Wolfram Alpha Pro: The New Paid Version

    February 9, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Stephen Wolfram, the scientist behind Wolfram Alpha, announced that the launch of Wolfram Alpha Pro, which he calls “the biggest single step in the development of Wolfram Alpha since its original introduction.”

I’d wager that there have been bigger steps in terms of getting people to actually use Wolfram Alpha – it’s integration with Siri. According to The New York Times, Siri accounts for about a quarter of its queries.

Wolfram Alpha Pro costs $4.99 a month ($2.99 for students).

“Over the two and a half years since we first launched, Wolfram|Alpha has been growing rapidly in content and capabilities,” says Wolfram. “But today’s introduction of Wolfram|Alpha Pro in effect adds a whole new model for interacting with Wolfram|Alpha—and brings all sorts of fundamentally new and remarkable capabilities.”

The pro version includes:

data in put
file upload
image input
data download
CDF interactivity
extra computation time
customizable graphs and tables
PDF/CDF report download
extended symbol keyboard
output zoom

Wolfram provides an extensive walkthrough of the new features on his blog.

“We’re certainly not finished with everything that’s possible, but already in the version of Wolfram|Alpha Pro that we’re releasing today, I think what we can do with data is pretty impressive,” he says. “Of course, it helps that we can build on all the sophisticated data and statistics-related capabilities that are now built in to Mathematica. And it also helps that we can make use of all the other parts of Wolfram|Alpha.”

The standard version of Wolfram Alpha will remain free.

  • sdf

    this is all shit that we could do before it cost money

  • http://www.smallperturbation.com ConnorBehan

    Yes, they released this “pro” version mainly as a way of removing free features.

  • ConsultThis

    I agree, they basically took off free features and put it behind a paywall, but I like the way that the pro version is made a little more accesible for those of us who may not be quite so accustomed to working with WolframAlpha. I find that as a junior in high school, Wolfram is quite useful in a number of my classes, especially math and science, and that their iPhone app is quite nice to have around, even if it did cost me a bit of money to get it.

    I value Wolfram enough to go for the pro service, and I like the fact that the extended keyboard is now an option on the Wolfram site for the pro users (I’m on the 2-week free trial, and it looks pretty good, honestly.)

    It’s not crazy expensive, so I don’t see why it’s such a huge deal.

  • Ann

    Too expensive for a glorified graphing calculator that misunderstands queries 60% of the time. Flickr Pro costs $25 a year, Sneakemail $24 a year. I’m not paying $60 a year (or more?) for something I can do with GNU Units or Qalculate.

  • Jasmine

    Wow. Just a few months ago this was all free.