Woman, 104, Lies About Age For Facebook

By: Amanda Crum - February 22, 2013

A woman who will turn 105 years old in April is having to lie about her age on Facebook because the site doesn’t allow user birthdays to surpass a certain point.

Marguerite Joseph says she uses Facebook mostly to stay in touch with family which is scattered across the country, but is frustrated by the fact that she has to input her age as 99 due to a glitch in the system. Mrs. Joseph’s granddaughter, Gail Marlow, helps her update her profile on the site and responds to messages since her grandmother is legally blind. She says when she tries to update Mrs. Joseph’s birthdate to 1908, it’s automatically changed to 1928.

“All of our family members always asked how grandma was doing on my Facebook page,” said Marlow. “So I decided I would set up a page of her own so she could stay connected to her family in Canada…every time I tried to change the settings to the right year, Facebook always came back with an unknown error message and would send us right back to a year she wasn’t born in. I would love to see her real age on Facebook, I mean in April she’s going to be 105. It’s special.”

Marlow says she’s messaged Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, about the issue. Facebook released a statement soon after regarding the glitch.

“We’ve recently discovered an issue whereby some Facebook users may be unable to enter a birthday before 1910. We are working on a fix for this and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Mrs. Joseph isn’t the only person to have a problem putting down their correct age on the social media site; last year, 105-year old Maria Colunia Seguar-Metzgar had the same issue.

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Mrs. Joseph at 16

woman, 104, lies about age

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  • nb branch

    Don’t feel too badly; Mother and Dad pre-bought their cemetery plots and headstone, having it nicely carved other than their death dates. We still laugh at our non-forward thinking because it says 19-blank. Guess they didn’t expect to live into the 21st century. Oh well, it gives us an occasional laugh thinking about the “great minds of our time” who embroiled us in Y2 mess since they didn’t make computers to roll over!

    • Kelly

      Oh now, that is too cute!

  • IMBlessed

    Great going Ms. Joseph! Everyone knows that we ladies are all “39 and holding”. God has blessed you with lots of life experiences.

    • elise

      i agree the only thing that was mentioned was the size of her eyes, i think it is a beautiful pic of a 16 year old girl, she was a pretty girl. she is a 105 and for her age she looks good. GodBless that woman what a blessing to be that age and still have your mind. The things that woman witnessed in her lifetime.

  • Silence

    She has a big eye and a little eye.

    • Betty Boop

      Whatever!!! People like you are totally mind boggling….

      • http://yahoo douglas d cates

        ha.ha.who betty boo;;;;;;

    • trulyamazed

      I am truly amazed that after such a remarkable article about this inspiring woman who has lived to witness things in her lifetime that you will never know, the thing you choose to reply about is the size of her eyes. (SMH!!)

      • Gloria Reading

        I could not agree more. Good for you for saying so.

  • Cubbie1908

    Hey! 1908 is the last time the Cubs won! Awesome!!

  • Jason

    I’d gladly have a big eye and a little eye (it was a bad pic and back then you didn’t take 20 pictures and pick the best one) to live another 70 years.

  • akri

    Wow! She looks in her 80s..god bless her and her good genes.

  • Trish

    God bless her! She’s seen a lot in her 104 years.

  • http://yahoo douglas d cates

    hay.hay,who betty boo=================

  • Cindie

    Way COOL……………….

  • http://yahoo connie

    Why is this news worthy.

    • Gloria Reading

      Surely you jest. We need news like this every once in awhile. It’s good for the soul.

    • http://yahoo.com Em

      This is note worthy because this woman has lived for 105 years, you could not even imagine the stories this lady has to tell. It is a lot more note worthy then some other crap I see on her daily. Like who has bangs and who is wearing what and who it was made by; I mean really.

      Happy 105th Birthday in April and I hope she has many more.

      God bless you sweet little lady.

  • Martha Jones

    Happy Birthday!! She looks great for almost 105.

  • John

    Agree she looks terrific! Sometimes I forget my age, too !!

  • John

    There are some very shallow people making comments here, BUT the majority are very kind !!

  • http://yahoo Sue

    As a nurse I had the pleasure of caring for a lady of 103. Not quite a 105 but she was an absoulute hoot! And it WAS kind of amazing to listen to her talk about coming to the USA from Italy, and see things I only learned in history class. You have no idea of the things they have to tell if you only take the time to listen to what they have to say.

    • mary

      I feel the same way . I love older people because they have so much knowledge and they have so many stories to talk about. It is very intresting if you just give them the time and listen to what they have to say. while talking to my grandma years back I learned that my grandad was the only man she was ever with in her life which he died in the 50’s when my dad was only 14. she never dated after and said she never had the intrest. she never drank alcoholic beverages and never touched tobacco product or drugs. the worst word that ever came out of her mouth was damn…. I loved listening to her stories. god blessed her with 95 years of life. now she is reunited with my grandad. this is a crazy situation there should be no limit to any year in any program because like many people have said there is more people dying later in life now then there was many years ago.

  • http://YAHOO LAKISHA


  • http://nosadw.blogspot.com mahmoued

    facebook make youth come again

    • Kaylee

      shut up

  • http://nosadw.blogspot.com mahmoued

    youth again

  • http://nosadw.blogspot.com mahmoued

    youth againhttp://nosadw.blogspot.com

  • meme

    and the problem is……?

  • Sally

    The title of this article is not right. How is she lying when the page will not allow what is right? Dumb.

  • http://Facebook Toni

    There is no exuse with todays technology for someone not to get to imput thier real age on Facebook. How do you think that made her feel? I think whoever writes the software program for Facebook, needs to get it right and whoever approves the functionality needs to do a better job! Toni

    • M

      Yep, sounds like they should !!! I hope they do !!!

  • Beth

    In 1998 my grandmother fell down some stairs & received her first ambulance ride and tetanus shot. When we got to the hospital, admitting asked for her birthdate. I told her 10/10/1898 and that she’d be 100 in a few months. Admitting asked 3 more times for her birthdate, each time I told them 10/10/1898 and the woman got snottier and snottier with each asking. I finally asked her what her problem was & she said “I can’t enter 1898, my computer will only take a date with 1900 or later”. I told her she’d have to write it in then. Grandma died on 10/10/2003-her 105th birthday….wonder how the funeral homes computers liked that one!!! Her grave stone reads 10/10/1898-10/10/2003 – 3 different centuries!!!

  • M

    what’s the big problem ????

  • Hilma Mcneil

    Facebook doesn’t want anyone above 99 yrs old, obviously

  • Marilee Test

    We have to use an incorrect spelling of our last name because facebook won’t allow us to use our legal name. Who are they to say that we can’t use our real name?

  • http://yahoo.com Cynthia Roberts

    I think it was unecessary to put an age limit.People live longer now.Cmon we have hackers,pedofliers and other people on facebook.so lt the older generation enjoy facebook. The ones who want to be on it over 100 arent going to hurt anybody,Let them keep in touch with their families no strings attached.

  • C A

    damn! she was hot back in the day!

  • YcB

    there’s not “a glitch in the system”
    Facebook is a fucking AGEISM (against old peoples)