Will Bing Powering Yahoo Make SEO Easier?

Yahoo Will Essentially Still Be Yahoo

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There is an interesting discussion going on in our WebProWorld forum about search engine optimization post Microsoft-Yahoo deal. For those unfamiliar with the topic, Microsoft and Yahoo recently gained regulatory approval on a search and advertising deal announced last year, which will see Yahoo using Bing’s algorithm in its search results. The discussion is about whether or not this means businesses and webmasters will only have to worry about optimizing for 2 search engines (Google/Bing) rather than 3 (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Will you focus your efforts more heavily on Bing? Discuss.

What Bing Coming to Yahoo Means

It’s important to note that Microsoft and Yahoo still have plenty of details to work out before anyone knows just how the product of this deal will function. We know that Bing will be used in the back-end of searches on Yahoo, but we don’t know what other elements Yahoo will still be incorporating into the search experience. For example, Yahoo said last week that the companies will still be discussing how SearchMonkey and BOSS figure into the mix.

Optimizing for Yahoo is not going to be limited to showing up in Bing’s results. That’s not to say that showing up in Bing’s results won’t have its advantages for Yahoo search, but there is a lot more going on at Yahoo than that. The company has been stressing that it is still very much focused on search, and under the deal with Microsoft, Yahoo will still be controlling the user experience at Yahoo.com.

Right now, Yahoo.com has plenty of elements to consider, from news and trending topics, to a whole slew of "applications" that users can customize on their Yahoo homepage. Among these are Facebook and Flickr. If you want to get in front of Yahoo users, it’s not limited to Yahoo search results. That said, Yahoo search results also have their own thing going on. Keep an eye on the box that appears under the search box after you enter a query. It contains related queries, and "related concepts". This is one area that could conceivably be independent from Bing (although that remains to be seen at this point). Yahoo is not shy about putting brands in these "related concepts" either. You can find WebProNews in there for a query like "ebusiness news".

eBusiness News suggestions on Yahoo

The point is, Yahoo has made it clear that it will continue to control the user experience, and that means there should be plenty of areas within Yahoo that are out of Bing’s control. This leads me to presume that Yahoo will not be something you’ll want to ignore, just because Bing is integrated into it. Remember that at this point, Yahoo controls a much greater percentage of the search market than Bing.

All of that said, you may want to pay closer attention to your Bing rankings if you haven’t done so in the past, because while Yahoo will still be Yahoo to its users, the deal also means there will be significantly more eyeballs on what Bing determines to be the most relevant results to searches.

Why Stop at Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

These may be the biggest three search engines in terms of market share in the United States, but there are still plenty of people using others. For one thing, YouTube is number 2. Not Yahoo or Bing. If you are concerned about simply being found where people are searching, you should have a YouTube presence. That of course means having a video strategy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a huge video budget.

There are still people using Ask as well. In search industry coverage, it often gets overshadowed by the others, but there are still a lot of people using it. In fact, the Ask Network’s market share grew by 6% from December to January. Ask.com’s market share grew by 1%. A lot of people search with AOL. AOL’s search is powered by Google, but it doesn’t always return the same results as Google.

Search Query Report

Facebook’s search market share grew by 13% in that same period of time. You may not think about Facebook for search as much, but people are spending more and more time on Facebook, and it stands to reason that they’ll be conducting more and more searches from Facebook. Granted, Facebook’s web search feature is powered by Bing, but that’s only a piece of the Facebook Search puzzle. If you don’t have a Facebook strategy, you may be missing out on a lot more searches. By the way, did you know that Facebook recently passed Yahoo as the 2nd most visited site (just under Google)?

These are just a few examples. People are searching from a lot more places. Rather than just optimizing for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, perhaps you should think about all of the places where your site/business would make sense when a user searches (consider niche sites as well).

Does the Yahoo/Bing deal make optimization easier? Weigh in with your thoughts.

Will Bing Powering Yahoo Make SEO Easier?
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  • http://homesteadwebsitebuilder.com Homestead Website SEO

    I generally focus on choosing long tail keyword phrases, writing sufficient amounts of optimized content, building backlinks and uploading videos. This works for all three of the search engines.

    • Chris Crum

      Yes, there are certainly plenty of things you can do that will help you in search engines in general.

      • http://www.pr.belong.co.il/ ???? ?????

        the search engines are looking for content just give it to them

  • http://www.builditdigital.com Robert

    I’m on board with Homestead – long tail keyword phrases are the way to go.

    Good post.

  • http://www.webpro.in Bharati Ahuja

    Yahoo results being powered by Bing is going to atleast make Yahoo and Bing both stronger and give some competition to Google. Though we all love Google no one should gain monopoly in any business market. As any kind of monopoly is not good for the buyer or the supplier.

    In this case in the search industry if we have an option of only one search engine the searcher is deprived of quality search results and the search engine may not be motivated enough for making the results better as it is assumed that they are the best.

    Now Yahoo and Bing jointly can acheive what they could not acheive individually.

    And Google will have to be on their toes to retian its market share. That is really good for all of us as that will surely ensure better quality search results for us and make the SEO task more challenging.

    As far as SEO is concernend if your main objective as and SEO company is to optimize for all search engines rather than only one i.e Google then I do not think you need to worry. Ethical SEO practices give you a presence on all the search engines sooner or later.

    Though the clients want only Google rankings but there was a time when people thought that Altavista was the only search engine available.

    • Chris Crum

      I don’t know if Bing is poised to get the market share that Google has, but here are some reasons why I think Bing is on track for phenomenal growth.

  • http://www.skydelinfotech.com Yogesh Patel


    I read your post, it’s important & useful information & beneficial for me.

    thank you.

  • http://www.webinternetmarketingservices.com arnie katz

    For most website owners it is difficult to rank high
    in the search engines for very highly searched terms.
    It is better to address local or long tail search keywords
    to achieve decent ranking in the major search engines.

  • SteveRene

    Yes, I have been using unique and relevant content along with more creative keyword tags and video for many years. Most SEO/SEM doesn’t deploy the use of Blogging, Forum Posts, and Classifieds as much as I teach they also can be used. Some but not ALL of these techniques are now being taught by UCSF Online Masters Program designers / used by OnlineAuction.com?

    Here are a few great search link example:

    Steve Rene

  • Guest

    Bing is absolutely the WORST search engine ever, worse than ASK.com, worse than MSN search. The only exception to that would be those websites like Ovation that tried to drive every search to a merchant regardless of the search subject. Why waste your time trying to optimize for a search model that is so seriously defective that it will eventually have no users?

  • http://www.happyendingonline.com Vibrators and Bullets

    I don’t like bing at all. I focus on Long phrases anyway. Yahoo is 2nd in my mind to google.

  • http://www.ugmart.ug Fred

    Ive always wondered why here are not more search results at least on the first page only. Google ads are clear enough in those 200 pixel boxes, so why cant we have 2 columns of search results on the first page. May be 20 instaed of 10 results. We live in a time-demanding world where even tose sites on the second page have a much more reduced chance of being clicked or seen at all. You will all agree with me that high ranking sites are not neccesarily the ones offering the most outstanding product or service in their category. Ive found very useful information on the 20th page of search results. For fairness’ sake, should’nt every site have chnace of being seen??? SEO has become such a complicated business where most of us are falling foul of preying extortionists wearing ‘white’ courts….

  • http://www.sgnature.gb.com Signature Web Marketing Team

    Google is the now reagarded as a public service and has been the No#1 search engine time and time again. With Yahoo! and Bing traling a distant 2nd and 3rd (akin to Forrest Gump and old Abe simpson chasing Usain Bolt) They’ll never catch-up on lost ground!

  • http://technochase.com/ Bogcess

    Currently I optimize for the big 3. Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It would be great if it would be cut down to only two.

  • http://www.teeoffgolfstore.com Tee Off Golf Store

    Search engines seem to be asking for more and more from web site managers. As search engines increase, so do the requirements of whats needed by search engines, so they can stay ahead of their competition. The work won’t decrease! If you want to keep your web site on top, plan on doing more work.

  • http://trinidadyfacundo.com Ariyadi Arnas

    I admit now being Faceb ** k. He was quick to make the most level sites in search of people a lot. Other sites have to clean themselves to these lessons will be studied so that they can improve their rating before the internet audience around the world.

  • http://www.skymaxmarketing.com Massachusetts SEO Company

    Would the merge make SEO easier?
    It shouldn’t make a difference.

    Your search engine optimization efforts should never be solely configured to one marketing medium, or search engine. Of course there are certain on and off-page optimization techniques that Bing and Yahoo! credit more so than Google, but you should be embracing these formalities regardless.

  • http://www.highlytargetedleads.com Michelle

    Always have employed the basics with suffcient content, good density long tail keyword phrases and inbound link building. Time will tell of course. Thanks for the post!

  • http://www.ParentsWhoCare.us Guest

    Yahoo, Bing and Google will continue to work things out = as they have in the past. But it is we as consumers that need to learn to check/use all three wisely = not just one.

    Then SEO/SEM can truly thrive for our clients.

    Steve Rene
    SMedia: www.SteveRene.com

  • http://www.statisticalconsultants.co.nz/ Statistical Consultants Ltd


  • http://www.pr.belong.co.il/ ??? ????

    really but really, who cares about bing?

  • http://saranelsondesign.com KevinCole509

    No change in the approach here. Still focused on more content and a wide variety of ways to get it out rather then selling out everything to search. Of course, most of our clients are regional, not national/international, so it’s a little easier to do so…

  • http://www.nerdalert.biz philadelphia seo firm

    This is really very interesting, thank you for sharing it. I highly recommend you also stop by our site. We are a business that offers Search engine optimization services, Website Design, Customized Computer software Development and IT solutions in Philadelphia.

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