Windows 7 Still Most Popular OS On PCs Sold In The UK

    February 19, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Microsoft announced last month that it had sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses. It’s pretty obvious that most of those sale went to OEMs who will be putting the software onto computers going out to market. That’s good news for Microsoft as OS market penetration is largely driven by hardware sales, not software upgrades. Unfortunately, new PC buyers may be sticking to Windows 7 according to a new report.

PC Pro reports that Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system on PCs sold in the UK. The publication was contacted by several PC system building companies who said consumers are requesting Windows 7 on their machines instead of Windows 8. In fact, one company said that 93 percent of its machines are shipped with Windows 7.

What may be even worse for Microsoft is that customers who buy systems with Windows 8 are returning the PCs and requesting they be changed back to Windows 7. One particular PC vendor – Computer Planet – said that it’s now offering Windows 7 as the default OS again after Windows 8 failed to catch on.

So, what’s the major beef people are having with Microsoft’s new OS? It seems that driver issues and the newness of the Metro UI are turning people off. A common complaint seems to be that people can’t figure out how to get around in the new OS. That being said, those same customers like the general look of Windows 8’s desktop mode, but wish it was in a Windows 7 environment.

Despite all this, the OEMs say that PC sales haven’t been hurt by the general negativity directed towards Windows 8. They feel that most of the complaints are due to the initial shock at the newness of Windows 8, and that most consumers get used to it relatively quickly. The only thing they would suggest is that Microsoft include a guide or tutorial that took consumers through the more intricate features of Windows 8.

That last suggestion has been echoed by major players in the PC manufacturing business. Samsung, in its decision to not release its Windows RT tablet in the U.S., said that Microsoft needs to do a better job of explaining Windows 8 to consumers. The company has been too busy lately focusing on crazy office parties and pinata slaughter instead of showing consumers how the new OS works.

Microsoft needs to slow down, and actually show people how Windows 8 works. Show consumers still on Windows XP or Vista how Windows 8 can improve their computing experience. The rumored relaunch of WIndows 8 and the future launch of Windows Blue may give Microsoft the opportunity to do just that.

  • Jimothy

    Not surprised. 90% of people I know plan to stay with Windows 7. The remaining 10% have either moved to Linux Mint / or a KDE distribution such as Suse, or are planning to do so.

    Metro has no desirable applications that people actually want (even Linux is realising that applications are what drive operating system adoption and they are catching up with the likes of Steam), and gets in the way of any sort of real work on desktop PCs. Those people who advocate Windows 8 either use 3rd party programs to restore Windows 7 functionality and banish Metro, or alternatively they bang on about using searches and key combinations, which are reminiscent of remembering commands and keystrokes under DOS, which will put off many people in this day and age.

    • Leo1355

      90% of people I know are already on Windows 8 and the other 10% are just scared because of all the polemic about the start button and a lot of false claims spread by ignorant people. I advocate Windows 8, even on desktops, because of all the major improvements it brings over Windows 7. Even the start screen has many advantages over the classic start menu but it just needs some getting used to. When it comes to the modern applications I agree, you don’t upgrade to Windows 8 just because of the apps. Regardless of what people may think, the bottom line is that you can do whatever you did before on Windows 8.

      • George Raft

        90% really ? Let me guess, you work at Microsoft? My forcast: Windows 8 is going to make Vista look like a raving success. Used it for two weeks and I hate it. Going back to 7.

        • Jimothy

          Indeed. The dual interface confuses regular users, and gets in the way of experienced users. There is nothing in Windows 8 which makes it from a user interface point of view superior to Windows 7, it is in fact a step backwards. And for those users who really think a better task manager and the extra security features in 8 are worth it, then Linux has had this all for years.

      • Asok Asus

        “and the other 10% are just scared”

        Ah. Standard paid MicroTroll paid post Number 3. My favorite!

        Let me go ahead and pre-post the most common of your taking-points right now so you don’t have to go to the trouble of cutting and pasting them from the MicroShill Talking-Points Web Site:

        1. Anyone who says they don’t like Windows 8 has never used it.

        2. Anyone who doesn’t like Windows 8 is stupid.

        3. Anyone who doesn’t like Windows 8 is “afraid” of change.

        4. I’ve upgraded my 8 year old laptop that has 1 GB ram and 80 GB HD with Windows 8 and it runs 10 times faster than with XP.

        5. I bought a Windows 8/Window RT device for each and every member of my family and they ALL simply LOVE it!

        6. Windows 8 is EXACTLY like Windows 7, only better!

        7. Metro UI is REALLY the same as the Start Menu.

        8. Poor acceptance of the Windows 8/Windows RT/Metro UI is all the fault of the “Apple Fanboi” and “Windows 8 hater” writers and blog posters. Their negative comments are what have caused the average non-technical consumer who never reads these web sites in the first place to stay away from Windows 8 in droves. If only the “press” had given Windows 8 a “fair” shake, it would have been a roaring success (even though the public doesn’t read the tecnical press in the first place).

        9. I’m a business consultant and ALL of my business clients have been clammering for Windows 8 and they ALL just love it when I install it and they now realize how much FUN computing can be!

        10. I’m in IT and NONE of our employees have trouble learning Windows 8, and they LOVE it!

        11. You must be old!

        12. My 75 year old mother and my 5 year old girl are running Windows 8 with no problems.

        13. You are obviously a troll!

        • Rex

          And Seriously, Who pays you?

          When I see someone call others shill, my first thought is invariably, “this is a person who thinks that anyone who thinks differently than they do must be paid to do so”. Get over yourself. You are not the only one who has a right to an opinion. Be slow to call someone a shill because there is close to no way to be 100% sure and therefore you should give them the benefit of the doubt. Combat their opinion, dont just brush them off. Because if you do, why should anyone give your opinions any credence?

          I will legitimately (no one is paying me for my opinion) tell you that all you Windows 8 haters in my OPINION are dead wrong. It is a true upgrade over Windows 7 and miles above Windows XP or Vista. But it will take you a while working with it to realize this. Of course most of you are turned off immediately so you dont use it long enough to see how good it really is. Fine, that is your choice. I understand that. But to assume that any of us who do like it must be paid to do so is just egocentric and flat out wrong.

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