the same messages over and over..) and the messages are STILL showing up in my inbox without being sent to the trash folder. When I try to create another filter for it, I get the message “filter has already been created”.. then why am I still getting the spam if a filter has been created? What was the point of creating a filter if it’s not going to work properly? And their online support is a joke.

  • Dori

    Way to busy and distracting!!! All the ads compete for each other. Many are in bad taste. I am not drawn to click any!!! Annoying. Ad presentation could be MUCH better!

    It’s sorta like a bad carnival experience!

    Oh the mail part, it’s o.k. Classic was fine, simple, preferred, Yahoo should go back it and stop trying “organize” things “for” people.


    First of all stop your irritating pop-ups from appearing !!!! :-( :-( :-(

    Now I can not EDIT my CONTACTS ! :-(

    Typing text into e-mail still takes place at snails pace, characters typed appearing slowly one after the other.

    Adios YAHOO MAIL, am mow using outlook.com and gmail.com

    Usint ny ieSpell checker while in this screen, your program shows me another window and had to re-type my comment.

    Your software is CRAP too and shall avoid using this web site.

    Adopt an Alan Sugar attutide and sack imcompetent programmers !!!

  • http://Justinborders.com Justin borders

    I have used yahoo mail for over a decade. I didn’t switch to the new format because I liked the old. Creature of habit I guess. Mid June they made it impossible to access my account. I also have a web page with Yahoo. I can’t access anything. There is no option th upgrade to the mew site to receive mail. All my online profiles and accounts use this account. My retirement account statements bank accounts etc… My ITunes account has been hacked and when I try to reset my password they have no place to mail the confirmation response. Yahoo sucks. They just sh!t on long time customers. I will find another email service. I will stop paying my monthly bill for a web address that no longer works. I will never use yahoo again. I might even switch from AT&T next time I upgrade my phone. I hold grudges for long times against companies that aren’t responsive to customers. I haven’t bought BP gas (Arco) since the gulf spill. I didn’t step into a McDonald’s for over a decade after a clerk cheated me out of a dime and I will never own another HP computer again.

  • Laurie Binns

    I don’t have a problem with the advertising but the software itself STINKS! Slow and glitchy. Locks up constantly. Very awkward to use. Very picky on how you check or uncheck a message, you have to click just so (no matter what computer I’m using) I so miss being able to sort my inbox by contacts, which allowed me to quickly get to the email from people I wanted to hear from. Obviously of course that’s because they want you to scroll thru all the ads. I also personally hate software that is driven by little pictures rather than words (like send, forward, etc) Obviously the users can all read so what’s wrong with labeling the buttons with words? Everybody hated the new version but they stuck us with it anyway – what does that say about their attitude toward the customer? I’m about ready to kiss them goodbye.

    • Nick

      I don’t have a problem with ads either – thanks to Adblock Plus!

  • Kathy

    I can no longer forward a message to my contacts by holding down the control key and going down my contact list and checking off the person. Have no idea who to contact for help–everything is slower and I want a new carrier.. Will check with AT&T

  • Peter

    Just got forced to switch. This is horrible. Side from the privacy issues, with IE10 I only see a few letters of the subject, and the inbox frame is very narrow, with big blank boxes on either side. With Chrome, I cannot download attachments. I have an e-mail account with Comcast, so I will forward everything to that until they restore yahoo classic.

  • Dis Quipped

    (I meant that I have some websites, the url is not http://some. They are not techie sites.)

  • Dawn Byrnes

    Why do you keep changing and adding things on Yahoo email that we don’t need? I don’t need news that is trending, I DO NOT want ads,
    all I want is EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know I can opt out of these ads, but they just keep coming,
    it’s annoying and they have nothing to do with what I search for
    or am interested in. PLEASE STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been using Yahoo for years, and now I have to switch.


    • Poop

      Then try Hushmail. It’s a plane Jane bare bones email with no ads or scans.

    • Nick

      You could try installing Adblock Plus into Firefox

  • William D. Furey

    Yahoo email is very confusing and differcult.
    also why do I need to sign in so much?

  • Sandy Simmons

    The new version of Yahoo Mail absolutely sucks. It’s not user friendly at all. Every time I print out an email that’s one or two lines, so many spaces are inserted in it that I end up wasting two to three pages. This is the worst email program ever.

  • Sandy Simmons

    The new version of Yahoo Mail absolutely sucks. It’s not user friendly at all. Every time I print out an email that’s one or two lines, so many spaces are inserted in it that I end up wasting two to three pieces of paper. This is the worst email program ever.

  • Former ATT/Yahoo Customer

    Cesorship is occuring here!

    Do not mention the idiot chick CEO’s name or link a website that tells the truth about [Y] or your message won’t get through!

  • Chris

    Hey! Is this not what Edward Snowden left the country for……….
    Accusations that The NSA is doing the same thing without permission.
    I don’t agree we Rat on our government BUT people don’t give away your rights! I’ve just spent 5 hours on the phone with ATT Yahoo Mail about this issue.

  • KW

    Been using yahoo email for over 15 years. Never had a problem until this. I haven’t heard a single person say anything good about the new version. It’s clumsy, drab and just plain sucks to use. If someone who had never used yahoo email were to look at classic next to the new version, they would swear the new one was the one from the 1990’s.

  • http://YahooMail ND

    New changes to Yahoo Mail? Horrible changes. Delete function is horrible, filtering abilities are horrible, selecting multiple messages are horrible, its get hung up all the time now having to constantly refresh the page and that’s not only with the desktop version but the mobile version both on my iPad and Android phone are horrible. Not happy with my yahoo mail at all and I used to be a staunch advocate for Yahoo. Do I want them reading my mail? No, but I figured they could all the time so enjoy BUT, changing all the things that made them great are horrible! Leaving Yahoo!

  • TAS

    I hate the new yahoo mail. Right now I can’t delete messages. I also dislike the scrolling for old messages – it takes forever to find old messages now. I am seriously thinking of switching over to my newer gmail account for my everyday email use.

  • Mark

    I get a ton of emails in my box with yahoo and they have totally done away with the being able to select all the emails on a page for deletion. I have to physically put a check mark by every email on the page before it will delete. Then, if I read a email and delete it it starts me back at the email listing page rather than the next email down. ATROCIOUS I have used yahoo mail going on 13 years but this garbage they are pushing is going to force me out HATE HATE HATE it.

  • pal

    Can no longer; spell check, change font, change font size, highlight, placement or color option, no design options.

    No longer opens a new window for email information, so when one needs to go back to the email the whole page has to be closed and I have to reopen Safari and start all over.

    No longer will it insert email addresses from my contact list with a name, when drafting a new email.

  • El

    I simply stopped using my yahoo accounts altogether and opened a GMX account, which does not scan emails. I put an auto responder on my yahoo accounts which says the account is no longer in use because of yahoo’s invasion of privacy. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever use yahoo again.

  • Sn

    Sucks sucks sucks. I have had it for years. Time for a change. A change that I chose .gmail looks better

  • perils

    Now that I have been forced to switch to the new Yahoo mail, it doesn’t work properly. No delete, no reply, no new messages, etc. Yahoo needs to be stabbed.

  • Eliseo Acosta

    When I started using Yahoo.mail a few years ago , I couldn’t be happier , Everything worked just fine, This New Yahoo.mail really sucks.Nothing seems to work right , and it is super slow . we are all going threw this because they are being compensated by those damned advertisements that we are being forced to have on the side of our mail .our pop up blocker seems to be going nuts and the advertisement is what makes the site run so slow.
    I dont know about everyone else , but I would be willing to pay for the classic Yahoo.mail to keep it running without those ads and faster .
    Hence , I would even pay to have the Classic Yahoo.mail back , The New Yahoo.mail Really sucks . I am thinking of just eliminating
    Yahoo.mail all together and find an alternate e-mail that dont give me all this aggravation .

  • Bill

    New Yahoo email for web browser is Awful.

  • Helen

    I’m having serious issues with the new Yahoo mail. I can barely see the pics in it because the screen is now too narrow because of the ads. My emails rarely open. I have trouble opening emails in my inbox. It takes forever to load and usually doesn’t even load after wating. Attachments are nearly impossible. I have trouble sending anything that I’ve stopped sending emails. I’ve also stopped reading my emails because of this and seriously think of closing my account and using other email providers.

    • Poop

      Your emails will be scanned even if you don’t read them.

  • Lisa

    I want YAHOO Classic back.I have nothing but problems. I have to keep signing in eventhough I
    have ” keep me signed in ” checked. This was never a problemwhen I had YAHOO Classic. Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this or should I just divorce my self from YAHOO. The new YAHOO is not used
    friendly @ all. I am allways getting error messages.

  • Janine Polk

    I have two Yahoo email addresses I’ve used for everything for years, and I can’t easily switch to another email service. I also have a gmail address, but don’t like it as well as Yahoo Mail Classic. The corporate yahoos really seem to have their heads up their you know whats….it almost seems like they’re trying to get rid of customers–is that a possibility?? If it’s because they’re rethinking unlimited mail storage, why don’t they just address that upfront without ruining Yahoo Mail?

    So far I’m still on Classic, but was warned that I will be switched over in July sometime.

  • Karen

    Yahoo has always been my go to, most used email address, now I will be migrating away from it as fast as I can move things out. There are other email options out there and I for one will plan on using them and have friends & family eliminating my yahoo account as an email address to contact me. Way to go Yahoo, you just lost a longtime consumer.

  • rob

    really disapointed with yahoo. i have been using classic since 1999 and it has been fantastic but now they have forced this new and awful version upon me. i will be switching outlook.

    • Poop

      Take a look at Hushmail.com
      I’m in the same boat as you and hate to be steered or have my hand forced.

  • dawn meyer

    HELP!! Everything is gone. I can’t search for old email ….my mail shows this week and then march 3. ALL my drafts are GONE! I requested to restore and they sent me an email they did their best and NOTHING! I run a business and rely on finding old emails and using my drafts…has ANYONE else had this. this happened to me in the winter too but it was all restored somehow. I am hoping everything will magically appear. if you can help me please email at badfrog89@yahoo.com thanks

  • Anon345

    The new Yahoo mail absolutely stinks. Unbelievably slow, with the whirly thing going round and round as you wait for messages to load. Most of the time I just give up.

  • Cheryl

    I have written several times for the past 3-4 months about how lousy the ne mail client is,all to no avail….I feel that it just goes on deaf ears.

    As good as it was befor, it is 10 times worse on the other side. I am not surprised that they are loosing customers. They need to FIRE the new person that decided this was a good idea….
    At this time I am forwarding my email to anther address I have….but I do not want to change my email address until I decide what I am going to do long range….I LIKEthe idea ofbein able to get my mail, no mater where I am…whichI cannot do (to my knowledge) with Outlook…anyway…I MUST resolve my mail issues without getting to the end of my day with so much wasted time and my beating on my keyboard because the input takes so long to respond….

  • Poop

    I have a very old Yahoo classic mail account. I can still use it today and have never agreed to email scans. I never log out. You may be able to log back into your classic mail through old news stories (try OMG)by thumbing a comment and using the log in tool. Yahoo, Youtube and google are one now and apparently their monopoly allows them to disregard users. They are convinced they are the only game in town and you have no other choice but to comply. They are wrong and I hope they crash and burn. The majority of people are stupid sheep so I’m sure their monopoly will stand uncontested.

    • Poop

      Try Hushmail.com
      I love it. Zero spam so far and no scans.

  • mario

    New yahoo mail sucks! its confusing and it is slow when i try to download attachments.

  • Diana

    My yahoo email platform changed overnight. The formating has changed to double spacing and I can’t find a way to change it. Help!

  • mhar012003

    I hate the new yahoo mail, It does not give you a preview of your messages, it is slow, the clicks don’t work.
    The format is bland, boring, bring back the classic as an option.

  • Peter

    Wow the new Yahoo Mail is really horrible. We run a successful international Internet business that has used Yahoo Mail Classic as its backbone for customer orders, replies, etc. for the past 6 years.

    Suddenly, nothing works right any longer. The list of drawbacks is too long but the easiest to list are: can’t bookmark a specific message so you can open it as a template anymore, can’t easily copy email addresses to paste to another message, the program is super slow, none of our macros work any longer. We’re definitely leaving Yahoo unless the Classic is offered back. Our daily workload has increased 5-fold in extra time to process Yahoo Mail related submissions since the switchover. Absolutely ridiculous when Classic was so much more user friendly. It reminds me of the unbelievable screwup Yahoo did a while back switching their Finance format, only to revert back within a week or two when everyone complained or left!!!

  • Mark

    The new yahoo mail SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    locks up my computer
    takes too long to load

  • Tia

    Have not been able to access my conversattion history since they move it. When I click the messenger bolt all I get is the option to sign out of messenger. And I can’t create new folders. If you hoover of the + sign next to folders it tells you to hit ctrl + shift + E but nothing happens. I had to switch to basic to make a new folder but there is no messenger on there. I have tried several times to get “help” from the Yahoo Answers page, but all the answers I get are the same as I stated above or they send me articles that tell me the old way from classic. It is soooooo frustrating. And you can’t correspond with one person or call anyone. I don’t understand why they moved the conversation history in the first place. I think I’m using the new “full feature” version but how is it full version when you can’t get to your conversation history?

  • Barbara

    The new Yahoo mail is a piece of _ _ _ _!!!!! I can no longer receive graphics/photos in my e-mails. And that is my whole need for e-mail. Like everyone else, I was asked if I wanted to change to the new Yahoo mail but then was not given an option not to do so. I use AT&T as my provider and they joined with Yahoo mail — thus leaving me no choice there if I go do my AT&T mail site. It is very evident that Yahoo does not listen to their users and cares nothing about us. Their program and those in charge of making changes and decisions are evidentally all very incompetent.

  • GMBrown

    I find I cannot forward messages easily like I used to. The whole new system is very confusing. I get replies from friends who only get blank pages without messages. Please send me back to the old system!

  • Leonard Byrd

    I could care less about the upgrade and more about how they did it. The inserted an invite to upgrade page with only one way out – Push the accept button. They left off the privacy rights they intended to take with the upgrade. Without an exit to the page, they effectively locked me out of my email account until I got another provider. Since AT&T was complicit in this unethical situation – I decided to swap my provider and dropped AT&T for my two home phone lines, DSL and 4 wireless lines. Gave them a week to cure and when they didn’t I voted with my pocket book and pulled my services

  • Patricia Johnson

    I HATE the new mail! Thinking about moving
    So many bugs they still need to work out

  • Carol Coleman

    I can’t understand why anybody or any organization messes with something that isn’t broken. I loathe, hate and despise the new Yahoo Mail look and functions. It’s slow, clumsy and unattractive. Reminds me of a clunker of a car that burns oil, bucks, and slowly gets from Point A to Point B…hopefully. Since Yahoo is far from the only game in town, I’ll cancel my Yahoo email account and go with one of the many, many other email accounts out there. If and when my choice pulls the same stunt has Yahoo has, I’ll abandon it, too, and use another one. There’s no reason for any of us users to have to put up with something we don’t like. Power to the people!!

  • Carol

    Do not like it, will not use it. Simple as that.

  • Carol

    Loathe, hate and despise it. I’m canceling my account and going with another with one of the other kajillion email options out there. Yahoo is far from being the only game in town. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • Kaleb

    Recently I encountered many problems with Yahoo Mail. A number of friends told me their mails to me were bounced back. Many of my sent mails were not in my Sent file. I am using gmail as back up. Another problem is you cannot sort mail according to attachment size for easy deletion. Many times my mails could not be sent out due to temporary problems. No idea why Yahoo Mail kicked out all old versions before they have completed testing for the new version.

  • Max

    Rubbish upgrade, just like Outlook.com. Laggy and lacking simple user-friendly UI features the old webmail used to have. Disabling Javascript at least makes email usable again (although you lose the “check all” button). Yahoo! failed.

    • Max

      PS. Disabling JS also gives you back easy-to-understand text options like Reply, Forward, etc. instead of the mystery meat icons the new version thinks are more helpful.

  • JR

    Absolutely HATE the “new” yahoo mail.. want the classic back.. not intuitive at all and it CONSTANTLY has these short hangups.. piece of crap..

  • Joseph

    My e-mail was hacked. All my contacts are offline. They dissapear for a week then return. All my contacts are off line and yahoo is impossible to deal with correction of this problem. The new format is horrible. I open up another account with another firm.

  • Gloria

    I absolutely HATE the new format..It’s not user friendly at all!!! Going to change to another email provider :(

  • Jay Thompson

    Yahoo’s response to my inquiries were apathetic at best. The best “solution” to my mail issues as provided by their own in-house team was to terminate my account. Thank you Trini & Staff at Yahoo. Keep up the bad work!

  • SJ

    I’m getting more error message popups than open emails lately. Not impressed. Sometimes I wonder if they even tested their new Outlook ripoff because it absolutely wasn’t ready to go live.

  • J.J.

    When I got the message forcing me to convert, it said my mail would load faster! Ha! Faster than what, snails on downers? Also now, I will get emails that will not load. It’s a random thing. One email will open and another won’t, but I’ve noticed that the day after it’s received it will open. I can open them on my phone or iPad, but what a pain!

  • blh



    CANNOT see INBOX mails since I converted to NEWEST YAHOO mail in W7 IE8 and cant even go backwards.

  • Joe

    Select new yahoo link is dead on my X machine but it worked on my 7 machine. Unfortunately for Yahoo I and my 300 contacts are moving to outlook. Yahoo doesn’t work. Spell checker, open mail, delete mail, move to folder, type and wait for text to appear on screen. Just to many issues with the new 6/2013 version. What ever happen to beta testing software? Hope advertisers understand they are losing marketing dollars by staying with Yahoo.

  • KD

    I HATE this new email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HATE it.
    My emails will not open, my emails will not send, I HATE it

  • A Bell

    It’s pretty bad. I now dread checking my email. I’m considering going back to Thunderbird, which means I would have to install it on multiple PCs. I think it would be worth all the hassle. That says a lot about Yahoo Mail, doesn’t it?

  • ch

    I used to love Yahoo email because of the simplicity. I have always used Yahoo for email. This new version is too slow, always saying there is an error and not user friendly.

    It slows me down to have to click on an address to “copy address”. Half the time it doesn’t even copy the address. Copy and paste was easier and faster in the old version. There are too many extra steps.

    Unfortunately I will be switching to Gmail. Never wanted to…..just can’t work with all the errors that come up. It doesn’t matter what office I’m at or what computer I’m using.

    Don’t try to fix something that’s not broke. We could have at least been offered a choice about the upgrade. :(

  • Lawrence Czachor

    Is there any reason to why yahoo took a perfectt e-mail program and turned it into a complete nightmare? What the hell were you guys thinging?

  • http://yahoomailproblems joan morgan

    I too think Yahoo stinks now. Ever since the new CEO Marissa Mayer was hired “everything” has become a MESS. IF ITS NOT BROKE DONT FIX IT! Seems like every day something is different; mail, trying to print an email, format for face book, attachments and now even SHINE.
    There use to be a icon shaped like a bell that would let you know if there were replies to a comment you made on any certain subject, now no bell – so what gives. This is my second write up on this because it read “your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * IN FACT I DID INDEED COMPLETE THOSE, now lets try the same thing again ! It’s time to change to Hotmail or something.
    THIS IS AWFUL ! Oh, have you ever tried calling one of their toll free numbers for support – forget it, you end up in Turkey Or Burma
    (not sure where) but can’t understand them to begin with, so whats the point – just more frustration !

  • Jo Gay

    I absolutely hate the new webmail. It hasn’t worked correctly since it was “upgraded”. As of this morning, it will not let send a new email – it will open “compose” a window but won’t let me type anything in it. It will open 1 – yes, 1 – new email, but won’t let me do anything to it, i.e., delete, move, reply to – anything. I have to close the tab and reopen it to delete the email. This won’t work for other functions, like reply or send a new email. I am stymied as to why people want to “improve” things that don’t need it. Like the one above, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I have set up Outlook 2007 finally because this mail program is so awful. Can’t someone please undo this upgrade???

  • Al Perkins

    The new Yahoo Mail is terrible!

    I could use a lot of swear words to describe it, however that shows a lack of intelligence.

    Now I have ads on the right side of the email page, I can not change the color of the text, I can not change the size of the text for people who are hard of seeing.

    This email is not close to the older Yahoo Mail Classic.

    The to box does not display the names of contacts when I enter the first letter of a contact.

    These are the only faults that I have found in the few hours I have used the new email.

    I will end up changing to someone else and end all connection with Yahoo if they do not put back the Yahoo Mail Classic.
    Never change anything that is working properly.

    I do not see any news, as used to be the case, when I went to Yahoo Mail. This is very disgusting.

    Yahoo listen up and change back to yahoo mail classic, if not I am one person you are going to loose.

    Not only I did not receive any warning that the “classic” was going to be changed, my mail was changed in front of me as I was using it.

    This is one of the worst things any provider of anything can do is change it without notice when someone is using their service.


  • bob

    They have taken away so many good features and offer so little that is good or usable. Wretchedly slow service, CC and BCC limited to 4 only effectively ruining what were my contact lists. I use no other social media but email and this is most disappointing. I am opening a G mail account but have been with Yahoo since Juno dumped on my 3 times looseing all my information. I hate to say by by but by by!



  • Mike

    For a start, I would like to be able to re-size the columns in the message list. Additionally, in the new version, one could select the number of messages displayed on a page, say, 50, 100, or 200. But a few days later this function disappeared.
    Instead, the whole thing is inconsistant; I get 50 to a page one day, 200 the next and so on.
    Sometimes it will delete 200 messages in one go. Then, the ext time, only in multiples of 50.

  • Art Vartanian

    Yahoo mail SUCKS …

  • DHenry

    The new Yahoo mail is horrible. They need to shut the new Yahoo mail down until they get it fixed, and then release it when the system runs properly.

    Right now I can’t open any of my messages!!!???? Also, they are not highlighted so I don’t know which ones are unread. Errrrrrrr!!!

  • dere

    yahoo is finished!! I have had several web-mails accounts over teh years and as they bit the dust had to migrate all the stored mail over to teh hated gmail! Now it looks as if the same is happening with yahoo.
    I guess we all liked FREE email attached to a web portal which you could ignore. But really how does Yahoo believe it can succeed with this – making themselves a poor copy of gmail. If I have to put up with ads then I’d rather not use webmail at all from now on. So goodbye Yahoo – you used to be the best!

  • Mary

    I hate, hate, hate the new format. The print is too small and too light no matter what I do. It’s blah looking rather than the sharper older version. PLEASE replace this with something closer to the older version!!!!!

  • rachelk

    The new yahoo mail is slow and clumsy. If I try to open it my whole PC slows down.

    I don’t think yahoo has any interest in the mail any more, it sees itself as a social network site. When the new-style mail was first imposed, Yahoo’s help pages were (1) Use a popmail program or (2) Close your account. CLOSE your account is a suggested solution!

  • Laleen

    By forcing this ‘upgrade’ particularly on its more mature users, Yahoo has made computer use far too difficult.
    Classic Mail is close to perfection in its useability. It is an easy to use format for millions of your users, particularly those of mature years. You have alienated and caused extreme difficulty for millions of older users.
    I am conscious of my blood pressure rising everytime I sit at the computer wanting to read my emails. It is causing me to feel sick!
    You have forced me to switch to another email provider, which may be awkward, but I prefer to start again rather than be forced to use the ‘new’ Yahoo. Both my Yahoo email accounts will be switched to a new provider in the coming week.

  • http://igoogle Ronda

    I have problems with the new version constantly…can’t click on multiple contacts to send an email…have to manually type their email addresses one at a time. It is slower than a tortoise. Words in paragraphs are all jumbled up. It is one BIG mess !!!!!!!!!!

  • Glenn

    This new yahoo has rendered my heavily used yahoo account virtually non functional at the desk. Luckily, I can access my email on an ipad, thankfully without the advertising also, so their invidious and incompetent design changes are wasted on me.

  • Sheilah

    They really screwed up with this. Now in order to attach large files you have to use an outside vendor called Drop Box.

    Everything about the new Yahoo mail is awful. Sending emails; getting to mail within sent folders. The lag time is terrible; and I typically have to do things 8 times before it actually happens.


  • mk

    The new Yahoo! email is absolutely horrible. Aside from not receiving emails from my suppliers, therefore delaying my estimates to my clients, it locks up. It freezes up if I use it for more than 10 minutes. How in the world can an upgrade be such an epic fail. Absolutely horrible.

  • Dan L

    Yahoo ‘fixed what wasn’t broke.’ I HATE (HATE!) the interface. Loved Yahoo Mail classic. It was simple and it worked well(!)

    For me one of the BIGGEST problems is doing an advanced search. Can’t choose to search by ‘subject’ or ‘by sender’ etc.

  • Sam

    We lost the scroll bar, now I have to use the next/previous button, this is annoying!

    Also no exact count of how many e-mail are in each folder, it now only says 999+ while before we had the exact number.

    Without judging the impact of mail scanning and ads, Yahoo went backward on the user interface, they were so good for all these years and more advanced compared to the competition. In fact e-mail has been one of the strong point for Yahoo, this is now changing… I am looking for another provider.

    So Yahoo please re-enable those features!

  • Will

    The new email can’t handle multiple attachments well and you can open an email in a new window. Let me repeat that. YOU CAN’T OPEN AN EMAIL IN A NEW WINDOW!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!! It’s useless for working through you emails on a two-screen system. It has retro-functionality. They are actually removing functionality from the product. The “basic” version is a joke obviously designed to force you back to the new version. I have to go back and forth just to get basic functionality.

    Yahoo is on the way down and this may be noted as the “jump the shark” moment. What is the best alternative for professionals? I’ll pay for good web email? Gmail or Hotmail?

  • Hirrosson

    I used yahoo for 10+ years. Now they have FORCED new version which has the following problems:-
    1]It does NOT have visible LOG-OUT button and one must find it then only log out!
    2]It is dead slow and sometimes takes you back to another page asking you to be visible to the WHOLE WORLD!

    3] BIGGEST AND MOST UPSETTING,MOST SERIOUS PROBLEM IS THAT I CANNOT SEE NOTHING IN MY INBOX. I am still using IE8. This INBOX is ONLY visible if I hit REPLY or FORWARD button>now I could see what was in the original mail!

    4]THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO GO BACK TO newest but BASIC MAIL which of course has no SPELL CHECKing and very very basic and also not available once you switched that’s it!

    • jan

      i havent switched yet (yes, cant access mail.)

      what do u mean “NO EASY WAY TO GO BACK TO newest but BASIC MAIL…”? “GO BACK TO newest”?

      and by “also not available once you switched”? do u mean one must select basic right off?

      is the ‘search mail’ function in basic like classic?!

  • Pat Stoughton

    Yahoo stinks now. I have it through Firefox. It constantly times out, telling me it’s my system. I have a private email through Comcast and never have a problem. And the ads! For me specifically? I don’t think so. I don’t order movies and get constant movie trailers. I am married so I’m certainly not on sites to find men. And to be so slow.

    I thought this new mail was to make things more smooth? I prefer Classic.

  • Forced to use ISP mail

    It’s a hideous javascript spaghetti code mess. Its performance is worse than Gmail! How is that possible? If I wanted GSnail, I’d be using it (or non-using it as it were). One of the reasons I kept using Yahoo is because it was lightweight. But I knew they would pull a stunt like this someday, which is why I archived my e-mail and never entered any contact info. There is no way they beta tested this system. Its release was an order from on high, issued from the lips of a running mouth attached to a pair of deaf ears.

    I could be running my own SMTP server with my own lightning-fast Webmail. Oh wait, I can’t because AT&T blocks port 25–that way they can double-dip by charging me Internet access fees, and also charging them to my hosting company. I am considering hosting my own webmail front-end internally on my network and connecting through IMAP. I can VPN in with my smart phone if I’m on the road. I recommend this fix to all the techies out there.

    p.s. For the apologists: this is not a free service! I pay for it because this is AT&T’s only e-mail option.

    • Forced to use ISP mail

      Hey folks, here’s a workaround. The basic format doesn’t look as good as the older version, or the version before that, but here’s what you do:

      1. Disable javascript
      2. Go to the Yahoo mail site and say continue anyway
      3. Go to mail options and ‘Mail Accounts’
      4. Put all your accounts in ‘Basic’ mode
      5. Enable javascript
      6. Don’t click on the upgrade link ever again

      • jan

        hey, thnx! i’m no techie, at all(!), but will try this. can i yet archive my many, many saved emails? can u help w info on how to? (i tried the new mail last winter and switched back when i saw how dysfunctional ‘search mail’ was!!!) haven’t even pressed ‘switch’ and so i cant go to my mail. been waiting to find something to do, to try. thnx again, j

  • http://Yahoomail Ted

    This is not an improvement! PLEASE, at least make Yahoo mail classic an option for those of us that were completely satisfied with that version. Again, this new version is NOT better, NOT an improvement, NOT easier and appears to actually have less options than Classic. To put it bluntly – It SUCKS!

  • Elisha McFarland

    I have used Yahoo mail for years and loved it. The new Yahoo Mail is terrible. It is missing many features of Classic mail which I really liked. I really don’t like the look and feel of the the new email.

  • Kit

    I swore last time they pulled this I was done, then I was given the option to stay with classic. The new version is HORRIBLE. My emails are all jumbled up and spread so far apart I have to scroll and scroll to get to the bottom. And I haven’t even gotten into using it, this is just based on the first email read on the “new and improved” Yahoo. It’ll take a while to do a little research and find a new provider, but I mean it this time, I’m DONE with Yahoo.

  • Mike Lane

    I am not impressed at all that Yahoo has shut down Yahoo Classic Mail!
    I will use the new interface for a while because I have NO choice, but if I find any problems or I get frustrated at all with it I will transfer all my mail activity to Gmail or another substitute.
    WTF were they thinking??? Stop making things MORE difficult for people!

  • Kim


  • http://YAHOO.COM chris

    The New Yahoo… SUCKS !!!!
    How come I have to keep clicking on the “Keep me loggged in”
    I have to delet all the spam page cannot select which ones I want to keep….
    Need to change it all over to AOL.COM
    It was a good run …see ya !!!!!

  • David


    • bc

      Right! Now I have to move all my business and personal stuff just because some overpaid IDIOT forced a change that is completely unneeded and UNUSABLE for me and many others!
      I cannot read my emails so I cannot put up with it.

  • Trapped Yahoo User

    I was using a URL that still went to “Classic”. Today they forced the change anyway. This new Yahoo Mail is HORRIBLE – really a four letter word. Marissa should be ashamed. FIRE HER and bring back “Classic”!

  • valerie

    Why can’t newer/better be easy to understand and use. I don’t like it at all.
    I have to type in an address to forward an email
    Someone help me!

  • neytcev

    Hate, hate the new Yahoo browser and i hate much more the manner in which they do it! By force! And why? Because they think that we will do nothing! But if i will have not a chance to restore the old version i will realy delete my account forever and will try to give them in the court! If i seem to be nervous, so yes, i am! :)

  • Robert

    Yahoo needs to ask the users first and if they agree then they can change it. I’ve worked with Yahoo mail classic for the past 7 years and I was very happy but now I’m very angry of this forced change.
    I also have a computer which is old so with the new mail it is extremely slow. I hope Yahoo to read all the fair complaints and to give us the chance to still use the Yahoo mail classic which is miles away better than this nasty “improved” version.

  • Russ

    I have loved it for years; as soon as I can I’ll dump the retched mess.

  • Dazy

    I was forced to switch today. Those A holes didn’t transfer anything from my notepad and I lost all my important notes in my notepad! Yahoo Sucks!

  • jan

    I tried the new mail last winter and switched back. I’m afraid to even use the new one now. Concerned about mail search! We need to be able to search by keywords/phrases/etc! I’ve saved many, many messages like a kind of archive of info, connections, ideas, facts, links, etc..

  • Judidth Rothstein

    The new and undesirable Yahoo is almost completely useless to me.
    As soon as possible, I’m going to leave Yahoo totally.

  • http://yahoomail Angeline

    Help I don’t want yahoo’s new mail with ads, how can I access mine while refusing their stupid system?

  • ciaran harte

    I utterly detest the look of the new yahoo.co.uk home page.

    it seems that they’ve modelled the whole “front end” on gmail (which i also detest !)

    I find the type face chosen for this new “ski” absolutely patronising.

    I find the colour scheme bizarre and offensive.

    I deeply resent the imposition of their new front end: No doubt forced through by some obnoxious ” overpaid branding management “young talent” forged in the crucible of Silicon Valley cocaine abuse culture

  • tim

    the new yahoo mail sucks bad…it’s like a step backwards in html…looks awful…performs far worse than before…total fail….

  • bc

    IT SUCKS. I cannot see my emails so will have to move, I cannot waste time on such a dysfunctional site. I had yahoo for years because it was efficient. Now it is just too much trouble to use for anything, much less business!

  • Emy

    Until yesterday I could use Yahoo mail classic, today is popping up a window saying to upgrade.
    I did not do yet because I have other Yahoo Mail, The new one and I ma having problems opening emails, it crashes, is the worse ever.
    Hotmail had no issues when switched to new look.
    I am thinking of using the main email any other but not the yahoo one.
    I will keep it for rubbish stuff.

  • Gail

    THIS NEW YAHOO MAIL IS CONFUSING & STINKS! I am an elderly person & really don’t have the time nor the patience at my age to learn a NEW way to simply access emails! There’s a great old saying: “IF IT’S NOT BROKE…..DON’T FIX IT!” All I can say is it had to be a MAN who decided on this ridiculous new email method as women are too smart to change something that actually WORKS…..& has worked just fine for years!!!! Get rid of this new Yahoo Mail………….PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • toto

    Let s all give Yahoo our upgrade : leave it.

  • MaryAnn

    I have had a Yahoo account for at least 10 years but as soon as I can figure out how to get all of my saved stuff out of my email I am done with Yahoo.
    This is an unacceptable way to deal with users especially long time users!
    Shame on you!

  • nunyabizness

    Every-freakin’-day, Yahoo would harass me into upgrading my yahoo mail account. Today, I get some pop up message saying that I HAVE to upgrade or lose access to my email account.

    New Yahoo mail sucks. It’s awkward, clunky and hard to navigate.



  • PB

    I do not like the new mail system at all, and am especially irritated that we have no choice in this. I would much prefer to go back to the old system. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Too bad you can’t leave well enough alone. I join the growing numbers of users who are very unhappy with your decision to make these changes.

  • gzodik

    I could even live with the ads and the invasion of privacy, but the interface is “dumbed down”. All information is removed except the text of the message. What is the e-mail address of the sender? Who else was the e-mail sent to? I can’t even add the sender to my contacts.

    I hate to change my e-mail address of many years, but this is hopeless.

  • Troy

    I’m switching to vipersync.com their email service tries for 95% spam blockage…

  • Toby

    we are searching for another email service, yahoo has bit the dust, I am so disappointed with yahoo’s new versions, I hope they fire the developer that designed it.

  • no way

    The new Yahoo Mail is dysfunctional.

    The sign out requires internet speed not present in most of the world and so its impossible to sign out

    Mail fails to load with slow internet speeds.

    Mail fails to open using WIN Vista

    Mail fails to open in IE often

    Mail search fails past 2011

    Mail fails to keep contents of emails open after sign out, preventing use of mail as a reference when internet connection is lost.

    New Spell check fails to load in poor internet conditions.

    Just some of the “flaws” of this enhancement.

    Does any one offer a UNIX like email acct for free? Who?

    I want to go more basic, and have less high byte sucking email servers.


  • tom allen

    I cant find words to express my disgust at yahoo for forcing this awful “new” version on us. I know I’ll lose my email but I’m

  • http://Yahoomail rmontano

    Terrible format and Google’s is just as bad. Would rather pay for something better.

  • Summit

    Yahoo has decided to forward incoming mail to a non-exsitent account. Since I don’t have Mail Plus I cannot change this. If they are going to screw with my account settings I wish they would give me the ability to fix their mistakes.

  • Daniel

    I have a yahoo email account. Don’t normally use it. Did today (10/9/2013). Was EXTREMELY disappointed.

    The interface is confusing, the way messages are displayed lumped together, and the way it “hides” parts of the message composed message it does not think I need to see. Why hide it? God, I hate design idiots who think they “know better”.

    Anyway, I’m in the middle of composing the message. All of a sudden, there is a spinning circle in place of the message. WTF??? I go off and do something else for a while. I come back 20 minutes, spinning circle is still there. I close the browser window, reopen it, turns out the email has been sent, without my clicking on “send”.

    Yahoo makes such crap. Sorry to have to say it.

  • Stacy Cancelarich

    Awful in every way, not useable.

  • Akram

    mark as read shortcut key ‘K’ is not working now. Instead it marks mail as unread. So stupid

  • http://Yahoo Dana Stuart

    I hate, hate, hate the new version of Yahoo mail. It’s just a copy of Gmail, but crappier…If I wanted Gmail, I wouldn’t have been using Yahoo. Does Yahoo really think their customers are too stupid to see this or are they too stupid to see this? I hope they see all the negative feedback & NO! we don’t want to “just get used to it”. I’ll go to Gmail if I have to do that. Yahoo you need to respond to your customer base…the MAJORITY of them are unhappy. The rest just probably just don’t have time to police you.

  • David Strachan

    1. Why change something that works and that people are familiar with?
    People are just trying to get through their mail, but they are now forced to learn a new system.

    2. They had plenty of time to get the bugs out before releasing the software. But today, I couldn’t even delete old messages! Come on Yahoo, this is no way to run a business.

  • kevin

    Keeps deleting sent emails when forwarding so can’t access original message. Very poor compared to classic yahoo mail and Hotmail.

  • peeved

    Yahoo mail SUCKS!!!Nice try but think again Yahoo.I think you’ll need a new Focus group because who ever told you it was an Improvement was full of SH@T.

  • Victor

    The new look of Yahoo mail is very bad.I will do the best I can to go back to the previous version and I am sure I am not the only one.
    OLDIES BUT GOLDIES.If something goes well why should I change it?
    An old retired man in Romania

    Let the good things alive,please !

  • Mary Cox

    How on earth do you print an e-mail (apart from copying and pasting) on the new Yahoo site? Their ‘Help’ feature doesn’t work! So irritating

  • http://YAHOO Kathleen

    This new email system is HELL!!!! The stupid way that email chains are formatted, I have to search through to find the most recent response – and there is no way to save DRAFTS – and there is no way to the inbox or send box by RECIPIENT OR SENDER – this is so horrible – I am in the middle of a job search and cannot change my email at this time – but the moment I land a new position will BE THE END OF MY YAHOO ACCOUNT.
    IT WAS A GOOD PRODUCT – What the hell kind of idiots dreamt up this garbage!

  • Gül Tekay

    I hate this new version of yahoo mail. It is very difficult to use. I have also a gmail account that I find difficult to use; so I used to prefer my yahoo mail. I think I’ll use my official mail address (university mail) more frequently.

  • Jerry Amos

    Previous format had tabs across so I could have several messages open and select different ones with tab.

    This format is dumbed down to have only one message open at a time.

    Do I have to open multiple browsers to be able to switch between?

    Note, this is Microsoft XP with Mozilla browser. Do not have this problem with Ubuntu Linix Mozilla browser.

    What did Yahoo do to remove message tab function and how to get it back? Thanks for any hints.

  • George

    Its ridiculous how slow its gotten. Its one thing to force us out of “Classic” but quite another to expect everyone to just “deal with” a substandard upgrade. I think, subliminally, any ads that are showing when we get annoyed by this slowness will implant a negative thought towards the advertised product/service. What say you??? Gmail for me now.

  • Arno Beaver

    I can’t understand why you would take A system that worked so well and change it to A system that only works when it wants to.And besides The format stinks.

  • Jo

    Yes it suck big donkey %&#@&! What the heck are you guys thinking Yahoo?

  • jb

    It sucks!

  • Jo

    Looks like they are taking Q’s from the Obama healthcare website! The sh%t is now good. They must be based in Colorado……they have smoked to much weed!
    These folks are blind!

  • suzanne

    Yep the new YAHOO mail SUCKS bigtime. I am really busy and I don’t have time to try to learn things I used to do without thinking. Right now I am trying to search my inbox. In yahoo classic, I didn’t know how to search, for example, my sent mails. Now that’s ALL that it will show and I don’t know why. Even worse: it flickered on a list of my inbox mails from that sender but then went to my sent folder. I tried a new search and it just gives me results from sent emails. It will take a while because I’ve had this email address forever but I’m gone to gmail (which btw is also not perfect)

  • Jo

    It sucks!

  • http://yahoomail Ruth Greenstein

    I have subscribed to Yahoo Mail for about 20 years with complete satisfaction. I am having problems with the new switch that they have just done. I can no longer print my emails. Why would they change something that worked so well. Any hints on how to print out my emails would be greatly appreciated.

  • Pero

    By far the worst mail version Yahoo ever put out. I had no problem adjusting to the new releases before, but this format sets us back decade or more. Loved the tabs before and capability of opening multiple messages at once. I either don’t know how to use it or that function does not exist any more. I can’t believe that someone actually has a job designing crappy product like this. I don’t mind the adds, I know someone needs to pay for the free service we’re all using. However, when you have a product that works, just let it be. Upgrade the systems reliability in the background, but fix something that is not broken. I am confused how everything works, you open one thing and close another, you can’t work in multiple windows, oh my God, I feel like we are back at the beginning of the Internet era when everything just starting. I could write pages and keep repeating myself about how horrible this is, but I’ll stop and say it just doesn’t work. Get a grip Yahoo and make a good product. It may actually reflect on your stock price as well!!!

  • nandini sadasivaiah

    I have hard time moving my emails to folders so I delete them when I want to keep them. If possible I do not want to change my email provider as I have given this email address to everybody including all my business contacts. I do not know what to do!

  • Felix

    FIGHT BACK! Write to the CEO of Yahoo and tell her what you think of the new Mail. The address is:

    Ms. Marissa A. Mayer, President & CEO
    Yahoo! Inc.
    701 First Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    Note that the exclamation point is actually part of Yahoo’s official corporate name.

    • Kunle Adebanji

      Hi Felix,
      Thanks for that address but do you have her email address? The new Yahoo really sucks.

  • Marda

    Any suggestions/recommendations on email provider/service? I’m leaving Yahoo Mail. Can’t work in their new environment!

    • Sandy


  • Merle

    I absolutely hate it – cumbersome, irritating – bring the old version back or improve this rubbish that we now have. Thinking of moving to gmail – preferred Yahoo, but no longer :(

  • Joe

    Yahoo is too slow for slow internet connections. I used classic for mail but now that it is gone I will switch email accounts

  • Joyce

    I hate the new mail. I have been a yahoo user for 15 years and hate the new mail. It is really annoying if you reply to an email and want to change the subject, you can’t!! The email is not all going through and it is a real pain

  • Beth

    Hate the new Yahoo Mail. Usability issues galore. Terrible redesign.

  • Dr. E

    Please fire the guy who thought this would be better than Yahoo Classic. Then give him a horrible reference so that he never messes with anything else on the internet ever again. When this is done, you can email me at Gmail. Thank you.

  • Pam

    YAHOO is now totally unusable! This is utterly disgraceful. All your changes don’t make any sense – AND DON’T WORK!

    I won’t put up with this any more – I will go to an email site that knows what it is doing, as obviously YAHOO hasn’t a clue!

  • Esther Rydell

    I hate this new mail!!! They need to give us a choice. I’m not happy.

  • panin29

    I hated the new mail too. So, in Firefox I installed a user agent add on and selected IE 6 on it. That meant I was broadcasting to websites that I was using IE 6. This enabled me to get yahoo classic mail back.

    BUT WAIT! Before you do something like this, think about it. I hated Yahoo Classic even worse. I really wanted to get the new version back. So I did everything I could think of: disabled the user agent, uninstalled the user agent add-on, installed an add on that was supposed to cancel what the user agent add on was doing, uninstalled and completely reinstalled firefox, messed with firefox’s about.config settings for user agents (none of which I could reset as Firefox’s site told me to do as they were disabled), cleared my history, cleared my cache. I am now broadcasting “Firefox 24” loud and clear but I still cannot get that idiot yahoo mail program to let me out of the stone age and back to their latest version on my primary email account. The link does nothing, all my fixes were for naught.

    Yes, you can get your yahoo classic back whenever you wish. There are similar user agent fixes for IE and other browsers besides firefox. But please think carefully before your revert to Yahoo Classic this way. You may really regret it, especially if you use firefox. Once you turn back, idiotic yahoo will not let you upgrade.

  • Sandy

    IT SUCKS! One of the most stupid features I’ve encountered is this: Let’s say you received 2 emails from different people (Ann and Bob), with the same subject of “website” … well, those 2 emails are lumped into 1 line with a “from” of “Ann, Bob” with a tiny drop down arrow. They *assume* you are corresponding back and forth about the same thing … WRONG! I totally missed an important email because they had lumped it in with another one with the same subject line. I am REALLY considering dropping my Yahoo account over this. SO NOT USER FRIENDLY

  • woehoo.com

    Oh so sucks. The side bar ad does not allow for smooth scrolling of email messages. What were you thinking woewho?

  • Marsha

    Are the Yahoo people on drugs? Why did you mess with a good program? Why are the commands (delete, forward, etc.) at the bottom now. Why are ALL the thread msgs at the top? How do I change the subject line? Where and how do I even enter a subject? I am going to be switching to another email program. You have managed to decrease my productivity by 100% with your ‘new’ email program. IT SUCKS!

  • Lucy Hahn

    The oldest messages appear at the top, and you have to go to the bottom to find the newest one. My contacts don’t do this. They respond to emails I sent 2 weeks ago, and are confused and annoyed (e.g. turning up for an appointment that they already had with me 2 weeks ago and thinking I’m standing them up). Most of the emails I delete come right back into my inbox so I have to delete them twice. When I move an email into a folder, it highlights the one above the one I chose and may be putting things in the wrong folder. The display of folder names is so narrow I can’t tell some of them apart. There is nothing good about the new Yahoo. The only version I liked was Classic. When I switched (under duress) to the older ‘new’ Yahoo, it deleted 4,000 emails I had retained. Before that happened, a tech had tried for a week to transfer all my saved emails to gmail or something similar, but he couldn’t make this even after I paid for Yahoo Plus. It’s difficult to send any message to Yahoo or get help. Horrible.

  • Kunle Adebanji

    Why is there no option to revert to an earlier version? This is frustrating. I’ve had to start using my alternate ID. Can’t even recall getting any notification to change over????
    Umph! Yahoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Syed Abdullah Khadri

    After upgrading, the new yahoo mail is not opening at all. What is the remedy to this?

  • Anne

    Yahoo classic bring it back it’s cocked up all our filing at work it’s made it difficult to use if it’s not broke leave it alone and yahoo Classic wasn’t broke’!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Maxthon Dear Mike

    The new layout is confusing and does not work well at all go back to the one previous to this or lose my account

  • Stephen

    I feel so helpless that I cant open my mailbox yet I am expecting very important and urgent mail. What is happening?
    When I click icon it show on the top bar of the screen and then stops with letter Y.

  • m

    Totally bad. Creating my AOL account that I left and leaving this stupid site. Whose idea? It was the best especially for people with disabilities like me. Hard to get rid of that Spam mail with a $ sign surrounded by a star. Why?

  • Dr Tean Mitchell

    Why do companies insist on breaking something that doesn’t need fixing! Apart from the appallingly bad design… can YOU find the email you want? There are loads of loss of function and weird changes to the set up which have me looking for a new provider after at least a decade with Yahoo. Just a few reasons to be annoyed:
    * Loss of tabs to open more than one window/mail. * Why can’t I open attachments that I sent people any more or those sent to me. I have to download, find and THEN open! * Why are SENT mails in the INBOX? * I know it’s “ME” that sent or received my mail!
    I could list tens of problems which I’m now experiencing.. desperate to find a new email provider now.

    • prabha

      i totally agree.

  • terence falk

    The new yahoo mail sucks. Its a complete waste of my time and effort. It lags, it stalls, it cant send a few low res photos. It is a complete mess.

  • http://Yahoomail Chris

    The new yahoo mail 2013 update sucks!!!!! Why did you change it? I might as well switch to gmail.

  • B

    cant sms any more new mail is a big pain

  • prabha

    IT SUCKS! basic functions are missing. like forwarding mail and trying to insert a new address from the contacts , it wont do! it does not auto fill the address! so i have to make a ‘compose’ email, find the address, and cut and paste that to the forwarding mail!..and they have it in such a way I have no idea what is being forwarded!! it doenst show! wish i could just go back to the classic email. it just drives me nuts …. on a busy day when you are trying to handle a hundred other things , u dont have time to sit around and figure out these things….just want something that works and be done with it….another thing , they keep asking me to change my password..every week now…that means changing everything my email attached to! i m so frustrated.

  • Sue

    Can only assume that Yahoo have become tired of pleasing their customers and decided that the future would be brighter with a client base of, say, 10 worldwide. Would have more success bopping myself repeatedly on the nose with a wet lettuce that trying to use this poor excuse for an email service. Terrible appearance, all useful facilities apparently revoked, called the helpdesk and couldn’t even make myself understood to the member of staff answering the phone. Am switching over to Google pronto.

  • Ken Peplowski

    Awful, awful, awful!!!! Less options, more confusing, and I’ve had old emails disappearing on me!!! Unbelievable.

  • Phil

    I’ve had yahoo email addresses for years now, but it’s really awful lately, in fact it’s crap. I can’t add emails or domains to my ‘blocked address’ box, I’ve tried but it won’t have it. Too much spam gets through, and now I can’t see the senders email or domain when I point the curser at the sender as before, so have to open the email which I know is spam.

    Yahoo, sort it out or lose us, your email stinks now.

  • Pat Barger

    1. It’s really slow
    2. It’s really slow
    3. It’s really slow

  • Pat Barger

    1. It’s really slow
    2. It’s really slow
    3. It’s really slow
    I also did NOT get an email telling me there was going to be a change. It just happened in the middle of the afternoon a couple of days ago!!!

  • Harvey

    It is awful. First, I was not able to change the subject line. I finally find how to do that. Click on a little arrow type thing.

    Today I can’t send emails and when I click on Inbox, nothing happens.

    Don’t the web designers believe in beta tasting?

    Where is new CEO in all of this. Maybe all she cares about are ads and eyeballs what the company calls “news”.

    I am now switching to Google mail. No problems there and no junk emails.

    Wall St. should be sending our Short Yahoo stock messages.

  • Delores Schwieder

    Hate it, ridiculous, what’s with this me, site doesn’t work as well as it did before change. Show new mail and none there. hate the ads. I am already using text on phone to keep in touch more than email. I am looking at other options, have eliminated google as they aren’t any better.

  • Keet

    The new mail is quite frankly Terrible. I use it for business and I have spent all day trying to figure out what is what with customer emails. I don’t have time to try and figure out how to use a mail service. To many problems to list here. I will begin to transfer to another Mail provider.

  • stevieod

    If the powers to be don’t see by the negative comments on the ‘new’ yahoo email how they screwed up, then all is lost. When yahoo first began this ‘improved’ version, I could not log into my email account.

    When I finally was able to log into my email account a few months later, what was displayed on the screen was a disaster. There is nothing that I could do to correct this situation.

    The so called ‘programmers/developers’ that yahoo is currently employing are a waste of yahoo’s money. The new ‘hotshot’ kids in corporate should be fired, their ideas do not resonate with the yahoo user base.

    In the end, I will reiterate what most of the posters here are saying, “yahoo sucks”.

  • Mary

    I am quite upset with yahoo for forcing us to use their new fancier version of email. It has sloooowwed my computer waaay down!!! Plus not giving us an option and the invasion of privacy!!

  • AT

    This is a downgrade NOT an upgrade. Total confusing when reading mail- older mail showing at the top of the page, and you have to scroll right down to see the last mail sent or received in a thread. Page layout really tiny. Why am I seeing mail from other contacts showing up while I am replying to another contact – I HATE IT AND WILL BE MOVING MY ACCOUNT. THIS IS RUBBISH!!!!!

  • AT

    Well well – just discovered that emails from one contact automatically were included in email I sent to another contact. TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT EMAILS, NOT COPIED OR ASSOCIATED WITH ONE ANOTHER, JUST RECEIVED A FEW MINUTES APART .



  • http://yahooemail Richard Hardy

    This change to yahoo mail, without a doubt, is the worst move ever! I sent an important paper to an office…with all the crap you have to wade through, I didn’t realize it didn’t get sent! Without a doubt, this is the dumbest move EVER!

  • Mike

    Why do I have to sign in ten time a day to check my mail? Even when I check “keep me logged in”???

  • Donald Cox

    Apparently yahoo wants to go out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://damnthematrix.wordpress.com/ Mike

    I’ve been with the same yahoo email address since about 1995…… but I’m over yahoo. I’ve already abandoned yahoo groups, and I’m switching to riseup.net which is secure in any case….

    Goodbye Yahoo…..

  • Donald Cox

    Yahoo email stinks.
    The Classic was the best there was.
    If you are a serious email user Classic was the best – flexible/functional/practical and designed to be usable.

    If I had wanted gmail, I’d have used it rather than Yahoo.
    I hate gmail.
    I only use gmail as an alternate email.

    The best I can say about the new yahoo mail, is that it is at best an abortion of gmail.

    The new crowd at Yahoo must have escaped from a “nut” house.
    They don’t have a clue.

    I am trying really hard to remain “civil” about all this.

    You would think yahoo had something more profitable for their people to do other than totally screwing up peoples’ lives.

    • Jae

      If the programmers at Yahoo were working on a volunteer basis, they would be overpaid!

      It’s useless. And an epic fail.

      Fortunately Hotmail solved all my problems.

  • peter

    The new email is practically unusable. I hate it. It may be time to switch to gmail or even outlook.com.

  • Donald Cox

    They need to send Mayer back to google. Better still just get rid of her like they did Bartz and also get rid of all the people either of them brought on board.

  • Donald Cox

    yahoo needs to get rid of the “google” effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave


  • Tom

    The e-mail looks so different and worse— its like looking at text from 20 years ago — what was wrong with classic in the first place— and are the adds placed everywhere so that people will become so discouraged that they pay for the premium e-mail (or stop using anything related to yahoo?

    • JJ

      or we can just go to google

      • Jill

        I have to use up 750 business cards to dump Yahoo! and go to Gmail!

  • Tom

    The e-mail looks so different and worse— its like looking at text from 20 years ago — what was wrong with classic in the first place— and are the adds placed everywhere so that people will become so discouraged that they pay for the premium e-mail (or stop using anything related to yahoo?

  • JJ

    I DESPISE the new yahoo. After 15 years, why did they put the send, spell check, etc. on the bottom? I have three yahoo email accounts. I am finally ready to move to google.

    • Jill

      I agree — everything is irritatingly arranged — harder to print now also. Obviously, convenience is NOT a priority with Yahoo!

  • Jill

    I don’t mind the new Yahoo! free mail or the ads, but it will not let me send replies, and they junked the great selection of text and fill colors. Also, you can no longer set the text color and have it work automatically — you have to type the message, select it, and then change the color. Once again, Yahoo! makes a change for no apparent reason that just irritates the hell out of me! Why?

  • Kathleen Aiello

    I hate Yahoo. They constantly change the look of email and make everything so difficult to navigate. I’m ready to dump Yahoo and go to Gmail.

  • lumenca

    Poor design for the new release. The majority of the feedback is negative.
    Change to the old version. It was easier, friendly and clear.

  • Bruce

    It’s terribly inconvenient for me. Change it or I’m through with yahoo after 20 years.

  • Yvonne Riordan

    Just awful. The new yahoo email is not user friendly. I hate the emails being stacked up and the “Me” business is just very confusing. I’m not able to search by sender or subject which is something I sometimes need to do. If I was able to search by sender I daresay “Me” would come up in a long list – how daft would that be! Why change something that was good and user friendly. This re-vamp is not popular and hasn’t improved anything. Just complex and confusing. Why can’t things be left alone when they work well – someone has been paid a lot of money for this god-awful design and should really be shown the door!

  • Irma De Brandt

    This new system is the pits… I can’t access my lists of contacts when I want to write an email, I can’t seem to safe a draft… what the hell did you do without giving us any explanations on how to use this new system!

  • Prem

    It’s horrible. Not user friendly.Not intuitive. Slow and looks weird. Can’t get anything done.

  • chazz


  • Jae

    I HATE IT. Why, you ask? Here’s my top few complaints:

    1. Since the upgrade my emails take anywhere from 12-24 hours to arrive to any Gmail recipient.

    2. Today all the links have broken. I can open an email, but the buttons for Reply, Reply All, Forward, etc. as well as all my folders, are BROKEN. Dead buttons. My email is useless to me. The only button that works is the Send Feedback one… which I’m sure isn’t even monitored or read.

    3. No option to delete an email after reading/replying to it. You close out then go back to your inbox then delete it from there. Isn’t the point supposed to be becoming more streamlined, not more redundant?

    4. The apostrophe. The dreaded f’n apostrophe. For God’s sake, how hard is it to have an apostrophe show up as itself in an email, rather than as &apos or whatever the f’n HTML code is. HOW FREAKING ANNOING trying to read an email that’s full of that HTML code everytime there’s a conjunction or possessive.

    I’ve been using Yahoo for 15 years, they’re clearly trying to compete with Google and their hundreds of millions of users by “improving” their system… EPIC FAIL.

    Non-stop issues since the upgrade, and the only thing that fixed all of them for me? Switching to Hotmail.

    Good riddance, Yahoo.

    • Jae

      Oh, and I forgot to mention:

      5. IT’S SLOOOOOOOOOW. Slow doesn’t even describe it. Is there something between slow and reverse? That’s what it is.

  • Carla

    I have used Yahoo for years. I point my Network Solutions account to Yahoo Mail. You made a change, did not send out an email blast, and it is affecting my business. Shame on you Yahoo for NOT giving us the option to go back to the previous version. This is wrong and not professional. I NEVER gave Google a second thought, until now!!

  • http://yahooemail ron dykes

    all of a sudden, on my android tablet, my yahoo mail will not pull up the message. i’m getting the notice of a message but when i click on the message it will not pull up. the indicator just keeps spinning.cleared cache and no help.

  • http://Yahoomail Joe B.

    I cannot access Mail Options & therefore cannot retrieve preferences in order to change themes.

  • Chinx the Jinx

    Well everything is constantly changing anyway, so I don’t have major issues while the new Yahoo mail is trying to figure out things.

    It would be convenient to be able to sort the messages newest to oldest in a string. It’s a bit time consuming to find the latest message on the mobile. Having the folders show in the list is also extremely helpful. Please get rid of the additional step of having to click on the ‘folder’ icon to reveal the list of folders.

  • Kiril

    I use Yahoo Mail for 10 years now, and this is the worst mail interface I’ve ever seen. Not only that – it constantly has problems: I cannot send mails and sometimes I cannot read them!!! It sucks, big time.

  • http://yahoo kiki

    I have a hard enough time keeping up with all this new technology since I’m old and I do not even know how to send a text. Yahoo was about the only thing on my PC I felt comfortable with. I’m very sad and upset since I don’t understand how the new version works, can’t even send an attachment with a picture of my dog to the grandchildren. This is all so unfair and it was unnecessary for Yahoo to due this. I HATE IT! I HATE YAHOO NOW!…..IT’S MADE SO MANY PEOPLE’S LIFE MESSARABLE….PUT THE BASIC BACK NOW!

  • http://yahoo kiki


  • l

    I hate this it totally sucks, such a regression WHY ????

  • Dennis

    It is so damned bad. I can’t believe they did this without asking if you wanted it. I want out. Give me the old system or I’m going elsewhere. Who were the fricken propeller heads that came up with it. They better send them back to IT school. Or are they doing an Obama and trying to piss people off on purpose just because they can. What idiots. There is not a derogatory enough term in any language to describe what they’ve done. There wasn’t a damned thin wrong with the old system. Yahoo you are stuck on stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jamuna

    It is so frustrating, I can’t read my emails, I can only see one or two lines, it is so user unfriendly it is not funny, it is so annoying and frustrating, I’m thinking of changing my account. Really frustrated, I don’t know why they constantly keep making changes, the more changes they make the harder it is to use, so stupid you can only read 2 lines of a messages, whats the point in that! :(

  • Khalid

    I have been using yahoo since the last 5-6 years and what an experience it has been. LOL. Every time a new feature is added or the UI is revamped, I just felt it was a wrong move. When will they improve?

  • Shola Friedensohn

    I agree with lots of the above comments. Some of the issues can be changed in preferences, but I have one I can’t figure out: if I have been looking at emails in Yahoo for a few minutes, and I either send something or try to get back to my inbox after doing something else in yahoo email, suddenly nothing appears—no inbox, no drafts—-can’t compose, nothing. The only thing I can see is the structure, but no content. The only way to get it back is to sign out of yahoo email and then sign in again. This is ridiculous!
    Too bad Yahoo did such a lousy job of re-vamping. I may switch to something else if these issues don’t get fixed.

  • DB

    My yahoo email accoun keeps coming up ” A connection failure has occurred please reload the page or verify that your network connection is active.” The network connection is active. What’s up with this. Any suggestions?

  • Pat Menendez

    Yahoo is doing the best job imaginable of alienating it’s users! They are going to do what they are going to do and they do not care at all about the people who signed up and supported them! People signed up for Yahoo mail for mail, just like why people signed up for other email services. Now email is the last thing of interest to Yahoo and they are trying to force their users into accept things they are not interested in! Classic mail was the most user friendly attractive email on the planet. It had mastered what it was made for. Now we have a jack of all trades so to speak with email at the bottom and non of it any good!! What Yahoo is doing to their users is fabulous for the competition!! But maybe this is Yahoo’s way of getting out of email service?

  • Simon

    I have had problems with the redesigned yahoo mail service ever since it was imposed on me last week (in the UK, so probably later than for US users). If I opt for the ‘advanced’ version I cannot open my folders of stored messages, and the themes toolbar opens itself up all the time, getting in the way of whatever I’m trying to do. If I opt for the basic version, I have no access to text editing tools and email addresses no longer auto-complete. Neither version has the message tabs that previously existed. Either way, it’s much less usable and much more frustrating than before, and I can’t see how this is any kind of improvement. I tired complaining to Yahoo, but guess what? The feedback function doesn’t work either.

  • sharon

    Why I can not access my email in China? Why they need verification? Why they have to let you choose the verification code in yahoo email which you can not sign in and get new code? What is sucks now for this email?
    Is there any way to open my email ? WASTE MY TIME !!! WHO CAN HELP TO ANSWER THIS?

  • V. d. Wyngaert

    The new yahoo is really very bad. I’ts reaaly the most bad version they’ve ever made. What was wrong with the old classic yahoo. It worked well, was fast (the new one is EXTREEMLY slow), …
    I think this is really very unprofessional of the Yahoo team.

  • Reyna Simon

    I do not like the format, at all. Send button at the bottom? Only one e-mail open at a time? Threading when you don’t want it? Not seeing the folders? No thank you.

  • Jacquelyn Smith

    I HATE the new yahoo mail. I’ve had yahoo for YEARS. Today I am looking for a replacement

  • KEAKA-2

    This proves (again) that what is “newer” is not necessarily “better”. The “new” Yahoo email is a piece of crap. I pay Yahoo annually to use its email client, sans ads —- no more. I’m through with Yahoo. The will definitely be losing market share with their stupid “improvement”.

  • http://yahoo andy

    I hate this app this is the worst written interface I have ever used when I go to check mail I get a purple screen advising “related messages are now grouped into conversations” and “conversations can be turned on or off in settings” but does not tell me how to turn this screen off, I hope they hire someone qualified and rewrite this app……..

  • James

    I have used Yahoo mail for years. It was the best. Now it works like gmail. Terrible! How do you disable all these gmail-like pointless features?? Are there any other providers that provide a Yahoo Classic email which functions? My world has been turned upside down. Who can I turn to? Please, someone help me!

  • l

    You should admit your mistake and bring back the previous version ,( i dont mean the classic one you put in the sitting options and that’s even worse than the new one)
    no i mean BRING BACK the one you called ” BETA VERSION” and that made you being the best email accounts provider !
    No one likes the new one, it sucks like yahoo never sucked before
    I think you have to be humble and get back to the previous version Thanks in advance

  • http://www.hksconsultants.com/ Kiran


    There is lots of bugs in new yahoo mails.
    – It is running slow compare to old mail version
    – attachment slide show is not working properly. Getting Hang and have to pres Esc buttons to get back to email.
    – Multiple tab option is missing. And its so irritating.
    – When i click on send mail button then its not redirecting properly and showing blank page. But email sent successfully.
    – And some more.

    Thank You,

  • Robert

    Hate the new email, why do they have to change something that works?
    emails do not fully load and cannot see all the icons at the bottom to the right of “send”. Now wasting my time trying to get the new yahoo email to work.

  • Paul

    I HATE this new service. Like with a passion. It is total crap. I keep having emails disappear into Trash, they are all grouped in a string when I want to manage them separately, I have no customer service address that I can find to send a complaint to. And so on. And so on. With service like this, Yahoo deserves to go out of business. Bye-bye Yahoo, hello gmail.

  • AM

    Truly awful. I no longer have access to block mail addresses and filter emails directly to SPAM box as it does not work as either right click or through options. The layout is dire. Like most people have said my fiddle about with something that works fine and go backwards. I am going to use a new mail provider.


    I am a long time user of yahoo, but ready to quit. This new e-mail is really BAD. I have difficulty sending and receiving messages that have been modified or not modified. How can I go back to the Old format?

    • Naldy Dee

      Here’s the tip of the day to get back the previous version of yahoo mail:
      Once you are logged, you would have an url similar to the following:
      (the ## are different for each users and sessions)
      If you replace ‘launch? ..’, by ‘search’ as follow:
      You should get the older, working version.

  • F. Bowen

    New Mail page is terrible. Details missing. No purple bar. Plain white page. Inbox says mail present but page is blank – no mail when clicked.

  • Willim Kish

    In a word….SUCKS! IM is not working properly for me or friends. I have no idea how to delete multiple in-box messages at once; no boxes show up to click within. I keep opening up mail by mistake when running my cursor over them too. This is simply unacceptable. I plan on switching to gmail because I know they hash out mistakes before forcing you to use a new version. Why can’t I go back to Yahoo Mail Classic? I knew it and was comfortable with it. Very upset with you Yahoos!

  • Barbara

    I simply don’t like the sent message coming in to the inbox.
    I also find that when I am viewing a message and click reply it will not add email addresses from my contacts even though it shows them. I have to manually type in all email addresses on the reply notes….boooooo
    Wish folks wouldn’t mess with something that ‘ain’t broke’

  • w w

    Glad to see anger at YMail is getting some press. Can’t stand the new changes and found the setting to revert to “Basic” format. More horrible. Just now (10/14) received e-mail which was sent a week ago and not able to view embedded photos. Spent the whole weekend saving messages to USB and deleting contacts. I’m to the point where I’ll pay $24/yr to an Efficient American provider, I can’t wait to cancel out of Yahoo and any affiliate.
    BTW, Yahoo’s delaying delivering messages comes at a bad time for furloughed workers who can’t use govt computers and had to fwd all email to personal accounts. Because Yahoo turned 16, it’s like greedy teenagers redesigned the website. EpicFAIL!

  • John-Bower

    WE NEED YAHOO MAIL BASIC AS NEWER YAHOO MAIL HANGS 90% OF THE TIMES won’t let us do anything but look at ads! TRUST us it hangs won’t let you open anything. Tried somehow older BASIC version[by tepmoraray method of DISABLE SCRIPT]Result= extremely FASTER YAHOO email BUT as soon as you turn this SCRIPT in security, newer YAHOO pops in itself. SO thus we feel we have no privacy. FORCED to watch ADS by yahoo, even if AD CHICES were all opted out still they say they would show you SOME ADS. Thus PC or laptop occasinnaly rather 99% of the time makes newer YHAOO EMAIL much more slower automatically..

  • sm

    I used to love Yahoo, and now I hate it. I have had nothing but problems with it. It won’t move my e-mails to my folders, I don’t like the new “look” of it, I hate the way it replys now. I have been using Yahoo for a long time, but I think it is time to start looking for a new e-mail provider.

    It is sad with all the negative comments about the new Yahoo that they don’t do something about it. I know they have a lot of people that use it and aren’t worried if people switch, but it is just bad business for them to go against what their users want.

  • prabha



  • Jet

    Melissa Mayer needs to be fired!!!! She’s been so busy buying startup companies in an attempt to make Yahoo! relevant that she’s lost sight of the ONLY reason Yahoo! is at all relevant…their email. It was reported that Melissa “coerced” the development team to release the new version of the email despite being warned that it wasn’t ready.

    A big to do was made recently about Yahoo!’s new logo (some imperceptible change to the letter size or something). I’ve a suggested change for Yahoo!’s logo. Drop the “!” because you don’t deserve it with this new crappy email system.

    I’ve had many issues with this new email system but recently I found that it lost/deleted a fair number of my emails. I have never had that happen before. That is the last straw I’m done with Yahoo (YOU SUCK!) email…hello Gmail.

    Oh and Melissa Mayer…GET A CLUE!

  • Carole Dagg

    For the last few days I have been unable to reply to any email, seem to be missing emails, and don’t see a way to save drafts. It’s a nuisance to change email providers, but if Yahoo isn’t fixed this week I’ll have to change.

  • anastasia

    Leaving Yahoo asap…..this is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now find emails embedded in threads of very old mail, can’t find mail, mail just ‘magically’ disappears…very very frustrating. Leaving this loser behind!

  • jules

    Why mess up something that works ? My internet is really slow, I am also not receiving some emails that are sent to me and it often isnt clear whether I have actually ‘sent’ an e.mail ! I cant stand it – if nothing is done soon I shall jack the whole site in for something else.

  • jules

    Why doesn’t yahoo seem to care about this ???

  • sgl

    Thank you Yahoo mail for introducing me to mail.com
    Never would have considered changing had you not treated this customer so indifferently
    PS just hate the new email.hope it costs you a lot of $

  • jorge

    AS THE OTHERS, I am disappointed! to the point that I will no longer pay for this ridiculous services!
    Hopefully you will think twice before loosing your most trusted customers!
    Yahoo please don’t break our trust! and don’t play with our intelligence!

  • Brian

    Why did I have and like Yahoo mail?….BECAUSE IT WASN’T “GMAIL”!!!!!

    So the new CEO (from google) says..”we’re gonna make Yahoo mail MORE like GMAIL……F’in IDIOT!!!!!
    Lost save draft features
    just started getting used to “Tabs” NOW GONE!
    Slower than Fing SH__!…My DAMN PHONE retrievs mal faster than the stupid computer yahoo mail page does…A LOT faster…I was just about to pay for Yahoo Plus…but do you think I’ll pay now???
    In your F’ing dreams yahoo!

  • MM

    New Yahoo mail should be tested, and tested, and TESTED AGAIN before it launched!! There are so many bugs which aren’t hard to predict and fix. Now I noticed that most of the email in my folders aren’t the email that I put it in the folders. I can’t find it if I opened the folder, so I have to use search to find it and it surprisingly shows the folder name as I put it in, but not there. Code them correctly to give my email back to my folders where they belong!

  • Richard

    Yahoo is forcing many of us that have been loyal users of their e-mail program to seriously consider closing the account. After 20 years of using the same e-mail account for business and personal use, I am going to close and start all over again with another web site. They should listen to the public and do away with this format which is heavy, slow and intrusive. Yahoo Mail Sucks!

  • Sonu

    I don’t like the Yahoo mail redesign. Do you realize all functionality that makes common sense has been removed? Yahoo will soon lose all its users if this is gonna continue!!!

  • SLD

    This new version of yahoo sucks BIG TIME! I absolutely HATE IT.
    There was no need to change it, it worked perfectly fine the old way. If yahoo doesn’t change back, I’m getting rid of it. I accidently clicked on something and now my emails are on a colorful sunset page!! I can just about see the emails because they are so dark, now I have to figure out a way to at least get back to the page prior to these crazy colorful pages yahoo is offering. I just want to check email, I do not need bells and whistles! I liked yahoo the way it was. Somebody bored at yahoo? Need to change everything? Try getting rid of the spam that keeps creeping into my emails that I’ve already said was spam!!

  • http://yahoomail j fleming

    The new version of yahoo mail is a disaster. Not possible apparently to change font size, message history is unavoidable, deleting emails that I don’t want to delete, oh my god, who tested this? Is this the new Yahoo? I’m going to see what’s left of my contacts and try another service.


    very bad new yahoo !!1&%$%##

  • W

    Just down right shitty. If I want to use Gmail, I would be using Gmail.

  • Ph A Bopp

    the new yahoo mail is a 150% disaster
    no tabs, no search, idiotic and weird symbols
    (chinese, undisplaybale …)

  • Darryl Baker

    I am sure that over HALF of the e-mails I send do NOT arrive. The new Yahoo Mail is difficult, clumsy and does not allow many of the old features I loved and were EASY to use. For instance, when I try to respond to an e-mail, I can no longer amend the subject line.

    I am switching over to Apple Mail because it is simple and lets me do most of what I want.

    Too bad that Yahoo did not check with its users BEFORE forcing this change on us.

    Sadly for Yahoo, this is an upgrade that is a real downer.

  • Carol

    I have rarely been so frustrated or wasted more time than with this Yahoo change. NOTHING works. EVERY email that I write, try to send, or delete give me an error message. I need to click click click again to accomplish ANYTHING. My addresses no longer go into the TO box and when I go into address book I get an error message. It’s a DISASTER. My life is run through this yahoo account AND I don’t know what to do and no one seems to have advice of how to get the horrible thing working at least functionally. They should be sued-seriously.

  • Holly

    It’s just awful. Constantly freezes up and often needs refreshing. Putting emails in folders is now ridiculously difficult. You can’t delete emails when they’re open. After using Yahoo for the last three years I’m going to have to change over to Gmail, which will mean transferring all my 350+ contacts.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    • Ine vandelaar

      Download Puffin browser. This will give you acces to both the old yahoo mail and flash app.

  • Ace

    It weren’t broken, so why bu@@er it up?
    Yahoo email is now officially unusable, if I perform a search, I see loads of irrelevant mails and then can see no way to get back to the rest of my inbox. even ‘reverting’ to the simple interface bring son improvement.
    Please listen to your customers Yahoo, give them back he simple and interface that we enjoyed and leave the ‘sexy’ looking skins to those who can.

  • Kelly S

    The new mail is horrible and interfering with my job. It’s impossible to navigate and is sucking up extra time in my day that I don’t have! I may cancel my account. I hope Yahoo is paying attention to all of the dissatisfied subscribers.

  • John Minigan

    New Yahoo Mail is a disaster. Supremely slow, glitches (such as the delete “button” not functioning if the machine goes to sleep and wakes up–have to reload the page to get button functionality–and the reloads in the new Mail are much slower than the old, even on my recently upgraded machine).

    Did the person who created New Coke create this?

    The “themes” are unattractive and make the inbox MUCH harder to read. Why is it better if it’s harder to read?

    Hey, Yahoo! We don’t care about your taste in design because you do have taste and it is AWFUL. We just want a product that works and works consistently. You used to be close to that. Now you’re worse than gmail, which is surprising to me. Maybe I’ll switch to that after all…

  • Danny

    I think I had enough of it… Can anyone give me a good alternative? I took Yahoo because hotmail was sh.. Now yahoo turned bad. I just mail to do what it is supposed to do. It is a simple tool, not a fancy pub! Besides that most of the features don’t work as expected or are faulty. I’m constantly FORCED to create new passwords and if they remotely look like the old password (like using characters from the same alphabet)it won’t accept. I just don’t want to be bothered. Like I just don’t want to be bothered by the sewer system, it just has to work, thats it.

  • Sara

    Boy, do I hate the new format. What ticks me off is that I do not even have the choice. It is just foisted on me, whether I like it or not. ‘Yahoo!!!’ I are you listening to all these voices? There are a whole lot of my friends who hate is just as much, except they are too busy to hunt out and post a review. Give me my old email format back!!!!!

  • April

    If I attach a file, THE EMAIL WONT SEND!!!!!!!!

    Absolutly nothing happens!

    How can I do business like this?!!!

  • ninerzzzz

    Been using yahoo mail for 15 years NO MORE DONE now using GMAIL

  • Matt

    Hate it!

  • Billk

    I have been with yahoo almost since they started (1994). Now that some advertising exec has redesigned an already classic look and gone and F*** it up. I will be moving on with a heavy heart. I suppose I should have done it when the signs where there pushing the new look. This will be the last open email account I will ever use all have gone mad on advertising and non guarantee full privacy, So it bye bye from me and bye bye from them.

  • Ian

    10/15/13 I have used Yahoo for approximately 17 years and have always gone along with all the unannounced changes (they never even notify you, at least not me, so you can at least GET READY for it), and they do not provide any instructions as to how to (shall we say) “operate” their new system/format. This latest one really stinks!! I had just about gotten used to the last replacement, and then they cancel it and replace it with this stupid thing!! They have a few phone numbers where they say you can call them with questions, but you only get a voice mail message, and they never call you back. They give you an email address for customer support, but you send an email to them and never hear back either! I think you would probably stand a better chance of getting your United States Senator to call you back if you left him or her a message (and we all know how likely that is!!)

  • wwjr

    I like the thematic options provided, but each time I open my Inbox, the site crashes, rendering it useless. I’m considering going to a different service if this continues.

    really disappointed…

  • Jerpal

    My Yahoo Mail did not change until two days ago (10/13/13). Actually I had no clue. I logged on to Yahoo Mail and everything was in disarray! NO notice at all from Yahoo. I too am shopping around and Yahoo can kiss my a$$ goodbye! What a complete and utter failure at all levels.

  • Adam

    Just change “launch” with “search” on URL after you login and it switch to clasic one with tabs. It work for me.

    • Ron Griffiths

      Adam – could you be a bit more specific to an ageing old timer like me regarding your suggested fix.

    • Tracy Marander

      That didn’t work for me. I got a “no messages found” message.

    • jen

      Please can you explain more to me about how to do this/ I am completely confused with new useless system Thanks and regards, Jen

    • jen

      Please can you explain more to me about how to do this/ I am completely confused with new useless system Thanks and regards, Jen

    • jen

      Please can you explain more to me about how to do this/ I am completely confused with new useless system Thanks and regards, Jen

  • name

    The fact that they change their policy or design doesn’t matter to me personally. What is too bad is that the new UI is extremely buggy. Many times it’s not responsive, it says could not send mail but did or it didn’t send mail but didn’t say anything.

    Over the last months I have had no access or limited access to Yahoo mail because of this (inbox not opening, emails not opening or sending …).

    No matter how good your site looks; the main concern of sites such as Yahoo email is that it’s available. A bad design that actually shows and sends your email would be tons better than a good looking site that doesn’t work a lot of times.

  • Lesley

    It’s terrible. I can’t look anything up while writing an email, and saving to draft simply lost the email I was working on. Not fit for purpose. I have six yahoo accounts for different purposes; I will be changing them all to another provider. They have lost my business for good because their system is not actually anything more than the most basic email provision dressed up in a lot of pretty colours. Email for idiots. No doubt there are enough idiots to keep them in money but no use for business. Goodbye, Yahoo.

  • Ron Griffiths

    Are the people at YAHOO actually reading all the much warranted dissent on here about the shambles their new mail generic has invited. If you are
    then PLEASE do something like reverting.

  • http://Yahoo7mail Irene

    It’s really clunky hard to navigate, really slow and I now have to open every email individually in order to delete it from my inbox as the delete button does not work if I select an email to delete from the inbox. Very frustrating and time consuming – I thought it was a problem with my internet connection or computer but every other website I go to is loading fine. I can’t believe how bad Yahoo 7 is – is this supposed to be an improvement?

  • Maureen Tinsley

    I have already posted my comment. I just think Yahoo has deleted it because it did not like my response.

  • Sven

    I have switched to GMail for all my important emails because of Yahoo!s changes to email in June 2013. I use my Yahoo email only for blogs and potential spam…everything important is GMail. Gmail rocks–much less spam, easier to use, and I can do classic view format! Thanks, Google!

    So, my last vestige of ties to Yahoo! is now officially broken (other than junk mail). Thanks, Marissa!

  • Tracy Marander

    This new design sucks. First, there are no longer “pages”, so if I need to find an emails from 4 months ago, and I’m not sure who it is from, I have to scroll down, down, down, instead of switching to a new page to find the date quicker.
    I hate the google format of tying messages together in one message. It makes it easier to reply to all by mistake. I have a google email account, but rarely use it because I hate this feature!!!!!
    I am looking for another email service. I do not like Outlook, and gave up on Hotmail years ago. I have a lot of emails to transfer over. I have groups set up for email, folders etc…
    I have had Yahoo since 1999, but I am going to find another provider in the next few months.

  • Tracy Marander

    I want to add that Yahoo was usually very good about sending most of the spam to my spam folder. That is still happening, only now I am finding 5-20 messages a day of mail that should be in my inbox, going to the spam folder instead.
    Some people have not emailed me back, I am not sure if they are getting all of my emails.

  • http://Yahoo AYC

    How can I eliminate the “conversation” being included when I send an email?

  • Max Smart

    The new version for my Note2 now longer allows me to copy. I wish someone can fix this.

    The system seems to hang up searching for new mail.

    I hope it gets fixed.

  • T.G

    Yuk! Whoever designed and implemented this New and Improved mail system must have never used the classic before. Slowwwwwww, can’t keep the preview pane option saved, always reverts back to no preview. The reply option adds nothing but confusion to this function.

    Not happy, not happy at all. More storage, whoopee. Was there a problem with storage in the classic? Never noticed it.

  • http://yahooemail Margie

    Please give us back the old email format. If people like it, why did you take it away!!!

    I’m close to using a different company. How can you stand it yourself? Don’t YOU do email!

  • Agnes

    God can’t you just leave us alone ! I can’t even access my email. I hate what you’ve done. Who do you think you are? Why does everyone have to f*** with it. A couple of months ago I try to buy the paid version of Yahoo mail so I wouldn’t have to endure all the ads and taking up my screen space. I couldn’t even do that. When I tried to call customer service I was routed to another country. I couldn’t understand the Rep, I requested a representative in the United States, they wouldn’t do it until I told him what my issue was, I ask to speak to a supervisor who actually hung up on me. I hate Yahoo and now I’m finding Google is taking over everything the same way AOL did.

  • bill branford

    The new yahoo really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t tell what I have sent–I can’t tell if the mail is TO ME or SENT BY ME.
    This is really bad. I hope someone did not get a raise for thinking up this new degraded Yahoo.

  • bill branford

    I forgot to add to my previous email that I am opening an account with gmail—so I don’t have to put up with Yahoo.

    Congratulations Yahoo—You are losing customers big time!!!

  • http://yahoo LD80

    It seems like an upgrade was also installed this past weekend or the weekend before. Since that point, every time I try to read an unopened email, I get a server error, to try again. Trying again is laughable, maybe cryable. “A connection failure has occurred.” Any suggestions, please email me… It’s getting very irritating. Thanks!

  • Alan

    The new Yahoo interface totally sucks. Everyone I know who uses it HATES IT.

  • nancy uah




  • erica

    HATE the new format! yes, change is sometimes not easy but this is a change for the worse. Meant to be an improvement? It is cumbersome, overly complicated and generally frustrating. LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE. Unless the changes are in fact improvements. Which these are NOT!

  • guss

    It does not seem as user friendly as the older version and change is never easy. But this is not at all easy. Why do forwards have things hidden, why is it so hard to see our messages. Yuck to the new version.

  • Sam

    I absolutely hate hate hate the new Yahoo email. Can’t sort emails by sender or subject. New “conversation” format is extremely confusing. The inbox mail and sent mail seem to be duplicate. Not sure how to forward photos any more. Now the mobile app has changed too and it is terrible. Yahoo, what is wrong with you? You had a good product and turned it into dirt.

  • http://yahoo trevor Davies

    They are just a bunch of jerks…of the first order.Self opinionated twats…..I shall move over to someone else.

  • Holly

    This new format is horrible and works like it did in the 90’s. Just some of the issues: the text is very slow when I write emails, the tabs at the top are gone so I cannot revert back to other emails when writing one, it makes you click on “back to email” once done sending an email instead of moving to the inbox page, it takes longer to move emails into files, the new search button should be moved where it’s not accidentally clicked every five minutes, the ad under the title bar is very annoying and I accidentally click that instead of send or other options, and so on. Who designed this? Will Yahoo ever revert back?

  • Russ L

    The new email version stinks. The best work-around I can find to overcome the “temporary error” problems is to simply establish a new email account with AOL. That works every time. Google’s GMAIL is also another option. It don’t think either hires under affirmative action or is run by a pregnant woman suffering from post partem blues.

  • MB

    Too much change in one go

    Not enough advance information or help with the change

    I have found it very frustrating trying to follow long threads in emails and reply or forward on from them

    If I now get Ad’s targeted at me with the new Yahoo and some changes aren’t made to simplify it I will look at changing my provider.

  • sandy toreki


  • l

    hate it

    Tabs at the top of an email used to multitask are gone, drafts disappear when users go to check email,
    Cannot send SMS
    cannot underline text

    • l

      and cannot sort emails that stinks

  • Lor

    Hate the new yahoo mail! Can’t even use it on Safari, it goes into a loop and won’t load! As someone else said, you can’t delete the first email, it must be closed and then deleted from the menu.

    None of the icons are shown, just empty boxes. I’ve reloaded, re-downloaded safari and firefox and nothing changes. It’s a mess!

  • http://Yahoo hb

    Yahoo mail used to be the best, it is now the worst. I don’t believe this has been properly tested by users or that you have consulted your users. What seems like a good idea to a techie doesn’t always work in practice. I am looking to move.

  • stu Peid

    you need to update the yahoo mail picture. now email has side adverts and intentionally interfere with scroollya hoo mail now is totally UNUSABLE. I have been a yahoo .com user since 1994. No longer

  • Cindie

    It stinks! Its worthless to me now. No tabs, when you need to look at a previous email you lose the one you are composing or reading. It also doesn’t save my contacts. They are still in my contacts, but it won’t automatically load. I have to close the email I’m composing, go to contacts, copy, then open a new email, and paste this address. If I need to send it to more than one, you understand the frustration. Not possible. I have to copy and paste them to another space, then copy and paste again into the new email I’m composing. It is just a piece of junk now. Many features are gone. They are grouping conversations which makes it hard to find the latest one. You see you have a new email, but have to scroll through all the converstations hoping you will soon find the new reply.

  • eric tyler

    The new Yahoo mail is a POS. I will now finally get the hell out of yahoo permanently. It reminds me of the government clusterf*ck known as Obamacre! Hahahahaha!

  • Sketch

    The new yahoo mail just doesn’t work like all the people who have posted already have said.
    I would truly like a direct line to yahoo which we could hit with our point and maybe they would hear us.
    I just don’t understand the business of a new version (that does’t work)of something that just worked fine. I have had my yahoo mail account for 14 years!
    Now it sucks.

  • Don

    Why do folks in power think they know what is best for the rest of us?
    The new yahoo is LOUSY!!!!
    obamacare is LOUSY!
    Both were forced down our throats!!!
    And I’m a PAYING customer; in BOTH cases!
    What ever happened to “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”?

  • mondeoboy

    yahoo used to be excellent but lately it is crap, in the space of 10 mins I was asked to sign in 4 times why? the email system is shit now stupid American date system just to mention one thing, why the fuck do we want that in UK
    Time to change I think

  • http://www.pusangkalye.net Antonio Magno Carranza Jr

    How can you do this? THE NEW VERSION SUCKS.It should be for the better but it is nothing but headache.Too slow, confusing functions.So irritating.People are leaving and I am also about to do so.Please do something about it.I want my Classic version.If you cannot dump this new shitty version then at least leave users the option to revert to the old yahoomail.The horror!

  • Ines G Perez

    To put it succinctly, I hate the new Yahoo, and know lots of people who also hate it. From the moment that it made me choose a “color” and I could not find a way to back out of it to the way it was, it has just been one problem after another. Right now I am having problems with “SEND”. People are not getting my e-mails and I do not see them in my SEND folder either. Fire Marissa.
    Ines G Perez

  • Yazdi

    I have beenusing yahoo mail for the lastapproximately 15 years. To be honest I used to strongly recommend my friends to use Yahoo mail.
    Unfortunately since the last yera and a half whatever goodwill it had built is now totally eroded.
    In the name of innovation which I am sure everyone feels is nothing but sadistic pleasure on the part of its concerned team to mentally harass, traumatise perter,badger and torment its users who have been loyal to yahoo.

    It would indeed be nice if wisdomand counsel prevails on the team and they once again restore the facilities which made the mail abreeze, moreso to people like me who are senior breeze who are senior citizens

  • jen

    I am sick to death of yahoo supposed improvements. I HATE the new page set up and I certainly don,t need to receive a blister on the page to tell me I am a good girl cos I delete spam etc. there MUST be a way out of this. Somebody help please….

  • Rafa

    After many years using yahoo, my e-mail now is in gmail.

  • koen kamphuys

    It’s become incredibly difficult to find back old mail correspondence now Yahoo has grouped it to threads.

  • Susan Dailey

    I hate it. I just hate it. I have trouble now figuring out the correct email address from senders and the conversation “threads” are just a big pain. I do fundraising for my local animal rescue and accidentally send a potential donor a request that included a request to another donor. They were very understanding, but… I just hate it.

  • rita kelley

    The new changes are horrible. There is no way to seemingly control the font, there is no way to change the size of the font. I don’t like the fact that my folders do not come up automatically.
    This entire mail system is dysfunctional, not well thought out. I take it no one at Yahoo bothered to do focus groups to determine if current users wanted the changes…. aside from the ads.


    Yahoo mail sucks so bad I’d rather write a letter, stuff it in an envelope and mail it off using snail mail. I would just have too many letters to send a day.

  • Kiril Staridolski

    Every time when i go to my mail box or try to open some message i got this ” A Connection Failure Has Occurred 
    Yahoo Mail was unable to connect. Please reload the page or verify that your network connection is active.”
    So is like this the last couple weeks. I was with yahoo the last 15 years and now i go with gmail. Sorry yahoo good luck.

  • Reuel Sherwood

    There are not words to describe what a total disaster this roll out is:
    Doesn’t even reach Alpha level of quality.
    No Beta version for user input (they don’t care)
    Arrogant attitude call this an “Enhancement”
    Unilateral removal of at least 20 (TWENTY) UI features
    Blatant attempt to COPY gmail (which every Yahoo user had already avoided)
    inconsistent across various platforms and/or browsers
    The quicker the Yahoo Board of Directors fires her and instructs every tech to UNDO the damage will NOT be soon enough.
    The hemorrhage is already fatal !
    AND, the irony is that MM destroyed Yahoo chasing an imagined loss of users (nonexistent) to Gmail.
    Gmail’s ENROLLMENT may have grown, due entirely to Android, but Yahoo has not lost USERS.

  • Ray

    Sabotage from within?!?
    At this point…I DO think this IS all relevant!Is it a deliberate sabotage? I think it is a STRONG possibility! No-one in the history of tech has done something so “insane” and inept as to take a great working product and literally destroy it AND it’s millions of users! A trust that will NOT be recovered as long as it it left as it is currently! Possibly not ever!
    The list of “errors” for everyone is unending! We all KNOW that!
    The ease of use all the way to the simple trust! For so many years never having to worry or fret about my email! Oh sure, I was hacked once, but it was fixed in a day!
    Now…people leaving yahoo because of it!?
    NO…this is NOT simply a “they will adapt” sort of thing! This IS a despicable lack of judgement AND a gross lack of intelligence, no matter who the decision maker is OR the title & position that this person holds!
    To force such a hideous product on millions is nothing less than disgusting! Or whatever other word/s fit here!
    The stress that this alone has caused myself and MANY others is beyond belief! I have spent so very many hours this week stressing over losing emails, searching for them, losing contacts, etc etc etc…! How can I work like this? I CAN’T!
    I trusted Yahoo!
    Minor changes or improvements; both technical & cosmetic, I can deal with and adjust!
    It REALLY IS TIME for someone/anyone at yahoo to step and and please their users!
    NOWHERE do I see comments on how people like it! NOTHING is being released of these comments! And yet… MM and yahoo do NOTHING BUT avoid the real questions!
    Like I ALWAYS learned even as a child, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide!” Why and what are you hiding yahoo/MM?!

    Moral of the story:
    Yes MM! Some will like it! Most are hating it!
    We will NOT adapt nor adjust!!!
    We WILL however, leave!!!
    Then what? what will you say to your board? investors? other executives? To your sponsors? What will THEY say when THEIR sales drop? When THEIR clicks on sites drop?
    Yes they will!
    I know that I WOULD NOT like a drop of 10,000 people seeing my ads! let alone 100,000! 500,000! 1 million?!?

    Wake up and admit the mistake! And if it is a “sabotage”…well then…change it back before you really “feel the heat”!

  • Wendy West

    I don’t like the new Yahoo mail. I like the up and down arrows to take me to the next message. Now I have to go back to the Inbox every time to view the next message! Is there another way to do this.

  • Sta

    the new Yahoo is terrible!!! One day my entire address book was gone. The next day I couldn’t attach files, and today I can’t send emails. I don’t like the way the history of emails is kept either.

  • JIm

    It sucks…I cannot open e-mails without error messages.. either download a newer versin, or go back to the classic …

  • Jean-Loup

    The new version is a big downgrade from yahoo classic. Indeed, several emails often get mixed into one, it is no longer possible to have two emails open at a time, and worst of all, some emails from one person somehow get put into the emails of a totaly different person; aka I open an email from BOB in China, and find that an email from MAX in Sudan is somehow in the middle of it, and was not announced in my inbox!! This is very dangerous as I could erase emails by accident, and/or miss them altogether.

    I have been with yahoo since 1999, but if these issues remain unsolved, I will for sure look for a new email provider!!

  • Bob

    Where do I begin:

    1)Thanks for the warning — you didn’t!
    2)What’s with the split screen?
    3) Why can’t I get t5he color I had on my old version?
    4) The tools on the bottom sucks
    5) The send button sucks
    6) Why can’t I open more than one email at a time? i sometime use information from one email to use in another.
    7) The fact when I need the information and go to another email sucks because it throws the information in the drafts — waste of time.
    8) Would have love to know why you think this version is more advantageous.
    9) Why you have to have the screen and inbox there, it uses too much room and is bothersome?
    10) When I click on In box I don’t get the inbox.
    I bet I could find 50 problems I don’t like but I don’t have the time — SWITCH IT BACK or I’m going somewhere else!

  • http://chrome Don N

    New yahoo is rubbish and I only use it to get unimportant mail

  • SLM

    HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. Trying to find a way to transfer all my folders – once I do it’s BUH BYE yahoo. Fire the IDIOT that came up with this GARBAGE

  • Mladen Nikcevic

    New mail is HORRIBLE !!!!!!!! Please find the way to fix this problem, Yahoo is a bigg firm i hope you are capible to fix this Hugh problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mladen from Croatia, Kind regards!

  • joan Boyle

    When I reply to an email, I lose the original one which I answered, including some art work which I needed. I don’t like the new yahoo email at all.

  • Art Woosley

    Yahoo’s revamped email is AWFUL and counter productive.
    It fights you at every turn and function. It requires far more keystrokes and many functions are now concealed. It truly is a regrettable that Yahoo decided to bring in some crack pot designer who RUINED Yahoo mail.

    Stay away from Yahoo mail and save yourself much frustration

  • Teri

    I HATE….HATE……HATE the Yahoo Mail. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us have the option of changing back to Yahoo Mail Classic. I have been with Yahoo for many years and don’t want to have to switch. YAHOO….Please listen to your users and let us be able to change back to Classic. It was wonderful and easy to use. PLEASE HELP!!

  • Gerald

    Yahoo might find this new email format more convenient, but whatever happened to serving user needs?

    If anyone at Yahoo is listening [unlikely by past experience – no one takes responsibility, that’s why it is so difficult to find someone to alert about problems!] please put in a simple choice of ungrouping emails.

    How to p*** off your long-time customers in one easy lesson. Yahoo, do you ever learn?

  • eilivk

    I think it was OK as it was. Now some spam is coming through and all messages from the library goes to spam. But worst two boxes about “themes” that must be clicked away each time I log in. Possible to kill them off for good? And when changing to “drafts” and back to Inbox, taking ages, have to go out from the site and back. And as someone mentioned, “wiggling” ads”.

    And almost impossible to send photos any more, made them smaller, sometimes works sometimes not… Yes, better before and liked the layout. Any good alternatives?

  • Kel

    I hate the new yahoo, a friend and I have been discussing going to Gmail. I can’t forward messages. I cant bring up my folders like i use to and if my folders do show up they are on top of the side menu so I’m looking at double items. I hate the whole format. Who dreamed this up? Thanks a lot yahoo.

  • Jan

    Marissa, formerly of Google, currently responsible Yahoo e-mail,
    Since you are responsible for this mess, listed are SOME of the problem:

    -I have drafts, sent and new mails all coming into my new e-mail list like a tossed salad.
    -I have messages that are empty! I am contacting people to find out what they said. (They are for a job interviews.)It’s taking 2-3 days to get the text to read on the empty ones.
    -I have messages so combined to the previous ones as a trailers opened with with the new email, that I don’t know which one I am sending when I reply. I’ve found the wrong message. I’ve had to compose entirely new ones, several times.
    -I have reply messages changed so that I can’t change the subject line and can’t know to which sender to whom I am replying and am hoping that it is not going to a Yahoo group instead of the one person!
    – I have not been able get my older emails unless I scroll like Facebook.
    Disaster doesn’t adequately capture the chaos.

  • Anne

    I just want to get rid of my Yahoo mail account. Is there a way to do that?

  • Don

    Why do folks in power think they know what is best for the rest of us?
    The new yahoo is LOUSY!!!!
    obamacare is LOUSY!
    Both were forced down our throats!!!
    And I’m a PAYING customer; in BOTH cases!
    What ever happened to “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”?

  • Beal

    The new Yahoo mail is terrible. I can work on an email and check my calendar then go back to the email without saving it as a draft. Also my horizontal tool bars don’t work on the calendar page. Please bring back the old email. I really don’t see how this on is an upgrade.

  • Edmund O’Connell

    The new Yahoo email website is probably the worst upgrade in the history of technology with the possible exception of Windows Vista. There Yahoo – this is your Vista moment. Roll back this monstrosity immediately.

    It’s just plain broken. Where do I start?
    Search, click on an email, close that email – do you go back to your search results? No you go back to youe inbox.
    Any idea how frustrating that is? If you still had tabs you wouldn’t have this problem. Wonder why you had tabs in the first place? Or did you forget. Some new UX graduate straight out of smoking bongs at Uni convince you they aren’t required?

    Get the basics sorted. I could list 100+ other broken items. It is sooooo bad and soooooo frustrating it beggers belief. Fix it or the mass defections will start – believe me.

  • Knott Kneeded

    Bring back Classic Yahoo. I donot need, nor want all this new stuff. Plus, I cannot print my yahoo mail from my iPad. What’s up with that?

  • JoJo

    UNRELIABLE is the nicest word I can use for the New YAHOO. I am going to switch to Gmail like everybody else has.

  • http://Yahoo Sarah

    The new yahoo email SuCKS big time. To reply to an email, I have to click on sent messages first, then close email out totally, then log back in, THEN reply. I am about to make a gmail account so I don’t have to go through all this unneccessary bS!

  • http://Yahoo Sarah

    Did I mention Yahoo email sucks now??

  • http://Yahoomail Roxane

    I hate the new yahoo mail! It sucks!

  • http://YAHOOMAIL AnneLouise4

    The New Yahoo Mail is not at all user friendly. What was Yahoo thinking- for real! I was writing an email and wanted to save it as a draft, could not figure out how to do it, and I am a techie!

  • A.Spam

    I am Sooooooo in agreement with all these posts. Yahoo is going to a LOT of trouble to not listen to its customers. The person who commented just before this used the word foist which I found so appropriate that I ran off to make sure I remembered it correctly – “to impose an unwelcome or unnecessary person or thing on”. The upgrade was foisted on the users a couple of years ago and completely rejected for good reason. The back-browser button landed you not at your last page but out on your ass at the log-on page. Now it just creates total confusion. I get a blank inbox everytime I log on. The ease of Classic is over. It’s like being back to dial-up and Win98 – excrutiating! And this week, I got the most extraordinary virus in my inbox which put the name “Me” before or after every sender. My first ever email program virus. Having to click twice to get logged off, the changes to the auto-complete address system, the slowness, the inability for the program to know which emails have been read and which have not been read, the dumbed down “basic” version is the death of this email program for me. I’m looking for a new company for my emails. Since Yahoo is not listening, I can only conclude that they are using the upgrade to get rid of unwanted customers and I must be one of them.

  • D Papenfus

    I detest this new Yahoo mail. Talk about showing the big middle finger to your customers! “They will get used to it” is what the pricks at Yahoo probably think. Sorry for you – I am out of there!!

  • gary pylant

    new yahoo mail sucks – big ****** *****

  • jeff a

    cant get mail search to work–its like a dead button does nothing–urrrggghh

  • very sad

    I hate the new yahoo email. it is just like the outlook shit. I hate it i hate it i hate it I hateit.

    I have used yahoo for 15 years. it is time to change. it is so impossible to use

    WHAT FOOL DID thIS!!!!! the wonderful thing about yahoo is that it was NOT outlook crap! what were they thinking?!!!

    i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it

  • very sad

    So guys what are we going to do now? who are you switching to now? I say we all leave and SINK THEM!

  • L. Kidd

    Yahoo has taken away to fun of emailing… Are they trying to get rid of some of us old die hards that don’t like change ? If it ‘ain’t’ BROKE, then WHY fix it? Or is it some folks at Yahoo are just bored and this is a way to create a little drama in the lives ?!

  • Raymond Loaec

    Ever since Yahoo came out with their new mail,I can’t get into my folgers (this is on my mobile phone) !! Ex: spam, sent, trash etc,etc… So please tell me, what gives? Plus I now have a theme that I don’t really want, but I can’t get did of the damn theme!!! So, in closing,a little help here…WHAT GIVES???

  • Raymond Loaec

    Ever since Yahoo came out with the new mail I can’t go into my accounts/folders when I’m on my cell phone ex: spam, trash, dads acct, sent etc,etc…so what the hell gives here? Any answers there Yahoo???

  • Josh

    It is TERRIBLE! The fact that they took away tabbed messages is a total disaster, and with the new message groupings I can’t ever find anything, or see my previous replies correctly. HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!!!!

  • marmite

    This has been written by some 12 year old with all the messages and interference and I too am going to change as this is for teenagers.

    My messages get deleted just by pressing the return button. Yahoo seems to forget that a lot of us started when they ( yahoo ) started. I’ve seen lots of upgrades etc and most have been for the better but this is crazy and is anti user and not thought out properly. All the people writing in to complain – I know you are thinking its because people don’t like change but really is BAD and you will pay a price for it.

  • Lee Kent

    I am soooo over this new yahoo have used yahoo for years but am contemplating changing, I read an email then halfway through it goes to the next email, veryyy frustrating….CHANGE NOW, you can see too many people HATE it. And all the advertising is just wrong

  • Darlene

    I hate, hate, hate the new Yahoo email! My emails keep disappearing. It is very unnerving since I use this email for my business. I will switch email servers immediately, but what a hassle and difficult process – I can’t afford to miss important emails. What a mess!

  • Janice Suoja

    I have found the new Yahoo mail difficult and confusing to use. Let just say that I HATE this new Yahoo mail. The old Yahoo mail was simple, user friendly and very easy to figure out. I certain hope that Yahoo can fix this difficult and confusing new Yahoo Mail!!!!

  • NickyW

    One or two problems emerging : after I’ve read an email, it automatically gets put into the trash folder; each time I use an apostrophe, it shows as &apos, which looks silly; I prefer having the SEND button at the top; I don’t want emails grouped into conversations as you get the odd message included that has nothing to do with anything and I find it a bit strange suddenly to be referred to as ‘me’. Yes, I know it’s free but Yahoo earn a lot from advertising because of it. Can I have my old Yahoo back, please?

  • sunny

    The new yahoo mail is an absolute disaster ! Never had a problem in the past, reason for staying for so long with yahoo, but this is gonna change soon. Do not even know where to start with the problems : while typing a new message it freezes for no reason, commands at the top sometimes become grayed out again for no reason, after clicking”send” for a new message it just not sending it…sometimes I cannot attach files…not to mention as well when I am trying to log on to my acc from a different country or computer….all kinds of nonsense security questions even if the correct details are entered….and the list goes on….yahoo clearly has a problem

  • ian campbell

    I’m just a 75 yr old pensioner and completely lost, Thank you yahoo, and may the Gypsy’s curse be upon you and your progeny.

  • http://yahooemailappforiphone taxgeek

    i’m going to move to gmail (where i have an account) b/c the last change to yahoo mail made everything so hard to use. among other things, cannot figure out how to scroll to next or previous messages in app, even though my settings are correct online and in the app. idiotic! yahoo just lost me as a customer forever, since the only thing i still used yahoo for was email. i had already migrated to google for everything else. bye-bye yahoo. i believe that your demise is imminent.

  • Mike

    I’ve disliked the new Yahoo Mail ever since they discontinued the Classic version. In particular, the scrolling feature meant that I cannot search beyond what is on the screen. But I’ve solved my problems by transfering one of my accounts to Outlook – what a difference!

  • celeste

    yahoo sucks because of the upgrade everything that is connected to yahoo is now stuffed i cant purchase stuff off ebay i cant download stuff from the sims store and i cant get into my yahoo account ive been a loyal yahoo user for over 10 years! now im making the move to gmail at least gmail is consistently good and reliable

  • Rita

    I am looking for a user friendly e-mail server. what you have done to this site should be against the law!! what drug was this person on that designed this mess?

  • http://Yahoo RMK

    Why don’t they leave well enough alone. It wasn’t broken, so why fix it. Now I can’t get into nothing……this whole thing just really sucks.

  • gail cooper

    I HATE THE NEW YAHOO E-MAIL FORMAT: IT IS SO SLOW, IT WON’T LET ME SIGN OUT EASILY, VERY CONFUSING, I HAVE LOST LINKS. YOUR PROGRAMMER SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY. All this lumping together of e-mail responses is more than frustrating. gail cooper and all my friends

  • gail cooper

    I HATE THE NEW YAHOO E-MAIL FORMAT: IT IS SO SLOW, IT WON’T LET ME SIGN OUT EASILY, VERY CONFUSING, I HAVE LOST LINKS. YOUR PROGRAMMER SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY. All this lumping together of e-mail responses is more than frustrating. gail cooper and all my friends

  • gail cooper

    I HATE THE NEW YAHOO E-MAIL FORMAT: IT IS SO SLOW, IT WON’T LET ME SIGN OUT EASILY, VERY CONFUSING, I HAVE LOST LINKS. YOUR PROGRAMMER SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY. All this lumping together of e-mail responses is more than frustrating. gail cooper and all my friends

  • THD

    I would ne perfectly fine with ads if Yahoo was offering me an email product that didn’t TOTALLY SUCK

  • tabby

    I hate New Yahoo. It’s crap. Is this because of the new blonde CEO from Google or perhaps a vengeful employee who used to be a remote worker but was forced back into the office to work by said blonde?

    A market for someone to develop an email service using the best of Classic Yahoo, anyone?

  • Sue

    Your new design is ridiculous. Why can’t you just leave things alone when they are working???

  • ecweinberg@yahoo.com

    The new mail is unworkable in my opinion and the timing was terrible. This change came with little/ no warning, offering no recourse to switch to a functioning version of the prior Yahoo mail. It is difficult to use and to read, has limited text viewing areas, is slow, and cascades all related mails which I do not want or like. Makes me think twice about using free accounts, since the user is subject to all decisions made by Yahoo! that affect usage greatly.

  • http://N/A Terri Hills

    I loathe this new email page and entire process of getting into my mail. It’s laborious and pointless. The advertising is mind-numbing and I resent it with a passion. I will be going elsewhere. OVER AND OUT.

  • Madeline Solk

    i find I cant find any Settings for my mail. I dont like having to put in my address and password so often which means a few times a day. i dont like the way my mail looks when I send it from my iPad. the font is very small and I cant locate any settings to change it. iPad doesnt allow as much advertising as my Windows set up on computer, thank goodness! i just wish there were some options and settings for this on iPad but there is nothing provided.

  • bg

    Searching Yahoo email is horrible. Why did they mess with it. I have most of my information stored in Yahoo and use search heavily. I’ve already pop’ed all the emails to a local mail client on my desktop and will be switching to Google – lesser of the evils with a good search function :), which is important to me.


  • Gomma

    CONFIRMED SLOWER, FRZING YOUR SYSTEM, MUCH SLOWER THAN BASIC, forcing ads on public. Even if they know NOT EVEN 1% of users ever CARE to look at freezing ads Geeeeee man

  • Barbara Norwood

    HATE it the new BT mail is a real pain Please please put things back the way they were. Can’t find how if I have mail without the whole process of logging in each time. At least with Yahoo I had the little star . Plus the site it’s self looks more like a magazine .Not happy at all.

  • Bev

    Not totally back to the original, but I tried this and it helped A LOT:


  • Jim Bennett


  • katherine

    I am not liking this new set up at all. It seems I need to log in almost every time I come back to my inbox, there does not seem a box to stay logged in.

  • JB

    I HATE the new Yahoo Mail system.
    My Main complaint: I send a Neighborhood Newsletter out (245 addresses). I had to break the list into 4 smaller “Lists” because old couldn’t handle all at once.
    The new Yahoo reacts to more than 2 lists receiving the same email as suspicious and won’t send any more email from my COmputer for 1 hour!I HATE the new Yahoo Mail system and I can’t find a tech to talk to to help, so I am switching, copying addresses and using G Mail.

  • Nick

    My Yahoo Mail seems to be somewhat unstable. Window flutters and information shift in the first 5 seconds or so. The performance buttons keep having their locations changed around. I don’t like the colors that are available too limited.

  • Guillermo

    Long term yahoo user, since 1997… I’ll switch to other email, because the new yahoo does not work properly.

  • http://mooremusic.biz Kevin Moore

    What do I think of the new Yahoo mail? I think it sucks. New does not mean good. It won’t open mails now, I hate that it ‘collates’ mails into groups automatically. i have a brain, i can follow who has sent me what, and whether it is relevant to the ongoing correspondence. it also seems that the more mails are bunched together, the less likelihood there is of you being able to open the damn thing when you get a ‘relevant’ reply. I bloody hate it. I’m going to try this puffin browser idea. If that doesn’t work, it’s bye bye yahoo. I’ve been with them for at least 13 years, so LISTEN TO PEOPLE.

  • Wharton

    Windows 8. Yahoo Mail. My world is crumbling. I want to go back to XP and Yahoo Mail Classic. The good old days.

  • Martha

    Come on, 15 minutes and still not deleting an email, and it isn’t just the delete option but all options. It’s as thought Yahoo freezes for an undetermined length of time. At this rate it’s no better than the US Postal System!!! I’m over it!

  • Jim Stuart

    Why do ‘upgrades’ result in downgraded service. Are the designers stupid? Do they not test their ideas with real people? (1) I’m forced to scroll down to find the SEND button. (2) I can’t figure out how to clear search results. (3) I can’t limit the number of emails per page. (4) When selecting folders the contents don’t show up and the system hangs. (5) When sending mails the system frequently hangs or sends error message “can’t send” – I have to restart Yahoo. PLEASE stop forcing us back into the DARK AGES – with less capability than we had ten years ago. YAHOO! – IF IT AIN’T BROKE – PLEASE DON’T TRY TO FIX IT!!!!!!

  • http://www.anitabower.aminus3.com Anita Bower

    I am unhappy with the new Yahoo mail format. It is confusing, has fewer options, and does not work as well.

  • Jennifer Gordon

    A great step backwards. The Send button should not be at the foot of all conversations but in its former psition at the top. PLEASE REVERT.

  • djs

    The new Yahoo is worthless. Poor format. Very Slow. Not user friendly. I am closing my account and going elsewhere for email.

  • http://yahoo.com John E. bradford

    Due to the problems on Yahoo mail we can not get mail or send mail so we switched to hotmail. We tried using yahoo mail but couldnt. not wotrth the effort and time wasted trying to use Yahoo mail. A real company would have fired the designers of the new vewrsion/. must be the ones that designed the obama care site’s.

  • Dr. Mark Antony Galea

    What is going on with the new (since June 2013) yahoo mail account. Every time I review my “sent” mails they go to “trash”. I am losing very important info. This is happening on my Mac Pro, but not on my IPhone 4S.

    Does anyone have an answer to this defect?

    • Katie

      There’s a “delete” icon next to the sender’s name. You’re probably clicking on that by mistake. Try clicking on the subject rather than the sender. There’s a “search” icon there, too. I don’t think they thought this through when they added these icons. One of the reasons why I don’t like the new Yahoo email!

  • Katie

    All the reasons why I hate the new Yahoo Mail:
    – No more tabs where you could open more than one email at a time.
    – There’s a delete icon next to sender’s name. Sometimes when you click to open an email you delete it by mistake.
    – All related emails are bunched into one (message history). Too much scrolling up and down.
    – Unable to sort emails by sender. Sorting by sender made deleting like emails easier.
    – Don’t like where the arrows to view next or previous emails are. They are in the middle of the email screen. I liked when they were up at the top.
    – The send button is too low…again more unnecessary scrolling.

  • D

    LOL.. same people that designed Affordable Care Act Website must have upgraded the new yahoo mail.

  • nancy

    i have so much trouble with my email freezing up and running slow now. if there is a better service than yahoo i will be willing to change my email address. im very disappointed.

  • Laura

    The new yahoo is a fiasco because they removed from it essential functionality like tabs, the easy access to folders and so on. I am moving to another provider… I wish I didn’t have to, because I have been a Yahoo mail user since 2000. It is clear that Marissa Mayer doesn’t care about customer feed-back.

    All frustrated yahoo mail users, sign the petition to bring back the old yahoo mail: http://www.change.org/petitions/yahoo-bring-back-the-old-version-of-yahoo-mail

  • Ten

    Yahoo mail is bad, it is time to ditched it. You cannot access from IPhone or smart phone only through website and it hacked all the time.
    Not a reliable mail.

  • Joe

    Good job YAHOO! Can no longer even open my emails at all! If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it! So if you make your money from sell adds, that’s okay… But it is not okay to change the program so that you can’t open your mail!
    If this ism’t fixed SOON, I guess I will have no choice but to change my email provider and drop yahoo forever! From what I have read from other users, I won’t be the only one leaving yahoo and their latest money making venture.

  • Jane Doe

    The new Yahoo is a NIGHTMARE! I cannot search messages – I cannot decide HOW MANY messages show on a page – it is an ever-refreshing page with ALL of my emails. Sure, I have too many, but LOTS of people do. I despise the new format for those and several other reasons. I give up – I’m shopping around for a new service right now. When I switch, it’s goodbye FOREVER to Yahoo. They’ve had too many frustrating changes over the past few years and they do NOT seem to care what their users think. Wow.

  • Ken

    It is absolute rubbish. Why did they have to fool with a good thing.
    Old adage-if it aint broke dont fix it.

    • ZAMBEZI15

      guess we are all looking into new providers-

  • Susan

    A pop up ad is blocking my access to my folders in my Yahoo e-mail account. How can I fix this problem? I do not really want to go to another provider. Thank you!

  • http://openaccount Vivian Ahern

    Yesterday gmail said I could use a Yahoo site. Today
    Yahoo would not let me sign on. I used Yahoo for many years and then, in error cancelled my account! I became
    upset because I could not now open Carol Doak Quilting Group using usual address. I NEVER received an email from Yahoo stating I should upgrade the account! I will do whatever it takes to get a Yahoo account in order to open all my quilting group sites. PLEASE! PLEASE! Help me

  • Breza

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE the new yahoo email – why in the world did you change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked perfectly and easily – I want the old yahoo email back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE

  • Roger Wicker

    Like they always say if it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it causes in this case you did break it!

  • Gavin

    This new version of Yahoo Mail is shockingly bad. I didn’t want to change, so they’ve changed it for me. I run Safari on a mac and opted not to accept the ‘update’. Now the thing’s frozen me out. I can’t access my email account – presumably until I click to accept all the ads.
    I feel Yahoo are looking over my shoulder as I type a message, waiting to shove some more crap in front of me in the desperate hope I’ll buy some of it.
    Awful, big-brotherish, rude and glitch-strewn, appallingly shoddy treatment. I’ve had a Yahoo mail account since the ’80’s and am now looking around at the competition. It’s an absolute nightmare. I hope the profits tumble.
    Bad, bad, bad.

  • lolitasbrother

    Don’t be surprised if your computer locks up while using this idiot program yahoo mail. If that happens you may have to pull your battery out, and start again. Yahoo is a dog. It is loaded with garbage applications you don’t need but the email itself is now hopelss.
    Try introducing a text from Word say in Colours. Yahoo just can’t deal with it.
    Try forwarding a letter with an attachment and watch the attachment disappear.
    I am going back to gmail as an interim solution till I fine an email program that works

  • Lou

    This new setup, needless to say, is the shits. The person(s) responsible should take their golden parachute and go fcuk up another company in a hostel country on the other side of the planet. Or better yet, aren’t they looking for volunteers for the Mars program. Just leave and leave well enough alone.

  • k

    I HATE YAHOO! I lost my last e-mail because of them. It’s on my phone & Ipad but for some reason I go on my laptop – gone. I’m done with yahoo. It is NOT user friendly. Hate all the pop ups. Figuring out who is sending me an email, replying etc. Is very confusing.

    I’m switching to another service.

    I hope Yahoo loses lots of customers & money. Why fix something THAT was not broken???

  • http://yahoo John Seaman

    Time for a change new Yahoo mail SUCKS

  • http://yahoo John Seaman

    New Mail SUCKS Time to change

  • brucelee

    Hate to use new Yahoo mail and switch to gmail now. Yahoo mail asking to log in every time even I already set signed out every 2 weeks
    Also why to enter twice password from my private computer?

  • http://ALL tom

    Cannot login since today. Login page graphics are jumbled and the login buttons do not work – Result no access to Mail.
    Yahoo was never reliable but this level of crap is remarkable.

  • Bob

    When I read my emails I have to slide the bar back and forth to read the whole line. When I print them out I cannot get the whole message printed, Why?

  • nomad

    Newest yahoo mail is as bad as everyone’s saying in reaction to the article.In the “new web mail version,”it no longer has something as simple as underline as a format option,acts like a beta program!Yahoo is also ignoring user feedback to fix issues,even removing “send feebback” feature within their web mail when I did.Suddenly I can’t view jpg files downloaded from yahoo mail.Whereas I can open the same jpg with another web mail account.In plain text you don’t have the crashing where you LOSE your mail…Tried signing a friend up in November 2013 for yahoo mail,couldn’t do it without giving a valid mobile number.It warns they may use it to authenticate the account,thus “forcing”users to give a REAL number.FTC , isn’t there something wrong with this? What about those who don’t have a mobile,isn’t it discrimination because they can’t validate their new yahoo mail account via VOIP,or POTS?I don’t want an Outlook.com account,or only use gmail where you have a single point of failure.

  • Max

    The new Yahoo! Mail does not offer the same number of options the old one did. Moreover, it actively deprives us of those options by letting us know when we look into them that “that is not an option.” I guess that’s what the market will bear.

  • Sherry

    I HATE THE NEW YAHOO! It’s costing me time and money.


    Agree, have been using yahoo for a good number of years, but now the issues with copying image attachments -adverts etc. Time for me to look elsewhere for another provider …think smaller companies are the route to go

  • Penny Ridley

    I have never even noticed the adds – didn’t realise they were there until I looked into why Mail was so slow.

  • Brooke

    Can’t stand it. I have a Gmail account for other purposes and run those accounts through Outlook. Yahoo won’t allow Pop forwarding without spending extra money, so I am forced to use the web portal. Now this crap?!!! It’s plain clumsy.

  • http://sky Michael

    Since the hated change of the home page on yahoo I can no longer forward anything as there is no buttons or info to the right side of the send button

  • edward

    I click on spam folder, and it says 176 emails, doesn’t show not one of them. Keeps me at…”Updating” . Uninstalled, reinstalled, updated regularly. Lg optimus L9 android . Yahoo mail app from play store.

  • M.J. Efseaff

    Yahoo is now totally broken. The email program is the pits with most of my sent emails not open-able by the people I’ve sent them to. Also the reverse is true. I now receive lots of mail from friends that I now can’t open. The Yahoo Finance web site is also now a mess. It has become too cluttered and busy causing it to be very slow to load. Not all regular Yahoo users have the latest and greatest internet connections. I have DSL but the fastest download speed available where I live is 1 Meg. or less. The Finance page now takes forever to load. IT NEVER USED TO! I’ve been with Yahoo since Windows 95 and now it looks like I won’t be with them much longer.

  • KW

    Can anyone point me to a single person who thinks the new Yahoo email is better than Classic? Just one person? No?

  • Ali Myhill

    My inbox isn’t loading properly still. At first I couldn’t access any messages at all. The basics just aren’t reliable enough. I think I will now be switching as everyone I speak too seems to have similar problems which are just not getting fixed.

  • http://blog.earthsurfng.com/2013/11/make-yahoo-mail-load-faster-by-switching-to-yahoo-mail-basic/ Inyavic

    Thanks for the info.

    @all, if you want to know how to switch back to the basic/previous yahoo mail version manually, just click on my name.

  • Drummerboy

    What do i think of new yahoo mail now its lousy, horrible, en very difficult en complicated 2 used plus im getting 2 many spams! Id liked the old version better its easy 2 used en hassle free the new yahoo email its a disaster my goodness!!!!! My adviced 2 yahoo is 2 fixed d’ darn freaking problems whatever it is or their aint gonna be no more yahoo email users its going 2b empty (zero) en probably goned in 60 (sixty) seconds!!!!! Take care en peace y’all ok later bye!!!!! Drummerboy!!!!!

  • Betty smith

    My email is blocked every time I go overseas and now it is blocked at home!! If something is not corrected I am going to Google mail!,

  • peter

    I have had enough of yahoo each ‘improvement’ just makes things worse. Now sent mails seem to appear in the in box so you are nor sure if they have been sent or not. It’s difficult to sign out and they keep trying to force you to make your profile public, whatever that means. added to this often mails will not load, just get a forever spinning disk. yahoo is now almost unusable and prone to being hacked of course, sad but it’s become rubbish

  • peter

    I have had enough of yahoo each ‘improvement’ just makes things worse. Now sent mails seem to appear in the in box so you are nor sure if they have been sent or not. It’s difficult to sign out and they keep trying to force you to make your profile public, whatever that means. added to this often mails will not load, just get a forever spinning disk. yahoo is now almost unusable and prone to being hacked of course, sad but it’s become rubbish

  • Alfred Bovill

    The new yahoo mail is CRAP. Maybe the powers that be at Yahoo don’t have to use this CRAP. I cannot find contacts to remove, the wallpaper is a disaster. Thank God I have gmail to fall back on, as Microsoft Hotmail was double CRAP.

  • clarity

    I’ve been on this email practically for ever. It was very convenient and easy to understand, as well as very organized. I’m not so worried about what they have to do to make money, so long as it doesn’t start effecting me in the process. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

    I don’t know what they did to their mail system, but it is horrible! I can no longer just reply and go…the old reply mails are all mixed in there and I can’t even tell what I’m reply to, anymore.

    On top of that, it’s very slow and constantly glitches on me. Half the time I hit reply, it doesn’t do anything and I have to refresh. Recently it couldn’t even find the address of the person I was replying to and I had to refresh it 3 times just to figure it out.

    I never liked Hotmail, and Gmail has never been user friendly as far as I’m concerned. But if Gmail is going to start changing around their email, I may just look into it. Right now, I’m searching for a better mail system, cuz I’m sick of this one. I am not going to tolerate fighting with my email. Clearly Yahoo is more interested in advertising money now, then their users. So I’ll just go elsewhere.

  • ali

    This is the least friendly email system. I am switching.

  • Keith

    This email program really sucks! 1. I can’t open attachments – all I get is an cute little envelope which never opens the attachment. 2. It is very difficult to read email content. 3. I don’t want all emails on the same topic to be joined together. It is hard to know who is the sender, etc. I want my Classic back!

  • http://webpronews.com Gene

    Do I like the new Yahoo E-mail? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………..No sir, I don’t like it, don’t like it at all!

  • Diana

    Who is in charge & why are they so dim that they can’t figure out they are pissing off a lot of people and losing them. I am ready to jump ship (or very close) since I can’t find my folders -they disappear and I can’t get them back- you click on it and nothing happens.. It groups all my messages from one person together and I can’t find the subject line to change it. Sometimes I’m reading and the message goes in the middle of it in the trash?! My save a message to draft (is where?) and on and on… Didn’t they test it?
    This is like myspace dying. Real sad cause I really liked yahoo.

  • rcf

    New yahoo mail is buggy beyond belief. And the bugs change/persist from week to week. This week it is delete a message and it goes to the PREVIOUS message not the next message, mail constantly forcing you to login after 2 minutes of inactivity, trying to delete from spam folder results in a delete button that does not work (you have to refresh), deleted messages magically reappear in your inbox….

  • chester

    I also will mention Yahoo mail comes up with false messages about some ‘unauthorized’ activity on your account just to get you to change your password to a stronger password? LIARS. Everyone I know with yahoo had that happen to them forcing a password change. I will also mention that the Yahoo front page has become TABLOID news from hollywouldnt, huufpotpost motlyfoolishidiots and all the BRING IN THE ad DOLLAR$$$ with fake news and hit pieces that is distortions or lies all to bring in money instead of REAL news. Count how many Hollywood socalled NEWS stories are on the front page of yahoo.

  • http://yahooemail Marianne

    I can not read any emails more than one week old, there is an ARROW with a line on top of it that acts like a dividing line ,the scrolling does not go beyond this line, I don’t know how to REMOVE this stop arrow so I can read all emails

    This yahoo redesign is like Obamas teck idiots programming a website they had no knowledge to produce .I have not read all emails now for 4 days .I am now PAYING YOU for nothing right.I thin there must be thousands joining me in these complaints ,what I have read from Marianne

  • ian donald

    For many weeks now I have had an instruction to update my Firefox and Safari browser before I can enter my yahoo mail. It does give a prompt to do it later but I have not found a way to get rid of the message and any attempt to update the safari browser has been unsuccessful. Now i cannot even get into my yahoo mail because the screen with the prompt has frozen. I am probably going to find another e mail server.

  • Jim

    The new Yahoo email is terrible. After opening message thread all of the prior messages appear at the top and your new one at the bottom. Completely different than how we read generally from the top down, not bottom up. I am switching to Gmail after 14 years with Yahoo. Maybe that was their intent in the first place, make it so confusing Yahoo could reduce their users and manage their systems.

  • Larry S

    The new Yahoo e mail is awful!
    Spell check does not work
    It accumulates e mail addresses that I send e mail’s to, but it will not let me delete them
    It is innaccurate with the symbol to let you know you already replyed
    My list is much larger. I am unable to contact Yahoo, they have no customer service.
    Note their new Business Format is also a step back, it stinks!

  • Mary

    email won’t load and hasn’t loaded for over a day. error 14 “help” link is blank. I can get to any other site I have tried, including yahoo home page. will leave yahoo as soon as I can get contact info.

  • stevo

    The new yahoo email is ABSO-FRICKING-LUTELY S*&%$

  • Dennis

    Absolutely mother _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SUCKS – ROYALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/techiediva rmpbklyn

    My wishlist, to bring back:
    1- +/add button for contact from an ‘incoming email. I used to have a green plus icon next to name and was able to add contact.

    2- on hover over, was able to add any email address that was in the email, eg, those in the FW headers and any text that looked like an email.

    3- type ahead to insert an email, I used to be able to type eg jan and that would bring janedoe@hermail.com . the less the windows/pop ups the better. I had the flexibility to type their name or email.

    4-calendar and other links used to be displayed as tabs. now I have to have separate link to type or retrieve from my bookmarks

    5-pictures in email, previews. Once had the ability see the images in full size, without downloading. Also without the aggravation of a uncompressing a zip file.

    6-There used to be useful, mails from contacts, that was , WAS perfect. At least I was able to see my friends and families first before any other email

    7-previously was able to sort by size, that helped in cleaning up my email. also allowed for me to find emails with attachments eg photos vs word docs.

    8- multiple select emails to move, where ‘select all’ is pointless if there are hundreds now that there are ‘no pages’, but want to select begin and end to select

    when delete a message, it should disapper from the folder, it’s distracting and I lose my place when I reviewing email. The only way I can get them out of view is to clean the trash, but I had to ‘leave the folder’ I was viewing and lose my spot.

    the main ‘side bar’ should not collapse and turn to icon view when viewing folder list.

  • joy warsgayer

    can only see 5 emails at a time….must switch whixh one useless email no one to ask

  • Trisha

    Yahoo email is the worst ever!!!! I have had this account for many, many, many years but I’m telling you I’m seriously looking into another email server.
    I get regular spam in my inbox now I am inundated with messages….however the most important messages never seem to arrive at all….well I am told by the sender they sent them!!! Yahoo classic was so much better!!! I know yahoo wants to go newer but newer isn’t always better!!!

  • mary

    The think I hate most is the removal of the one-click sign out button. You have to mouseover your name and select from a drop down to sign out. Does anyone know of a way to just click somewhere on the screen and sign out? I use multiple emails and this is so annoying to me, more so than the ads.


    Whoever designed new yahoo, is stupid.. Shame on you!!!!!

  • MI

    good bye yahoo… you make our world more difficult to deal!…

  • http://YahooMail cups

    This new version is lame and corrupts both sent messages and drafts. They need to scrap it and start over……sounds familiar – like Obamacare!!!!

  • barun beriwal

    unable to open yahoo mail in outlook since last ten days.

  • http://yahoo Shahidah Stanback

    When I tried to long in several times to my account , you wrote back and told me my account has been hacked into. I needed to call customer support . I have called you guys half the day and numbers don’t exist and you hang up on me. If someone don’t fix this problem today, I will be contacting better buisness bureau if this matter is not corrected.

  • luce

    I hate the new version.
    multiple problems as said before Even writing this mail is problematic.
    How to make worse what was functioning ok….
    Will prbably changeserver soon.
    Today, the site doesn’t even work
    Yahoo is total bullshit

  • raj

    the new email format is so unintuitive even a somewhat tech savvy persons alike struggle with it .

  • Wendy

    I have not been able to access my email since this change. I have been unable to actually talk to anyone at Yahoo, 3 calls, 2xs the calls were dropped when they tried to transfer me and today 1 hr 6 min. later I had to go to work and still no answer. I’ve used the Face Book site and they sent me a long drawn out way to try to log back in which hasn’t worked for me. This is the email account I have on everything and have used for everything. I’m very upset I’m getting NO help from Yahoo. Any suggestions ?

  • Dave

    the only way I can access my Yahoo mail is to go to https://login.yahoo.com and sign in and access it that way, the email part of yahoo Messenger I have not been able to get it to work at all so I might as well just delete that off the PC , total rubish

  • Ellen

    Yahoo’s advertising banner drops into my emails. It interferes in trying to click on that email where the banner sits over it. Anyone have this problem? How to fix it?


  • Lewis & Myrna Coker

    I have used Yahoo mail ever since I’ve been on the internet. I foolishly accepted the new Yahoo mail. Since then I cannot read my emails because of the sponsored links that appear on my emails. If I do not get this corrected I will have to use another email site. It is so disgusting when you try to read your emails and the pop ups appear right over the Email you want to read. I would like to know how to block this troublesome thing. I’m actually sorry I chose the new Yahoo mail!

  • Elkapitandelocos


    Specifically the post about the CEO of Yahoo having an ulterior motive to run it into the ground, benefitting whoever would be the most likely recipient of the exodus of users (I’ve been using it since 1997 and am leaving).

    “There is a really simple explanation for all of this, an ulterior motive of CEO Marissa Mayer and all those involved. Logically, it all makes sense. Here is the timeline:

    1) Google execs had a secret closed-room meeting with Mayer with a plan to bring down Yahoo.
    2) With the political clout of Google’s influence, Mayer is placed into Yahoo as CEO.
    3) Mayer immediately implements a no-telecommuting policy to bring down morale and frustrate the employee base. Give them free lunches to compensate, but only at HQ.
    4) Break the Yahoo brand-image by defacing the decades-old, globally recognized Yahoo logo, just for fun.
    5) Screw up Yahoo Sports, its biggest product.
    6) Destroy the Yahoo homepage.
    7) Next came Yahoo Mail. Make it a bad copy of Gmail as an inside joke for those who know where Mayer comes from. Remove tabs. Throw in random glitches all over the place. Randomly delete contacts. Hide folders. Make commonly-used controls vague, and relocate them all. Say it’s permanent.
    8) Users start revolting.
    9) Have Yahoo admins spew out run-arounds and PR-speak that beat around the bush, just to rub it in, further angering the userbase.
    10) Users leave in droves. Advertisers drop. Yahoo is run to the ground.
    11) Mayer leaves Yahoo with a golden parachute, and an “Oops, guess I couldn’t save Yahoo afterall”.
    12) Mayer receives a multi-million payout from Google as agreed to (refer to item #1), and is hired back on to Google as a “consultant” who gets paid millions a year to do nothing.

    It’s all too simple really.”

  • Ms. Jae

    The new Yahoo Mail is the absolute pits!!! It stinks to the far side of Pluto!! And for Yahoo to ignore the consistent complaints of it’s customers, you’d better believe that money is involved some-a-where!!! I hate sending and receiving emails. You can’t even customize anymore!! Pitiful! Pitiful! Pitiful! I’ve gotta go! I think I might have to throw-up on my Yahoo!!

  • wanda silcox

    I definitely do not like the change. However, my main concern is this: I do expect privacy and when I delete my yahoo emails (both incoming and sent) I expected that they would be deleted. However, when searching my computer, I found all my emails in Windows Live including those that I thought were deleted! Can someone explain why that happened and how that can be corrected? I was shocked to find a complete copy of all my yahoo emails in Windows Live. Unless that problem can be resolved, I will immediately leave Yahoo.

  • Denis

    new yahoo mail is shit

    • bree

      You hit it right on the head, Denis. I am ready to jump out of Yahoo NOW if it wasn't such a hassle. But soon——

  • Denis

    no I take that back …its absolute shit

  • Farah

    I hate the new yahoo email! it adds different emails you send to different people to one email and you get confused about which email you sent to who. it's a mess.

    • jeanie

      A terrible mess…….

    • Marcelle Ray

      You are right Farah. It is very confusing and I hate it. You also can’t change the subject line when responding to someone and I hate all the me, me, me. When responding you see several messages to different people and you are saying to yourself, who am I sending this to, then I just get out of it. Terribly confusing.

      • YAHOO SUCKS!

        The “Me Me Me” part is RETARDED. It looks like my messages are all being sent to myself INSTEAD of the people I was sending them too.

        The worst part is that yahoo users have no say in all this, before that IDIOT Marissa Mayer was “affirmative-actioned” into the CEO seat, we could still choose the new yahoo 2.0 layout or the classic layout. Now it’s just yahoo 3.0 or the highway. It’s gotten all soviet-style collective punishment… just like when google took over Youtube. Well Marissa, I’m packin’ my bags. Cheers, you just drove away most of the loyal people that actually made yahoo run for so many years. Now go home and take care of your babies instead of tormenting hard-working americans who need a RELIABLE email service with all these lousy “upgrades”. Let someone serious do the big job, someone who knows well enough to keep what works instead of trashing it without anyone’s consent.

        • Sam Quinones

          I”m not sure I have a problem with ads for a free service. but I am having the same problem Farah has. If you use the same words subject line – “many thanks” for example – for different emails to different recipients, the new Yahoo mail puts them all under the same thread. I have several emails to very different recipients all in the same thread because I put “many thanks” in the subject line for each of them – not imagining that this would be a problem. Sounds like Yahoo requires us to be endlessly creative in the subject line and avoid repetition all costs, otherwise it punishes us by combining all these mails in the same thread. That is absolutely stupid!!!!

          Another problem is forwarding a message from within a thread without forwarding the whole thread of messages. I frequently want to do this, but I’ve not yet figured out how.

          I have no idea why all this was necessary. Ads, no problem. I’ll ignore them. But this stuff is messing with my livelihood, costing a lot of time and I’m afraid wiil one day result in some disaster, such as me sending an email to some by mistake.

        • Ken

          Thanks Marcelle, I like your “Me Me Me” part is RETARDED. I feel so good when you hit right on it! They are retarded!
          So much for the Yahoo genius programmers/engineers, what a waisted!
          I wondered if they were part of the Microsoft A team? The team that is so good at frustrating the peoples…

    • cikirk

      OMG – that is SO true – I just HATE this new version ! ! If I’m in the middle of a discussion thread “leave” for a while & try to jump back in, I’m totally lost, e-mails on different subjects are lumped together, not in any rational order, extremely difficult & time-consuming to try to sort out, sometimes impossible – HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT…

    • Al

      have you figured out how to delete this function. It is a royal pita.

  • stevenj

    Just in the last few weeks I've noticed that it takes 10 times as long for my email page to load. I've had ad blocker installed for about 6 months so no ads load. Prior to the slow loading it loaded pronto. What gives? And what's with the 2 service interruptions in the last 2 weeks?


      Welcome to the fruits of feminism at work. Yahoo has turned into a spam-infested gossip site that sells all your information and clogs your inbox with junk. Like a really bitter ex trawling through all your credit cards and using them.

      • stevenj

        Are you some kind of misogynist? Woman hater?

        • LD Voice

          It does sound that way..

  • Confused?

    I just did a windows update and now my yahoo page loads in text only on the left side of the page (Google Chrome). I did all the common fixes with cache and history delete, no fix. Anyone have a fix?

    • MeezerFL

      Follow the rest of the known world & dump them. There are a lot better sites out there for homepage & mail. The issues with yahoo are beyond the end-users control — Obviously you get it their way or no way because they haven't listened to their client base. Try netvibes.com for a better free homepage & gmail or outlook.com for e-mail. Netvibes will pop3 mail on your page.

  • MeezerFL

    Yahoo Frustration? Easy fix: outlook.com for e-mail and (after 20 year of having a nice yahoo homepage) get a truly perfect homepage on NetVibes.com — finally a free page with everything I want, the way I want it AND no advertising. LOVE It!

  • Joe

    Yahoo mail has been working for me until tonight. Now, if I want to print an E-Mail, the preview shows the advertisement on the right side covering up the right side of the E-Mail. If you click on print anyway, I now get a screen I have never seen and if you click on print on that screen, you will get the print but the right side will be missing, just as the preview showed.

  • lmm

    it sucks.

  • Sue

    I was sending an email, typed the first few letters of my contact and the rest didn’t pop up….I had to type the rest myself or scroll through my contact list….what a pain. Going switch to something else when I have time over the summer.

  • FFS

    New Yahoo Mail is unusable and to echo Denis – it is shit. You can’t forward, you can’t delete, the buttons are unresponsive (as is Yahoo ‘Help’) you have to wait an age for the page to reload, once you delete something the page just freezes. Piss poor. This used to be my main mailbox, as did Gmail, I’ll be moving elsewhere.

  • jack

    Yahoo mail might as well pull the plug right now, it’s all over

  • bwp

    had my tech support on the computer, got an explorer upgrade, tried to address non-responsive yahoo offer to upgrade..no luck.tech said issue is yahoo problem. he couldn’t fix it. %&**#@%%

  • bwp

    Oh, by the way, I’m not tech savvy so the frustration level is off the charts..tried calling Yahoo. Yup, nice way to take a long break. Any suggestions?

  • Eric

    What really bothers me is the CEO will (is getting) get a high reward – success or FAIL!
    Today Yahoo cost me a 200 voucher because it deleted files that I had NOT selected
    and Deleted my TRASH before I had time to retreive it!
    I dont want msn. I don’t want arrogant Google – I just want Yahoo…

    • Bo Bo BoBo

      Every time I finally learn how to use my g.d. e-mail some azzwipe fks it up again.WHY CAN”T YOU STOP SCREWING WITH MY MAIL??WHYYYYYYY?

  • Janet Watson

    Yahoo reminds them, serves ads based on the content of their emails, This is bullshit, I am getting emails from nasty sites especially in my spam folder that I have never been to or associated with and then your adds want to spam me with more nasty sites that aren’t fit for kids or adults. I think Yahoo should be sued, just think of what children are seeing, even if they are teens it’s still not right for them to see such things. I say SUE THEM !

  • Barleyhorse

    Yahoo is apparently trying to get out of the email business by suddenly providing a system that doesn’t work. Any recommendations for another email system?

  • Jo

    Awful. Clunky, confusing and generally a mess. Choosing the “classic” layout from settings may look easier but won’t solve all the problems, as it has restricted features.

  • Joe

    I just purchased a new HP 8.1 desktop and there is too much of a delay with my yahoo email; scrolling, opening email and to check the check box. Never had this with my old Dell PC operating under Vista. Tried calling everyone, but no help. My wife has an Apple IPAD and her Yahoo email works very fast. I don’t understand. Maybe I should have purchased an Apple PC??? Also the Email printout is too small and prints data from the left side. Data on the right side does not all print. Is there any solutions??? 2/25/14

    • Middle

      Try a different browser. I have found that Chrome doesn’t correctly format many things. I don’t have such problems with firefox or IE.

    • smithca1988@yahoo.com

      Try new 8.1. It sucks I have it on my computer as well for the first month in August 2014 I could not access the internet. Yes I have a HP that automatically downloaded the newest form of windows 8 I hate that. I love the touch screen though. Apple computers suck. I have no problem with the speed of the new Yahoo but I do have a new problem of not being able to get new email since January 19 2015.

  • Raman Gupta

    I quite like the latest Yahoo! Mail. They have streamlined it for better. Of course, things like those cheap ad banner etc. are still really bad. I fixed the ad banner with this add-on called ‘Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel’ for Firefox. Here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/yahoomailhideadpanel/

  • jeanie

    I am sick of the new yahoo mail, cannot retrieve a email to forward after I reply, yahoo and internet explorer had better shape up or they will be losing some customers…..sick, sick, sick

  • vega aron

    the new yahoo makes it impossible to work with, it gets stuck almost every time i work. Sadly i’m slowly moving all my contacts to gmail…

  • Les And

    I no longer use Yahoo mail because of their botched changes. Also, it now takes forever to for the mail application to load. It’s sad because I had been using Yahoo mail since it started.

  • debbi

    i plain just don’t like it! i can’t reach a live person, its way too difficult so i am going to gmail-from the pan to the fire one would say!

  • babs

    I HATE THIS YAHOO MAIL…..why didn’t they give us a chance to say if we wanted to change or keep the old!!! Cannot send emails ..contacts don’t come up, no spellck
    no color text I could go on and on….I will move to another HATE Yahoo…

  • Mad Dan

    I absolutely HATE the new Yahoo email system. However, would’nt it be nice if Yahoo would provide us schmucks a GUIDE to do things right (like get the size of the print to be consistently MEDIUM, instead of growing, growing, exploding? How about a giude to block all the stupid “conversations” in the middle or writing a reply? Or leaving the page be without having to move it up or down constantly? Etc. Nice job, Yahoo. I am SERIOUSLY thinking of moving to gmail. When all your customers leave, maybe you’ll get the message?

  • Pete Brace

    I managed to retain Yahoo classic, but they seem to have crippled many of the features – I can no longer add filters and the address book is broken. Goodbye Yahoo!

  • carol

    I really hate the new yahoo emai!. I find it very confusing as to who sent which email to whom. Yesterday the background turned bile green..please tell me that color is only temporary?

    • Priscilla

      I agree with you completely. It was fine before, but nothing but confusing now as to who sent what and which one answered. I have also lost Favorites for the second time, it has disappeared. What to do.

  • Me

    Every time I try to use my email, a pop up comes up saying my resolution isn’t set right. Its as high as it goes. I click on “try again” and 2 or 3 seconds later…..it pops up again. Can’t use my email at all….any suggestions.

    • Bo Bo BoBo

      I guess they don’t give a rats ass what we wanted to keep.I loved my classic mail and knew how to use it.They tried and tried and tried to get me to change and finally just said F.U.,here’s your new mail….good fkin’ luck trying to figure out how to use it….screw U yahoo….I’m outta here.Don’t let the door hit you in the azz!

  • Harry

    Every time I click on a yahoo mail and go to another site from my mail now I have to sign back in. Yahoo mail tells me its timed out even if it has ben only a few seconds. The mail is junk this way and needs a fix or I will go somewhere else for my mail.

    • The Bobster

      I have that same problem from time to time. Then it goes away and returns a couple of months later.

  • Kona Rose

    Does anyone know how to ‘fix’ Yahoo email so that ‘page up’ and ‘page down’ work inside each email? The only way I can get through an email is to click in the email, then tap the down cursor button ad infinitum ad nauseum. I won’t go into the rest of the issues but if I can just fix that, it would kinda help some of the frustration. Thank you.

  • frank

    Who’s wet dream was this new approach to email. They have gone from simple to use to utter confusion. Shades of GMAIL.

  • materene

    Here it is Almost April 2014 and nothing has been fixed, it freezes and stops responding so bad you have to close the program then re enter to even send a mail that hopefully was saved in draft. Just absolute crap and I am already moving my things after 9 years to gmail. They don’t care so next year three months in it will still be crap. Must have used the same morons that designed the new health care web site.

    • neil

      Yeah for sure makes you want to close down Yahoo mail and go somewhere else as there are plenty of them around.

  • imolv

    Yahoo has become the rottenest website on my computer. They screwed up I ever everything I enjoyed. They essentially have become a internet dictatorship. What does the customer matter???

  • Alex

    After 10 years I am leaving Yahoo for good. The new design is a major catastrophy. It’s absolute S H I T! and the Yahoo CEO should get fired for what she did. The lack of responsiveness to customer complaints shows her complete disrespect and disregard for us, Yahoo mail users. You are a greedy moral and ethical midget and don;t deserve your post. Fire her!!!!

  • Alex

    FUCK OFF Yahoo CEO – you’re a spoiled bitch who should be fired for the disregard of your clients!

  • tracy

    It’s almost impossible to follow an email thread. On a personal level, if my friends and I are trying to coordinate plans, people are always emailing the wrong person, or in the wrong order. If there is an incorrect email within the group, inevitably the “Reply” is sent to that one, not the corrected one, and I get the Maeler Daemon. Worse, I use Yahoo for work. When I am trying to check records regarding contractual correspondence, it is extremely time consuming to go through each one, line it up and print it to prove my point. This should be the easy part. That’s why we email. I HATE this new Yahoo mail, and I loved it until now. I may jump ship and try gmail.

  • Barbara Pederson

    I’ve been trying to get used to the new Yahoo for way too long, and find myself hating it more every day. The combining of messages is absolutely too confusing, takes too long to load, a waste of time having to spend so long trying to find help/answers and usually end up looking through google, almost everything is very annoying. Hate, hate, hate it.

    • anonymous

      At first I had problems with that too, but it’s all in the settings. You just need to uncheck the box for Enable conversations.

  • Sue

    Yahoo seem to loose replies from other people.I could be missing important messages,Also,when I log on,it tells me rediculas things like, I have 260 new messages.I am reluctant to leave Yahoo,because it will mean changing a lot of things.

  • dawn

    How many times do you have to say If it aint broke DON’T fix it, Seriously guys what the hell are you doing with yahoo mail. I can only get half the message in the main body of the email that I am trying to read. What is the point of that. More of the message comes up in a little pop up box but even then I can’t get access to the whole message, Why?

  • lordbanker


  • Emily

    Yahoo is a joke. It’s awful. Who thought of this should be fired Immediately!

  • autoguy9171

    so frustrating. i have been with yahoo from the beginning and i hate the new mail system so bad i’ll have to change to another provider! what crap!

  • retired employee

    I strongly dislike (hate) the new home page “design” & an email “improvements” as well. ATT/Yahoo mail needs to go back to the “old” forma ASAPt or I am switching to OUTLOOK.

  • April

    I don’t like the new system because it does not work for me. SEND does not send, I can’t save appropriately, etc. I can’t find any instructions about using the system. I hate the monitoring and the ads that keep popping up. Is there a profit motive behind all of the trouble Yahoo is putting us through? I am looking for a new system. I need HELP!

  • Michelle

    Grrr, Yahoo mail is more trouble than it is worth. Changing to Google, now worth my sanity. Not only does it seem that Yahoo takes longer to open mail, and not to mention I can’t type in the received email for a quite response to the sender…now my open email moves over to my list and I can’t delete, open new mail or compose. I have to shut done the site and reopen and try again. Why do companies fix things that ain’t broke. Seems to me a lot of wasted resources and money. As well as lose of customers!!!

  • Constantlreader

    Used to enjoy Yahoo but rediculously and unnecessary small print makes it unatractive to all those I have asked, so I am not alone.


    Yahoo is $HIT. And it’s only been that way since Marisa Mayer was
    given the top job. More politics than common sense prevailed there.
    Yahoo has become the crappiest email, even worse than Gmail and Hotmail.
    It was actually good before they let Marisa Mayer run the company, now
    it’s so bad you have to wait an hour for it to attach PDFs sometimes.
    The service is inconsistent, it’s never as fast as it was before she
    took over. Even navigating the folders and finding what you sent is a

    Hope the shareholders know what a big dump she took on the
    company. It seems the ad dollars are rolling in but the email and all
    the free services suck now. Oh but we should all cheer because a glass
    ceiling was broken and a woman is now CEO of a big tech company. GIMME A
    BREAK. She’s ten times worse than all the men that came before her. At
    least under them the email wasn’t so damn DEFECTIVE! Sometimes I think
    there aren’t any real men left at Yahoo. The whole thing has become an
    affirmative-action socialist flower-power rag. I’d like my email
    interface STEEL GRAY, not “the color purple” thank you very much. No
    thanks for taking away that option. Look at what yahoo was, now look at
    what they have become. NO real MEN left at the company. They need to grow a pair and realize that a smart board of directors promotes people to CEO based on RESULTS, not gender or politics or what you have in your pants. And sometimes, lets be honest, a woman turns out NOT to be the best choice for CEO of a tech
    company. Sometimes you need to keep what works instead of reinvent the
    wheel and making it WORSE.

    I hope Yahoo’s shareholders are paying attention. Do you even know what utter dog poo yahoo mail has turned into now? They just sell your information to rack up more advertising dollars, which makes Mayer’s cronies love her and hype up
    the share price of Yahoo stock, but it has turned yahoo mail into a
    cesspool of spam clogging up your computer’s memory just to display
    everything in your inbox. And now I have all these websites I never
    visited spam me with offers I don’t want, from industries I have nothing
    to do with.

    Hooray for bankrupt liberal feminist politics and falsely
    inflated share prices, a sad day for economics and reliable service.

  • kbsinniger

    I have to change passwords every day as if I send just a few (two?) e-mails to the same user in less than five minutes even if responding to theirs Yahoo deems my e-mails suspicious and locks my account so that I can no longer send e-mails until I chnage my password and wait an hour. This in addition to the other woes since Yahoo Classic is no longer available. Sadly, it is time to move on.

  • Matt

    What an absolute joke…all of a sudden I can’t open ANY of my emails and receive an error message when I do try. Anybody else experiencing this?!

  • pat

    Complain all we want, I doubt the new CEO doesn’t bother to see our complaints let alone respond to them, even with email to it’s users explaining what they are trying to do. Each day presents a new challenge of “what did they do now”. It is miserable. For any young folks complaining consider that the medium age now is over 50 with declining vision in many cases, the new format makes use of the fonts, colors etc more difficult to see the print in addition to trying to keep up with all the constant changes they are making. The changes are terrible.

  • Hatton20

    Yahoo used to be as good as Microsoft Outlook. It is now almost impossible to send mail and I agree with the comments below. I shall have to change but after 12 years of using what was once an excellent email, I’m ready for out. Why did they have to reinvent the wheel? It was working just perfectly.

  • Petra Verhoeven-Jordan

    I hate it and agree with all the other people in this comment area. This is a complete mess. Having emails and responses and forwards to different people all bundled up is horrible. I can not figure out anything anymore. Keeping track of emails is now a nightmare. IT also seems that emails get sent to people including the stuff that was already sent to others, when they should not see it. I have mass emails going out to 50 people at a time and all responses come in one email. It sucks the big one…. no way to revert, I already read about that, and I am now changing to Gmail….sorry I have been a loyal customer forever but this is just too much of a mess. I don’t have time to sort it all out every day….Come on Yahoo, you should know that everyone hates this and give us the choice which version to use….

  • Franklin

    I think it stinks The bird brain that thought up this change .Should be fired . Every one
    I talked to is complaining about the change . Wake up Yahoo Before you go down the tubes

  • Franklin

    Mayer has to go .She has everything screwed up . Yahoo is going down the tubes .
    I won’t use their E-Mail any more alon with THOUSANDS of others .

  • Nan

    The new Yahoo mail is not a feministic ploy or a mistake; it is just the result of corporate greed. Hope all crappy ads bring the company lots of dough because you’ll be losing your email customers. You can’t print an email anymore without all kinds of ads creeping over the text and rendering it unreadable. So much for opting out of this or that–impossible! It’s bad enough seeing ads all over the inbox page, but why would anyone want to print them. Obviously, someone has had their palms greased over this mess. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

  • Larry

    Awful, like it is designed by amateurs. Will be switching to G-Mail asap.

  • John Kugie

    THE new yahoo mail is the MOST frustraiting, irritating and WORST email system I have ever used. Nothing is where it should be when you need it. WHY are the buttons at the bottom instead of where I have just wrote or responded? After writing, I have to scroll all the way to the botton or first email in the string to hit ‘send”. What idiot web master thought that up? Why can I no longer have two or more emails open at the same time in different tabs? Why are there email ad commercials now? Was it not greedy enough to have ads all around the edges of my paid for ISP and email? Now changing folders or emails is much slower due to it having to think about which new stupid email ad will be at the top of my mail box. There are too many AWFUL things about the new yahoo email to list here. The comments below pretty well cover my sentiments. It is a chore to change email addresses with all your contacts but I have no choice at this point. I thought I would get used to it in time but this new email system seems to frustrate me more each day.
    Thanks for nothing yahoo.

  • Robert Jaskolka

    Who is the genie-ass adding any and all mail contacts from all emails to my contact list? If my friend forwards an email to me that he sent to 10 other contacts, the yay-hoos at yahoo now add them all to my contact/address listing. I then have to delete all that unwanted/unwarranted crap every time an email arrives. More garbage was the story that “features” were tested both inside and outside the company and got rave reviews. Is the ceo related to pelosi? Pure arrogance!!!

  • Robert Jaskolka

    Oh yeah—And the queen said, “Let them eat cake!”

  • Diane

    I also dislike the new Yahoo with the sent messages stating they are to me, and the way the threads look when forwarding messages. I also can’t figure out how to put my messages in alphabetical order. The view tab doesn’t give me this option.

  • Angelina Sclone

    I hate it,leave things alone,I’ll go back to RR.

  • Angelina Sclone

    Did you hire 6th graders to come up with the cool new server? The way it’s all split up is a joke.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ jeannie lucas

    Why doesn’t Yahoo give a total of sent/received emails in the top r/hand corner like before and how do I get it back

  • mjohnc1

    The new yahoo mail system is absolutely crap compared to the old version. I hate, hate hate it. It is confusing . Because of the message history system It allows people to read comments made about them that they would never have been expected to see. Some of my friends have lost friends this way. It is difficult backtracking on emails to find the relevant message detail… Because of the delays in response to key strokes , especially in deleting messages I often press again only to delete a further message unwantonly. The designer shoud be fired , If someone introduces an email system which works like then original version of yahoo. I would sign up immediately and pay for the priviledge.

  • Red shirt

    restogarde step will be taking the jump soon yahoo sucks

  • sick of yahoo

    Sick of the lifecellskin adds. Yahoo has gone too far sticking mandatory spam in my inbox. I don’t care if i can somehow turn this off. I’m going to spend the time I would use figuring this out to sign up for another email service. Hope you are listening yahoo. Have had your mail for ten years, but now I’m out.

  • Mark

    Yahoo sucks ass. Fuckin hate their service. Everyone needs to jump to startmail.com that’s coming.

  • Jack

    I hate Yahoo mail. All I want to do is reply to the original sender of a message that I had forwarded. When I click reply it goes to the address I forwarded it to not the original sender….Help

  • globatechhub

    Ronnie Calvin

    For FREE Email tech Support
    contact on 1-800-935-0537

  • reeny

    Is there anyway to get rid of the Me. Me on all of the emails? And how do you fix the emails so they do not go to other people? That is even worse!

  • angel

    Every day I post comments on the articles on line. I used to get the comments and what people though about them. I could see if the rest of the people thought the same as me or completely. All at once, the Yahoo Posts quit coming. I want an answer. It’s a fairly easy answer I’m sure.

  • Cakist

    Poorly designed, the layout sucks, its glitchy, the limited backgrounds are….limited. I’ve put in a full opt-out for ads….and continue to get them. YAHOO: FIX THIS HORRIBLE MESS AND FIRE THE DESIGNERS THAT CREATED IT!!

  • johnson dell

    For Free Yahoomail Tech Support Contact Us @ 1-800-935-0537


  • johnson dell

    For Free Yahoomail Tech Support Contact Us @ 1-800-935-0537


  • johnson dell

    For Free Yahoomail Tech Support Contact Us @ 1-800-935-0537


  • LD Voice

    Recently I logged into my email box with BT yahoo only to discover that
    one of my newly received emails had been opened and read? You think I am
    joking.. One of my overseas family sent me an email containing some
    very private information, the email contained information about the sale
    of some land I own in the UK and my family replied to this message.
    when I accessed the email it had already been read! Now you are probably
    thinking I am lying! or a crazy fool with a simple 123 password? No sir,
    my password is 9 digits long and contains upper and lowers, this had to
    be a mistake.. Doing some more research online came up with many
    people are detecting this problem. So what conclusion did I reach? Well,
    I can be 100% sure nobody has my email password. I use a mac so there
    is limited chances of getting a virus. I have no apps on my computer or
    do I use third party email clients. So it leaves only one explanation.
    my ISP or the government has been in my email box sniffing round.

    email that was opened contained various keywords I can only think that
    sent alarm signals to some agency or my ISP. The numbers £17,873,600
    would of been one of them, as the land I am selling in the UK had been
    recently valued at this sum.
    So what should I do now? Are all my
    message been read and then ticked as being unread? Can I make a public
    enquiry or press charges for someone interfering with my email? I
    obtained information about my login page with all my IP address logins
    and there was nothing there, apart my static IP of my home address.

    I spoke to a friend about what had happened and he said he uses a free message service called http://tempnote.com
    you can create a message then send it through an encrypted link, then
    after they have been viewed your private message it automatically gets
    So from now on all my family and friends use TempNote with
    any private information they have to send. Trust no-one especially the
    so called government.

    I know I did not give out my email password
    to anyone and I can be sure I never opened that email up. I cannot
    stress enough how important it is not to send very private information
    via emails..

  • Dot

    I looked up a map on my ipadmini. I did not accept Yahoo. So their page froze til I read via https that I would see it better. I want nothing to do with yahoo. How can I make sure they don’t keep playing these tricks

  • Dot

    I never signed up for Yahoo. In general map question I get this message how much better Yahoo would be. It is tricky. I tried everything to get out. But I am afraid that ok was an acceptance rather then info. Why in heavens name are they interceding well I guess you folks answered the question. Going to check out facebook. It can be helpful

  • Linda

    I have had yahoo email for years with no problems,,now before I can get one email read it stops and tells my my time is up and I have to sign back in to read the rest of it ,,
    this goes on the whole time i’m in e mail..what is going on?it also tells me I have thousands of e mail when I only have a few…

  • Gorni

    Can it get any worse? I have to constantly check the spam folder now because Yahoo doesn’t have a clue but the folder won’t open unless I “refresh” the page a couple of times. This just started happening a couple of days ago.

    Second….. give us back the SAVE TO DRAFT button back. I have to wait for it to save on it’s own. Who ever designed the new software for Yahoo should be fired!

  • Lisa

    New yahoo mail is the most frustrating and time wasting email ever. Can’t even download a simple attachment. Who asked that they lump all your mail messages into one. I am going to find alternative because it seems that in recent times it’s one thing or another. Utter rubbish

  • Yvonne Pugh

    UP ALL NIGHT(!!!!!) trying to find, and “send” a letter to all my e-address directory, which was STOPPED DUE TO SPAM CONTROL”, saying I should try an hour or two later!! No such luck, then, nor up to now. Then while trying everything imaginable, I clicked on ‘new Yahoo’, and find myself stuck with what 95% of the comments say is a ridiculous, error-filled, frustrating waste of time. I had ‘classic Yahoo’ up to after 3:00 am this morning, after searching for the letter last noted at 1:22 am this morning! I was so annoyingly shocked to see people have been switched to ‘new yahoo’, with no choice anymore, and since JUNE(????). If I had the old program till 3:00 am this morning, at least, why can’t I continue? (I had ‘new Yahoo’for a few days last year, and switched back to classic. NOw it’s forced on me? And the new CEO, whatever, isn’t listening to/addressing such specific complaints, so arrogantly that it makes people start protesting ‘women execs’ again???!!! The whole program is setting us backwards. Must I really find another email site????!!!!!##$%^&*&^%$#@!!$#$%^&&*!

  • randy

    change back to the old system or I go somewhere else for email

  • Lorraine

    I was unable to send an email because I could not see the character string, after following all the links I finally got a phone number 1-800-797-0612. I called it and they said they would take control of my computer and fix the problem. Long story short I let them and I am not sure what they did to my computer but now I can’t get the safe mode off and it won’t print. I called them back and again a guy by the name of Craig Miller fixed it and then wanted to sell me two years of service for 99.99 and I told him no, it took him a few Minutes to get off of my computer and after he got outit went back to the safe mode and wouldn’t print again. I called again and was told to purchase their services and when I said no, I was hung up on. They were all indian speaking people. Does anybody know who I could turn them into??

  • Eleanor

    I hate the new Yahoo mail

  • dave

    why as the look of the yahoo mail changed i so mu hate it and want the old set up back

  • The Bobster

    I think all the annoying ads on the Yahoo mail page cause my Adblock Plus to trigger a display driver error. Other times, the page freezes up and then reloads.

  • Margie OConnor

    Biggest thing about new yahoo email not doing nothing, better on there ads

  • MsPink

    I HATE THE NEW YAHOO MAIL…I tried out Gmail last year and hated it and decided to stick with the Yahoo then suddenly my inbox looks like GMAIL!! WTF!!! It keeps telling me my messages fail to load and mind you there is an important LEGAL email with documents that are attached that are TIME SENSITIVE and I cannot even open it!! It doesn’t let me sort by sender anymore and it groups mail altogether from different senders just because the subject is the same and my emails get lost in between. It’s very hard to keep up with tracking the timeline of my emails.. I WISH it goes back to classic. I had Yahoo for 14 years and this is the first time I have been extremely disappointed with it.

  • Alex Watson

    Call on Yahoo Tech Support 18889622246

  • debbie

    I have had numerous problems with Yahoo mail, including it giving me error msgs. saying this is an unprotected site and to get out of it right away…what is that??? Now my font has changed to really small and each time I send an email I have to change it so the recipient can read it…..what is going on?????

  • debbie

    …and yes I agree with the ME ME ME thing…what is that about, it makes you think you sent it to yourself instead of the other person and including many names on the email just confuses thing more, RE DO!!!!!

  • Guest

    I hate it, but more importantly, Yahoo has made it clear that the opinions of their users doesn’t matter to them in the least.

  • Jeff

    Marrissa mayer ruined all of yahoo services and not just the mail. my old yahoo was hacked and so i wanted to make a new one when i moved to a new country, i didn’t have a mobile for a while so i could not make a yahoo mail account because the new rules forces you to hand over your mobile number. it;s funny how yahoo is spying on you in your face.

  • Jeff

    Marrissa mayer ruined all of yahoo services and not just the mail. my old yahoo was hacked and so i wanted to make a new one when i moved to a new country, i didn’t have a mobile for a while so i could not make a yahoo mail account because the new rules forces you to hand over your mobile number. it;s funny how yahoo is spying on you in your face.

  • cherylcarroll

    I can’t believe that Marrisa Mayer could have this job and be so stupid. SInce she came from Google I think she went to Yahoo to sabatoge their email so everyone would go to Google, then she would go back to Google and get a huge bonus for ruining Yahoo. Can’t think of another reason a person would deliberately ruin a great email program this was. Every week she makes it worse to use.

  • hugh


  • Phil

    new yahoo mail sucks… he new sponsors also suck…the new content is just click farms where you need to click 3 times to turn a page, but i’m sure each click counts toward ad revenue…. yahoo…gmail…ms…the all suck….I want tor mail!

  • Anonymouse

    I agree, the new mail is crap. If you go into the settings you can set it to basic and not have to have all the messages grouped. Course you also don’t get any fancy fonts etc. But at least you can read your mail. And I also noticed that Yahoo home page, when you search anything it comes up with loads of ads above the actual search results. Annoying. And Ad blocker doesn’t stop it. The Yahtannic has sunk….

  • NanaM

    Yahoo mail is ridiculous, why do you people not just leave it alone. Has Yahoo ever heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just pisses me off when I cannot get to my email.

  • Jerald Everett

    what a fu*king idiot did the new e/mail……all I want is out of it and back to the old [classic] form of my e/mail…..yahoo must have idiot working overtime to screw the e/mail up this much….what a bunch of GOD D*M IDIOT THE WHOLE YAHOO STAFF MUST BE…….jerald Everett

  • mk

    You all sound like our government, the Senate and the House. All bitching about every proposal as to how thing don’t work out, but no one has any suggestion as to how to fix everything they bitch about.
    So in conclusion my question is: What is the alternative to Yahoo,Google, and Microsoft Outlook?
    Any good answers appreciated.

  • Ricky Gilliland

    Denis it has not got any better in 9 months! Today, 11/13-2014 it has been down well over 5 hours and counting. And NO ONE will reply to the users for an update. It use to be reliable before Yahoo found out folks liked it and screwed it back up again.

  • Lori

    new yahoo mail is not only busy, crowded, clouded and confusing, i now find the font only in yahoo email is so small, I am getting eye strain. How to fix it? Yahoo says its engineers are working on it. Meanwhile I have work to do!

  • Lori

    C’mon, Yahoo get with it!

  • Mike

    I hate the ” New” yahoo mail. I haven’t been able to get to my emails in 2 days. I did all the so-called “ways” to fix it, it does not work. I am going with another email service. I repeat, I HATE, HATE, HATE YAHOO MAIL!

  • RG


  • Don

    2014 and I am sick of YAHOOwith. I do not have the ability to read an articel, got to watch the video, the search – I now go to other engines when whatever yahoo is using doesn’t produce expected results. Been with you a long time, but now it is time to move on.

  • Geo

    yahoo email : when you get a new email on a old email sometimes you cannot find it without going out of the email and go back in and hunt for it , please fix !

  • Michael T. Lemen

    When I comment on yahoo news there is a number which appears next to my name, what does it mean ?

  • marjoriebfrazier

    I hate it, and I hate the fact that I cannot speak with anyone at your company. Very user unfriendly!!!

  • cindyanna

    yahoo sucks the search engine gives your everything but what you ask for. I can’t finish reading anything because their continuous ad stream slows everything down. There is no customer service what so ever. If you could contact them maybe they would know how bad they are but you can’t even contact them, So frustrated. suck,suck suck

  • jmsouth5

    It’s terrible. I can’t bail because my business email is on all my paperwork, business cards, advertising, everything. I have figured out how to find emails in history in the “search mail” at the top, so all is not lost there. I really completely totally f’kn HATE that every time I open a new email the whole screen drops to the bottom of the page. That is so frustrating. Yeah, like others have mentioned, the “me, me, me” when forwarding is confusing and really have to be so aware of my sending, responding and forwarding so to not screw anything up.
    Yahoo apparently has no ethics, pride or any scrap of customer service left.

  • David

    They totally suck the big one. And what I hate about them the most is they want to start commercial as soon as you start to read the ad. Put the ad on the side of the page dumb fucks, Then if I’m interested I will read it. But now as soon as the ad start. I just close down the page and or better yet. I just turn down the volume and read.

  • Pegasus

    I have been using Yahoo Mail for a considerable number of years. Recently however, the SMS is Jacked up. Surely, I can’t be the only one who is having this issue?! Whenever, I type a message to someone (to send them and SMS msg) Yahoo, garbling my msg whenever I use punctuation like and Apostrophe. I’ll give you an example of how this looks: I type: “I didn’t like that.” The message comes out to the receiving party: “I didn't that. W. T. F.? Has anyone had this experience using Yahoo’s SMS program and if so were able to fix it? Thanks in advance.

    • Pegasus

      Unbelievable… stupid spell check corrected the error I was trying to display. I’ll try again. It looks like this: “I didn ' t like that.”

  • n..hurst

    Yahoo email is getting bad to worse

  • nutty slack

    this is a piece of garbage for me to send an email I cannot get in to my contacts list & cannot send any e mails like everybody else ready to bail out old system a lot better

  • fire

    TAKE IT OFF!!!!! I HATE IT!!!! OFF OFF OFF FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Barnettt

    The new Yahoo mail does not work. I can’t send to some people who I know have valid addresses because I send to them from another mailbox I currently have. It sucks!

  • catlou43420

    I hate the new yahoo mail. I can’t send pictures to my Facebook page from my yahoo mail ……I hate them always changing things. I don’t have internet on my cell phone so always sent my pics to yahoo mail. Now is worthless

  • kathy

    This is such a pain. I have several groups I belong to, and deciding to get really organized, wanted to put contacts into specific folders to easier send group emails without missing someone, and CANNOT figure out how to get them into a folder. Help!! This is ridiculous!

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    I can not even send a message without a message popping up to add a message to fight against spam to no avail. If I can’t eventually get help or find a site so I can get help then I am switching!

  • Philip Hawes

    I hate the new Yahoo mail. I type, and what I type ends up completely screwed up. I am going to try typing up a word doc and then copying and pasting that into Yahoo mail. If that doesn’t work, then I am leaving Yahoo for good. I’ve had other issues with Yahoo lately. Once I marked some emails to delete, but Yahoo deleted the wrong ones.

  • Jorgen-Kaiser1212121
  • Sam

    What is up when typing a email that your cursor freezes and then may start again with everything that you had already typed all together, I agree with everything else, this new email sucks.

  • israt

    its become just disgusting especially when you are writing an important mail and yahoo distracts you by disturbing advertisement. It cross all the limits Disturbance!!!!