Yahoo Launches New Website For Safer Internet Day

By: Mike Sachoff - February 7, 2011

Yahoo said today it is launching Yahoo Safely, ahead of Safer Internet Day on February 8, in an effort to create safer online experiences for young people.

Yahoo Safely allows users in  26 countries and 14 languages to access information and advices on making better choices online. The site aims to to inform parents, educators, and young people in their own languages about important topics, such as managing digital reputations, avoiding cyber-bullying, and learning how to minimize risks on mobile devices.


“Online safety has long been a priority for Yahoo, and we are proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day with the launch of Yahoo Safely in 26 countries,” said Catherine Teitelbaum, Yahoo’s director of child safety and product policy.

“With Yahoo Safely, we are giving kids, teens, and parents around the world the tools they need to make smart digital decisions and to deal with the important online issues they face every day.”

Yahoo Safely offers information to users in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada (English and French), Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

In addition, Yahoo! Maktoob recently launched Yahoo! Safety Oasis which educates Arabic-speaking children about how to surf the Net and protect their personal privacy.


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  • Shawn H

    Good for Yahoo

    I think it’s great that we inform the youth on things to watch out for and what not to do on the internet. From ruining your reputation to cyber bullying there is so much to cover. Kids need to realize that what they post lives forever on the web and can affect what companies they can work for, what people they hurt, and overall who they become in life.

    I think we should take this to the next step and make this a mandatory course in schools.

  • FedUp2

    Believing Yahoo has any concerns about child safety online is like letting Larry Flynt babysit your kids. Their chat rooms became synonymous with pedophiles online. How many of those “To Catch A Predator” creeps hooked up through Yahoo? Pretty much all of them and there were thousands more waiting to be caught, while Yahoo did nothing. Now, they have managed to accumulate the largest collection of porn in the world and made that social network called Flickr available in most grade school through deception and misrepresentation of that site. Able to bypass filters made to keep XXX content and the purveyors of it away from kids, Yahoo’s Flickr has no warning labels or adherence to laws that require disclosure about hardcore pornographic content. US Law 2257 specifically requires age verification disclosure of all models used on internet porn sites, yet Yahoo Flickr has no such display. They have no real age verification of their anonymous users.

    Yahoo hosts millions of porn images on a social network with children using it, being shared by thousands of open sexual predators, anonymous offenders, and pedophiles. All these perverts are cloaked from you and your children in such a way as you won’t know they are there until it’s too late. No parent could get any understanding of the dangers lurking on Yahoo’s Flickr from the way it is always deceptively portrayed. That includes the way it is perceived and presented by the media, who are equally responsible for the continued endangerment of children online that they enable, through constant silence about this issue about Yahoo’s Flickr porn site. Any child safety program that involves Yahoo is an insult, given their flagrant disregard for kids’ wellbeing.

  • Cynthia Angeles

    Yahoo is doing great! Keep it up.