Will Users Accept Yahoo’s First New Logo In 18 Years?

By: Chris Crum - September 5, 2013

Early last month, Yahoo announced that it would be changing its logo, and kicked off thirty days of showing a different design each day. Now, the real new logo has been unveiled, and here it is. It started rolling out last night.

The New Yahoo Logo

What do you think of the new Yahoo logo? Improvement or not? Let us know in the comments.

On the home page, the exclamation point even dances around (we’ll see if that’s permanent or just a celebratory gesture).

Yahoo logo dancing

While I personally don’t have a huge problem with it (it’s certainly better than the majority of the logos they’ve been using for the past month), many are less than impressed.

Yahoo promised the new logo would be “a modern design,” so the company probably isn’t very excited about TechCrunch’s assessment calling it a “GeoCities logo“.

Yahoo, of course, killed GeoCities about four years ago.

This is the first time in 18 years Yahoo has updated its logo, so it’s hard to say that some change wasn’t in order. Yahoo has desperately tried to revitalize its brand for years, and has arguably made its biggest mark over the past year since Marissa Mayer has taken over.

“Our brand, as represented by the logo, has been valued at as much as ~$10 billion dollars,” she says. “So, while it was time for a change, it’s not something we could do lightly.”

A logo redesign is an important decision for any company, let alone one the size of Yahoo. You know Yahoo even surpassed Google as the top web property in the U.S. in July?

It turns out that Mayer had a direct hand in the design. She had this to say in a blog post:

On a personal level, I love brands, logos, color, design, and, most of all, Adobe Illustrator. I think it’s one of the most incredible software packages ever made. I’m not a pro, but I know enough to be dangerous :)

So, one weekend this summer, I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the trenches with our logo design team: Bob Stohrer, Marc DeBartolomeis, Russ Khaydarov, and our intern Max Ma. We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday designing the logo from start to finish, and we had a ton of fun weighing every minute detail.

She notes that they didn’t want to have any straight lines in the logo, because they don’t exist in the human form, and are “extremely rare in nature.” They also wanted letters with thicker and thinner strokes and “scallops” on the ends of the letters to replace the old serif font.

“Our existing logo felt like the iconic Yahoo yodel. We wanted to preserve that and do something playful with the OO’s,” Mayer says. “We wanted there to be a mathematical consistency to the logo, really pulling it together into one coherent mark.”

Here’s the blueprint with all the notes they made about the font:

Yahoo Logo blueprint

Did you put this much thought into your own company’s logo?

According to Mayer, 87% of the company’s employees wanted a change in the logo. It will be interesting to see how users react over time. Here are some early reactions:

Your turn. Tell us what you think.

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  • http://e-marketingpartner.com Bob

    I liked the old logo… and the yodel. YaaaHoooo!

    • Ron

      Call customer service, they scream it at you!

  • http://www.rosebudnannyagency.co.uk Fredrick

    Times have changed and so there should be changes. I like the new logo. Hope it brings luck to the company :-)

  • http://www.LoftLivingLA.com Ted Trent

    I like it.

  • Ron

    Sure, it’s great to have something new to look at while you are waiting on the mail to work.

  • http://alimese.com.tr Ali Meşe

    I see no difference can’t understand why they took 18 years to do this. As one of the tweets above put it well, the logo is neither perfect or horrible, just like Yahoo.

  • http://na Len

    I think the bigger question is how much longer users can tolerate the new mail program. Just look at the community board for the response so far. Someone in Yahoo management needs to look at that.

  • Nick

    Looks like garbage, but I guess that reflects the fact that yahoo mail is slow as crap and sucks now.

  • http://nfanflorida.com/ NFAN

    The corporate giants are expected to be infallable and just like the rest of us, it turns out they too make bad choices. The old logo was fine in my opinion, of course the whole logo contest thing is pr stunt!

  • http://mobilewebsitegurus.com Peter Helander

    That was a lot of Yahoo about …well not so much. They use a standard font with some shadowing to it. I hope they did not pay more than $100.00 for it, but I am sure it was more in the hundreds of thousands. Clean look, but kind of dull and. Not sure it showcases their business spirit and core values….

  • http://www.thecamoshop.com Tony Brobst

    If you hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have noticed the difference. It still says Yahoo. That’s all that really matters. I think they are wasting their money.

  • http://Yahoo William

    What difference does it make? Who cares. The Yahoo mail is terrible. I have a business and is hurting me. There is no excuse for such sluggish and full of errors e mail. Just today, September 5,2013 it is non-existing. Too bad. Got to go to “g mail.” Logo or no logo, Yahoo sucks.

  • Mike

    I do not care in the least if they have new or old LOGO…what I DO care about is how awful the e-mail service has become. I would GLADLY keep the old logo if they could restore the OLD quality service. Bring back the GOOD OLD DAYS, and like borrowing a page from Coca Cola, call it “YAHOO CLASSIC”.

  • http://kathys-insight.com k

    Not much of a change just the color and you put a box around it

  • http://kathys-insight.com kathy

    Not much of a change

  • Drexel

    Nothing to write home about

  • FartontheCrown

    Looks like a shitty font someone used to try and make their newsletter look more professional.

  • http://www.onlinetv.com Randy Penn

    Someone should tell Marissa that changing a logo means more than just altering a typeface. Marissa should announce that Yahoo! changed it’s typeface. Well, that would sound boring wouldn’t it? As an artist that created many a cool logo I do not consider this a logo change at all. It is merely an altered typeface and I would say not really that interesting – even if they make it wag it’s exclamation point.

  • Mark

    No creativity. Dislike!

  • http://dumbbellsetshop.com/ dumbbell set

    for me I like there new logo

  • C Whitehorn

    Bland and forgettable. All the things a logo should not be.

  • Graham Cheadle

    If its not too vulgar a word, the ‘Logo’ is Crap! I’d love to know how much this so called ‘Logo’ cost; an 8 year old could have designed a far far better one!

  • http://www.pickmydecor.com Rita Perdue

    Very interesting…. but how many ways can you spell Yahoo? didn’t notice much difference until it was pointed out to me. However, I’m all for whatever search engine can overtake the big G – especially since the way they treated small businesses last year, right before Christmas!

  • http://WheatCarr.com Wheat

    Seriously, with all the insanity related to what Yahoo had done to its groups interface and making running a group extremely challenging (multiple expletives deleted) – we should worry about their logo?

  • http://www.firstsearch.co.nz Michael

    To quote “Logo had value of $10 billion dollars she says”

    I remember when newspapers valued their mastheads at very large figures, these figures are now depreciated.

    It all comes down to, can you deliver what the customer wants delivered

    That is where the value is


  • http://www.billboardbunny.com Tommy Brown

    It looks like my grand kids made it. I am still sore at Yahoo about closing down my 360 forum. They could of been bigger than Facebook if they had wanted to.

  • Carl Schultz

    Having been through several corporate logo “makeovers” The logo change costs a lot, but the impact on business (no marked upturn) was slim, if nothing.

    From the design side it is cleaner, nicer, but other than the Executives feeling better about it, wish they put more $$ into the business ops than the logo.

  • E

    Oh, thank God all the big problems of human life have been solved! No more disease, suffering or starvation. Now we can concentrate on things like some dumb company’s logo instead of that company’s quality of service.

  • http://www.lightsout.org Joseph Dugan

    Memo Marissa Mayer: Unless you to be reduced to a shift manager at your local Mickey D’s, I highly suggest that you seriously entertain the thought of incinerating that piece if excrement known as the REVILED new YAHOO! logo and rightfully reinstated the much beloved old YAHOO! logo!

  • http://www.lightsout.org Joseph Dugan

    Memo tMarissa Mayer: Unless you to be reduced to a shift manager at your local Mickey D’s, I highly suggest that you seriously entertain the thought of incinerating that piece if excrement known as the REVILED new YAHOO! logo and rightfully reinstated the much beloved old YAHOO! logo!

  • Vipul

    The old logo was better.. the new one looks so lame

  • http://bit.ly/madeira-holiday Carl

    The way Yahoo deals with their customers they would need much much more than a “new” logo to survive. Maybe the purple is the first signs that they are preparing for a funeral, but who really cares anyway…..

  • http://jocko.mywapblog.com jokotole

    I love all the new ones.
    including a logo. and yahoo
    did. would this be so as the
    size of the changes that will be made in the company as
    well. including yahoo.
    hopefully yahoo better.

  • http://www.eveparis.com/ Mark Richard

    I don’t see much change!!

  • http://www.alltelecoms.biz/ allcommy

    The Yahoo! logo change is like “Pull down a house and make a shack”.

  • http://fregna.eu Fregna

    Honestly not impressed at all by this new logo. It’s something I wouldn’t even have noticed if I haven’t read that it was going to change soon. As someone said before, look like a random move to get some free attention with no risk and no money to pay.

  • http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk A Morris

    I doubt it’ll make anyone burst into tears in utter horror, but it’s fairly bland. Doesn’t stop you dead, really. It’s purple, though, so Marie from Breaking Bad would love it that’s for sure (she’s infatuated to the colour if you don’t watch the show).

    Yahoo! are doing their bit right now to challenge Google so full support to them. Give it some welly!

  • http://expresselectricnc.com Bob Wagner

    It’s typical for most large firms. They spend outrageous amount of time and money on something that means very little to everyone else.

  • http://education-tech.org.uk johannes

    UN-imaginative. the OO could have been an infinity sign and symbolizing all sort of possibilities.
    Judging by the logo, they need a change of staff, starting at the top…

  • Wade

    I could care less about the new logo. I am concerned that someone got paid to write an article about such nonsense.

  • http://www.mobilewebsolutions.co.uk/ Andy Cole

    The Yahoo new logo looks modern and to the point (simple). I think this is the best way to go . Well done Yahoo.

  • Rick

    Its a little Fisher Price for me, I don’t like the purple color at all.

  • Sean

    I wouldn’t realize that it had changed if people weren’t writing about it. I think this change is an immaterial event that will have no bearing on the company’s future success or failure.

  • Andy Wiedlin


  • http://AgentOwned.com Liza Valero

    Seemed as if they could have done something more exciting

  • JAG

    Yeah! I like it.

    • MJC

      Don’t like it. It’s missing the fun and youthful enthusiasm that was represented in the old red Yahoo! logo.

  • Oh Marissa

    Hilariously bad. I laugh every time I think about Marissa Mayer burning the midnight oil with her team of logo designers and putting together this atrocity over the course of a single weekend. This is groupthink at its most absurd.

    With Mayer’s name attached so closely to the effort, the ridicule for its outcome appears to be falling mostly at her feet (as it should). Yahoo has provided a case study in how NOT to make design decisions.

    • Bryan

      I don’t think there was a design team involved. It was basically her and some executives and an intern.
      Which is why we have what it is.
      This is basically Optima.
      Just another example of how people think designers are not important.

  • Brett

    It’s everything a logo should NOT be: boring, generic, dated, forgettable, lifeless, zero personality… fits the company perfectly.

  • corey

    do you think they’ll even care? Let alone notice? Yahoo! has much bigger and should be more urgent problems than a logo. What a waste of money/time/resources.

    • Roger

      Well said.I do not see the reason for change. Who cares anyway. They own half of everything on the Internet do they think we will not know who they are. Aload of fuss over nothing

  • Richard

    I think it’s creepy. Looks like something from a horror movie poster.

  • bill

    I love it. Crisp, fresh and new. Great Job!

    • Diane

      You asked! I’m a graphic lettering artist and from the standpoint of typography, it’s very weak, especially for a gazillion dollar company. The illustration of the markup and comments on the letter strokes themselves would not stand as good typography. Where there should be lighter strokes there are heavier ones, some of the letters look like one font and the others from another. The round shapes on the two different size O’s should be different weights, not consistent, etc. It does look amateurish. I’d be happy to give you a tissue over the top to show where you might do better. I’m sure somebody made a handsome $ on this and that is unfortunate.

  • Whitney

    That’s a good typeface, but needs more drama size on each letter and without the iconic balloon and/or a more exciting exclamation point, it is just a 15 minute fame kind of effect.

  • Jan Johnston

    Looks like a font from the ’80s called Optima. I wonder if it’s coming back?

  • Tony

    I don’t like it. There’s something Asian feeling about it, which isn’t bad in it’s own right, but it just doesn’t seem to fit.

  • Yvette

    I think somebody got paid a lot to do very little. Help me somebody! This is more like a tweak than a re-design.

  • mehdi

    Not much of a change ! new color seems cool.

  • http://goo.gl/ZprKZ Cari Uang

    nice, I think the bigger question is how much longer users can tolerate the new mail program. Just look at the community board for the response so far. Someone in Yahoo management needs to look at that.

  • Dawn Suchy

    Yuck. Lifeless.

  • Marco Tan

    The CEO definitely made the wrong choice. She’s not even a graphic graphic designer to judge a logo! so, of course, she chose only what she likes even if it looks too girly. too feminine!!! she said she wants mathematical consistency with the logo, so do you mean not all logos have mathematical measurements? who cares about the lengths and spacings. As a basic rule in graphic designing, if it looks good, it is right!

    Really don’t like their new logo, and everyday it’s hard to see their new logo mark like this [Y], that letter Y inside that rectangular shape sucks! where’s the exclamation point now? please bring back the old logo which looks (Y)!

    if they will not change this now, i think it’s better to change the voice of the men singing yahoooOOOOoooOOO!!!! and replace with a female voice. that would be perfect if Ms. Mayer would do that.