Whitney Houston: What Caused Her Death?

Alcohol, drugs, and drowning have not been ruled out

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Whitney Houston: What Caused Her Death?
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As many of you may have heard, Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel room on Saturday afternoon. After being found unconscious by a member of her entourage, hotel security contacted 911. Paramedics arrived and administered CPR but were unable to revive her. She was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM.

Autopsy reports of Houston’s body reveal that there was a certain amount of water in her lungs at the time of examination. This suggests there is a possibility she may have drowned. Other reports say she was drinking heavily the evening before her death and that she may also have been taking Xanax to relieve anxiety or depression. A combination of these drugs could have rendered her unconscious. So drowning has not been ruled out as a cause of death.

According to a source, Bobbi Kristina, Whitney’s daughter also suffered a similar incident the night before the pop singers death. Bobbi was checked into the same Beverly Hills hotel under Whitney’s name when she fell asleep in the bathtub causing friends to call security to have the door opened. This seems like a very strange coincidence. Hospitalized on two different occasions since her mothers death, people close to Bobbie fear she may be suicidal.

Whitney’s family was initially told by the LA County Coroner that she died of a drug interaction between Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol. According to her mother, who spoke with her about a half an hour before she was found dead, everything seemed normal with Houston.

It sounds like there is some serious doubt about what exactly caused Whitney Houston’s death, hopefully we will have more answers as toxicology reports begin to flow in. As with any celebrity death, there is always a lot of hype. We will have to wait and see what facts come out.

Whitney Houston: What Caused Her Death?
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  • http://www.eBizROI.com/ Rick Noel

    Regardless of the COD, what a tremendous loss. Our hearts go out to Whitney’s family and friends. May the most awareded female vocalist in history RIP.

  • angel

    Its a tragic loss. What I cannot understand, why so many super-stars have access to so many harmful medications. It seems to be the number one cause of death among celebrities. Maybe it was just that Whitney’s time have come. Maybe her body was just abused to much with drugs and alcohol. It was said she was seen drinking heavily for the last two days prior to her death. Then adding prescription drugs may well have been too much after all. Its very sad. R.I.P. Whitney, your music lives on.

  • Mary

    She was a great legend

  • Mapule mokone

    whitney was a superstar used 2 b a big fan of her music i lov her very joy 2 the world the lord has cum……….may ur precious soul rest in peace

  • http://www.gjadgk.tj taye owoseni

    she inspired me.

  • http://AOL Isabella

    My Mum was very shocked about the sad news. R.I.P WHITNEY HOUSTON THE LEDGEND

  • Leigh

    I never cared for whitney and Karen Carpenters voice out shone hers.

  • eemmmmzzz

    I loved Witney. I grew up listening to her music. Her death is so tragic. But I think it’s suspicious. Something isn’t right.

  • eemmmmzzz

    Why do they always say it was mixing prescribed drugs with booze? I don’t beleive it. No something is a miss here an I don’t beleive it. They said the same about Natalie Woods and Maralyn Monroe and lots of others. It’s the first excuse they come up with. I think there is more to it. It’s suspicious.

  • Mac Matsane

    Fare thee well daughter of the soil.will be sorely missed.

  • http://google shadenia martin

    boby brown makes whitney kiled her self because she was crazy in love with him so she takes it to heart an coke out and drug out her self.

  • http://google shadenia martin

    i feels so bad for her family especially bobi kristina brown who is taking cocaine like what her mom use to do

  • Willis

    The ME and everyone who would like to make Whitney a poster child for substance abuse missed the obvious. Hot bath and food and drink in the bathroom big splash loud thump clearly spell out that Whitney Houston had a severe vasovagal fainting episode. There wasn’t much water in her lungs because she wasn’t breathing when she fell back into the bathwater. The hot water relaxes the capillaries of the entire body. The food ingested creates demand for blood to digestive function. Then when one rises from the bath gravity pulls more blood from the brain and you faint immediately even stop breathing. Without immediate resuscitation one may not revive.
    Whitney was doing ok. That is why there is uncertainty, shawn.

  • http://www.mcordova.com/ Michael Cordova

    So unfortunate to see this happen to such an amazing, talented woman. It isn’t uncommon however. Hopefully those responsible in contributing to her demise are held accountable.

  • lisa

    we as humans want to know all the details on whitney,however as fans its really none of our business. sissy lost a daughter,bobby lost her mother, the pain is fresh and raw,an we need to respect that if it wasnt for the fact she was a famous pop icon we would probably never think about it again.there is no doubt in my mind whitney is at peace but its the family thats left behind to endure the pain. they tabloids are going to eat this up for awhile just because it sells.i worry about sissy and bobby so everybody just please be kind right now

  • http://msn charlene

    whitney will be missed and as it is about everyone who dies it is not about whether you cared about her or whos voice out shined whos.we don’t like everyone who entertains. a life was lost and a family is in turmoil. {leigh} a little sympathy and respect is all needed. some comments should be made when they are alive. you never knows who reads these. R.I.P. because some will miss you whether they thought you could sing or not.

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