Yahoo Aims to Appeal to Gmail, Hotmail Users

Yahoo Redesigning Mail Service

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Yahoo really wants to make sure it keeps people using its email service. It particularly wants to make sure it doesn’t lose too many people to Google or Microsoft. 

Today on the Yahoo Mail blog, the company is reminding users that they can bring their Gmail and Hotmail accounts into Yahoo. 
"With our external accounts feature you can pull your emails from any service that supports the POP protocol into Yahoo!," says Yahoo Mail product manager Herbert Wang. "This functionality has been part of Yahoo! Mail for some time already, but we’ve recently added the ability to POP in your accounts from services that only allow SSL connections. If you tried setting this up in the past and were frustrated in your attempts, give it another try. If you haven’t tried this yet and would like to see all your emails in one place, we encourage you to set this up and make Yahoo! your one stop for email."
"To set this up, go into Mail Options and click on ‘Accounts’. Then click ‘Add Account’ and specify the POP server for the respective service," he says. "If the email provider only supports SSL connections make sure to change the port number to 995."
Yahoo Mail - Add Gmail Address


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Yahoo is redesigning its email service all together as part of a project its calling "Minty". The publication says this is aimed at increasing speed of service in areas with slower connections. 
In the United States, Yahoo Mail has more users than Gmail and Hotmail combined, according to comScore.
Yahoo Aims to Appeal to Gmail, Hotmail Users
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  • http://wordgrrls.com Laura

    I tried to set up POP for my Mother’s Yahoo email to come though Open Source Eudora on her computer. Does Yahoo mention that you can only use the POP feature if you have a paid account with them? I’ve had a Yahoo email account for over 10 years. I stopped using it about 8 years ago due to spam. It still gets as much spam now (the odd time I check it) as it did 8 years ago. If they want to get or keep users they have a LOT of cleaning up to do. I’ve been using Gmail since the first year and the spam level is hugely different. I don’t see any reason to use Yahoo Mail over Gmail. Maybe the paid Yahoo Mail is better. I won’t be paying to find out.

  • IceTheNet

    “In the United States, Yahoo Mail has more users than Gmail and Hotmail combined, according to comScore”

    It goes to show the overwhelming ignorance of computer users. I have a yahoo mail account and check it about once every 2 to 3 months to keep it active, but I don’t really use it. It is about the worst email service ranking down there with hotmail (My Junk Account) and mail.com (My Other junk Account) only Gmail is my serious account. because it will (from the settings panel) “Import from Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, or other webmail or POP3 accounts.” If you want that. I keep all my accounts separate so I know what is coming from where. and reduce spam. Gmail and Hotmail have much better spam filters Gmail has the best and that is why I use it for serious work. But the Best Feature is access to pop and smtp protocols so you can get your mail in outlook (YUCK!) or Tbird (better) or just keep it web based (Best) Honestly bringing all that junk mail to your computer is just asking for trouble. With Google as my Homepage igoogle I see my mail all the time. Not to mention the almighty google apps so you can have your website like mydomain.com as your email client like me@mydomain.com but ran through the Google Email Service. That way you have a professional email client and your email is professionally branded.

  • Guest

    Using Yahoo Mail, even in the year 2010, feels like taking a trip back to the nineties. I don’t know why, but the layout feels really outdated. They have to get rid of those obtrusive ads. A new domain option wouldn’t be bad either.

  • http://waysofmakingextramoney.blogspot.com/ John

    While the support is not good but it is great service ,It is simple and fast.on the other hand Gmail and Hotmail give you sense of sophistication .

  • http://www.living-with-outlook.com Guest

    Yahoo is promoting pulling all your various email accounts together into Yahoo Inbox, but a better approach to my mind is to pull it all into your Outlook Inbox, where you have all of Outlook’s tools to help you manage the flood of incoming messages.

    It’s easy to set this up for Yahoo and other services. The page at:


    has details for Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail and others.

    Definitely the way to go from my perspective.


    • http://www.living-with-outlook.com Guest

      Almost forgot that similar information for getting Yahoo and other email accounts into Outlook 2007 is at:


  • PWK

    “It goes to show the overwhelming ignorance of computer users”.

    Really, whats “best” is relative to that users “preference”; especially when it comes to consumer based email like Gmail or Yahoo. For the average user Gmail may not be that much more compelling.

    I personally use Google Apps Premier for my personel use and Microsoft exchange 2010 for work. I can tell you my work email is fare superior to Google Apps Premier in just about every way. But is it compelling enough to move me form G-Apps Premier, to a hosted exchange company for my personel email: No. Does that make me “ignorant” for not going with a Hosted exchange…come on it’s better than Gmail: lol!!

    My point is Gmail is not that much better then Hotmail or Yahoo mail. Do I think Gmail is the best of these three…by all means yes. But for the average user all three are good enough for most there needs.

  • Guest

    I use Incredimail – no spam at all –

  • Sean

    I stopped using my Yahoo email a long time ago. Their spam filter sucks!

    • Guest71

      I agree entirely. I switch from Yahoo to Gmail and Hotmail simply because both are easy to use, setup, and I never receive spam.

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