Yahoo Launches Newly Redesigned My Yahoo, Wants iGoogle Users To Come Aboard

By: Chris Crum - September 19, 2013

Yahoo announced today that it has launched a new redesigned version of My Yahoo, where users can now get an even more personalized experience. It’s launching on both desktop and mobile.

“The refreshed design gives you a sleek, tailor-made starting page to access your email accounts, calendars, stock portfolio, sports scoreboard, weather, Flickr, and of course your favorite content — from Yahoo and around the Web,” says Mike Kerns, SVP Homepage & Vertical Products. “You can also choose from a range of cool new themes from designers like Oscar de la Renta, Rachel Zoe and Jenni Kayne; artists Chihuly, Polly Apfelbaum and Alec Monopoly; and even bands like Empire of the Sun, Twenty One Pilots, and FUN. On My Yahoo anyone can create their very own place that reflects a sense of style and personality.”

My Yahoo

Kerns adds, “Let serendipity guide you, My Yahoo makes it simple to uncover new content and explore interesting topics and sources that you might not know about. Whether you’re a foodie, news junkie, fashionista, or a stock trader, you can customize a page that’s completely you. Maybe that includes the latest street styles from The Sartorialist, delicious recipes from Epicurious, the latest political headlines from Politico, or clever ways to modify Ikea furniture from Ikea Hackers.”

If you’ve been an iGoogle user, Yahoo has an import tool for you.

The new My Yahoo comes just after the launch of the new Yahoo iOS 7 app, which includes a new “My Saves” feature, enabling users to save content for later. Yahoo said this feature would come to the desktop soon, so it stands to reason that it will go hand in hand with the new My Yahoo.

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  • KMW

    While the update to MyYahoo! certainly looks better, I had to deactivate my Yahoo account after MyYahoo was updated and move on. I used MyYahoo! mainly as a nice bookmark page and start point for browsing. With the new MyYahoo! however, I soon discovered my bookmarks were in a completely random sequence with no rhyme or reason and no obvious way to order them to my liking. Special characters such as (&, ‘, etc.) and yes even commas are not registered on the page at all or end up as code vomit when you try to use them to name your bookmarked links. Also removed is the option to custom size the column widths.

    All in all, Yahoo destroyed a great way to organize bookmarks and have a nice place to go back to while browsing. While it took some effort, it was worth manually moving my bookmark in a nice, custom way to the Chrome bookmark bar and manage/access them there. Why Yahoo decided to take away options and turn the MyYahoo service into complete crap I do not know.

    • docc

      Just awful.. The sports section is now difficult to maneuver..many clicks to get to the content that was readily available..and all image and no substance and a very poor image at that..

      After many years..

  • michael Smyth

    The new yahoo is a total failure, a giant step backward. Even the feedback page is totally useless. Many of the old good options have been eliminated such as being able to easily delete unread emails. My portfolio no longer allow easy viewing of all portfolios.

    • L.Sanfod

      There are thousands of users begging to opt out and return to the good old page

  • Ted Green

    The INTRUSIVE “Stock and Weather Brought to you by Uahoo” line in the Notification Center of iOS7, is put and simply an ADVERTISMENT for YAHOO, which I greatly resent Apple allowing !
    I have turned off “Notifications” on my new iPhone 5S.

  • Ted

    I hate the new design! Please put it back the way it was, or at least give a choice. I soon will be changing to a different homepage.

    • Rick

      I already changed. This is “new coke” all over again. They had something great and screwed it all up. AND, I don’t forget…netflix lost me permanently.

  • Gary

    Very poor redesign with MUCH less flexibility than the previous version. The previous version allowed me to only view the MLB & NFL teams I wanted, not the entire league. It also allowed me to enter a stock symbol from the portfolio section. This version won’t even lock in the location of my hometown weather and appears to use the location of the IP connection instead.

  • Michael Tanner

    I hate it. I used to be able to see everything in one page… almost no scrolling. News headlines with mouseover popup summaries. It was slick, compact and fast. This new layout forces me to scroll at least 2 screens worth to see the same information. There is not enough contrast in the typefaces to easily distinguish headers and regular content. There is not enough whitespace to keep the whole thing from looking like just a jumble of text. Customization options are gone. I can’t get rid of hundreds of sports teams that I care absolutely NOTHING about. And there is no theme for just a plain white background. How can you not have at least that?

    And to top it off… there was no real option to “try it out.” When you choose to “try it out” the new format loads and then a large window pops up in front that gives you an option to go back or use the new format with no going back. There is no way to “try” it. Once you have the new format you are stuck with it. This is disingenuous at best.

    I am so very angry about this as it is going to completely change the way I have used the Internet now for 15+ years. I am already looking for a replacement but so far I am not impressed with other customizable homepage offerings.

  • Sean K

    Cannot stand the new Yahoo sports page layout. In IE9 the layout tables don’t awlays work and so it is hard to read some articles. I often cannot post comments as the Post buttons do nothing. Time to make Google my home page and just use Yahoo for email.

  • Mike Guarino

    I don’t like the redesign at all. Especially unhappy not being able to access portfolio as before. I probably say goodbye toy yahoo after mainly years of enjoyment.

  • Tim

    I can’t believe the loss of functionality with this ‘new’ my yahoo update! Headlines are truncated, no more pop-up article summaries, number of feed display options reduced to TWO, RSS feed posting dates GONE, and no option to revert back to the previous format! There are THOUSANDS of negative feedback posts – I hope they’re reading them.

  • Mike R.

    This improvement is horrible and I’m one who almost always find the silver lining. There is really nothing about it that that would appeal to longtime users of My Yahoo. You can’t even move content around anymore. Just a mess.

  • linuxdood

    I guess the redesign has miffed Yahoo users, but as a iGoogle user looking for a replacement this is the first time I’ve seen it. Looks good to me. Considering the iGoogle shutdown is finally near, I’ve migrated over. Would have preferred iGoogle but this will do. Moving more into the Yahoo ecosystem. Not by choice.

  • bob

    I agree with all comments posted. I want the old back, I have had yahoo as my home page for many years, I am now looking for something better. If yahoo actually monitors this feedback its a no brainer that they should bring back the old format

  • http://newyahoomail Sue

    HATE It!!!!!!!!!!!!! what happened to tabs, what happened to everything!

  • Craig Opfer

    Yahoo would be smart to offer users the option to use the old format. The new one sucks very badly in many ways.

  • Walter Rubin

    New My Yahoo sucks. Portfolio can’t be enlarged by usual method on ipad. Content now has pictures instead of headlines so it’s like USA today. Used to be able to read all the news on 1 page and now have to keep sliding down to view everything and it’s all a jumbled mess anyway. Am actively looking for new homepage to replace old My Yahoo as there’s no option to go back to the old modules. Tell new CEO-GREAT JOB (AT SPOILING A PERFECTLY FUNCTIONING MY YAHOO)

  • Caroline

    Have had iGoogle set as homepage for quick entry into internet world. But when I had a few moments to spend, the MyYahoo page was the place to go. Since iGoogle was going to shut down, I was all set to make MyYahoo my permanent homepage. Many hours had been spent organizing RSS feeds, weather, sports, breaking news, general news, political sites, calendar, etc., into just the format that was perfect for me. Themes were changed regularly according to seasons and/or mood. I viewed my page as my personal work of art. Now some executive, in order to justify their position, has decided to ‘revamp’ and treat loyal users of MyYahoo as expendable. What a shame. I had planned to continue using MyYahoo forever – no more. An interesting aside – on this page, there is a little window that shows that Yahoo Q3 earnings have been released – revenue down 5% YoY. Perhaps those at Yahoo will connect the dots.

    • Mais

      I see no reason to re-write what you have written. I reflects my sentiments. My time is precious. The old page allowed me to see my portfolio, whether I had mail, or what was new news. Either Yahoo changes I back (it won’t) or let’s us have the option of the clean vanilla version I had and still wan, or I’ll find another home page.


    Why does iGoogle block? I feel very good when I use iGoogle because I can inter many program that I’m having on internet. I hope iGoogle will continue to act on internet. I pray GOD bless iGOOGLE.

  • Sharon

    I too will not use the new yahoo. Here is what I did. I just saved my old yahoo in my favorites. It works well for now. The only thing is the new yahoo page comes up when I first get on and I just click on the old yahoo in favorites. It is somewhat of a pain because everytime I go to another page I have to back to my favorites to get back to my old homepage so hence I am checking out another homepage site…really sucks yahoo that you are not listening to the people who use you..see what happened to JC Penny when they decided to change, their stock plunged because loyal customers wanted the store the way it was…you need to take a lesson from that.

  • Joe Ruz

    New format does not work. CANNOT display my stored portfolios. I hope their not lost! Yahoo why fix what wasn’t broke?

  • louis

    very very aggravating. is there a way to customize so I can get it partially back to were it was. also lost my e-mail and can’t get yahoo to help me.

  • Remy Papp

    Who was the brainless asshole who thought up this whole thing? It took me years to build up the home page to almost exactly to my liking and – poof – it’s gone!
    Bring the old one back or I am gone.

  • boomerang

    Today ‘’ page changed over to their new bland (and useless) format. After attempting everything to bring my desktop version back to no avail, I searched and saw I was not alone in my efforts. I plan to create a new home page elsewhere immediately. Anyone have website suggestions on what’s good? Buh-bye Yahoo.

  • Phil Bowers

    Last year Yahoo made a change the put my 1,000 or so bookmarks that I have in several dozen folders in random order, and I could not move them around. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but there was some software they were requiring be installed, which on work computers can not be done if you don’t have admin rights. I complained loudly to Yahoo, and they reverted back to whatever it was from which they had changed. Now, on my Android I am forced to use their new page (although I have managed to keep my old page with all my bookmarks on my desktop computers). I called Yahoo help today and got a response back that on mobile phones “Currently, it is not possible to switch back to a previous version of Yahoo Mobile. We are sorry … ” blah blah blah. They had a great home-page layout including putting all my favorites so I could access them from any computer or smart phone, but now, the have blown that up. Since I have had home page for 10 or more years, I think Yahoo has an obligation to have an option to keep the “old” format, or explain how to port the myriad bookmarks in to the new home page. Yahoo: Give me (us) the option to keep what you have us all hooked on.

  • Ralph

    I agree, I love the old “My Yahoo” please give the option to keep it at least.

  • BruceG

    I bought a new Sony Vaio about the time of the new Yahoo release came out. I immediately started having issues and I mistakenly blamed Sony. The first thing I encountered was not having any Tool Bar, at all, on the Yahoo screens. Then I stumbled on the fact that by pressing the [Alt] key, wala and I then saw a Tool Bar, so I could live with that.

    Next, I discovered that I was unable to bookmark certain types of web site URLs. This seemed limited to financial and medical type web sites and I felt that I could live with that.

    But, with all the other things people are citing, I’m thinking that I will move my stuff over to Google Chrome.

  • http://yahoo margaret

    this new yahoo is absolutely rubbish I can not find out how to leave comments and the news seems to be nearly all about americans we are English and want English news thank you. please bring back the old yahoo.

  • http://newmyyahoo Asa Brewer

    HATE IT!!!!!!!!

  • joy creps

    Where are my bookmarks?
    The icon is present, but clicking on it does nothing.

  • Wayne Halford

    I move my content in My Yahoo to where I want it. I go check a news article and come back and everything is back to square one. I remove some content and it also returns after leaving the main page. Very frustrating. May look at iGoogle.

  • Mark Gibb

    Well, after putting them off as long as I could, I “upgraded” today. Now, all of my bookmarks are gone and replaced with 14 of Yahoo’s choosing.

    I remember before when I tried a beta of this that the bookmarks were ruined, in that you had to scroll over multiple pages of them to see all of them. What kind of idiot things that is a better UI that what we already had: a nice hierarchical folder structure which was all on one page.

    But now, I don’t even have the new bookmark UI. I have nothing.

  • charles

    The new My Yahoo sucks! Is there some other, non-Yahoo website that can be customized to look EXACTLY like the old My Yahoo homepage? If there is, I’d be happy to say goodbye to Yahoo forever, after nearly 20 years.

  • null still points to the old my yahoo!

    • InDallas

      Awesome..atleast that beta site gives me the old clean look ..will make it my homepage for now..thanks …seriously looking for a different alternative other than yahoo..fed up with the new changes every so often that takes it backwards .. when does yahoo realize that people are happy with what they got already!!!.. 18 years with yahoo and pretty soon will have to say good-bye

  • Scott

    Yahoo keeps deleting my posts on this, but you can find your old My Yahoo page at

  • SB

    New Yahoo sucks and sucks bad. One of the biggest issues is the inability of Yahoo to save ones locations. That failing makes the “homepage” pretty much useless. Who would use Yahoo if every time you went to one’s homepage you would have to reset one’s location? Second issue is resolution of issues. Yahoo has customer service in name only. Has anyone ever gotten a human at Yahoo? I wonder if the Yahoo ceo and management team read the blogs and forums bashing the new Yahoo. New yahoo is an epic FAIL. And I am one customer who is saying goodbye to Yahoo after eleven years. Bye

  • viki reed

    The new My.Yahoo is about to formerly be my home page. I’ve got to waste a day migrating all of my RSS feeds because only accepts new feeds that you can pick from their search offerings, despite instructions to ‘just’ add whatever RSS feed you want. If i can’t update and add to my RSS feed collection then it’s goodbye. I hate the new ‘pinterest style’ junk picture page too. We don’t all have the mentality of two year olds who need big colorful squares to find what we want. I can’t even find what my eyes like looking for-headlines. Bad enough the yahoo strip appears atop my flickr page now. Major fail. Suckage. Complete suckages.

  • Good bye Yahoo.

    I am also leaving MyYahoo. I’ve been with them for about 14 years and the new forced changes really suck. Overall layouts are horrible. The top of the page locks a huge amount of space for their stupid search bar. It’s one of the biggest complaints that people have and they just ignore everyone. I created a GreaseMonkey script to unlock it and they just keep hiding it deeper in the code. I’m tired of playing Whack-a-mole with their stupid design.

  • BA7

    Incredibly upset over the change. I’ve been using daily since the late 90’s, and as far as I’m concerned the upgrades have rendered the site useless… As much as I don’t want to give it up, I’m now actively searching out a replacement.

    If you go to Yahoo’s user voice forum you can see over 6000 complaints about the new updates. If baffles me how a company can “f” something up so badly, and then do nothing to rectify it. One thread on the forum alone titled “Please bring back the old My Yahoo” has over 1000 comments.

    Piss poor…

  • fred shellac

    let us customize themes or use our old themes

  • gary

    You would think that maybe Yahoo would keep a “theme” that resembles the old My Yahoo classic….. but, no, your only choices now are ugly and unappealing. I am looking for a replacement now and will leave Yahoo far behind when I’ve found one. This really sucks!

  • Strani

    It’s understandable that Yahoo wanted to attract iGoogle users, but My Yahoo has now closed in Germany and France which shows that they care as little about their users as iGoogle did. I use now – much better, easier to use and they’re fast to reply to my questions.

    • Sandra K. Snider

      I too switched to, and I’m glad I did. For me, the principal advantage of MyYahoo was the display of bookmarks — no need to go to a drop-down menu. Even if I were willing to do drop-down, the Yahoo Toolbar doesn’t work properly in many browsers. With, my bookmarks are exactly where I want them — right in front of my eyeballs at all times.

  • Thierry

    It’s like they’re inviting you to go elsewhere. What a disaster. Bye Bye Yahoo.

  • pooder

    This is the worst. Doesn’t do anything you want in creating your own page. FIX THIS MESS!

  • pooder

    sorta feels like O’BummerCare…ya think?

  • 2MileHi

    CONTROL FREAKS! I’m searching for a new, flexible start page that I can control. I can set it up on whatever browser I choose after deleting facist Mozilla’s Firefox. Sure feel better now!

  • Dr. Kent

    How hard can it be to make a decent homepage? It’s sad to think that the New Yahoo was created by a team of overpaid “techs”! My 16 year old nephew could do better. The weather app constantly shows my location as a city a 100 miles away. Themes are few and unimaginative and trying to add RSS feeds usually ends in failure. Like others, I’m saying goodbye to Yahoo. My friend of more than a dozen years, has changed for the worst and can’t be tolerated!

  • disgruntled

    I switched to ustart after many years of my yahoo because now they suck. bye bye my yahoo!

  • SUP3RFLYSAMURA1akaElmAAdniiinó

    I don’t kno what’s the big deal? I think the new (and old) Yahoo! is dope. Better than Big Brother Google asking for locations and phone numbers. Wait, nevermind demanding locations and phone numbers! Jus to make a youtube account. Bullshit.

  • Vicki Hicks Evans

    i don’t want another toolbar. i want my bookmark on my page. Hence the reason I PUT THEM THERE.

    • Sandra K. Snider

      I posted above regarding It’s the only alternative homepage I have found to date where my bookmarks appear precisely where I want them — in front of my eyeballs.

  • dylan

    but yahoo had ALWAYS SUCKED and never bothered to listen to the users

  • satin85718

    AND WHERE ARE THE BOOKMARKS??????!!!!!!!!!

  • satin85718

    AND WHERE ARE THE BOOKMARKS??????!!!!!!!!!

  • satin85718

    Why did you put my 2 comments at the bottom?