Yahoo Gives Search Suggestions in “Near Real-Time”

Yahoo Updates Search Assist Algorithm

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Yahoo has enhanced its Yahoo Search Assist tool (the search suggestions that come up when you start typing a query), to provide what Yahoo calls "near real-time" suggestions as you type.

"You probably already use Yahoo! Search Assist to conduct your searches quickly, but now you can get even fresher suggestions, which will be especially useful when there are recent top news or events related to your search topic," says Yahoo Search Senior Product Manager Linda Wang. "With the new suggestion algorithm we’ve launched, you will see near real-time suggestions to help you easily find the freshest content."

Yahoo Realtime search suggestions

"For example, I was wondering which team the Netherlands would be matched with in the World Cup today, so I typed ‘Netherlands vs.’, and the first suggestion is for today’s game," explains Wang. "Clicking on the first suggestion, I was able to see game information right in the search result page."

The near real-time suggestions are available for Yahoo News search in addition to Yahoo Search.

Yahoo Gives Search Suggestions in “Near Real-Time”
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  • http://www.hangar17.com Hangar 17

    Ah I went throu real time suggestion in yahoo and yahoo news are quiet good. I hope their new strategic algorithm would more useful if anyone search with blind information..

  • http://www.chelseaclintonweddingwatch.com/ Chelsea Clinton Wedding

    I couldn’t believe it, I saw a national TV ad for Bing tonight on Fox News in Prime Time. They were showcasing using your cell phone like a GPS system for directions.

    Glen Woodfin

  • Rob

    I’ve always said it, in order to beat Google you can’t be quiet. You need to keep pushing news about your search engine. I see Yahoo and Bing are now the talk of the websphere. I see news coming from them everyday.

    I think Google is in big trouble. Caffeine will kill them anyway. Search results are crappy, irrelevant.

  • http://tbeyond.com Patrick

    Good to see Yahoo finally get on the act. I find Google’s results most relevant to my searches followed by Bing. Yahoo is very lost. But recent developments have put some life back and things seem to be improving.

    Real time results are critical in today’s world. However I feel that all search results should have a time and date stamp on them because lots of results we search for simply dont have that much relevance in today’s world and then results should also be considered being listed according to relevance AND publish date.

  • Guest

    … I experienced a HUGE jump in ref’s from yahoo search in the last week. YAHOO for Yahoo! They used to be so great for well over a decade, then just went to poo a few years ago, I sure hope they’re coming back full circle! :)

  • http://www.buildersinteriors.com Hardwood Redmon

    Getting near real time information is good, nobody wants to see something from 2 years ago. Thank you Yahoo!

  • Douglas Gross

    Remember a few years ago when everyone was talking about Yahoo is bad for your computer, slows it down and gathers information about you? Well recently and coincidentally, I blocked Yahoo on my router just to see what kind of error logs that would generate. When the router emailed me the error reports they said that my computer was continually trying to send data to a Yahoo URL that included the word “analytics.” So, although I am somewhat addicted to answering and asking questions on Yahoo Answers, I typically avoid using Yahoo. Anytime somebody is snooping on my computer they risk me finding out about it and making me an enemy. What is this George Orwell’s 1984?

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