Yahoo Mail Brings Back Tabs, Tries To Ease Tensions With Users

    December 20, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo appears to be trying to win back a shred of favorability with Yahoo Mail users, announcing that it is bringing back its tabs feature.

There have been numerous gripes with Yahoo’s recent redesigns, and the lack of tabs has been a big one. After a lengthy service outage disaster, users could certainly use some good news.

Yahoo’s Jeff Bonforte writes on the Yahoo Mail blog, “When we launched the new version of Mail in October, we removed Tabs. One of the things you told us that annoyed you about tabs is that the more you had open, the harder they were to manage, and you wanted multitasking to be easy. With your feedback, we launched Recent view to help you jump between emails, drafts and search results more easily, but many of you still missed tabs. So we’re bringing back tabs, but this time, they’re a bit smarter.”

You can turn on the new tabs by going to View, then Multitasking, then Tabs.

“Now here’s the cool part,” says Bonforte. “Sometimes when you have a lot of tabs open, it’s hard to find the one you want. We’ve fixed that. In the tabs menu (under the arrows icon after the last tab) you will see an option to Preview All. Open a few tabs and see how it works. And there is a very handy keyboard shortcut for this feature. Hit the ‘esc’ key. Your screen will clear off (we call this ‘boss mode’). There is a little icon in the bottom left corner that looks like a set of squares. Click that and now when you enter boss mode, you will see all your tabs in a preview mode.”

Yahoo Mail Tabs

The company says the feature will be available to all users globally over the next few days.

As far as the service issues are concerned, it’s unclear how many people are still having problems. Yahoo’s latest update on the subject came on Thursday, when it said it’s reaching out directly to all users affected by the outage. They encourage users to contact Customer Care and give a phone number.

From the sound of it, the Customer Care line has been giving users even more problems.

“We’ve heard that some users are experiencing longer wait times than usual,” Yahoo says. “We appreciate your patience while we work through a large volume of calls. We are adding agents quickly to support this large volume of calls.”

CEO Marissa Mayer gave a public apology for the Yahoo Mail service issues last week. See what she had to say here.

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  • http://WindowsLive7 wendy drinkwater

    When I log into my mail box in Windows 7 it’s still telling me that it doesn’t recognise me – wendydrinkwater@yahoo.co.uk and I’ve had this account for years! It’s the only one I use. I’m computer illiterate…learning as I go along……so I find it disconcerting and frustrating. I have to go into ‘Yahoo Mail’, read and send everything from there and if I print something off the type is miniscule and has been taken over by stupid, gi-normous adverts, which I don’t want! I never bank or buy anything online for security reasons and this latest episode has convinced me not to in the future.

  • http://www.zoobaworld.com ZoobaWorld

    You also have the option to access your Yahoo Mail Classic in its full featured old format prior to Oct 8 2013 change by using an application developed by ZoobaWorld. Get Sorts, Tabs, Folders back as before…..no threads or conversations.

    • Judy

      I’m in the group of people who have never been able to go back to the old format WITH tabs. I can get a really old format, but no tabs. I’ve read numerous descriptions on how to do it but no go. Maybe It’s because I use verizon yahoo…

      From this view, they don’t look like tabs to me… Everyone knows what tabs look like — Firefox tabs, Chrome tabs, IE tabs… I hope I’m wrong and it is more like the old tabs than their animated image appears it is. Will probably be forever for me, I’m on verizon. It was good they kept us on the old yahoo mail for so long when the rest of you were suffering, but it probably means I’ll have to continue to suffer while the rest of you enjoy the rebirth of tabs…

  • gino

    Customer Service
    My god, I hate to go to Yahoo Mail.It was never this way, it’s so slow.
    I am sorry to say I would never recommend the new Yahoo Mail to anyone ever again.I hate to go on, and a week later, which I never did before, go
    and see all the email that has to be deleted, which now takes for ever,
    even when deleting more than 200 e-mails at a time.


  • http://www.generalmarketing.co.uk/forum.php General Marketing

    I honestly didn’t know Yahoo changed the tabs feature. I haven’t used my yahoo e-mail nor checked it in many months. I suppose Gmail took over as my favorite go to e-mail service. I will have to check my e-mail very soon just to see how things are with it now.

  • SwellKel

    Don’t fix what isn’t broken! I’m actually missing reading emails because they are all together with one string! I’m gonna quit you Yahoo if you keep trying to reinvent the wheel!

    • http://www.pinkmail.org Pinkmail

      You can always go to a FREE email system with a cause pinkmail.org 4 Breast Cancer Awareness the only email system with a cause help save lives with each email you send on our system. Merry Christmas!!!

  • Jennifer Brooks

    Yahoo please listen. You did not improve. Signs of a good company are to admit your faults and figure it out. You can stay stubborn all the way to bankruptcy. You can be a hero or go down with the ship and us passengers will jump on the next passing boat. There are many lined up. Do you see we are trying to be loyal! Where is your loyalty to us? The reason people are outraged is that you could not be making more errors, marketing, apologizing and product. It is like a bunch of kids are running that company. This could be a documentary in 5 years how yahoo crashed and burned. It is ugly to watch. In the meantime, myself and many are picking out our new boat!

  • Yogendra Jamwal

    My attachments are not downloading and all attempts to contact yahoo customer care have failed.They give you a number which directs you to yahoo customer care mail Id but when you send the mail it bounces back.
    I think I will dump yahoo because the last 2 months have been the most irritating with yahoo which I have been using for 15 years now.

    • Ant

      Some prob. Since IE updated itself to 11 email attachments no longer work. When I click on the attachment icon a window pops up and I click on continue and nothing happens. In IE 10 it pope up with window to allow you save the attachment. I know this is an IE prob. as I’ve tried this on other computer with IE10 still installed and it worked just fine.
      I’ve tried contacting Yahoo in Australia (they seem to go out of their way to hide any contact details) with no luck. Is Yahoo ever going to fix this??!! Very poor customer service.

  • http://YahooMail Dean

    The new Yahoo Mail is terrible! The long backwards strings are confusing and slow.
    Also, I have a filter to send certain emails to various Folders, but the Folders icon doesn’t change appearance if there is new mail in it. I guess I need to end my “filters” and let everything go to my Inbox and then manually move it to the proper folder. Yeah Yahoo, make me do more work!!
    And now there is always an advertisement in the 1st line of my emails. I know advertisements keep the world running, but does it have to go right into my personal email list?
    I have so much history with Yahoo mail, now I’m sort of stuck with it!

  • spencer finley

    Email is slow and has been for months. Email will lock up and I have to log out then log back in at various times. I even had difficulty trying to change my email signature. When browsing through contacts page will lock up and not allow me to edit contact information. Trying to run a small business and communicating w/ my customers is becoming more difficult do to these multiple lock ups. Just about ready to switch

  • candy

    same thing…[please bring back my yahoo in the classic style

  • Nancy

    If it were easy to switch out of Yahoo mail, I’d do it in a heartbeat: slow, badly organized screen (like searching all the way down the bottom of the page for the “send” button), every time I want to delete a bunch of emails I get a pop up that says “Internet Explorer has stopped working…” It is painful. I might just bite the bullet and notify all my contacts I’m moving…I pay for this, just not worth the hassle every time I try to use it.

  • Jim


  • karl

    May be the problem is the new CEO who seems to spend more time peddling our data to NSA instead of providing service to her customers.

  • Tom

    I want to know what the hell the CEO of this lousy company did to my email? every time I send an email it goes into my draft folder. now another problem has occurred I can’t access my contacts when I want it says an error has occurred. Why and he’ll do these people goand change things. it seems yahoo is getting worse. let’s listen to the people who have problems and fix them. not some dumb ass CEO making the moves. You better not be sending to the NSA. or. else

  • http://www.kado.salisu@yahoo.com Salisu kado

    Over one mooth ihave no accesses to my yahoo,wont open with the pass word i open it why?.thank for listing.

  • http://www.pinkmail.org Pinkmail

    I know Yahoo mail system is not working….. I signed up for pinkmail.org Free email system with a cause ( BREAST CANCER AWARENESS), they help save lives with each email sent…. why not email and help save lives today…..It’s FREE use it and they have a auction so I can make money for my self and help bring Awareness To Breast Cancer!!!!! This is a no brainer people switch today and start saving lives today!!!!!

  • http://maghrooni.ir Mehdi

    Actually I didn’t like the Yahoo Mail from the beginning ! I love Gmail its More stable :)

  • Ken Smith

    Marissa Mayer MUST go! Yahoo Mail users LOVE the original interface & NO ONE ask them to change it just like the G-Mail. In fact, majority of Yahoo users love Yahoo Mail because they HATE the Gmail! As today 12/25/13, I still have tons problem with my Yahoo account and Yahoo mail function not working time to time with disappearing icon or crash in the middle of email. Yahoo Mail is one of the main reason Yahoo users visit their Main Page. If Yahoo don’t fix their Yahoo Mail problem, they will suffer greatly loosing many of their long time customers – Me myself included!

  • Kevin Morley

    When Classic went I got myself an email account with 1and1 and never had a problem. Still keep hotmail account though for emergency and Skydrive.
    I only keep my yahoo account because I keep thinking “one day it will get…..”

  • http://---------------------------------------------------- Don

    I can’t highlight or do italics on my text bar which I need to add expression to my text, It all seemed to be working O.K. about 12 months ago, Grab a broom sweep the office , clean the windows, take out the garbage. Somebody is sadly getting their ambitions mixed up with their capabilities. Its been said before. Don’t fix wot aint broken

  • http://www.globallshare.com/en/1202920.html Hendrik

    Unfortunately I am still experiencing a variety of problems. My spam mail box won’t open at all although I can delete all messages in it with a click on the trash button. However, I’d like the option to check which messages are not spam. Non spam messages sometimes end up there. There are also problems with loading, deleting, etc. and I have to keep refreshing or reloadin the mail tab numerous times.

  • Louise Hernan

    I absolutely hate this new Yahoo Mail – for all the reasons above – it is SO user unfriendly!!