A Lot Of People Seem To Have A Problem With The New Yahoo Mail

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A Lot Of People Seem To Have A Problem With The New Yahoo Mail
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Yahoo Mail Classic is now dead. Yahoo Mail users, as of Monday, no longer have the option of using the old version, and must instead use the new version, which Yahoo reminds them, serves ads based on the content of their emails, much like Google’s Gmail has always done. As one might imagine, a lot of users are less than thrilled about this.

What do you think of the new Yahoo Mail? Let us know in the comments.

“Beginning the week of June 3, 2013, older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including Yahoo! Mail Classic) will no longer be available,” wrote Yahoo in its help center fairwell (via TechCrunch). “After that, you can access your Yahoo! Mail only if you upgrade to the new version. You should have received an email from Yahoo! letting you know that your account required an upgrade.”

Yahoo noted that when you upgrade, you are accepting its Communications Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which includes the acceptance of “automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content, which Yahoo! uses to deliver product features, relevant advertising, and abuse protection.”

“If you prefer to opt out of interest-based and contextual-based advertising resulting from your scanned and analyzed communications content, you can change your settings at any time using our Ad Interest Manager,” Yahoo said.

So, it’s even letting you opt out of ads, but that doesn’t mean they won’t scan your mail. You still have to accept Yahoo’s terms.

Those who don’t want to use the new Yahoo Mail were directed to download their mail using IMAP or close their account.

Yahoo’s mention of scanning email to serve ads comes as search partner Microsoft has been campaigning against Google for doing just that, despite the fact that Google has always done this, and has always been quite clear about it.

To many people this really isn’t a big deal. Gmail hasn’t had any shortage of users, and it’s not as though humans are reading users’ email to try and determine which ads to show. It’s all automated. Those who are concerned about this practice, however, could play right into Microsoft’s hands.

Suddenly the timing of Microsoft’s campaign seems a lot better from a marketing standpoint. It seemed odd that Microsoft would attack Google suddenly for something it had been doing for nearly a decade and made not efforts to hide. But now we have the previously announced Yahoo Mail redesign, which engages in similar practices as Google, being forced on users. Could Microsoft users have made enough Yahoo users uneasy about this practice in general to get some of them to switch over to its own Outlook.com (the focal point of that particular “Scroogled” campaign)?

As Declan McCullagh at CNET points out, Yahoo actually adopted the policy that lets it scan emails and serve ads back in 2011. He writes:

It’s not clear why Yahoo felt the need to remind existing users of language in its 2011 terms of service. One possibility, though, is an effort to head off privacy lawsuits brought by class action lawyers hoping for a million-dollar jackpot. (If there’s ever any litigation, defense counsel would surely prefer to rely on informed consent rather than implied consent.)

It’s not merely a theoretical possibility: Google was sued in 2011 by a Massachusetts AOL user who sent e-mail to a Gmail account and then claimed her privacy was invaded. Near-identical lawsuits were filed in Marin County, Calif., (PDF) in June 2012, British Columbia (PDF) in October 2012, and Florida (PDF) in November 2012. On April 29, two college students filed yet another suit (PDF) seeking class action status in San Jose, Calif.

The shuttering of Yahoo Mail Classic also comes on the heels of a separate Yahoo Mail privacy-related story. Last week, a BT made some headlines when it said it would no longer make Yahoo Mail the default email service for its six million customers because of concerns that accounts are vulnerable to getting hacked.

Gerry Smith at The Huffington Post writes, “The shift of BT’s 6 million customers to another email service represents just a small fraction of Yahoo’s overall email customer base of about 280 million people worldwide. But the loss of clients could be a troubling sign for a company that relies heavily on maintaining its email users to generate advertising revenue. Yahoo is now the third-largest email provider after Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook.com.”

Meanwhile, the top dog, Gmail, continues to make efforts to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Last week, Google announced the launch of the new inbox for Gmail, which introduces a new tabbed organization interface.

Privacy concerns aren’t the only thing bothering users, however. Business Insider conducted a survey, finding that 57% of users are unhappy with the new Yahoo Mail. Nicholas Carlson lists a few of the specific complaints users shared:

“The mail message frame is not fixed. If you read a new message, and scroll down to the bottom and decide you don’t want to keep it, you can no longer access the delete button. Yes, obviously you can just close the email and then choose it again and delete, but that is a total waste of time and key strokes.”

“Yahoo disappears emails sent between legitimate and active Yahoo accounts.”

“I used Yahoo mail as a central box for most of my domain emails. After switching a couple of weeks ago and sending 30 test mails over three days to make sure it was all working, 6 never arrived. I even have specific filters set-up within Yahoo mail to make sure certain mails do not get put in the trash or spam by mistake.”

“It’s very laggy, and that pause of a second or two between commands makes it extremely frustrating.”

“The new version of Yahoo mail makes all my messages older than a week or so unreadable. I get “Error 45″ and the messages fail to load. There are numerous reports about this on the net; so far Yahoo hasn’t managed to fix it. So, I have to launch the classic version of Yahoo mail just to read old messages. Fail.”

“Right after the switch I was hacked and my contacts all 500 plus were gone without a trace.”

We’ve seen further complaints in the comments of our own coverage.

Users have had since December to get accustomed to the new Yahoo Mail. More on the redesign here.

Yahoo has been engaging in a lot of redesigns across its various properties. This week, Yahoo also rolled out a new look for its search results pages to go with its recently redesigned homepage. A big Flickr redesign was also recently launched.

Is Yahoo moving in the right direction with Mail? How about as a company in general? Share your thoughts in the comments.

A Lot Of People Seem To Have A Problem With The New Yahoo Mail
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  • Julie Ortiz

    I am going to swith to another e-mail. I hate being marketed in the privacy of my home.

    • TC

      Does that mean you quit your snail mail too? Because they send you marketing (junk mail) in the privacy of your home also. Funny how we deal with offline marketing but online marketing is a monster.

      • Robin

        Ehm, I don’t know about you. But at my home they are not knocking on my door and asking what I’m doing, eating, talking about, etc…

    • Ronald Massey

      Go to the menu bar and click on tools. On the drop down screen go down to compatibility version and click on it so that it has a check beside it ! You now have the old yahoo email back ! When you go to check your mail a screen pops up just click on Continue ! It’s a small price to pay for getting the old tried and true yahoo email back !

      • annie

        I cannot seem to find the menu bar in my yahoo mail. where is it?

        • Meri Tan

          I found it!! I’m not sure if you can do it from your email page, but I went to the Yahoo homepage, click ‘Tools’ on your web browser (I’m using Internet Explorer) then ‘Compatibility view’. Refresh your inbox page to see the changes! ^o^

      • Logan

        Worked like a charm on both my PC’s! Many thanks!

      • Barbara Wheeler

        I would like to know were I can find compatibility in tools. When I drop down my tools. it does not give me the option to check compatibility. I do not like this yahoo mail and want the old version back. Please help

        • chris

          I hate it too

    • chris

      It sucks as usual

    • G Michael Leonard

      Now that’s funny. “The internet exists within the privacy of your home.” No wonder you’re a Yahoo user.

    • Bill Rogers

      I also am about ready to drop Yahoo FOR MY eMAIL. Maybe they need the space to run more adds.

    • http://yahoomail pamela eavenson

      I have never been so mad at a company. As i am at yahoo and when i asked for help on there one of their links i wash told if mind you “if” they fixed the problem would i be willing to pay i not paying for something i pay on my phone for. I tried remove account and in less than a hour it was back on my phone. So yahoo can take their new yahoo mail. And shove it up there yahoo

  • Gen Butterworth

    I did not get a message about upgrading on my email. I have tried for over two hours to use other info. The upgrade page does not have the let’s go button to move forward, nor the agreement. Help

    • shari Brown

      I didn’t receive a personal notice until today.

    • Ronald Massey

      Go to the menu bar and click on tools. On the drop down screen go down to compatibility version and click on it so that it has a check beside it ! You now have the old yahoo email back ! When you go to check your mail a screen pops up just click on Continue ! It’s a small price to pay for getting the old tried and true yahoo email back !

  • Lawrence Keen

    Eorewarned, is forearmed! Change for changesake is not a good policy!

  • http://yahoomail gregory watts

    did not receive a notice,,,how do I upgrade,,,this is a load of crap

    • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

      You just keep trying

    • Ronald Massey

      Go to the menu bar and click on tools. On the drop down screen go down to compatibility version and click on it so that it has a check beside it ! You now have the old yahoo email back ! When you go to check your mail a screen pops up just click on Continue ! It’s a small price to pay for getting the old tried and true yahoo email back !

  • Alex

    I received no notice I don’t have any idea how to upgrade

  • http://yahoo Jade Walker

    I think this is ridiculous! There are enough problems with Yahoo mail without you adding to the frustration. Just 2 weeks ago, I had the hassle of having to go in and change my password because someone was apparently trying to get into my account. Why make the experience worse? I personally wish you would leave well enough alone and give us all one less thing to worry about. Stop already!

    • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

      You just keep trying

  • T. Hannaher

    My location is Fargo, North Dakota/
    \yahoo news shows other locations..
    never the same..
    but unable to change to Fargo.
    What can I do?
    Thank you.

  • Ierkwagh Fanen

    Yahoo why is it difficult for you to Inbox your users so that as they log in their inbox then,they can upgrade using the link which you will provide as other provider often do as to make things easy for their users.

  • Ierkwagh Fanen

    How can I upgrade since I cant log into my box?

    • jean M. Derengoski

      Don’t know what to do since I can’t get into my e-mail. Please tell me what to do.

  • Jay

    Yahoo makes me sick…F**K yahoo mail!! I can’t access it for 1 week and have no way to upgrade. Time to ditch the b****

    • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

      Hey how do I go into my email to check my mail and send emails

  • http://www.autoankaufdortmund.com Autoankauf Dortmund

    Thumbs up, great articel!

  • Aaron A. Aycox

    The new mail is ok, but I have quite a few problems with it.I’ll start this way. I have a eye deffeicentcy, which blowing up my screen so I can see things better works much better for me. Let’s start with I can’t send SMS messages to another yahoo friend which uses her phone to receive. I was sending messages fine on classic, but once I changed over, 1st it went thru fine & now it doesn’t! I can’t send to her or receiver from her!!! The Screen resolution has to be a certain way. In classic, I didn’t have these problems. In classic, I was quite use to how & where thigs were, not things are slightly different & I just prefere them as they were!
    Thank you.

    • Jackie

      I agree, Classic mail was much better, I HATE, the new mail. guess I’ll have to change to my server mail or G mail. How sad as I’ve been with ymail and yahoo for years. Why fix something that isn’t broken????? They should have left it alone!!

  • Bluebonnet

    I loathe and despise the new Yahoo e-mail. It is so cluttered with intrusive, flashing, wiggling ads that it interferes with my efficient use of the e-mail functions. I was already having to hold a piece of paper up over the right side of the screen to block the huge annoying flashing ads (which forced me to type with one hand). Today Yahoo started sticking a text ad on the bottom of the screen in the exact same font as the email message subject lines, so of course you accidentally click on that and a %$#^&*& advertisement screen comes up! I HATE that kind of stealth ad! They also reduced the size of the window where I can see my message while typing it — I can only see a few lines at a time now, resulting in my having to do a lot of up-and-down scrolling. Yahoo email is worse than useless now! I am looking for another e-mail provider. Yahoo can take their horrid ads and go pound sand.

  • Thomas Collins

    “If ain`t broke don’t fix it”. PLEASE Return CLASSIC YAHOO E-MAIL, PLEASE! Beyond the hyper ad content , and having to opt out of the market data mining; the new format is so very counter intuitive compared to the Classic… How many have to change to another E Mail provider to get Yahoo`s attention ???

    • http://bing Anna

      I hate the new email yahoo page…….

      • http://Yahoo Amber Anderson

        Can u help me

  • Greg

    If I have to “upgrade” from Yahoo Mail Classic, I will “upgrade” to Reagan.com. I have already once had to figure out how to go back to Classic when I inadvertently “upgraded” to a newer version a year ago, and could not stand the sight of that version, either. Apparently Yahoo isn’t making enough money advertising the old fashioned way. The new versions are all about Yahoo and nothing at all about users.

  • http://yahoo cat

    The new website is the worst. I am lucky if I can write, open or even delete an email. My computer just freezes. The website is so loaded with colors, banners and content my computer is bogged down. The CEO has issues – definitely does not understand quality over quantity – I know they need funds from advertising, but she will lose viewers because of the over burdening of the website. I am going to go to gmail.

    • Dallas

      I have been a yahoo person , since they started. But now i am ready to go else where. this is crap.

  • Nancy Jaderen

    I absolutely HATE the new email. It’s frustrating to use,the screen is too small so I have to keep scrolling.I am seriously thinking of changing my email provider.

  • Paul

    … includes the acceptance of “automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content … etc. This clause in the new agreement is obviously necessary to protect Yahoo when it allows the government of the USA to access user data (including the scanning and analyzing of content) under the recently-revealed secret PRISM program. Sad that the purveyors of communication media will help America’s slow slide into the world’s most locked-down surveillance society.

  • http://www.greenteethmm.com/ Ian R Thorpe

    The more they try to get in our faces, the more ad blind we should become. I’ve developed the skill to such an extend i am not even aware of adverts on Yahoo Mail.

  • http://www.thecollectorshub.com The Collectors Hub

    I’m still able to use Classic email and will continue to do so as long as possible. What up with this new style of UX design. Everything is monochromatic and the text all blends in together. Everything all blends in together. To me, it’s just a GUI version of Green Screen.

    • Susieq

      Try a different size by pressing and hold CTRL and + or – repeating while holding CTRL. makes larger or smaller but also will make the difference show up better on a certain size.
      When we finally do have to go to the NEW email we will be able to easily change the color of your email page. pretty pinks, blues, greens and prints. Then it will look more like our old email or even better hopefully.
      Hope this helps.
      I sure do hope some people are wrong about not being able to check mark and delete several emails or check mark all. Just hoping. Surely there is a way. That would be going backward in progress. Surely yahoo would not do that. When I am forced to change I will find out.
      Also I think I read that the spell check is on the right side while writing an email. abc

  • countrygirl1968

    I have never had so many problems since I upgraded yahoo. Even my explores don’t know what to do. Having crash after crash in which that never happened before the upgrade. I wish we could all get back what we had or either just remove yahoo because of so many problems. I like others don’t mind changing my email address to gmail.

    • http://storybookland.net/ B.D. Knight

      I’m changing things slowly to Gmail but keeping this for anything I missed. I can’t even send attachments anymore. I left Classic awhile back figuring it was going to happen anyway sooner or later so already know it’s not for me.

  • http://www.paydaymjsacco.com mjsacco

    yahoo runs very slow for me now take a lot of time loading up the ads
    sucking for me

  • Ron

    CRAP! Nothing more to say.

  • Steven Darr

    Not only is it screwed up but it is a total waste of my time. I can not reply to emails or delete them like I use too. But there are so many ads on my email page that I can not read the email, the pop ups drive me nuts. It takes about 3 to 4 times longer just to read and delete my emails. Just like all the other up grades on all other web sites. They never get it right and should have never missed with it. If it aint broke don’t fix it. There was nothing wrong with the way it was in the first place. Give me back my classic yahoo mail

  • dolores

    I hate being obliged to choose something I dont like or want.
    The new yahoo is heavy.. takes time to tick emails to delete or just read…
    it doesnt show the important news before u open the inbox…
    as it used to when u opened your yahoo mail..
    AT LEAST it is not worse than the new hotmail/outlook which is a pain in the neck

  • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com Karras Bommer

    Remember ? It was irritating and trashy 15 years ago and most were taught not to use it. Now Yahoo mail has blinking, flashing adds going every second. I find it insulting and irritating and fear it will become a norm on the net. A bunch of blinking, flashing, talking adds on every “free” domain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SteveMramorAndFriends Vicki

    I find the new yahoo mail an invasion of my privacy!
    I tried opting out of the ads, but they’re still there. I find it very distracting. I don’t appreciate having this forced upon me!

    • Susieq

      while using Classic mail I have found that if I get tired of an ad I can search and visit other sites that are not annoying. Purina dog chow, jitterbug phone, at&t. Then I will get dog food ads or etc.
      I hope this helps.

  • http://webtelemedia.com Omar Yul Montes

    I’ve been having problems with my Yahoo e-mail ever since I switched over from classic. The biggest problem is that the e-mails don’t load correctly when I click on them, leaving a blank screen, and requiring me to close the message, and click on it again, and again, and again; in order to get the message to load. Often, after multiple attempts, I have to refresh the whole page and start over just to finally get the message to load.

    Also, though there is a supposed procedure available for users to opt-out of receiving ads; when I tried to opt-out of all advertising, it did not work correctly, and gave me a message something like:

    “You have successfully opted out of receiving ads from 84 providers, but the process failed with these 16 companies”

    The same thing happened with the Ad Partners opt-out… And so, even though I took the time to opt-out, I am still bombarded with annoying ads; and further, I don’t know what content in my e-mails they are scanning, but the ads are totally irrelevant to me, dating services (I’m married), credit scores (not interested), criminal background checks (I’m not hiring at this time), English lessons (LOL), the list of irrelevant ads goes on and on.

    Yet even though I receive literally hundreds of e-mails per day from my horse racing website (clockerscorner.com), I have not seen one single horse racing related ad, EVER; which leads me to believe that in fact, Yahoo isn’t attempting to send me ads which are relevant to me (although it sounds good), but instead, Yahoo is just bombarding me with ads from whichever advertisers they have available at the time.

    For all of the above reasons, I think the time has come to abandon my Yahoo account. The problem is that I have been using it for about nine years, and I have messages being forwarded to that account from other accounts, so let’s just say it won’t be easy to migrate away from Yahoo, which I suspect is what they are counting on, that they have 280 million users’ proverbial “nuts” in a vise.


    Omar Yul Montes
    omarymontes@yahoo.com (LOL)

    • Susieq

      In the classic and there must be a button on the new as it should be improved with more little gadgets.
      I would check mark any never wanted emails and mark as SPAM. then they will no longer come to your inbox. weekly glance into the SPAM folder to make sure something good did not go in there. You can open it and click NOT SPAM.
      Hope this helps

    • Susieq

      If you are talking about the ads posted on top or beside your email.
      I have found I can make the ads change by searching and visiting sites with search not by clicking an ad. google or yahoo search.

      Try doing a search for Purina dog food or Gitterbug phone service go to the site then after that you will get ads that do not drive you crazy if these will not. Also net10, and at&t ads are not bad or flashy. Hope this helps.

    • jennifer de casterle

      Same here. I keep having to open a new Yahoo page to get the mail to send or delete one. I absolutely loathe the new Yahoo, having my Sent and Inbox on the same page with these stupid numbers in parentheses – it’s totally confusing. And forwarding is a total nightmare. Plus my screen keeps freezing and I had to change my password because someone else logged in in my name. Bring the old Yahoo back!

  • Banatu

    Well, like so many others here I dislike the new mail. I’ve been using the ‘upgraded’ version for a couple months now, and though I don’t really notice any more ads than before, it has been horrifically slow, laggy and often completely unresponsive. I was shocked to hear they were forcing the changeover already, it’s soooo not ready for that.

    Several times a day I have to go into the trash to undelete mails accidentally deleted due to laggy responses, and several times a day I have to close the window and reopen just to get the mail to respond at all. And there’s the occasional missing message, but that has always been an issue. I used to enjoy checking my email; it has become a chore now, sometimes even a battle.

    Of course I’m not pleased about the blatant invasion of privacy either, but it’s pretty safe to assume they all do that, and always have, as have the alphabet agencies.

    It’s sad, I’ve been using Yahoo as my main email account for 10 years now. For the first time I’m getting frustrated enough to seriously consider changing providers.

    • Frank Ritter

      I agree wholeheartedly. I am switching to hushmal. Good bye yahoo!

  • http://psa188.blogspot.com Bill Hough

    This is another case of fixing what’s not broken. I wish they’d let us keep “mail classic” since it sounds like the new version is both buggy and intrusive.

  • http://www.information-entertainment.com Judi Copeland

    So far, my Yahoo mail has managed to keep the classic format. I tried the upgrade a month ago, but since my computer is set for large type for visual aids, Yahoo had to downgrade to the classic.

    • LadyG0726

      You are correct. Formally, you could simply change your visual settings on your pc to its lowest possible resolution. At which time, Yahoo would automatically revert to the old mail version. Never more, Eleanor. It doesn’t play so nice anymore.

  • http://www.chinterest.com Chinterest

    Yahoo Mail is important to me,so I can not agree it when Yahoo closed this service.

  • http://cgbarbeau.blogspot.com Caroline Gerardo

    I cannot reply to messages without signing out. Yahoo now leaves all the messages I read open and makes it difficult to close and delete.
    The new update also requests my password and captcha numerous times.
    I assume this security is to slow down the many times they have been hacked.
    I am going to use my gmail more often. Going forward to free up time, I intend to unsubscribe to as many “buy my stuff” emails as possible.
    Caroline Gerardo


  • Sly

    Ditching yahoo mail because I refuse to do business with an entity that I cannot trust. Going to reagan.com for my email.

  • maryanne

    *To get your old yahoo box back* – turn off Javascript in your browser. Login to your yahoo email box. Click continue to your yahoo box. Then you see the old version. (then turn on javascript again). I did this and see my old version since then.

    • Hache

      I’ll give that a try. Nothing else has worked, including calling Tech Support.

    • LadyG0726

      Thank you so much for sharing this, but it didn’t work. I have never been so upset in forever. The older version of the products allowed me to search my e-mail by respective folders, date, sender, recipient, etc. Now there is two simple, inefficient solutions, “Search Mail” or “Search Web”. I’m sure that you can understand. Well, it was nice while it lasted, but G-Mail stinks even worse. I only use to have access to YouTube. I contacted tech support. They asked for permission to access my computer remotely. Sorry, but no cigar. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for the old college try.

      • maryanne

        I did this with Firefox browser, maybe that made a difference – or log out first. You have to make sure you continue on – I forget what the link said, something like “continue on to yahoo” or “ignore and continue..” something like that :)
        I couldn’t search yahoo mails either – then it kept opening all these tabs – hated it now I see the old one again since turning off javascript while logging in.

    • ann

      Tried this and it didnt work, tried changing the screen resolution as some suggested but that didnt work either, they have just changed me to the new version without any notice and I hate it!! Trying to find a new e-mail provider but have been with yahoo so long its hard to be forced to change.

    • Tony

      yes worked for me. Top bar is still purple but everything runs way faster. Thanks

    • BLahey

      The latest “upgrade” of Firefox (v23) has the “disable Javascript” button missing from the Tools->Options menu.

    • Toby

      will this work on a mac also?, if so, please let me know

    • jan

      i tried all the steps u suggested, but it didn’t work. any other suggestions? thnx.

  • GVD

    I got hacked and the change was done. I could not go back to classic. The new yahoo sucks out loud on a large scale. It seems as if they have no clue or don’t care how this affects users. The ad revenue is the only concern.

    I attempted to opt out of ads and it did not work, you are sent in several circles to rid your email of ads to no avail. The fact they want you to pay to not have any ads is totally unacceptable. Many of the ads are not of interest to ms so their monitoring system is way out of sync.

    Why did they mess with something that was functioning in a good manner, now people are having nightmare experiences with email. I do hate that it is far more time consuming and extremely less efficient than it was to answer, read and delete emails. Whoever thought this was a good idea should lose their job.

    The new yahoo sucks.

  • http://yahoo Morgan Margraf

    Thoroughly disgusted with new Yahoo mail. Bottom of screen is blocked with ads, thus cannot scroll left and right. Right hand side has large ads reducing screen size. Looking for alternate mail site, any suggestions.

  • http://www.masterresellrights.com/ Connor

    I switched to GMail some time ago, and glad I did as I’ve heard nothing but negativity about this Yahoo upgrade!

  • Art Davis

    “fairwell” ? You need a proofreader.

  • dvd

    Got hacked jun 5th sending rouge links to all my contacts f-u yahoo your dead as far as I’m concerned I hear startpage is beta testing a way more secure email..and with the recent news about nsa.irs.ndaa, etc .etc. and this admins constant lies; I truly believe a coup d’etat is currently or has already happened to our govt..Has the enemy taken over the white house? Seems so…Time for action to end all this madness I feel is just around the corner.

    • Susieq

      If you still are using yahoo mail when you get the new email you can go put mouse on GEAR and options mail. look close to the bottom 2nd up from the bottom item. and there is a box [SSL] to checkmark that will make yahoo SECURE but a bit slower others have said. https:
      go to help and find out how to create a more secure password. caps, symbols, lower case letters and at least one number.
      If you have been hacked CHANGE your password NOW.

  • SpamExterminator

    I haven’t had any Issues with it Been using it since it first showed its face. And sounds like everyone got hacked it wasn’t the mail switching over that caused that I think Yahoo itself was hacked and they just neglected to tell everyone. as for the adds I use FireFox and the AdBlock Plus addon and I see no adds anywhere but yeah I don’t like the fact they put adds into your in box a great way to steal Private Information. But as I said I have the Adblock Plus they no longer pose a threat I also got the Eliment Blocker Plugin for AdBlock Plus Incase a ad does get through I will just block the box it downloads in effectivly blocking all Ads on that part of the page on that site. Also Recomend WOT and DrWeb addons.

  • SpamExterminator

    lol like that annoying popover in the corner of this site Bye Bye.

  • http://www.computershowto.pro ComputersHowtoPro

    I’m in Romania, Eastern Europe, and almost all things work fine in the “newer, better, and improved” yahoo mail, except the lags. Have you good folks heard of the Adblock plus extensions, that are available both for Mozilla-based browsers, and Google-based browsers (firefox, seamonkey, and chrome or chromium )

    For those of you guys who are only bothered by the ads… use adblock plus
    For those that have a problem with the screen size… come on, let’s talk about it, what resolution are you guys using, what performance do your computers have, I mean, CPU frequency, RAM, HDD, when was the last time you guys cleaned your cache and temporary…
    There are so many things that can slow down an interface’s response…
    Anyone up to talk about it ?

    • Julian Alien

      The only thing I want to talk about is how to get classic back. I hate purple, I like blue, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and give us a clue.

      • karen

        I am still using classic and was checking to see if it was any better.
        I do have another account I changed to NEW and you can choose the color you prefer and make your new email a beautiful blue among other choices. You will love it.

        • ayres

          Who are you, some kind of Yahoo ‘plant’? Who gives a crap about colors when function is the ONLY priority? Yours is a ridiculous comment to post here, when obviously everyone HATES the new version!

    • norm

      you must be on very cheep drugs…it sucks….like a communist system..they tell you what is the best for you..Yahoo…you are looser just like the rest of them…Hotmail and G mail.The only difference is…that you the last one to change it and even more screwed up than the other two….Oohay…baxck wards..just like the email site..it sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • no way

      Really, well you must only use the internet in the “export” or tourist areas in Romania because I have been to Romania and internet speed do not support the new yahoo. I have both new and classic yahoo emails and new is nearly UN-usable on wifi in internet cafes in Romania. The same is true for Lebanon, much of Italy, some of USA, Tunisia, Morocco, etc…
      The classic had more functionality then the classic no question about it.

    • Carra

      I am from Romania too and you can figure I was shocked to see the new interface that somehow got to me only today. I couldn’t care less about ads. But where is the ‘sort by sender’ thing? The email tab opening? Now I mark like 100 Facebook junk emails, I must be careful to not delete my Fanfiction ones because, heck, the senders look very alike, accidentally miss the marking slot and it automatically erases all the marks I did in the last 5 minutes. Just WTF? I cannot make a clear difference between read and unread mail anymore. I delete the precious Fanfiction alerts accidentally. It’s a mess.

      Yahoo, I lost the trust I had in you. You suck. Really bad.

  • http://www.jobsinch.com/ Jobs In Switzerland

    Yes, Older version of yahoo mail is good. But new versions looks more attractive.

    • Eve

      I hate it. Click backspace and the font changes to italic. Font size changes to what was used previously. The annoying message asking you to stay on the page, cannot be moved. You have to ctrl/alt/delete to get rid of it.
      There was nothing wrong with Classic, worked well for me.
      Using the old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

    • norm

      you must be on cheep drugs

  • Rob

    I have the paid version of yahoo and have not been forced to upgrade, i don’t know if that’s the case with paid subscribers ‘cos if it is, i don’t mind paying the $20 to keep classic instead of that dreadful new yahoo mess they got going there.

    • Matt

      All of it is going to the new (Hotmail-like) format. I’d love to still pay to keep Classic. I’ve been a Plus subscriber for years.

    • EmA

      I also have the paid version, the upgrade message started to annoy me on Jun 13. Now I am upset to see that my disposable emails messages all look the same as regular emails. No more colors that distinguish them. If they keep everything purple-grey-black, I should stop paying them.

      More annoying features:
      – new classic version “compose”: no format bar at all
      – newest version “compose”: boring format bar, missing one icon for creating a line
      – showing unread mails as 999+ if they are more than 1000, you cannot just glance and know there are new incoming emails
      – acting like a browser by opening so many tabs

    • Maria Geenzier

      I am a paying customer (and have been for many years) and they switched me without any letter to let me know and they have not responded to my 3 messages! Be wary . . . they could change you at any time. I am a disabled customer with mobility impairments and would struggle with the new system even if it actually worked (there are many stylistic changes that are not user friendly). But, the really big problem is that the system does not even work – I have had the same problems as many here have stated: computer crashing, having to re-boot my computer, EXTREMELY SLOW opening of the inbox (waited over 5 minutes this morning before I gave up). My e-mail account is the hub of my life – I pay everything online and get messages from my lenders, I get messages from my bank, I get messages for savings from companies I deal with, messages from my FB account, contact from family and friends . . . and so on. I don’t have the energy or ability to sit in front of my computer for long periods of time – even if I wanted to. I hope your account stays with Yahoo Classic – but I wouldn’t count on it!

    • Hidders

      I would have gladly paid to keep Classic and the features they had given us for free over a decade ago.

      July 9th and the change is final for everyone now.

      • M

        After ignoring several switch screens; I’ve just found about how ugly and awful it really is today… And in an instant I miss Classic simple usefulness too ;(

  • elizabeth

    well I am now hearing about the change and it sucks. I have not read my emails in a while so have not upgraded now cannot access my account. real nice change

  • http://attyahoo shirley may

    It STINKS!!!! There is no way to check spelling!!!!!

    • J.R.

      Just to find the send button is also hard. I agree with you and as previousley stated: I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change.it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.

  • Bill

    All my old mail was more or less put in trash folder. Took for ever to recover and then some was lost. New format is a gross disappointment and I’m currently paying for it but evaluating my options!!!

  • Hache

    I think the new Yahoo webmail is atrocious, it’s a crime to force people to use such a piece of junk. It’s slow, ignores clicks, seems to repeat clicks and delete items you were expecting to delete.

    In terms of design, it’s awful. The size of emails is no longer on the main list, so you can’t defer opening large emails until later. You cannot adjust the size of columns. The folder list rolls off when you scroll the email list. You cannot easily delete multiple emails from the main list at once — you have to go one by one.

    There is no way to back level one step — some people are lucky and can go back to classic, but I haven’t been able to make that stick. It keeps sending me back to the new June 2013 version, which sucks!!!! Big time, it sucks!!!! It’s awful, it’s garbage, it is an arrogant insult from those clowns at Yahoo! Stay away from it. tell your friends and family, and save them the aggravation.

    • m


    • http://yahoo ian.campbell39@yahoo.ie

      100 per cent agree with above comments

      • J.R.

        I hope so way Yahoo exec’s read all these comments on how bad it is now since the middle of June. The people that forced this change need to be fired. I have trouble going through the whole line of people I e mailed if it was one mail to all and then to reply or send I find it hard to do that and no spell check no bold etc. Great JOb Yahoo you really are losing people and maybe that is what you want.

    • LMinAppleton

      I also agree 100%. It is unbelievably slow. Pull-down menus take up to 30 seconds to display, characters often take several seconds to appear after being typed, I lose my internet connection 5 – 10 times a day (this started immediately after I switched to the new email–I rarely had this problem before so I don’t think it’s being caused by something else) and often have to re-boot the entire system to get it back (which, of course, means I have to log off any other sites, such as my brokerage account, and close or lose all my other windows). Clicking on buttons and folders often takes more than one attempt.

      But the worst is that I just wrote an email accusing a law firm of fraud and now, having sent the email, I am unable to read the text because it will not display (luckily, I am able to see it if I try to print it).

      I could go on and on but I don’t have the time and I doubt they would provide me the space.

      Someone, please, let me know when the class-action lawsuit if filed!

    • J.R.

      I did not opt to change anything so I guess I was on the latest version till now but I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change. I guess because it is free one cannot complain so my next step is to move on. I hope Yahoo gets the message. AOL seems to be the best next default mail. Also it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.

    • anthony

      I’m done with Yahoo. There are LOTS of alternatives. I already have a domain that I just use for email via HTTP or Outlook. Costs me $20 a year and I’ve setup several friends on the space for free. No Adds, using squirrel mail, horde, or Roundcube. All free… No Ads, No more “You have now choice, we changed your email!”, “It’s much better and now we can sell your information too!”.

      Still, what a shame… See 1984…

      • shifra

        what are you using now?
        is it like old yahoo classic?
        i need an alternative quickly.

      • Gloria Gregory

        I, too, am disgusted with Yahoo, changing constantly and not for the better. Maybe they feel people will look at ads while trying to figure out how to work their (constantly changing) Yahoo email. Could you readers offer a list of email services that you’re happy with, those that don’t bring in these constant aggravations? I had to give up sending an email today with the “New-Newer-Newest Yahoo”. It would not work, and it was difficult to get back to those sent and even to the Inbox. I actually had to type in “Sent” and “Inbox”. I definitely would switch in a minute. I think they’re doing a psychological study to see how much aggravation a person will put up with before they seek to quit and move on. People would move on if they were clear on where to go for good email service.

    • http://nick.com nick

      That isn’t what a crime is. The new client does suck, though.

  • MLR

    Is there a way to get your old email without agreeing to the new conditions? I don’t know why, but I expected a ‘next time you log in you will have to agree’ type of warning, but while IN my email, just checking my mailbox, it shifted on me.

    I am sure they’ve read all my email, but I am absolutely opposed to ‘consenting’ to it.

    • http://yahoomail michae

      Your site used to be great…NOW IT SUCKS…DID I MENTION IT SUCKS????

      • http://yahoo marlene

        Hate it… what used to be great is now a bunch of ads interfering with normal functions that so not usually work, it truly dies suck!!!!1

        • Porcophile

          Me, too. I don’t care if they read my email, but the new format was designed by an idiot. Someone needs to fnd a new line of work. Meanwhile, we’ve got the email version of New Coke.

      • Jay

        I like this change as much as I like obamacare. it has been forced upon those who dont want it.

        • teqakwitha

          agreed. the new yahoo is atrocious. the last two
          changes to yahoo mail were frustrating and mundane. for
          all those out there who want a decent mail source, look
          at yandex mail.com. eye have been using if for a few
          months and couldn’t be more pleased. it is succinct,
          easy to navigate, and ad free. it is also providing
          itself in better standing with the stock market ……

          • Jerpal

            Just checked out Yandex mail. Upon finding that it is a Russian company, I chose to pass on it.

        • SLM

          OH STFU – can’t you IDIOTS stop making EVERYTHING about obama?

      • Jerry

        Why does some hotshot jerk always have to screw up things that works just fine?
        Its even worst than gmail.
        I don’t want to be retained and Now the forward doesn’t work half the time so I just have to delete the messages.

        • http://mozilla ilana

          l have the new email…when l try to forward something, l sometimes need to delete stuff, and it wont delete, unless l do one line at a time, or backspace one letter at a time1!!

        • http://yahoo Gloria

          I despise this format. I agree with you. If I don’t get the original format back, I will be finding another mail provider.

          • http://yahoo Jerilynn

            I also despise the new format. I am making preparations to change to another email unless the “good” Yahoo is returned. This new format is more on the mundane level of text messaging.

          • Hannelore

            I am shocked. This new System is not working right. If you want to open email letters, there is no reaction. You have to try again and again, finally by Chance a letter will open. Please do something about it. I better find another Provider. You will lose customers!!!!

      • Trevor

        It’s broken. Now when I navigate to Yahoo, it says that I have anywhere from 7 to 15 new emails waiting. When I get into Yahoo mail, there is one or two (sometimes none). If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

      • Bob

        Something is wrong with the whole software industry. It not getting better. its getting worse. Its turned Gay. Not the same sex gay. Computer gay. They think it is so great what they have done. And your going to love it because they say so. I don’t matter what people think Im the boss and you are going to like these changes because I do. Just say no stop buying computers and software. The computer fascist can keep there junk.

    • Maria Geenzier

      The same thing happened to me. They tried to automatically change me last year – claiming then that there was nothing they could do about it. When I let them know my personal situation – disabled with mobility impairments and older donated, refurbished computer – they changed me back (last year). This time around I cannot get any help at all – I’ve sent 3 messages that have been ignored and I was on hold one day to the extension for billing for 20 minutes before I hung up (I have a paid account). I selected billing ’cause if you select technical problems it tells you to go online . . . where you get absolutely no help!!

    • J.R.

      I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change. I guess because it is free one cannot complain so my next step is to move on. I hope Yahoo gets the message. AOL seems to be the best next default mail. Also it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.

      • shifra

        I do PAY for it, because I use it for business.
        And I HATE IT!
        I will not pay for it any more, that’s for sure. And no customer service at all. Yahoo now totally sucks.
        Is there anything even remotely similar to old Yahoo Classic by anyone anywhere? I AM willing to pay to have my old email format back.
        I miss being able to alphabetize my spam folder to find the mail that went there by accident.
        I miss being able to delete a message after I reply.
        I miss the clean uncluttered format.
        I hate themes.
        I hate everything about this.
        I hate that they also deleted my signature when they shifted me over.

        I want my Classic Yahoo Mail!
        Any developers out there?? I’m sure I’m not the only one willing to pay.

        • prabha

          I HATE THE THEMES!

          • pmac

            You can turn off whole conversation history by going to the options (top right corner looks like a wheel), select “settings”, select “viewing email” on left menu bar, uncheck “enable conversations”. Hope that helps, I hate the new Yahoo format too.

          • Linda

            Thanks to pmac, it worked for me :)

        • Maureen Tinsley

          I miss the Classic Mail and understand that Yahoo does not believe in giving us a choice of keeping what suits its customers. Very reluctantly I accepted the change of format and had just become used to it to find they have changed it yet again only this time they have made it much more complicated. I get the impression that Yahoo just does not care about its customers. Their attitude is “Take it or leave it”.

      • http://mozilla ilana

        i totally agree..it is so frustrating…trying to forward something, and wanting to delete unnecessary or personal info, and the whole conversation history appears…!!

        • pmac

          You can turn off whole conversation history by going to the options (top right corner looks like a wheel), select “settings”, select “viewing email” on left menu bar, uncheck “enable conversations”. Hope that helps, I hate the new Yahoo format too. :-(

          • Barbara

            I did as you suggested and unchecked the “enable conversations”, that was a big help. Thanks! Now if Yahoo would only give us a choice between classic and this new monster that we are forced to use would be nice. Still cannot retrieve saved emails from my some of my folders.

          • lar

            heyyyy thanks.. that was one of the things i hated about new yahoo. way too much clutter. I dont want to spend double my time on emails. If you want to waste time go for it.. Nice that Yahoo started theyre own language. Guess id never think of calling emails “conversations” .. Hmm maybe they could of incluted a tutorial.. Ha.. Still thinking of going to outlook.com..

    • Nancy


      There is no way anymore to get out of it, my PC has slowed to a CRAWWWL.

      And to top it off they re-enabled Yahoo messenger which I do not want, messages coming in every 2 seconds.


      If I didn’t have 100s of saved mails in there, I would drop them right now.


    • Ray Rasmussen

      I have lost some contacts It does not forward some mail. I like the classic the best.

      • Barbara

        have lost saved emails from some of my folders and need them. Is there any way to get them back? I really dislike this new yahoo, not computer friendly. Please give us a choice of classic or this new monster.

        • Rosaline Weatherill

          Like Barbara’s comment on 20th October I, too, have lost saved emails from a folder and would like to get them back. I also dislike the new yahoo.

    • Marie France

      1. Dislike the fact that the options to use are at bottom instead of up.
      2. Was not able to respond in the text yesterday a real mess since I am in the middle of a course.
      3. Today for some reason writing in the text to answer works but yahoo won’t let me use colors so our texts are less easy to distinguish.
      4. It also did not stay where it was supposed to on my IPad. It is no longer available under mail.
      5. It does not always get sent rapidly. It was ok before. I receive messages of ‘Try again,’
      A pain when before it was ok. I am thinking of moving to another mail even with the pain to advise everyone.

    • vmk

      One way to show your discontent with this cr**py new Yahoo mail is to never ever click on the ads that appear on their e-mail or elsewhere on their site! Spread the word.

      • HMK

        Or, you could download Adblock Plus. Then ads don’t show up anywhere, unless you enable them for a specific site.

    • Al

      I am an IT man and I know its a new interface but I am finding it progressively frustrating to use the interface. In fact I am thinking of migrating to another email operator.

      • nomad

        Being in I.T.,you can appreciate the issue with a single point of failure.Don’t want to put all your personal mail options into one basket so to speak.Marissa Mayer know programmers messed up the mail?According to PCMag in August 29, 2012 ,Outlook.com surpasses both Yahoo,and gmail.

    • Roger Davies

      Beats me why Yahoo just cant leave well enough ALONE. Chances are some programmers are justifying their existence by constant fiddling. I’m sick of it and I’m off to another mail service.

    • Ine vandelaar

      You can get back to the old yahoo mail by downloading the Puffin browser. This also allows you to watch
      videos that require flash app.

    • tom

      The last thing people want is change especially older people like me. I despise the new yahoo email

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