Why New Google SERPs Might Mean More Traffic for You

Google Gives Other Rankings More Visibility

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Now that the masses have access to Google’s newly redesigned results pages, it’s time to consider this in an SEO light if you have not already been considering it.

How do Google’s New SERPs Affect SEO? Comment here.

Google has had its search options available for about a year, but they have not been in the face of the user like the newly redesigned SERP is. With this new design, users don’t have any choice but to notice the options that are available. It’s not too different from Bing or Yahoo in that respect (Danny Sullivan notes that Ask pioneered this design). The difference is that way more people search with Google on a regular basis (in fact, last month Google reportedly dominated the search market by even more than usual).

SEO Strategies and Increased Engagement from Searchers

The new SERPs may shake up SEO efforts, simply because users will start going to the different options Google provides them, taking them to different sets of results. Now that the options are in the limelight, users are more likely to use them.

Yahoo tells us when they added features to their left-hand navigation bar, engagement increased. "We’ve been steadily adding more filtering options and relevant search suggestions to our left-hand navigation bar…and have seen engagement and click-throughs for those features double over the past seven months." I can’t imagine why Google wouldn’t also see an engagement increase for certain features that are now more visible.

It’s going to come down to evaluating the different options for any given query that you wish to rank for, and focusing efforts upon those. I’ll refer back to the article I posted shortly after Google launched its search options in the first place you can find some tips in that. The same general thinking still applies, but it just got more important.

New SERPs Make Social Even More Important

The options in the left panel pull from "everything" – classic Google results (universal, organic, paid, etc.), blogs from Google Blog Search, Books from Google Books (which includes magazines), Images from Google Image Search, News from Google News, Maps from Google Maps, Shopping from Google Product Search, Videos from Google Video (which includes videos from YouTube and other sources), and Updates from Google’s real-time search.

That last one is of particular note, because before users generally only saw Google’s real-time search in action on select newsy queries unless they hunted them down. Real-time search for any query is now much more accessible, which makes real-time search a bigger deal for search marketing (here’s some tips for getting found in real-time search). Here’s how Google ranks tweets.

Social interactions are becoming more important. The new SERPs also place much more emphasis on social search results. The same goes for location. You’ll notice "nearby" is one of the options. Discussions is another option. Google appears to draw from a variety of sources for this one, but it stands to reason that engaging in conversation throughout the web has some value to Google’s results. There are definitely a lot of results from forums in these results – another reason forum participation can be a valuable use of your time. Forums and Q&A are actually a couple of sub-options, but I’ve seen blog posts in the discussions results too.
Emphasis on Diversification of Where You’re Ranking in Google

What it boils down to is that ranking in all of Google’s different search engines has become even more important for getting traffic from Google. Here are some tips for that. I expect traffic for sites listed in any of these to increase as a result of Google’s New SERP. Keep in mind that Google has been testing this for a significant amount of time. If you think Yahoo was seeing increased engagement, imagine what Google will attract.

I would watch for Google to add more options to the left-panel at any given time. Though they have already experimented a great deal with this layout, I expect we’ll see a lot more tweaking as time goes on.

Do you think Google’s new SERPs will increase your traffic? Tell us what you think.

Why New Google SERPs Might Mean More Traffic for You
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  • http://www.twitter.com/uklocalwebsites Daz

    Yes Love Googles New Serch And Stuf – Would Agree Left Is Best – But But Yes Theres Always One – Have Notice When Using Email …. Having Clear Search Page And Stuff Up On The Left Is Best But Just Under Search Box In The Midle Of The Page Set To The Right Msn Have Been Using High Inpact Ads – And Yes Thay Doing Very Well So A Dont Understand Why Google Do Not Adv There Apps Developers Tools Ect We Are Not Talking Huge “A Flash Or Adobe Letter Box”

  • http://www.pokerclub.ee Tauri

    Why does Google always want to make SEO peoples lives a lot harder? This new thing is very good for the user but it really complicates things from SEO aspect. Meaning you have get as specific as humanly possible with SEO from now on and create 10 different sites for 10 different topics.

  • Guest

    It’s killed me, i have a site i’ve worked on for thousands of hours was getting about 15-17k a day. Just dropped off to 2k a day this week, and i’ve changed nothing.

    Gotta love innovation.

    • Chris Crum

      That’s interesting. I wonder if we’ll see a lot of stories like this.

      • Guest

        Look at the “Anthiny”

        He’s saying the same thing. Im curious as well.

        It would be nice for someone to analyze this and report exactly where the traffic is going. This would give some indication as to what happened.

  • Anthiny

    I own 40 sites and most are high traffic sites. On my small site I get 500 people per day and the biggest 25000 per day. I have seen traffic drop almost 50% compared to march numbers. I have also lost last amount of pages from google index. Not sure what the heck is goin on here but i dont like it. all quality sites with thousands of backlinks.

  • http://www.simplify.co.in Sim


    As the news spreading, could any of you put some light on the news claiming that google has added website loading time on its topselve parameters. How its gonna affect multi-media rich websites??

    Awaiting and welcome comments..

    Simplify Solutions

    • Guest

      Google Caffeine



    • Chris Crum

      Perhaps this recent post from Google will help you. Also read this post from Matt Cutts who emphasizes how little of a factor site speed is in comparison to other signals Google uses.

      • Guest

        My site was ranked as 70% slower than most. Im the guy that said i had a 15K decrease. I’ve been trying to tweak, but the pages had a ton of content.

  • Guest

    Google is digging its own hole. Not only its search results are not relevant anymore but now Google has an identity problem. Following on Bing and Yahoo’s. The interface is horrible.

    They are dropping good sites from their engines too. If they keep screwing around Facebook is going to teach them a lesson. FB is now a lion in the jungle looking right at its prey (Google) in the clear.

  • Roy

    It’s time to promote Bing or Yahoo. Time to dump Google. Lost its luster.

    • Guest

      Dido, i have a plan.

      Start setting users homepage to bing or yahoo

      Start telling them they are both more relevant, people ask me about bing all the time.

  • Guest

    I Spent an Hour today trying to get that gay crap off my computer screen!

    • Guest

      You must be talking about the new look of google.com yeah, kinda gay. Wait till you try to search for something, even gayer.

      Twitter crap outranks half the stuff.

      Now pagespeed, social location, and recent trumps backlinks, relevancy, and page trust.

      • Guest

        Looks like they had a picture coloring contest to see what the new column should look like

  • Guest

    Type some stupid crap into Twitter or Face book then do a search for keywords related to your post under “Google Updates”

    Basically This tells me that Google thinks anything that is recent is more relevant than anything else

    Timeliness = Relevancy???? WTF ?????

    So if your keyword is has to do with some pedigree dog that you have been an expert in the field of for the last 30 years and have written 1000s of published articles…. is less relevant than what some punks opinion on twitter is


  • http://www.gurubob.co/ Robert Somerville

    I think the new display of the Google serps is still being rolled out. Most of my machines are still showing the old display.

  • Just Me

    Just got through doing a short site analysis, Main keyword, still #1, click shopping, still #1. Second keyword, #4, click shopping, no where to be found. Third keyword, lost 10 spots, click shopping, no where to be found. Looks like another ploy to force users to use Adwords just to be noticed. Of course most Adwords campaigns are a waste of money for most marketers, Yes i do have an ecommerce store, yes their are many websites who do spam, in front of me that Google will not control. Hope your reading this Google, if you really think this will work for you in the long run, please by all means keep it up.

  • http://www.transformingcommunication.com Mike the Thai guy

    Hi there,
    as a long time devotee of SEO all I can say is that Google has just upped the game for everyone.
    I currently have around 38-40 sites and all of them have plummeted off a cliff. Disappeared into the abyss along with my traffic. This is despite having in excess of 20,000 pages indexed across my site network plus social media properties too.
    The way I see it, only those with a big enough budget to afford outsourcing will survive this last ignominious Google slap.
    There is more than enough work involved in SEO without this latest occurence.

    I for one will be looking at new sources of traffic such as PPV.



    • Guest

      Don’t use google adwords try buysellads instead. They are 100% transparent and have a good base.

  • http://www.indiainternets.com koolnyze

    Google should pay attention to removing the crap from the SERP. The results are becoming more and more irrelevant.

  • http://groupemail.gteksoft.com kumar

    It is quit intresting and will keep a watch on it.

  • http://www.sriraj.org Sriraj

    I’m not sure about increase in traffic but I’d be happy if it at least stays where it was, Although there are bleak chances of that happening.
    Hey what are these colorful options on the left, let me try. There you go, gone is one reader.

  • http://www.clearsense.se SEO strategi

    There are several strategies available for this form of marketing, now as an individual you can clearly get a lot of traffic concerning info and opinions about products, it therefore suits perfect to use a lot of affiliate or Adsense driven Ads.

    As a company this means that all the old SEO is now coming to an end, since you’re not competing with popular blogs and social media sites or even newspapers. This is a good fact for businesses.

    Less competition on a broad scale and more relevant traffic to ante up the converison rate on sales.

    This is a win for Seo marketers all together, the people who don’t understand this do not understand online marketing.

    Will be interesting to see how Google will improve it further, perhaps a better drill down category system to show even more niched topics.

  • Raymond Faseer

    i want to know how to traffic with google

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdesign.com Siskiyou Web Design

    The Left-side enhancements are nice tools to narrow down a search, but Goolge still needs to work to improve the results. Try searching for Local businesses in your area that provide a certain type of service and see what you get. Sometimes, there are links there that just should not be in the results.

  • Guest

    I thought you might be interested in the negative reaction to Google’s new design:




  • Bob

    That’s a joke Chris. More traffic? That will be Google’s death. My forum is 7 years old with over 100K pages and suddenly Google drop traffic to it. My forum is dead with the same regular users creating content and nothing, Google doesn’t like my forum after 7 years. A lot of the big site owners are in the same predicament. Check webmasterworld and Google’s index and crawling forum.

    No, it doesn’t mean more traffic. The view is ugly, Bing like and shows something has Google boys up at night. Is it Mark at FB? No wonder lately big G’s search results are crappy, irrelevant (Yahoo is better). This new interface will kill many businesses as site owners won’t get much traffic. This new interface is an annoyance, a distraction. It’s time for SEOers to drop Google and promote Yahoo or Bing.


  • Sin

    The problem with Google is that is letting its bots be too nosy. If I search for Lola on the wide net, I don’t need results of my Lola in Spokane because my damn ip. I’m looking for lola on the web, not locally. Why they can’t be just a damn search engine? If I want Lola in Spokane I’ll check the kitchen. God damn!

  • Guest

    A minute of silence for Google. You are witnessing Google’s last month of existence. Nothing can be found anymore. My favorite sites are nowhere to be found. Never thought I’d see this day but Google is history. Tell your mother, uncle, kids that Bing and Yahoo are better and more relevant.

  • Guest

    I don’t know. I think it is still too early without data out there. I think it’ll be interesting to see user search behavior with the new interface.

  • http://www.hammocksaustralia.com.au Mike

    I don’t know if I like that. One of the best things about google was the simplicity of it.

    Also you are now missing the option under the search field to search the select country, eg Australia, NZ. You can still do after the search comes up, but then you have to go through another unnecessary search.

    Some of the options are quite good though, I guess it depends whether you are looking it as through a website owners eyes or non..

  • http://groupemail.gteksoft.com jason

    Good for users , but more difficult for website owners to get their page listed in search when people change their options and webmasters had to redesign their websites for every options to increase the traffic.

  • http://www.lagrandedame.com Catherine

    I am not worried about the # of visitors to my site so much as the quality of visitor. If traffic goes down a little but conversion rate goes up, I still win AND the people using the search engine have a better, more satisfying experience.

    What do you think this is going to do to search relevance?

  • http://www.california-traffic-school.com California Traffic School

    This is exciting news!!!

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