Will Samsung Ditch Google and Android?

    April 30, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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With Samsung now the top phone maker in the world, Business Insider is speculating that the company might leave Google in the dust and continue to develop its own version of Android. While that might make sense for Samsung, it would be worrisome for Google, who could be left developing an operating system that few manufacturers use any more.

Already, manufacturers of smartphones are very slow to update their phones to new versions of Google’s Android OS. This is because carriers and manufacturers each put their own spin on Android, making it their own (and oftentimes not as good as stock Android). In doing so, they cripple some features built into the operating system, such as tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. As far back as 2010 Google was worried that manufacturers and carriers would create “walled gardens” where only their products, services, and app markets are available. As the Business Insider article points out, Amazon has done exactly this with its Kindle Fire tablets, with huge success as a result.

But does Google even want to be in control of the smartphone market? At its core, Google is still an advertising company. I believe Google developed Android to kick-start the smartphone market for non-Apple products. It was clear that Apple developed its app ecosystem in order to exclude companies such as Google – and Google couldn’t afford to be left out of the mobile ad game. What do you think? Does Google need to maintain control over Android, or does it benefit from any use of the mobile OS? Leave a comment below and let us know.

  • Robin

    Samsung just reported record break profits that came from a very large part it´s mobile division selling Android phones, they have no reason to fork Android.

    • Mike

      I think it would be great to fork Android as long as they keep the Play Store. I recently got a Kindle Fire and it’s beyond great, but what’s lacking is the Appstore apps. It’s cool to get a new app free everyday, but there is just not enough content.

      Forking Android would be great as it brings diversity, although I do have to say it’s very strange to see a fork on such an open platform then close it. If Samsung does fork Android, it better have quite a few tricks up it’s sleeve.

      The Kindle Fire is easily rootable, and from the beginning they allowed it. Now it doesn’t support it anymore and it becomes harder and harder to root with each update. That’s really not going to stop me. I just really want ICS on there.

      OH! I almost forgot! Android has a fragmentation problem, which strikes developers and users. With the the forked version Samsung may make, it could go one of two ways. First, it will just add to the fragmentation problem OR give developers a set goal in mind to create for. All the apps make specifically for the Kindle Fire work great and utilize more power efficiently.

  • hloti

    it is not a new ecosystem companies tend to develop. it is an EGOSYSTEM because they get greedy. The whole idea of a universal android OS is the ability to go against every thing apple and amazon are standing for, and to create and benefit from a universal app market. if Samsung deviates from android and make their own egosystem, i am 100% sure their sales will fall rapidly. this will be the most stupid step they could ever take. for one, i will never by samsung again and i have never bought a mac or an iphone device