Will You Put Your Whole Life on Facebook With the Timeline Feature?

Facebook users to share a whole lot of information

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Will You Put Your Whole Life on Facebook With the Timeline Feature?
[ Social Media]

The Timeline feature Facebook announced at f8 is blowing a lot of people’s minds. “Tell the whole story of your life on a single page,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said as he announced the feature.

Would you share your whole life on your Facebook wall? Let us know in the comments.

That, in a nutshell, is what the timeline is all about. Sure, it will feature your recent Facebook activity, classic “wall” material, and app-related content. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening there, but the timeline itself goes back to when you were born, containing as much information as you want to share.

It looks like you can add content extending even before your birth (notice the +. You can drag that down and add more things, entering when something happened):

Facebook timeline feature  

However, if you try to enter something for a date before your birthday, it doesn’t let you. It just tells you you weren’t born yet, which apparently eliminates pictures of your mom’s pregnancy, and any pictures of you as a fetus. Maybe they’ll enable this later.

Post birth, you pretty much have free reign.

You can add health-related events:

Facebook timeline feature

Facebook timeline feature 

Other life events:

Facebook timeline feature 
Facebook timeline feature
Facebook timeline feature  
Facebook timeline 

You can add content about when you lose a loved one:

Facebook timeline feature

The point is, you can pretty much add anything from your life starting with birth, which means a lot of people are going to be spending a whole lot of time adding things from their lives. Or at least that appears to be Facebook’s goal.

I have no reason to believe that tons of people won’t be adding everything they can think of to make their lives look more interesting than the next guy’s. You’re going to look pretty lame if you only have a few things and everyone else is climbing mountains, sky diving and meeting presidents.

Imagine the data. Imagine the ad targeting possibilities.

Imagine that Facebook is around for the long haul, and new people are born into the world where this is just the norm. It is a pretty interesting time indeed.

All of that said, some things you might be thinking include: I wonder how many people will get fired from their jobs. I wonder how many more divorces will get blamed on Facebook. I wonder how many lives will this ruin.

Don’t worry. “You have complete control over everything on your timeline. You have control of what’s there and you also control who can see everything,” said Zuckerberg during the keynote.

Well, users have had a lot of control over what they share on Facebook in the past, but that hasn’t stopped all of those things from happening. Tread carefully. By carefully, I mean with common sense. It may not be a good idea to post about the first time you used an illegal narcotic or the affair you had a few years ago. Not that you’ve done either of those things.

If you want to sign up for the timeline feature, you can do so at the bottom of this page. It’s supposed to be rolling out over the next few weeks anyway. Greg Kumparak has a nice walkthrough on how to go about getting the timeline early if you’re a developer.

How much of your life will you share with the world? Let us know.

Will You Put Your Whole Life on Facebook With the Timeline Feature?
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  • http://www.em3marketing.com Janyer Dominguez

    Yeah not it’s very interesting I will eventually find the time to set my timeline up.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      It should be fun trying to remember all of the events one wants to include.

      • http://www.positivemessages.co positive

        I will remember all my life events on my personal private diary not on facebook :)

  • http://webtrafficsuccess.com Marci

    Facebook is paving the future of the Social world. I am all for change and it is what it is!! Can we really control any of it? NOT!!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I guess we’ll soon find out.

    • John

      No – it’s the view of FB’s view of social media – I’ve already noticed that the interactions on FB are way down – the novelty has worn thin and people are at last wising up to the paper thin security. I deleted my account but because of family pressures I had to re-sign but no personal info almost no posts – basically it’s a waste of time account but keeps the family happy

  • MisterWrong

    10:00 I held up a bank (here is my crew who knocked over the place)
    10:30 Follow the Foursquare track the show our get away route
    11:00 here is the booty! (see picture)
    12:00 Here is all the bling we bought and the party we had with the money

    ….. you know this is totally going to happen

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Most likely something along those lines.

  • http://www.andeanexpresstravel.com/ Shomara

    You’re going to look pretty lame if you only have a few things and everyone else is climbing mountains, sky diving and meeting presidents?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Pretty much.

  • http://www.modelrailroadhub.com/ train0922

    Honestly, I would give a NO. I maintain a facebook account to connect with my friends but I seldom post activities on my wall. I just couldn’t imagine having the whole world see my entire life through the looking glass called social media.

    Hornby railways

  • http://blogging-techies.blogspot.com/ Christian Esperar

    I think it is not force us to post all the happening in our life “It’s just an option”. I upgrade my profile tomorrow and my first impression is “Awesome” but I noticed that the loading speed became slower.

  • http://www.bloggerdreams.info BloggerDreams

    I can’t think yet about the implications. While some people may see it as a way to get a better knowledge about their connections on Facebook, some may see it as a violation of privacy.

    I have not yet tried it but you have just given me a push to try it out. I will later come here and post my final opinion if you still have this on.


  • Herb

    what will l be sharing? nothing, enough rubbish on facebook as it is.They won’t let you put pics of the baby in mummy’s tummy?, well perhaps they can stop the idiot teen mothers from currently uploading these pre birth photo’s… Who the hell is interested..Im now off to Google+ looks good.. then i will invite all my friends to join…As for Facebook ‘Its Dieing…. Forever altering the set-up, don’t know where you are half the time….

  • Nancy Keane

    Goodness no!!!

  • Kishor Meswani

    What can be + or – factors of such exposure need to be carefully assessed.

  • http://www.lindastacy.com/plr Linda Stacy

    I won’t put even a good deal of my life on Facebook or anywhere else online. For one thing, there’s probably no more than 2 people in the world that interested in that much information about me. LOL! For another, I’d like to at least pretend I still have some privacy. I think it’s possible to be personable online without being to personal. That’s how I hope to be.

    It will be interesting to see how many people use the timeline and what kind of information they put on there. I’m guessing younger people will share more. And perhaps celebrities will use it for publicity.

  • matt

    Contrary to the other comments, I am looking forward to this, so I can share what has been happening with my children. Privacy is always a concern, but that would true of almost all mediums used.


    • John

      hope you get the kid’s buy-in and a signed release, FB is anti security

  • http://Eric01.SmartMediaTechnologies.com Eric

    Seems this could be an novel way to promote business interests. Leave out the personal stuff and just log upbeat success. Contracts, conventions, awards etc. Wonder how that would go down?

  • http://cozumelmexico.net Bob Rodriguez

    My life’s history is none of your business. This is over the top for me. I quit Facebook a long time ago. I can’t believe that people are wasting their precious time on this.

    Why not write an auto biography instead. If your life is so interesting it will be a best seller on the open market. Otherwise it is only feeding an invasive marketing machine.

    • http://www.mycashforums.com matt

      I agree Bob :)

    • John


  • Jeff

    Facebook is a collection of data and information that most people don’t really care about; like “making dinner for the family” ~ yeah, thanks for the update!
    Government and corporations on the other hand love all the information people stupidly post about themselves… Facebook CEO Zuckerberg even refers to users as Dumb F#&ks (http://gawker.com/5636765/facebook-ceo-admits-to-calling-users-dumb-fucks).
    But there will be lots of people entering in all their details going back to birth because they think the entire world cares. What will they get for it? Will others actually read through all of it? Maybe a potential date would.
    What is certain is that it will help companies target advertising designed in an irresistible fashion (based on a computer generated psych profile) to the dumb users who actually enter all this information on facebook.
    It will also be appreciated by Google! <a href="Facebook is a collection of data and information that most people don't really care about; like "making dinner for the family" ~ yeah, thanks for the update!
    Government and corporations on the other hand love all the information people stupidly post about themselves… facebook-ceo-admits-to-calling-users-dumb-fucks” rel=”nofollow”>Facebook CEO Zuckerberg even refers to users as Dumb F#&ks.
    But there will be lots of people entering in all their details going back to birth because they think the entire world cares. What will they get for it? Will others actually read through all of it? Maybe a potential date would.
    What is certain is that it will help companies target advertising designed in an irresistible fashion (based on a computer generated psych profile) to the dumb users who actually enter all this information on facebook.
    It will also be appreciated by Google! http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2011/aug/18/how-google-dominates-us/?pagination=false”>Google’s in the process of learning how to read your mind

  • http://www.tennisfitnesslove.com Tennis Fitness

    Maybe I’ll just do a basic timeline, nothing much different that I have already put on Facebook, such as where I studied, worked, etc… could be good for business (like somebody pointed out), such as new product launched, awards, etc. We can control how much we want to share and allow others to see, so ultimately it is in our hands, just like it is now. It is on us to educate ourselves how to show or not show what we want. Facebook is free for us to use, so we should not complain about it so much. (and no, I don’t like everything on FB, if I sound like it… I just choose what I like, and ignore or disable what I don’t like)

    • John

      that’s what LinkedIn is for – professional business stuff – not FB who will scam everything

      • Alison

        Yes, good point. I prefer LinkedIn for business.

  • http://www.encountersnepal.com rishi nepal

    i want to promote my website

    • http://www.mycashforums.com matt

      you are when people click your name it takes them to your website :)

  • http://www.mycashforums.com matt

    well people already tell there whole life stories daily on FB nothing new

  • Garison

    Why would I publicly announce how boring my life has been?

  • https://www.bonanza.com/booths/tuckerstuff Thomas

    Seems that that is all it is to me, a way for Facebook, and third party companies to come to your page and get all the targeting advertising they need from you. This is a feature you can keep. Bring back Facebook the way it was. I already have all the info about my life somewhere else. That’s the point of Blogs.

  • http://www.benewords.com Carol Frome

    No. No. No. Ridiculous. Absolutely not.

  • ron

    What! Are you f***king crazy. Get my info and some nitwit will get it. Put back the old facebook.Simple

  • http://backwaterstudio.weebly.com/ Kathleen Johnson

    Who has the time for this great adventure? Those of us Fuddy Duddys at 60 or more? And, for what purpose?

    Though, I can see for “Pages” on projects and events – this would be very advantageous in marketing. For that purpose, Timeline is brilliant!

    • Pat

      hey…not all of us 60+s are fuddy duddys :) I have long refused to go on FB because of the whole id thing – plus i don’t see the point really..but amazing how many people have tried to drag me on there to look at their pics mainly – they won’t just email them or write. Has to be on FB. I don’t get that! Maybe i am a FD.

      • Apple

        Long live the Fuddy Duddies!!!!1

  • http://vaporizersale.com/ Vape Reviews

    No. 1st: Waste of time. 2: No real guarantee of privacy. Talk about setting yourself up for serious identity theft. Doesn’t anyone out there realize the sheer stupidity of having every single thing about you listed for the public’s view? I guess people really don’t know how to make friends any more. Sad.

  • Rick

    No way in hell would I do that…Why, you ask…because Facebook will sell that info to the highest bidder…

  • Erik Lindquist

    no, not today, not ever.
    I am a Certified Fraud Examiner and I shudder to think how this information may be used by unscrupulous individuals.
    I advise EVERYONE to avoid this feature unless they want to make new very unwanted friends.

  • Lois

    Wow how stupid is this. The idiots at Facebook need to have their heads examined!

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    I think that this is what will bring facebook down to a few millions users or less, big Mistake, my whole family and friends are very disappointed with this feature and are ready to move on to google plus, I think facebook just announce the losing millions of users feature.

  • http://my-gem.net John

    Now this is taking it to far. I would never put something so personal out in the open like that. I hope this new idea fails.

  • http://www.gooddealsonline.net Ty H

    expect me to use this heavily (jus don’t rely on the data) LOL….i’m gonna put in some absolutely ridiculous info, jus wait & see, already trying to find it, is it there yet? help me find it.

  • http://website-in-a-weekend.net/ Dave Doolin

    Yeah, thank but no thanks. Having done a little of this and a little of that, I’m not that concerned what people think.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/OneFineArt William MATAR

    Tired of this stupid addiction… tired of this craziness. of this fake social.. staying hours before a screen… to much enough

  • http://www.sandalitservices.co.uk Robert

    Does the term “get a life” mean anything to anyone?
    why on earth would you want to publish details of your life online?
    This has to be the most stupid idea ever created and whats more people like sheep will do!
    just wait until the lates “celebrity” puts their timeline on, cant possible think what will follow

  • http://www.epalmspringsrealestate.com Abraham Baghbodorian

    Is this Facebook’s answer to Google Profiles ? I think with the continuous changes with Newsfeed, SSL requirement for business pages etc, more people would be dropping off Facebook.

  • http://13log.lobby13.com Sheila

    Except for a few reporters and bloggers, I haven’t heard of anyone among my friends and acquaintances that are liking the new FB roll-outs. As for me, I’ve already deleted several apps and am cleaning up my information. As a licensed mortgage broker, I know how a little information can lead to identity theft, and I’m not releasing either the year or city of my birth, the year I obtained a mortgage on my home, or other clearly identifying information. Just not going to happen.

  • bill

    I would do this if I first had a lobotomy. We should protect our young people from facebook. Stupidity is what facebook is. Corporate interests are exploiting our youth for financial gain. We need facebook social media legislation to protect the people who don’t truly understand what a database is.

  • Pam Turner

    I don’t think so

  • Pat

    Big Bro will really like this feature…all there … and handy also for id theft too I guess. Saves a lot of other trawling.

    • Frank

      Your are Correct!

  • Frank

    Ridiculous, what feature will we have next? Share your Social Security number, Bank Accounts, Cell Phones, Drivers License, history of your car repairs, history of what meals you had throughout life. Why would you want a potential 500 million people you don’t know to have access to your private information in beyond reason. Just goes to show you what these peoples mindset is and why the world is in such bad shape. Common sense goes a long way in protecting you in life, when most people don’t have any, you wind up in a world like we have today! Insurance companies will be scouring Facebook in an effort to collect health and medical data for future use against you. But go ahead, i know some of you will do it anyway….

  • http://mind-expanding.com/events/events Jocelyn Myers

    Not much – won’t be sharing much…

  • http://www.opusalbums.com Daniel Roberts

    Do people want to expose everything!

  • Alison

    Here’s what will happen… we’ll spend hours, if not days, entering the information and photos we’d like to share for the timeline; then, facebook will make a change and everything that was entered will have to be re-entered, or they’ll decide to just eliminate the timeline feature altogether and we will have lost hours or days from our lives with nothing to show for it. My time is too valuable…I don’t trust them with it.

  • Henrietta

    Nothing, zip, zero, nada, nowt at all.

    Something which is supposed to be a fun and easy way to stay in touch has become a hassle, and incidentally a liability.

    From daily check in to maybe once a week and diminishing.

  • http://www.mumbaitiger.com Gaurav Kale

    Well as for me I have already put in my request to delete my FB account, I don’t feel safe that my personal data is online for people to access. Timeline will exploit peoples personal lives. And when MZ said that you are in control means “HE” is in control. Beware, be smart…

  • http://www.halloween365247.com Scott

    Well that is a bit much, I should think. However, I believe that this, as well as anything else fB has done in the past 5 years with this site, should be used with a HUGE dose of common sense. If you don’t want to share it, don’t put it online. If you don’t want to use this feature, don’t use it. And for the love of all things sacred, DON’T bitch about it on FB.

    Facebook in and of itself is a great tool for communicating with the people that you love, and it is also a widely respected advertising tool. But I think that a line should be drawn by all parties concerned in how much we share and ask to share.

    Good article, I liked the information presented. Thanks

  • http://www.windwalkerphotography.biz Frank

    I have had it with Facebook. I have closed out the two profiles I have. I had one personal and one for business. Mark Zuckerberg thinks that it is his mission in life to make everyone’s lives an open book and that there should be no information about anyone that should be private. Wonder how Mark would like it if I got a lot of his personal information and started posting it all over the web?

  • http://athomefitnessworkouts.com/freeweightlosscours Gabrielle

    Why would anyone want to share THAT much information? And, further still, why would anyone want to learn THAT MUCH about a person? Unless… this is helping Facebook look more appealing to the advertisers who would then have access to your information so they can learn all about you.

  • glenn

    No,No,No. Can you say total security breakdown? Why would any rational human do so? There is no security on the Internet.

  • Damian

    All of these so called features seem to be marketed towards an audience who has delusions of living in a utopian society where everyone is trustworthy, crime doesn’t exist, people want for nothing, and information is 100% secure. Sadly it is simply that: a delusion; and no, I won’t be using it.

  • Apple

    Anyone read ‘Blind Faith’ by Ben Elton? CIA members will love it – ‘big time!’

    I also think it will be a fantastic method for people to create a fake identity.

    Anyone that even bothers with facebook now does so at their own risk. COME ON!!!!!!!Blind Faith is just not an acceptable excuse any more there is too much info available about what is really going on to collect & store your information. It’s time to grow up.

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