Woman Sues Apple: $1 Million, Bad Glass Walls!

    March 26, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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It may seem like a cruel bit of irony for an 83-year-old women named Paswall who ran into a wall at the Apple retail store in Manhasset, New York. Evelyne Paswall didn’t notice the oversized glass doors standing between her and the entrance of the outlet when she collided with the divider.

Paswall suffered a broken nose a result of the impact and followed up by filing a one million dollar lawsuit against Apple for neglecting to put some sort of warning strip on the entranceway. I think it would be easy to blame Apple for this terrible mishap, but we’ve all made mistakes, we can’t always sue because we made a fool of ourselves.

I can’t imagine the thought process here. Did she think Apple had an outdoor store? They don’t sell landscaping supplies, they sell electronics. I feel really bad for this person, but this lawsuit is a joke. She needs to have her eyes checked. I hope she wasn’t operating a motor vehicle.

I suppose she will get some money out of Apple for this one. Her lawsuit claims Apple is negligent because they’re trying to be trendy with flashy glass architecture. Let this be a warning to everyone out there, if you have any glass products that aren’t clearly marked “transparent product”, you may be leaving yourself open to a lawsuit. Bad glass doors, damn this technology!

  • ted

    I would sue, its like a stupid practical joke, to make a fool out of someones misfortune in not having sharp vision.

  • http://WebProNews Cody

    It is terrible that this is what we have become. It seems to be a growing trend that people are wanting something that they did not work for. The other problem is that we let this kind of nonsense even go to court, and sometimes with enough tears and drama even win a case. An issue such as this should not even be heard in court, suck it up and deal with it. Clearly the woman just bumbled up, but her stupidity is going to cost somebody other than herself. What a rediculous human being. To bad she did not break her neck. There just is not room for people like this in society. People like this make the world a much worse place to live.

  • Zab

    As an Australian born American, one thing I have come to realize about these apparently crazy accident suits is that they are as much a result of there being no universal healthcare here as anything.

    While all other western countries would have the woman’s medical expenses covered no problem, in the US, even pensioners must pay for many aspects of their health care, and the health care insurance system, especially for older people, is both complex, and sometimes very expensive. So these injury suits are a way to use the business’s (or the government) liability insurance to cover the medical expenses of accident victims.

  • marge

    I think these windows are very deceiving.They should of thought of the possibility of a vision impaired person, be it a 15 year old or a 90 year old might walk into those doors. We all know people sue for anything and everything. Be prepared. And you want to call some one a fool be ready for the consequenses.