Windows 8 Consumer Preview For A Million, Alex

    March 2, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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Even though we are living in an Apple world, even if you’re not an Apple girl person, the Windows name still has some cache, even it’s mere curiosity that’s driving the interest.

The early reports concerning the amount of Windows 8 Consumer Preview copies were downloaded, and despite the fact that the doom of the Windows OS is being mentioned hither and yon, the numbers are impressive. According to the Building Windows 8 Twitter account:

One day later…one million downloads of the consumer preview 1 day ago via Twitter for Windows Phone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

For a company that’s apparently on the decline, that’s not bad; and, the initial reaction was awfully favorable. While I’ve been on record as being hesitant towards Microsoft’s design switch, favoring the tablet interface, the preview didn’t look all that bad, again, provided you’re a fan of tablet-like navigation (not guilty):

As for the upcoming fall of the Windows operating system, as some have foretold, while there’s no mistaking Apple’s presence in the tech industry, especially when it comes to smartphones, a little perspective about how things really are is sometimes helpful:

As for the reaction, I’m still seeing an awful lot of this stuff on Twitter:

Gotta say that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is killing it! Yet to see negative press from any credible sources. #windows8 6 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

So is Windows cool again?

  • Jill

    I for one am not living in an Apple world. Apple may have the dominate position for iPhones and iPads , but not desktops and laptops. Macbook Air may be popular , but I , along with others , won’t have it because of such a small screen size. There are much better laptops to choose from.

  • Brick

    I have used windows since the beginning of time – when DOS was king and windows began (yes I am well over 60) The new W8 takes some getting use to and this could very well be the best ever with the ability to cross platform and syn all data is great….right now I am running the W8 preview dual boot with W7 on an older (3 year old Dell Inspiron 1720) and it is quick… I have never been sucked into the imac stuff – it’s over priced and their are notebook/desktops/tabs that do everything the imac’s do at half the price … I want function – programme choice and I might add WordPerfect since the 5+ floppy days. Sorry mac world but my slice of the pie is much bigger and it is size that counts.

  • http://musings.elisair.com/ William Cleave Drummond II

    If I wanted a smart phone I would by one. That is all this new product is, a smart phone for your desktop where you are no longer in complete control of your system.

  • http://adscendmedia.com Jeremy

    I tried it an if you have a desktop PC it’s terrible. The new Start menu is a cumbersome joke and they’ve removed the regular Start button from the taskbar. I don’t think it’s even an option, that I could find.

  • http:///ogdenian.com Ogden McGahan

    I am not feeling this new operating system. It’s more like a app selling platform then a business utility. All of us pc users just want a operating system that works and is bare bones in the sense of how much system resources it takes to work. it is the reason why so many people still use Windows XP. Even Even windows 6 is better than some of the ideas like vista and windows 7. Now it’s windows 8? Will Windows 9 replace this new version in 4 months? I understand that iphone are popular, but making a pc large version is not in line with the portable mobile and tablet devices…you can’t put it in your pocket. So why do it?